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++ Without You ++

hair-+Spellbound+ Junko // Monochromesglasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Reddress, tie and pets-*Tentacio* Mia's bakery @Hentai  ((NEW))nails-*PL* bento nail #012 -Maitreyapearl legs-Kumi Gacha . UNA.getas-*::.who what.::* [Jpn] -wa kokoro gacha- [RARE] hitoiro Geta

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June 2018
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▬All We Know▬

hair-(r)M Hair, No.54'17 (Fantasy o.7-9) ((NEW))hat-*N*Flower Hat Gacha @SaNaRae ((NEW))
ring- [CX] Creeper Ring @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo- **UbS** Imagination Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW))
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs
bodysuit- Love [Studded Harness] @KINKY EVENT ((NEW))
claws- *PL* bento nail "WITCH" -Maitreya-  (GG) ((NEW))
boots-Toast - Knee Boots @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))

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⧽⧽ Feel Nothing ⧼⧼

hair-+Spellbound+ Junkobow-*{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 1 RAREglasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses freckles-:Moon Amore: Frecklesmania @COSMETIC FAIR ((NEW)) accesory lips-:Moon Amore: Kinky Lips & Accessory @COSMETIC FAIR ((NEW)) nails-:Moon Amore: Kinky Nails  @COSMETIC FAIR ((NEW)) cuffs-ALTAIR* spike cuffdress-[CX] Fengyue @Kustom9 ((NEW)) 
knee pad-*{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 7: sirimoti usagi
shoes-[:-.SOUEN.-:]Take Geta Haku
umbrella-*N*Rain Things Gacha  @LootBox ((NEW)) 

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A New Round of Cosmopolitan!

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for the new round of Cosmopolitan!  I love that I only have to wait two weeks for each new round, and I’m sure I am not the only one!  Make sure you come on in before the round switches out again on June 4th so you don’t miss out on all these fabulous goodies! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Cosmopolitan < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Welcome to The Dark Style Fair 4!

On 1st May 2017 · By Cherrie · With Leave a comment
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Back for the 4th round, it’s The Dark Style Fair offering you the very best in dark fashion!  Your favorite designers have showcased everything from nu goth to emo, dark magic to steampunk, metal to punk and so much more with a twist.  Stop in The Dark Style Fair 4 before May 22, explore the darkness, you will never want to leave! ღCherries, Atiya, Sabs Teleport to The Dark Style Fair 4 MIA:  Drot, Secrets, Spellbound < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Shop it Out at SaNarae!

That’s right!  If you love cuteness, then you’ll love the new round of SaNaRae!  There is everything you need to make your SL adorable and fun!  Come on in before the round ends on May 18th and shop shop shop! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to SaNaRae MIA: Ant Hill, Circa Living, Lybra < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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⨭ Kill For YOu ⨮

hair and ears-[Mello] Sassy Kitten Prize @The Gacha Guardians  ((NEW))
eyesline-Wednesday[+] ~ The Parisian Girl Liners  @Project Se7ev ((NEW))
collar and gun arm-PEACHES. - Medic Set+Torniquet Choker @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
bra,corset and panties-[The Forge] Sabine @The Gacha Guardians  ((NEW))
stocking-.::Dead Dollz::. Sheer Hosiery @The Crossroads ((NEW))
claws-+ Devil Fingers & Toes + {aii}
wings-E. Tenshi no Tsubasa (B+W)
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - White

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Up Against a (Brick) Wall

Divos Titanium:
Hat: Le Morte @ MOM - King Killa Cap - BlackShirt: Invictus @ The Signature Event - TshirtNecklace: Cold Ash - Laguna NecklaceShirt: 2Byte  - XV Waist Shirt GrayPants: Vale Koer @ TMD - Techwear PantsTattoo: Dappa @ The Signature Event - Vitality Tattoo
Other Notable Items:
Wall: Pewpew @ Deco(c)rate - Romance Ruin WallPlant: Eli Baily - IvyBird: Anc. - Flying and Walking DoveBike: Bueno @ The Arcade - Bike DecayPuppy: Jian @ The Arcade - Scruffy Shepherd - Held Red Black and Sleepy AdultPlant: (fd) @ The Arcade - Climbing Plant GreenBench: Pewpew @ Deco(c)rate - Romance Stone BenchBackground: Rama - Quaker Street

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ѰѰ ɱy bloθd is sacrзƉ ѰѰ

hair-[Mello] Tired Eyeshorns-*N*Candle Horn @Japonica ((NEW))glasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - RedNipple Piercings -[CX] Kinky Cobra @Whore Couture 7 ((NEW))collar, bra, corset & panties-Sweet Thing. Clockwork Doll 

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More…Men Only Monthly!

It’s time for you men to grab your lindens and hit the events!  There’s some amazing stuff at Men Only Monthly this month and you won’t make it out with many left!  Make sure you get in before March 15th, or you will miss out on looking good! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Men Only Monthly < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Bloody Valentine

” You’re always hurting me and I can’t stand.” “The ignorance in your eyes.” “I don’t know how, I can’t explain.” “The Pain arise day by day”   “Why do you always do what you want?” “You never ask for me, don’t know my fears.” “Can’t you understand the words I say to you?” “Just…Read more Bloody Valentine

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Start 2017 With a Good Romp!

Romp is back to bring some elegant kink to your new year with goodies and naughties sure to fill all your needs.  Be sure you come by to check this awesome event out before it ends on January 30th. ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Romp MIA: Clemmm, Constraint, Le Fil Casse < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the event opening time of 12pm SLT on January 15th, 2017. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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Darkness Awaits at The Kawaii Project!

