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Shoetopia – Essenz

Pose: Fashion book three, fashion book two, flawless, just give me another M - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Melanie - Laviere
Head: Destiny - Catwa
Skin: Medison - Glam affair
Eyeshadow and lipstick: Ella - League
Eyes: Arora - Banana banshee
Body: Lara - Maitreya

Necklace: Please me - Glow studio
Dress: Bustier dress - Coco
Shoes: Puerto rico - Essenz [Shoetopia: 25 March - 15 April]

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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March 2019
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Is It Spring Yet…..???

Pixicat Wonderland.Dress nr.1 - Pink  [Old Gatcha]Doll *CoCo* MIA Pale HeadFashionDoll *CoCo* Pale BodyHair -LaViere- momo/White*LODE* Accessory - Skiko Bow

Arcade  March 2016 items from [keke][ keke ] wall flower - lily[ keke ] zink trays w paper whites[ keke ] zink tray w lily[ keke ] watering can - beatle[ keke ] watering can - zinc[ keke ] flower chair RARE

[MotiAme] Umbrella Bunny - Flower RARE Old Gatcha [Market place only]
Pixicat- Wonderland.BasketCat RARE Old GatchaPixicat- Wonderland.Cat nr.2 RARE old gatchaKalopsia - Umbrella Caravan (Red/Green)Soy. Vintage lace curtain (cream)
(FFC)* 10m Grass Patch With Daisies
Poses : 
. Infiniti . - Drift Away - The Dreamers Swing

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Serving the Queen

The Queen loves to throw garden parties. She needs to have her tarts of course but she also demands to have red rose cupcakes and heart cakepops. She insisted I set up a separate table with mushroom shaped treats and "drink me" bottles. She figures anyone who eats the non-regal treats are traitors and she will shout for the removal of their heads. I loathe her garden parties. Hopefully word of mouth has spread about the mushrooms and bottles because I am not sure how many more "off with their heads" the kingdom can take!

Hopefully the time is near for the Alice girl to return and save us from this mad queen. Maybe she could so something other than growing large an disappearing on us this time!

The maid wore
Outfit: -Nomi-Alice Tea Time 02-Black (at The Kawaii Project)
Shoes: fri. - Veronica.Platforms (Black)
Hair: -LaViere- Natsya/FadedOmbre
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1  - Casual
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High
Skin: -Glam Affair - Sia II - Jamaica tone - 01 B
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuki~ Azul Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Poses:{Imeka} Loli - Pose Pack
Doll: *katat0nik* (Alice) Wonderland Baby Doll (at The Kawaii Project)
Pocket Watch: Exposeur - Wonderland Pocketwatch - Copper (at The Kawaii Project)

Sunflowers: LB_Sunflowers{Field}
Left Table: Glam Affair - Table 2 (at The Kawaii Project)
Mushrooms: Glam Affair - Mushrooms Meringues (at The Kawaii Project)
Drinks: Glam Affair - Drink Me!… Read the restServing the Queen

Sunflower Sweetie

Sunflowers are in my opinion happy flowers. I mean they just make a person smile to see them. At least they do that to me. Sometimes I have poses that are sitting in my inventory just waiting to be used and the set of sunflower ones falls into that category. I also have other things that sit there patiently waiting for their turn in the spotlight, or windlight as the case may be.

Dress: * Cocoroni : Ribbon Dress - SkyBlue
Hair: -LaViere- Daisy/WoodBark
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Skin: -Glam Affair - Romy skin - Base ( Jamaica )
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Sunflower

Photo taken here.

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Girl with the Red Rose

I thought I would title it like a classic painting, or a popular novel depending on how you read it. I admit I am desperate for some warm sunny weather and have been trying to get all the virtual sunshine I can. I hit up some gardens last week and may have made off with a rose...shh don't tell anyone. I bought this cute dress at The Chapter Four and it has that perfect spring feel to it, short enough to feel the warm air on your legs, but with long sleeves to keep a bit of the chill out. Though really if you tossed on some leggings you would be set for the winter too. I am babbling so I will leave you with the credits.

Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: Emma dress(indigo) (at The Chapter Four)
Hair: -LaViere- Natsya/BrownRoots
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -
Skin: Essences :Alice Yuki *medium01*
Lipgloss: *L* Lip Gloss -DarkPink - Teeth
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper (add)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Aqua Eye
Poses: oOo Studios Blooms
Rose: Red Rose by [DDD] (picked from the [DDD] Rose Bushes)

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Quiet Respite

Sometimes a girl needs some peace and quiet in this crazy world. I like finding those places outside, though in the winter it's a little harder to do and much colder.

This cute little number is from the new Creators Collection Box event, which is full of cute goodies. This outfit comes with a HUD that allows you to change the leggings, skirt and ankle fur or make it not there at all. I didn't play around with it too much because I adored the way it looked with the leggings and fur. Okay I was also being a bit on the lazy side. With that I am off to be lazier, or more productive, it all depends on my mood.

Outfit: B.C.C stand by me Outfit Cherry (at Creators Collection Box)
Shoes: [Miseria] Muse Flats - Coffee
Hair: -LaViere- Tiffany/DriedChilli
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat
Skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale GB w/freckles
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Aqua Eye (at Kustom9)
Poses: {Imeka} Sits 01- Pose Pack and {Imeka} Chaconnee Pose Pack

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A quiet night in

Last nigh?t I had a nice quiet night curled up staying warm. It started in the kitchen where I brewed up something nice and warm to drink, a must on a cold snowy night.

I chose my glasses mug because it went well with my chosen activity of the night. I moved across my apartment to the bed where I had the rest of my supplies stacked up.

I didn't intend to read through all those books in one night, but I wanted to have options available to myself. I have a hard time picking a book to read. I am however trying to work my way through the top 25 classics at least according to one site I found. So far I have finished Wuthering Heights. I chose one from the stack and got down to reading.

Sweater: KITJA CHERIE - Reiza Sweater WHITE
Pants: Tee*fy Soft Wool Jersey Leggings Plaid
Glasses: bitch. - MESH Smoovies/Clear
Hair: -LaViere- Zoey/DarkChocolate
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - Mid
Skin: Essences [Alice OMGacha04] medium01 *brunette* ( at OMGacha)
Teeth: Izzie's - Teeth 1
Freckles: -Glam Affair - Leah Freckles A
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Miko~ Sea Eye
Poses with mug: Exposeur - Wishful Drinking ( at The Kawaii Project)
Open Book: ANE SLON SET - Book (gacha)
Book Pile: AF Reading Pile (gacha)
Bed: LISP - Mesh - Victoire Bed

If you want to know about any of the other house things in the pictures just let me know.… Read the restI have my coffee

LOTD #111

Hair: -LaViere- Nadia  BlondeHand & Feet: Slink - Hand Elegant 1 & Feet HightEars: [Mandala] Steking_Ears_Season 5
Catsuit with shoes: AsHmOoT_AW Coll_CatSuit #02/ Black (@Cosmopolitan)
Ring: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_2 Opals Rings/ Blacks (@Cosmopolitan)Necklace: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_5 Chains Necklace 02/ BG (@Cosmopolitan)Bangles: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Beads Bangles/ BW (@Cosmopolitan)Earrings: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Wave Earrings 02/ BG (@Cosmopolitan)
Typing animation: .:~*A*~ BatChatAnimation (@Cosmopolitan - gacha 50l$)Collar and Skirt: AsHmOoT_Avantgarde Coll_Futura 02_Collar+Skirt Parts/ B (@Cosmopolitan)
Pose: Verocity - Candice Pose Set (@Hello Tuesday @ Cosmopolitan)

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A Town of Mr. Butlers

A friend suggested I hop on this green train for an adventure. I really should do some research before taking advice. I didn't know it was going to be cold and snowing so I wasn't exactly dressed for the weather.

When I got off the train I was greeted by what I thought were twins, and they were offering up some champagne so I grabbed a glass and headed inside. I needed to get warm.

When I got inside there was another one and he was serving up champagne too. He had a little more flair going on than what I assume were his brothers. Maybe they are triplets I thought.

