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Have a fun but spooky Halloween!

As most of you will be getting things ready for some Halloween fun in RL or SL (or Both!!), have fun and stay safe! Last Friday’s 50L$ Friday event was a mix of stuff. But Glitterati had a Halloweenish item out, which I love…. The Mausoleum with built-in poses. Skin | Mamboo Chic | Lindsay_Angel_GIFT_PALE
Hair | *Alice Project* | Mandi [s11] – Natural Red   Mesh 100L$ per colour
Top | [ Last Period ] | tops 0017 shirt Yellow *
Pants | [ Last Period ] | bottoms 0004 Brown *
Belt | [ Last Period ] | bottoms 0011 belt Brown *
Socks | [ Last Period ] | socks 0001 Brown *
Shoes | :: Kookie :: | Enya/ Dark Choc
Scraf | [ Last Period ] | stole 0001 check TexChange12color  Black *
Peircing | [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] | MORBID EXTRAVAGANZA  Zombie Popcorn Hunt 5  0L$ *  Store no longer in world and not on SL marketplace
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Weeks 51 + 52

It’s the final week of Luna’s 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge… But she has decided to continue the challenge, with 52WCC Part Deux starting 01.01.12! Week 51 – Cream Skin | Mamboo Chic | Lindsay_Angel_GIFT_PALE
Hair | Calico Ingmann Creations | Carmen – Cream
Dress | Kyoot | And It’s Love Knit Mini Dress (cream)
Tights | JANE | lil piggies.fuzzy tights.wh cream
Boots | Baby Monkey | Chukka (cream) Week 52 – Orange   The colour orange is named after the orange fruit, after the appearance of the ripe fruit. Before this word was introduced to the English-speaking world, the colour was referred to as ġeolurēad (yellow-red) in Old and Middle English. The word orange entered Middle English from Old French and Anglo-Norman orenge. The earliest recorded use of the word in English is from the 13th century and referred to the fruit. The earliest attested use of the word in reference to the colour is from the 16th century (1512, in a will now filed with the UK’s Public Records Office).… Read the rest:(