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Taking a break, FREEBIE.

I’ll save you from the spam and do the freebie first and the spam to the end. Lovely pose in this throne and as it happens I’m not being lazy as I am caming a whole row of lucky chairs but more about them in my next post. The jumper is a lovely freebie from TRS Designs and as it happens there are 2 gifties set out this and an equally as well textured longer knit winter dress.  I’m using this pose because if you look closer you will see that it fits over your thumb….brain is not engaged this morning but you can see what I mean. As I was LM grabbing I spotted “The Weekly Limited” offer which basically seems to be something at a slashed down price on offer for just a week and in this case it’s a mesh pair of pants with a really big Hud for just 50Lds and I’m stood here debating as they look so good and with that price tag and colour hud a really good addition to my invent.  If the LM doesn’t take you right to the freebies just have a wander, I think turn to your right and there all on a wall there but if I’m wrong they’re not hard to find.… Read the restxxxteause




July 2018
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H U C C I Yalta Booties

  Stretch knit booties for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza. Marketplace promo price until Oct 25, 2016 is L$99 each or all colors for L$599.   Shop on Marketplace

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Cold Snap

Hey lovelies!  Brrrrr, the last few days it’s been cold where Brook and I live!  It’s almost time for snow to be falling and time to break out the winter clothes and boots!  And what is better on a cold day than a hot cup of coffee?  Brook doesn’t much like it but hey more for me right?  I’ve almost finished decorating our sim and just found it a great place for winter pics!  So here you go!  I hope you all are having a great start to your holiday weekend, and I hope it’s a short and fun week for you all! ❤ Dani  ( Left ) ❤ Brook  ( Right )

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HUCCI Augusta Romper

  Knit romper with elastic waist, in 6 colors. Fitted mesh for Slink and Maitreya. Rigged mesh for standard sizes. L$295 each or L$795 for all 6 colors.
Only at Hucci main store. Temporarily located in the accessories room.   Visit Hucci

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HUCCI Yigi Leggings

  Knit leggings with leather side panels. Panels are texture change via HUD, 9 colors included with each pair. Standard size XXS-L and Slink Physique Fitted Mesh. L$195 each or all colors for L$695. Please try demo before purchase.   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace  

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Neon Jersey Striped and plain knit fabric textures

I love all the neon accents and bright pastels about at the moment so I made a fab collection of neon textures in a soft close knit jersey…perfect for light spring and summer clothes and would look just as fantastic covering a sofa or two!!
Everything in one pack -  stripes, plain, seamless and shaded (plus a couple of just for fun bonus textures! :D) Available from Shop.insightdesigns and inworld

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