I walked deeper into the building in search of a bathroom. I did drink all that champagne and well nature was calling. I stumbled across another man, he must have been the black sheep of the butler family because he was serving up wine instead. By this time I had counted four identical Mr. Butlers and I was started to get a little worried. I snuck out of the bathroom window to find an escape from Crazytown. To be honest I was starting to think they were robots or maybe even clones and I did not want to stick around.… Read the restGetting off the train

LOTD ~ 10-22-14: Dem Bones

I love this time of year and everywhere I turn people seem to be releasing the cutest things; there are loads of free and cheap items popping up all over the place. My dress is a new free-to-join group gift from COCO – and I absolutely love it – it’s just so sexy (with side slits you can’t see in this photo) yet casual and it’s going to be a while before I take it back off! The incredibly detailed collar is a new VIP gift from Remarkable Oblivion. This group costs L$50 to join but there are a whole bunch of amazing gifts available for such a tiny price. The super-cute hair with eyeball bows is by LaViere and can be found at Trunk or Treat – this colour is from the red fatpack, which is totally free, and I think I remember the other packs only being priced at L$80 each. A HUD to change the colour of the bows is also included. Trunk or Treat is a kid-friendly event but there is plenty for adults to enjoy too – most carts seem to have a freebie and it’s a lovely little market to look around – it ends on November 5th, so be sure to visit before then.… Read the rest102214LOTD Dem Bones

keep calm and smoke a … (headshot #35)

*credits head “Emma” by SLink*
skin (applier) in “tan” by ItGirls
hair “Junia” by Truth
coat “trenchcoat espresso” by erratic
pipe “Pipe Medieval Grey” NikotiN@TCF
hat “Cashmere Flat Cap Noir” -LaViere- **click pic for bigger size**

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The North Pole

Little Isa is once again hanging out alone with nobody to baby sitter her... so she decided to head to North Pole Sleigh Rid Adventure.
To not make any Mom and Dad that is possibly reading this, I wont post any picture of me alone with the Sleigh.. so..anyway, you will find in the end of the ride a village with cool winter stuff to buy and the Kittycats advent calendar, and you can get the old ones too!
Style CardRead more »

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What Happens

This is what happens when I remember that there’s only a few days left of this round of Collabor88 and get a new pair of shoes from N-Core! I adore these strappy heels called Venus. Not only do they come in 16 colors, but if you get the fatpack then you can change the color of the heel and back strap, as well as the front straps. The top is by The Secret Store and my skirt is by Auxiliary; it comes with the cute fox tail add-on to the side zipper. I really like how this look turned out today, and hopefully it will make you want to do some shopping too. Credits: Hair: LaViere, Amanda Ombre
Skin: Glam Affair, Candy Skin – America 07 (from last round of The Arcade)
Eyes: IKON, Perspective Eyes – Oxidation (VIP Group Gift September 2013)
Lashes: Beetlebones, Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Top: The Secret Store, Scallop Sweater – Taupe (at Collabor88)
Skirt: Auxiliary, A little Foxy – Mini – Classic (at Collabor88)
Shape: My own.
Shoes: N-Core, VENUS “FatPack 16 colors” (Mesh)
Pose: Diesel Works, SeptGift6 Location: Vintage Vinyl Records & Cafe

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Flamingo lights

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Sombrero | LaGyo
Skin | Pink Fuel NEW
Hair | -LaViere- FLF
Suimsuit | Lark (The Kollective) Tiki Bar by Lark from Flux
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Skin | Pink Fuel
Hair | ISON
Hair Accessory | !Ohmai Skin | Pink Fuel
Hair | -LaViere-
Eyes | Nana Minuet
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Style-Mix by Sawa #364

Hair: “Hollana Cocoa” Truth
Skin: “Sophia Tan Bare Lips” PXL worn with lipgloss
Hands: “Mesh Rigged Hands Pack new avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Corsage: “Banged Corset” [Etchaflesh] Accessoires:
Necklace: “Titania’s Filigree Heart – Short – SILVER” Maxi Gossamer@C88
Piercing Chest: “Chest Piercing “Tribe” _ dark” ::[annaA]:: (incl. branding tattoo)
Piercing Face: “Septumee 04 w/spikes [Ink]” “the :HV:”.
Bracelet: “(Simple_Bracelet) SITENNOAH_black” Mandala
Earpieces: “Elysium” RO
Ring: “Duality Black” RO
Tattoo #1: “Estrella” Sweet Sin
Tattoo #2: “makeups v12 7 female” +Nuuna+
Cap: “Cashmere Flat Cap Noir” -LaViere- Pose:
“Mhmm” Del May

