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Where penis?

I’m not naming names, but someone I know in SL wanted us to search for the word penis in our inventories and tell her how many objects we found. Well, lookie there! Nothing. Not a single penis or penis related object. My husband Jerremy handles all of …

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December 2014
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Teach Me Something Meme: Managing Your Inventory

Strawberry Singh’s has challenged us to teach something on our blogs, so I decided to share my trick for having a small inventory! Ready?I keep my inventory small by keeping my inventory small! Look at these tiny dresses! I modify everything I own…

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Outfit:       Skin:  League – Jen (Musk – Medium Tone)       Hair:  LeLutka – Trend Hair (Praline)       Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)       Lashes:  Cheap Makeup – Free Lashes for T…

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Does this barrel make me look fat?

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How ironic is it that literally moments before The Lab is going to charge me $72 USD for another year of fun, that huge chunks of my inventory have gone missing. I happened to notice that my Party Items folder was missing when I went searching for…

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Creating a Slideshow Viewer, Part 2: Reading the Inventory

This is the second installment in my small series about creating a slideshow viewer (based on my new texture vendors). In this one, I’ll be showing you how to add images to the viewer. In my original texture vendors, the prim which displayed the images was responsible for creating a list of the images available, […]

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Saying Good-Bye to 2007

I’ve been going through my inventory in a valiant effort to stay under 25,000 items without curtailing my shopping habits. This means picking through my inventory folders in search of things from 2007-2008 to delete. The time from 2007 – late 2008&nbsp…

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