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It’s Cute At Tengoku No Rakuen Furimaketto!

Tengoku No Rakuen Furimaketto is open again and there i […]

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Tengoku no Rakuen is a Breath of Fresh Air!

I love the idea behind Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto wh […]

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Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto

Horror Haute!

  If you’re into the creepy, supernatural, d […]

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Horror Haute – May Collection

It’s time for a new round of Horror Haute!  Each […]

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01 The Little Bat – jewelry/clothing, 50L each

Horror Haute – April

Yay!! I have a new awesome round of Horror Haute for y’all you have until April 30th to grab all these horrifying bargains. Each item will be marked either 50L, 100L or 200L. You do not have to be in to the dark scene to appreciate these items! Happy Horror Shopping, Addy MIA – Rue, […]

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01 Lamplight - outfit, 200L

Horror Haute

Time for a new round of Horror Haute for June, it will run until June 30th. There are lots of amazing items at amazing prices. Get on over to these great stores and grab the items while you can at this special price exclusive to this round. <3 Addy

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01 Les Sucreries de Fairy - outfit, 100L

Horror Haute April

YAY HORROR HAUTE TIME!!! For the last week of the month, every month, the Horror Haute event brings you some much needed darkness to the SL event circuit. This month has a line-up of lovelies, ready to bring out the dark side of you, it works for me every month! Prices vary for this event, […]

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01 Blue Blood – top, 50L

La Venta Eventa :)

Hey babies! It’s La Venta Eventa time Now, if you are a new reader or just aren’t familiar with this event, it is a weekly thing, starting at 9pm SLT every Friday and lasts all weekend long! Designers put their items for sale at 100L or less. It’s as simple as that!!! Enjoy your shopping […]

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Horror Haute February

YAY YAY YAY ONE OF MY FAVOURITE EVENTS OF THE MONTH HAS JUST SHARED IT’S NEW LINE UP *happy dances*… Sorry, I love Horror Haute, it is definitely one of my favourite events. There is a brilliant collection this week, some horrifying items that will if you are anything like me have you reaching for […]

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01 Blue Blood – dress, 50L

Sorry its La Venta Eventa Late!

Sorry LVE is so late guys, we have a sick Bells at the moment and so things have been a little chaotic at Seraphim Towers… There are 9 stores with some lovely goodies and it’s not too late to go pick these things up, there are some REALLY GOOD THINGS for less than 100L!!! Get […]

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01 Heartsick – skins, 100L each

Horror Haute January

Horror Haute, that monthly serving of the dark and depraved, is back with us once again. Ten stores with their amazing offerings, I personally love this round… I am so in love with a number of these things I simply cannot wait to get my hands on them and WILL be going back with my […]

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01 AngelsDemons – outfit, 200L

LuckyBoard OkiDoki Festival!

A little birdy let us in on a gem of a festival with lucky boards and goodies from some names you’ve heard of and some that you haven’t! Being in North America, I don’t get nearly as much exposure to Japanese content as I would like, so I was thrilled to have the chance to […]

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01 Huwa*Yura – skins, 280L each

A Little Late La Venta Eventa

We’re sorry that this is late coming out to everyone, but things have been a bit hectic at Seraphim HQ and Vix has been having a fair few SL troubles today, she’s been doing a really good impression of a fluffy little cloud on and off all day! To give her some time to chillax […]

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01 Heartsick - skins, 60L each