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Hello again guys ^.^ Today’s post features news from mijn.botique, Color.Me.H.O.F, LaGyo, ::LEO-NT::, -.label motion.-, -Glam Affair-, and A&A Fashion Shop! -Glam Affair- just released their new skin Amberly, and I am in love! Amberly comes in six tones, 12 makeups and one clean skin. Amberly has also introduced a new eyebrow tone- Raven, for when the dark brow option isn’t dark enough. She also comes with hairbase and freckle tattoo layers! I chose to wear my favorite tone Artic in the 04 makeup- awesome eyeliner with a pale lip. Color.Me.H.O.F has a vintage inspired top & highwaisted skirt new at FaMESHed, and mesh luggage sets at the Arcade Gacha Event. Each piece of luggage comes in either Black or Vintage (dark brown), each with gold accents. Click here to see the contact sheet of all the different types available. Have any of you guys done the With Love Hunt yet? Over 70 stores are participating, each box is only 10L and inside is an item that is supposed to be valued over 400L.… Read the restimage

Goldenrod Hobo

One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good,
kind people there are.

Edith Wharton, author of Ethan Frome
train. ililo. hobo hut 02 (new Arcade Item)
chair. Zigana. lazy sunday chair – buttercup (new Arcade Item)
feline. SHOP SEU. 1prim cat – black skin. the Skinnery. Iris – Gold champaign LB CL1 (new Arcade Item)
eyes. Insufferable Dastard. Glimmer Contacts – aqua (new Arcade Item)
ears. Mandala. Steking Ears
hair. LaViere. Ambush. Creative Dye Pack
dress. The Secret Store & Nyu. Camille Dress – honeycomb
scarf. The Sea Hole. Parvita Scarf – sunzecya (new Arcade Item)
boots. J’s. Studded Long Boots – black
radio. Tee*fy. Retro Portable Radio – Printed Paper Pink (new Arcade Item)

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Heya! Are you guys as excited for the next round of The Arcade as I am? It starts December 1st and I’m soo ready to fight lag to get some cute gacha goodies. Today I am teasing you with items from The Secret Store, [monso], and LaGyo before it opens. To see the full list of participating stores, check out the Arcade’s website! I have a new addition to my sponsors list, the lovely Anne Dakun of Label Motion poses & Suicide Cabinet blog. I’m so excited to be blogging her poses, they’ve always been a favorite of mine and inspiring to me. Label Motion has a set of discount poses at the last TDRB, before it becomes The Dressing Room Fusion on December 7th. There is also a small hunt going on at her mainstore, 12 free boxes of poses hidden for you to find. There are more info’s about items in the credits, I’ll add slurls later and I hope you enjoy the post ♥ Left; Read the restimage


Hii. I’ve been working on these outfits for bit- I’m sick irl and going out of town soon, my mind has been elsewhere and so this post isn’t as put together as usual. Hopefully you guys like them anyway, I’m sorry. Before I go I’ll talk about some of the news from -Glam Affair-, House of Fox, “tSg”, LaGyo and -no wow-. Roza from -Glam Affair- is out, I did a full review of all the options available here. I dressed her up with tattoo layers, and she’s definitely one of my favorite skins now. “tSg” also has a new skin line out, Angel! I reviewed her also, but I have to say again how much I love the nose & eyebrows. I’m using a skin toner from Chus! overtop to make the A tone a bit more pale. Quite a few things in this post are from this month’s round of Collabor88, including the Plumes earrings & necklaces from LaGyo! Like most of her items they are texture change and resize by script. The colors fit this month’s theme, Flamingo (bright fun colors)- but she also included black & grey incase you’re wanting to wear darker colors like me today :P Maylee Oh of The Secret Store has collaborated with NyuNyu Kimono of NYU!… Read the rest