The Kawaii Project is back with and more exciting than ever!  This round celebrates the horror of Halloween, let the darkness begin.  Stop by before November 15th and check out the amazing items your favorite designers offer at the Kawaii Project! ღCherries Teleport to the Kawaii Project < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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╩ The Better Of Me ╩

hair-*barberyumyum*84 @SaNaRae ((NEW))
horn-**UrbanStreet** SighHorn @SaNaRae (gift) ((NEW))
halo-{Zee} halo  .::Cubic Cherry::.  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers head-*N*SweetAutumnClematis @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Red
dolly mouth-* Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
piercing nose-PUNCH / Starfire Septum
harness-[The Forge] Tramp Harness, White @TFC ((NEW))
top and panties-.::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini - White
gloves-Violent Seduction - Lilith Gloves (White)
rabbit mask and rabbit doll-*Drot* TFC Antique Rabbit @TFC ((NEW))
tail-E. The Contract Tail Pinku~ RARE
staff-+ Dark Harvesting Scythe Box + {egosumaii} @TFC ((NEW))
deco dollz- * Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers with eye-by Chiana Oh - 'Why Eye, Petal!' -Decor- @TFC ((NEW))
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hair by analog dog • evolve
skin by alterego • audrey chai
ears by lovely alien • simple elf ears
eye patch by le morte • outbreak
tattoo by letis tattoo • rambha
collar by happy undead • charming
gloves by real evil
nails by puki
nose piercing by punch • lune
eyes by dead apples • sinistre natural grey
cuff by sweet thing • part of giftwrap  

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Φ Waiting Nothing Φ

hair-*PH* 8150 ((NEW))mask face-+XAnSA+ Donar Harness - Leather  @WE <3 RP ((NEW))
mask mouth-:moonamore+cureless: L'Innocent Mask / Pure
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo
bodysuit-:moonamore+cureless:/ Maitreya ExpAquarium Body / RARE
tattoo legs-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (RARE) Homunculus
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - White
butterflies-:moonamore+cureless: L'Aura  / ROUGE
shoes-[The Forge] Raven Boot ((NEW))

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BlackOut 2016

The 6th Annual BlackOut
midnight – midnight
AlterEgo VIP Group Access only! You are cordially invited to attend the 6th Annual birthday celebration for AlterEgo, entitled BlackOut on Friday, Feb. 12th from midnight slt – midnight slt. BlackOut is a 24 hour shopping / party experience, traditionally held every year at AlterEgo Mainstore, to celebrate our birthday and customer appreciation. AlterEgo sponsors exclusive releases, free prizes, gift card giveaways, raffles, our mainstore is 25% off and we also invite additional brands to the event to share their products with you all. This year we have a hefty line of talent joining the fun! :: Guest Designers ::
Blah • CandyDollCynful Clothing & Co • Deesses Boutique • Dirtyland Clothing & Accessories • DirtyStoriesEpicLe Morte
Letis TattooLovey Dovey • NoxPuki NailsRandom Matter • Razor • Soul Skins • TakeoTheBishes Inc • White Widow Tattoos This is not your usual grid-wide event, this is a private affair, organized to show our appreciation to those who keep us in alive in SecondLife.… Read the restbo2016


.skin. alterego [mila@wintertrend•ends dec18th]
.hair+headpiece. truth [solace@we♥rp]
.mask. le morte [fallout@we♥rp]
.tattoo. white widow [psycho@cosmopolitan]
.gloves. realevil [raven leather gloves@cosmopolitan]
.harness. cheeky [cory•white]
.cuffs. le morte x song [funeral]
.shoulderpads. dirty stories [spiked]
.horns. contraption [broken taurus]
.ears. bentbox [sylvan ears + powder applier by alterego]
.eyes. clemmm [the whites]
.eyebags. nox [eyebags dark]
.nose bones. random matter [harvester]

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жHoly Nightж

On 9th December 2015 · By Tiany darkmode · With Leave a comment
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hair-[RA] Verena  @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
horns-*N*Snow Fairy branch @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
headband-ALTAIR* crystal kitten headband @Winter Trend ((NEW))
flower head-*N*Winter Clematis  @ Cosmopolitan ((NEW))
top-Ashe Silver
panties short and top-.::Dead Dollz::. Victoria - White
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - White
claws-[CX] Heretic Talons
wraps-fri. - Aisling.Wraps (Cloud)
nails feet-[CX] Talon Nails Black
bonsai-*N*Snow Fairy BONSAI  RED @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
bird cage-*N*Snow Fairy Bird Cage RED  @We <3 RP! ((NEW))

♥Sammy, info here

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║Different to me║

On 7th December 2015 · By Tiany darkmode · With Leave a comment
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hair-Doe: Barbette (solid) - Monotonegoggles-[The Forge] Banshee Welding Goggles  @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
piercing nose-Le Morte - Gear'd Septum Ring @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
collar-[LAB737] Neck Guard
mask-Le Morte - FallOut Mask - Black @We <3 RP!  ((NEW))
pauldron-[The Forge] Daedalus Pauldron @Uber ((NEW))
top-[The Forge] Lace Corset @Uber ((NEW))
nip cover-The Horror!~ Cyberparts - Nip Cover
tapes hand & legs-[CX] Wraps
tattoo body-E. Carved Body Art
guard arms-[The Forge] Iron Clad Bracer
skirt-[LAB737] Equinox Skirt Obsidian RARE
claws-[CX] Metal Claws Nightfall
guard legs- [The Forge] Iron Clad, Leg Guards
nails-[CX] Talon Nails
[The Forge] Fynord Glaive -novo2.03
sword -[The Forge] Fynord Glaive -novo2.03  @We <3 RP! ((NEW))

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