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The Fox In The Snow

Credits Izzie: hair: Spellbound - Blizzard // DARKS // Chapter I : Earth (December 1st @ The Arcade)
coat: ::K:: - JD Overcoat Femme Black
scarf: ::K:: - JD Overcoat Scarf Femme
boots: ISON- Leather Knee Boots (@ Collabor88)
skirt: TETRA - High Jeans Skirt stockings: Izzie's - Fishnet Stockings (for Mix Event at the mainstore)
fox: The Secret Store - Winter Foxes - Hold me / Red (December 1st @ The Arcade)
skin & makeup : Izzie's - Willis Skin rosy blush: Izzie's - Winter Blush (Store Gift)
pose: An Lar - The Girly Girl Series   Credits Other: car: Consignment - Tilbury Roadster RARE red (December 1st @ The Arcade) husky: Xin - Kolouk husky (santa claws) (December 1st @ The Arcade) bench: What Next - Winter Bench (snowflake) (December 1st @ The Arcade) location: Izzie's

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All a girl really needs is shoes!

The LookHead LOGO Chloe 5.0 Updated
Head Applier Izzie's Tiggi CaramelHair TUKINOWAGUMA Hair Lotta @ Winter Trend Starts Dec 04 Lingerie Blacklace Kristy Nude Heels Glamistry  Anthurium Heels Maitreya Nail Applier ZOZ  Natural Rose for Maitreya Pose oOOo Studio Grounded 02-#3
Bags on Ground Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - bags @ The Arcade Dec 01Boxes on Ground  Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree Boxes @ The Arcade Dec 01
Now Playing Shoes by Kelly 

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Femme Fatale

If you look up ‘femme fatale’ in the dictionary you’ll see it means ‘an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.’ Not that I’m anything like that (I think :P) but it’s interesting to examine the translation closely. What makes a woman seductive […] The post Femme Fatale by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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She collects all the toys for all the nice girls and boys

The Look
Head LOGO Chloe 5.0 Updated
Head Applier Izzie's Tiggi Caramel
Hair Blues December @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Head Accessory Ohmai Xmas Lights Wreath @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Jacket AMD Cold Out Maitreya Lazy Sunday Item
Jeans Vision S&F Dita Maitreya
Boots QE Cozy Winter Boots Darks @ Winter Trend starts Dec 04
Pose An Lar Willow Series #2 @ The Fantasy Collective

Tree Kalopsia - Wood Tree - Small Light @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Rocking Horse - Kalopsia - Silver Rocking Horse - Dark Wood @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Doll House - Kalopsia  - Dollhouse - Brown @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Drum - Kalopsia - Drum - Green @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Duck - Kalopsia - Puddle Duck - White @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Top -Kalopsia - Spinning Top - Red @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Bag of Toys - Kalopsia  - Santa's Bag of Toys @Tannenbaum Holiday Market

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Enjoying the weekend!

Skin: Izzie’s – Xanthe Skin peach DB @ UBER Makeup: Izzie’s – Xanthe Eyeshadow blue (caramel) + Moles +  Xanthe Eyebrow Cut R @ UBER Eyes: [Buzz] Moka Eyes – Chocolate Hair: *barberyumyum*71 (for bangs) (brown) + *barberyumyum*bangs (B) @ SaNaRae Event Jacket: *Fishy Strawberry* Padded Jacket – Maitreya – Blue @ UBER Pants: .miss chelsea. Erin Combats Maitreya Latte @ UBER Socks: .:A&M:. Urban Tube Socks Boots: fri. – Ingrid.Boots (Earth) @ Kustom9  
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Black Friday

I don’t believe in Black Friday. I can’t imagine withholding my need to buy whatever I want for one day a year. I believe firmly in wanton consumerism 365 days a year. I want everything.  So I am an anomaly and don’t shop madly on Black Friday.  I feel bad for people who wait for this one day a year to splurge. I decided today to do a very wee bit of house shopping, things I needed for my weekend and that was ok because I wasn’t in the mood for the stores anyway. I came home to a very bad cat pretending to be part of my new foyer decor. Bad kitty! I love my new piece from Second Space though – I had forgotten it was new for COLLABOR88 this month.Ellie is so amazingly talented, almost everything she ever makes I want in my SLife. This is no exception. I’m trying out a new sofa from Cheeky Pea for UBER. It’s probably too big for my space but it’s fun and cozy. Just remember while you are Black Friday shopping, two of crap is crap.… Read the rest

Black Friday Sales in Second Life!

(Do you want to meme this picture? Click here for blank version) Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving and is known to be the day people go to Walmart and fight over a t-shirt for $2. I am not usually a black friday shopper in RL but I do enjoy shopping virtually, either online […] The post Black Friday Sales in Second Life! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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#440 Look what else I found in My Attic, November edition Part 2

l am back with a bevy of goodies from the current round of My Attic at the Deck, but firstly I must mention my skin which is a new group gift at Lumae.  You get every tone in the pack, along with every applier you could ever want - and an added bonus for this redhead (usually) is that Lumiya includes ginger and red brow options and freckle options too.

