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SLife Hack – Inventory Management

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the inventory items we delete every day in SL? Well, it goes to one of the many waste processing centers on the grid - like this one at Green Valley Disposal Solutions. Raw prims are extracted from the waste and reSLycled. What's left is placed into placed into SLandfills. Those SLandfills eventually form land masses that are sold as homesteads and islands. 

And now, it is even easier to get rid of old inventory items you no longer need and want. Have you noticed the new 'older than' filter in the inventory window? It's in the Official Viewer and I hear it is also in Firestorm. By the way, here is a link to a past post I did on inventory management with some tips for organizing what you have.

With the new filter, you can selectively display the oldest things in your inventory for easy reviewing and deleting!

Here is how:
  1. Open your inventory window. 
  2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom. 
  3. Select 'show filters.' 
  4. Check the 'older than' box toward the bottom. 
  5. Decide on a cutoff date for deleting things.
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On messing up inventory

I got so lucky at Zenith‘s gatcha at The Seasons Story! In my first couple of tries I managed to snatch  the rare Beige Stripe Knit long coat , as well as their white flower chiffon dress which is my favorite pattern of the collection that Ms. Rosca has out at the event. So pretty and subtle! I am wearing my finds with Just Design Navajo boots, because it’s only January and I can’t bear the idea of walking around on flats or sandals yet! Magika‘s hair doesn’t get any more perfect than with this Lemon one. Lush waves and curls, just like I would love to have in RL, but unfortunately, my hair is pretty unmanageable  and when I have it long like that, it’d be so heavy that every curl would disappear, so I cut it short not too long ago and now I do have my curls, but also, with this wind recently, it blows everywhere and I look like Einstein on a bad hair day! I have been pretty brutal on my inventory recently, and managed to get it down from almost 60k items back to a more reasonable 37k.… Read the rest

Where penis?

I'm not naming names, but someone I know in SL wanted us to search for the word penis in our inventories and tell her how many objects we found. Well, lookie there! Nothing. Not a single penis or penis related object. My husband Jerremy handles all of the penis related things in our relationship.

Also, this photo contains proof of my just-under-29k-items sized inventory. I've been going through and getting rid of anything really old, with lots of prim pieces. I've also been re-organizing my mesh folders to make sure I only have the correct size out and everything else boxed. If I was smart, I'd delete everything I've already worn once, since I have so much new stuff that it doesn't make sense to wear things twice.

The "penis search" person also wanted to know what one item I'd keep if I had to delete the rest of my inventory. That's easy: my wedding ring. It's totally unique since Jerremy made it for me. And it's also the thing I wear most often since I have worn it continually since our wedding in July of 2008. 

The last thing I purchased was a fatpack of way-too-short-in-the-back, mesh, 'Franz' 70's running shorts from [whatever].… Read the rest

Teach Me Something Meme: Managing Your Inventory

Strawberry Singh's has challenged us to teach something on our blogs, so I decided to share my trick for having a small inventory! Ready?

I keep my inventory small by keeping my inventory small! Look at these tiny dresses! I modify everything I own down to Barbie size!  Polly Pocket size, if I can manage it. 

What? Ugh. You actually wanted to learn something? Fine. 

Inventory Management
This method works for me because it lets me organize things in small steps using very small blocks of time. Other people have smaller inventories - mine is roughly 30k right now, but it's not a huge number for a 5 1/2 year old and I can find anything I need easily. 

I've broken this down into two parts: inventory maintenance and inventory reduction. I've bolded key parts to make it easier for you to skim this post.

Nearly everything I acquire goes through the following steps: 
  1. Arrives in inventory. 
  2. Moves into 'New' items folder.
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Outfit:       Skin:  League - Jen (Musk – Medium Tone)       Hair:  LeLutka – Trend Hair (Praline)       Eyes:  Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)       Lashes:  Cheap Makeup - Free Lashes for Tableau       Top/Dress:  Tres Blah (at collabor88) - C88 Daydream Babydoll (Pinky Nude)     [...]

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Does this barrel make me look fat?

On 21st February 2012 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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How ironic is it that literally moments before The Lab is going to charge me $72 USD for another year of fun, that huge chunks of my inventory have gone missing. 

I happened to notice that my Party Items folder was missing when I went searching for beer for last Friday's blog picture. I keep kept all of my liquor in that folder, along with irreplaceable things like the party invitations I've made (including my crowning jewel: the Rat-vitation). It is was a huge folder full of amazing-ness.

Know what else is missing? My Lost & Found items folder. (Did I just blow your mind?) I only noticed the Lost & Found folder was missing when Chat Support asked me if the party folder was in there. Here are words you never want to hear from Support: "Wow. It's really, really bad to have a system folder go missing." Oh, I suppose you don't want to hear, "You are the father!" from them, either.

I've tried every inventory finding trick in the book including the really long shot method: filing a support ticket.… Read the rest

Creating a Slideshow Viewer, Part 2: Reading the Inventory

This is the second installment in my small series about creating a slideshow viewer (based on my new texture vendors). In this one, I’ll be showing you how to add images to the viewer. In my original texture vendors, the prim which displayed the images was responsible for creating a list of the images available, and then of moving through the images when it received a message from one of the buttons. In the new version, all of this is handled by the Frame prim, which looks for touch events and determines which button was ‘clicked’, and which then updates the texture on the Display prim. This is made possible by another relatively new script function, llSetLinkTexture(), which allows the texture of a prim to be assigned by another (linked) prim. There are two elements to handling the images. The simplest is assigning a specified texture to the Display prim. However, in order to do this the Frame needs to have the textures stored in it, and needs to be able to make a list of the available textures.… Read the rest

Saying Good-Bye to 2007

I've been going through my inventory in a valiant effort to stay under 25,000 items without curtailing my shopping habits. This means picking through my inventory folders in search of things from 2007-2008 to delete. The time from 2007 - late 2008 was my "single girl era" in SL, so it's kind of funny to see the kind of stuff I wore while trying to woo Jerremy.

I remember some of the items just by name before looking at them -- in my mind they're still cute and current. But then I look at the vendor pictures or try them on and ZOMG! We really looked like that before sculpted cuffs??? Some stuff is so hard to let go of. I haven't deleted my Redgrave Used-Look Jeans yet because they make my butt look sooooo good! But they have non-sculpted cuffs! But they still look sort of OK! But they have a blingy belt! I am so torn. Back into the folder they go.

Jewelry textures are a zillion times nicer these days - so I've been rummaging through that folder too and deleting a ton of things.… Read the rest