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Oh Boy, Do We

We <3 Role-Play is back and it’s bigger than e […]

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December 2014
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We Love Role-Play is Bigger Than Ever!

If you need a little pick-me-up for the middle of the w […]

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It’s Not Just A Crush, We LOVE Role-Play!

It’s time for more incredible items and exclusive […]

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We Love Role-Play Logo

We Love Role-Play, Yes We Do!

It’s time to get excited (I know I am!) as We Lov […]

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#624 Près de l’onde fraîche

                            The FashionArt Fashion Fair, organized by The Glamourist PR, will open its doors on May 9th an…

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New Teal Sun

I absolutely LOVE this new jewellery from [LNS Designs] for the Fantasy Fair.  It is not only beautifully made original mesh, but so unusual with the earrings having one dark and one light sun.  I am not a huge fan of symmetry, so t…

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Happy Birthday, We Love Role-Play!

Come join in the celebrations for this amazing event […]

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Christmas gifts

Merry Christmas! This is a quick post to share some Christmas gifts with you… the Advent calendars have come to an end at Krystal, so you can grab the last tiara and last gown on on the boards for 0L. (The other items are still available for 10-40L each.)

The necklace and earrings are a gift from House of Rain – look for the blue box under the tree.

The skin is a special holiday offer from La Petite Morte – a special edition of Reagan for just 50L.

Also, if you get a chance, check out the giving circle gifts at Fallen Gods –  there are gifts from Fallen Gods, Libertine, Boudoir, Evie’s Closet and more!
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Safari Outfit suitable for vegetarians

“The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette” –  Henry S Haskins
My whole outfit, including the skin is from the current round of The Boutique, which has a safari theme.  I am really loving this new skin from Izzies at The Boutique

I am not big on earthy/neutral tones usually, not sure why – but one theory is that my school uniform was icky brown with just as hideous mustardy “highlights”, which has scarred me for life.  So I surprised myself at the safari themed Boutique by buying an earth toned outfit. The funny thing is though, that as a vegetarian irl I just can’t bring myself to wear animal prints even in sl (I know, what can I say, I am a weirdo), so I had to choose non animal print items, which did kind of limit me, given that the theme was safari.  



Top: Baiastice at The Boutique - Iman, vanilla

Skirt:  Baiastice at The Boutique   Lima – gold belt desert leather

Shoes:  GOS at The Boutique - Lauren d’Orsay – Truffle Collection

Jewellery:  Krystal Fine Jewellery - Momento Bracelet, Captured Radiance necklace and earrings, shown in topaz

Jewellery: Izzies - Leather strap bracelet, brown (black also included in pack)

Skin:  Izzies at the Boutique – Jill Safari Skin, medium

Hair:  Truth - Colbie, Reds03

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Sales…. at Solange! and Kouse’s Sanctum

Oh noes… Kouse’s Sanctum is closing. All gowns at the mainstore are reduced to 75L until 28th June, after which time they’ll no longer be available. Kouse will be focusing on her jewelry line instead, so don’t miss this chance to grab some of her gor…

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Coming soon: Round 2 of We Love Role-Play

Are you read to get your shop on? Round 2 of We <3 Role-Play will open at 3pm on June 4th, featuring some of SL’s finest creators offering items at discounts of between 25% and 50%.

The list of creators for this round appears below, and it’s just as awesome as last time out (but please do bear in mind that it is subject to change, real life happens and so on).

Check it out – especially if you’re not already familiar with the event – some of your favourites are bound to be on it.  (Slurl to follow when the event opens!)

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We Love Role-Play: Kouse’s Sanctum

If you haven’t been down to We <3 Role-Play yet, why are you waiting?!

Still need convincing? Well okay, here’s a quick post featuring the Raina gown from Kouse’s Sanctum and gorgeous mesh hair from eep (photos taken on the event parcel).

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Fantasy Faire 2013: Last days, lots of outfits!

Staff: Veiled Emporium -.:Snoodle’s:. Skull of Ka’Lietre Staff ver. 1.0
Gown: Kouse’s Sanctum – Ophelia

Fantasy Faire has been extended for one day, so you have additional 24 hours to go shopping and sight-seeing on the beautiful sims. Anyway; less talking and more photos from me, I have a bunch of outfits to show you that I didn’t already get to!

I’m going to try to use extra time to take some photos of the amazing sims tomorrow. Anyway, get down to the Faire – now open till April 29!
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Love roleplay? Love shopping?

There’s a new roleplay shopping event on the way, and I can’t wait.

So many favourites will be participating in this event. Regulars will include The White Armory, Soedara, Roawenwood, Evie’s Closet, Kouses’s Sanctum, The Plastik, Silkworms, and Aeva/Heartsick. Guests will include Arwen’s Creations, Fallen Gods, and Zaara.

That’s just a small sampling of the stores involved. A lot of those listed I don’t know so well, so it will be nice to discover some new stores. A full listing is included at the end (or you can read more about it on the We Love Role-Play blog.

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Kouse’s birthday presents… for you

It’s Kouse Singh’s birthday! But to celebrate, she’s giving you the gift…

The beautiful – and brand new – Maybelle gown in a special birthday edition is available free at the Kouse’s Sanctum mainstore. There’s also a matching set of Sabina jewelry for a mere 10L.

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Princess in Magicland

If you have ever been to Disney World or Disney Land, you might want to explore Magicland inside SL. This post started out as a Cart Wash Sale post because I got this pretty princess dress there for 10L, but then I was searching for a castle to take a …

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10L gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum? Yes please!

Kouse’s Sanctum – Aranel gown

I’m very happy to see that medieval-fantasy (and more) store, Kouse’s Sanctum, has a presence at The Wash’s annual 10L cart sale… who can say no to a fabulous bargain, especially when it’s one of Kouse Singh’s beautiful gowns?

So far, I’ve been quite restrained and only bought five out of the 12 gowns she’s put out (set me back a whopping 50L, that did). I’ve just photo’d two of them here, but I did grab a couple of snaps of the vendors so you could have a sneak preview before you, presumably, rush off to buy a few yourself!
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Jewelry sale at Kouse’s Sanctum

Kouse Singh is rebranding her jewelry line to ‘Krystal’, so all jewelry made under the Kouse’s Sanctum brand (excluding Christmas items) has been reduced to 75L until 10 January.

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Christmas gift gown from Kouse’s Sanctum

Ooops, I almost forgot to tell you about this ethereal gown which is free from Kouse’s Sanctum, as the last day of the advent calendar.

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Kouse’s Sanctum Advent Calendar is back

Kouse's Sanctum Advent Calendar is back! From now until Christmas, you can pick up a holiday-themed gown or piece of jewelry for a bargain price. Pictured below is the Felicia gown, which is just 30L.  There's an extra sweetener for shopaholic…

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