My hair is one of the goodies from this round of My Attic at the Deck, and like everything during the course of the event, it is just 95L per hud.  I have very little experience of enVogue but I love, love, love this wonderfully high and exquisitely coiffed updo - I will definitely be watching out for more from them.  My dress and shoes are also available at My Attic, both from Fission and both in an array of colour choices.  The final My Attic element in this post is the pose pack from Kirin which I had fun playing with.

Not at My Attic, but definitely worthy of a mention, are my necklace and earrings which are from Indulge Temptation and currently available in 7 different hud versions at Designer Circle.… Read the restPost #440

Decorating The Tree

Credits Izzie:  leggings: Erratic - Melissa (@ Collabor88)
sweater/dress combo: Erratic - Shannon (@ Collabor88) hair: !Oleander - Libby (@ Tannenbaum)
headpiece: !Ohmai- X'mas Lights Wreath (@ Tannenbaum)
skin: Izzie's - Xanthe Skin rosy (@ Uber) make-up: Izzie's - Lipstick red and Eyeliner from Willis Skin mouth: PXL- SweetLips (using Izzie's Appliers) ornaments: !Ohmai- X'mas Magic Gacha (@ Tannenbaum)

 Credits Other:  tree: Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (@ Tannenbaum) ornaments on the tree: MishMish- Christmas Ornaments; !Ohmai- X'mas Magic Gacha (@ Tannenbaum) tree skirt: !Ohmai- X'mas Magic Gacha (@ Tannenbaum) babies: edited ornaments from !Ohmai- X'mas Magic Gacha (@ Tannenbaum)  

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Its only fun until someone gets a snowball in eye!

The LookHead  LOGO Alex Updated 3.0 NEWHead Applier Glam Affair Melanie Jamaica RARE for LOGO  @ Shiny ShabbyHair and Hat Oleander ~ Libby @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketSweater Valentina E Noell Cable Knit Sweater @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketDress Valentina E Belted Noell Dress  @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketStockings Izzie's Cozy Stockings for MaitreyaSocks Ingenue Twinkle Toes Socks Maitreya @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketSkates Ispachi SkatesPose !bang Ice Skating 5M @ Shiny Shabby 
BackgroundSled Floorplan Crate Sled @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketIce Rink Chez Moi Ice Skating @ Tres ChicSleigh No Concept Christmas Sleigh @ Tannenbaum Holiday MarketSnowman Part of Chez Moi Ice Skating Set @ Tres ChicCabin Trompe Loeil - Le Fay Cottage w/snow Add onSign on Cabin Floorplan merry christmas chalkboard @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market

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I Try

Today on Thanksgiving Eve, I want wish everyone who celebrates a Happy Thanksgiving. (...)
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Always Thankful for Family

A while ago I took my niece Livy to her grandparents cottage, and while we were there I thought it would be a good idea to take some Thanksgiving themed pictures because I wasn't sure I would see her for the holiday. And because I am all about cheesiness I made sure we had matching outfits. I will not even begin to describe the amount of shapewear I had to wear underneath to get this dress to fit. What can I say the only matching outfits I could find were in the kids department. Once I was trussed up and dressed like a turkey we headed outside to take some pictures. I got the camera all set up on the tripod and angled as best I could. I then scooped Livy up in to my arms and told her to say cheese. It seems the little trickster didn't like my smile and helped "fix" it.

She is just a laugh a minute I tell ya. I thought it would be good for Livy to write down what she was thankful for on an easel I found in the shed. I handed her a piece of chalk and got to setting up the camera for another picture. When I first walked over after adjusting the camera I saw she was thankful for candy.… Read the restSilly Girl

Get Androgynous at Uber!

Feeling a little masculine today?  Feminine?   A little of both?  If it’s the latter, swing on by Uber!   This time we’ve got an amazing androgyny round full of alluring yet ambiguous attire, accessories and decor!   Don’t wait long, this round will only last until December 23rd! Connie & Eden Teleport to Uber MIA: Ane, Doe, Eudora, Fashionably Dead, Fishy Strawberry, NCore, Olive, Seul, Shi, United Colors <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–> Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at midnight on 11/25. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!

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A Pirate Story Part Two

            When Morgana woke up the following morning she found a beautiful gown draped next to her. She has no idea who is was from or who had spotted her, but since it covered her much more than what she was wearing she put it on. Once dressed she spotted a ship in the cove below her, it felt like ages since she had been the captain of her own vessel.

           She lusted after the ship terribly and was lost to her own thoughts. She was staring dreamily at the ship as a stranger approached. He said to her, "I see you are staring at my ship.", needless to say this startled her greatly as she did not hear his approach.

               He didn't let on that he knew her to be the much famed Captain Morgana, but all good pirates knew who she was. He invited her to join him on his ship. Having few options available to her and with much caution she decided to join him. They sailed far from the archipelago that had caused her so much grief.… Read the restLonging - A Pirate Story

A Pirate Story – Part One

              Long ago in a far away land there was a pirate who sailed the seas. She was the much feared Captain Morgana. One days she sailed her ship too close to an island in an archipelago and was captured by the king's Navy. These men had her caged and brought to the king. He then ordered the men to place her in a secret location in the castle. This is where the king kept his human prizes. He and the lords or his court would stare with their beady eyes at all the ladies kept there. Once a day a shaft of light would land on her cage and it allowed her to keep hope alive.

                        One day after the cage was cleaned the guard did not snap the lock tight on her cage. This was her chance to escape! She quietly followed the route she glimpsed the lords taking each time they visited the secret rooms. After some trial and error she was finally free of the castle. She allowed herself one moment to pause and breath deeply the sweet salty air of freedom before looking for a means to getting away from the castle.… Read the restCaged - a Pirate Story

Willis @ Izzies

This is Willis! ITS ME! IN SKIN FORM!  Izzie released this the other week and I have been sitting on this skin, eager to blog it… when better than now?!  It’s been out a week so the store won’t be rammed and you can go get it!   She comes in all the usual Izzie goodness tone wise, appliers available in store if you don’t have them already and with a TON of options including: So, so many looks all in one go at your finger tips with the magic of LAYERING! HURRAH!  GO DEMO RIGHT NOW! Also in amazing newness is this hair from Truth, OH EM GEE – LOOKATIT.  So beauty, much wow.… Read the restWillis @ Izzies

The More I Love Gatsby

Sometimes it’s the revisiting of words you’ve glossed over that reveals nuggets you hadn’t previously divined. You spin the words through your brain, and one time across them is different than the others. What’s changed? Not the words. The words are the same. But something in you caused them to give up a greater meaning than the last time you passed them by. Words said by Gatsby, that great idealistic lover, seem to ring home to me lately. I hear them, both his logic and his dreamers ideal, and they feel more true than they used to. Not that it means too much in the grand scheme of things, but maybe just thinking on things allows you to make peace how very odd things can be. After all, The Great Gatsby himself was quite odd, driven in all he did by a love he was trying to renew, or perhaps to just see if it was still alive. Was Gatsby wrong? Was Gatsby right? I guess it’s a mater of opinion. He ended up dead. That’s not a spoiler you cretin, read a book some time ok?… Read the rest

I’ll be the greatest fan of your life

The Look Head  LOGO Alex Updated 3.0 NEW Head Applier Izzie'sTiggi LOGO Alex Makeup Izzie's Tiggi Makeup Appliers for LOGO Alex UpdateHair EMO-tions Roberta  @ My AtticCollar EMO-tions Roberta @ My AtticRing Cae Charmed Ring Grace @ Cosmopolitan Bi WeeklyBracelet  Izzie's Pearl Bracelet Nail Applier ZOZ Daisy Fall Fade

Now Playing I'll be by Edwin McCain
The Logo head has always been one of my favorites out there, the head really brings your avatar to life with so many expressions and eye movements.  This Head is really the perfect head for taking pictures and now with the update they have made this head even easier to use.  One of the best new features for me though is being able to put all 36 expressions on the main hud. Also being able to now change the makeup on the Omega Default Version using a 3rd party makeup applier.  I am wearing the Izzie's Tiggi Head Applier and Makeup Applier Above.… Read the rest

Straight Outta Second Life

Credits Sam: Skin Javier Aeros. Hair Bastion Drot @ TMD. Sweater Outta Modulus @ TMD. Lexi Jeans Bueno. Sneakers Mael Notsobad. Pose Sam: Bruadar An Lar @ Shiny Shabby.
Credits Izzie: sweater: ISON- Wool Side Cut Sweater (@ Collabor88) jeans: ISON- Celen Jeans boots: ISON- Leather Knee Boots (@ Collabor88) scarf: Izzie's - Winter Scarf (@ Gen-Neutral) bracelet: Izzie's - Pride Bracelet weasel: MishMish - Weasel (@ Collabor88) hair: Monso - Xiu skin: Izzie's - Xanthe Skin (coming soon) pose: An Lar - The Lovely Series (@ Shiny Shabby)   Location: Ironwood hills.

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Peanut Blossoms

"We wanted our Peanut Blossom Cookies recipe to have a smooth texture with a roasted flavor, so we used creamy peanut butter and replaced a portion of the flour with ground roasted peanuts." ~ Cook's Country Continue reading →

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