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Those Fall Evenings

So Tomm took me out dancing last night, we had a wonderful night but I’m afraid I drank a little too many pixel cocktails, and don’t really remember how I got home.  Then he showed me this picture and it started coming back to me, but my head was …

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Martini and me

I have worn this outfit pretty much all week, playing with the colour change huds, and thought it was time I got it blogged. My skirt is from Lapointe & Bastchild and comes with their usual fantastic hud allowing you to change the ta…

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I Promised You Pumpkin Pie

And I’m delivering. Pumpkin Pie it is thanks to WHAT NEXT. Storms are rolling in here on Juicy Island and I’m enjoying the cool breezes as I wind down my day. MY ATTIC starts tomorrow with amazing new things, all of which are only 95L and an amazing bargain. The gorgeous windblown hair from MINA […]

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Stylecard: Outfit: Bite&Claw – Four Seasons Dress (spring) @ 30L Mystery Gacha Fair Shoes: Pure Poison – Peacock Feet Jewelry Jewelry: Aisling – Faranth (gold) Bracelet: Aisling – Gaia (gold) Hat: Miamai –… Continue reading

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Cajsa’s impeccable taste and Second Life’s lack of effective inventory searching lead to me getting this dress. There is nothing about that which I find to be a problem. In fact, I feel like I’ve totally scored. She’s been taunting me with my birthday gift, I have to admit I thought this was it, it’s […]

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Ther’s no Barbie without her Ken

This just reminded me of Barbie…but I like the miami phase going on, like it a lot… Skin: The Skinnery – Kim @ Collabor88 Eyebrows: The Skinnery – Marni Brows Eyes: IKON – September Group Gift Hair: Olive @ N21 Glasses: H.m.a.e.m Tattoo: Bolson Tattoo: Mr Bolton Septum Piercing: MONS Necklace & Bracelets: LaGyo @ Collabor88 […]

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Yellow is underrated on blondes. I think striking yellows just accentuate beautiful blondes though.  SLINK released a one shoulder dress in many colors, of which yellow is one, which is really an understatement. A one shoulder dress doesn’t really express how necessary this dress is. It should be called NECESSARY ONE SHOULDER DRESS. Necessary. Yes, […]

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This was just a quick new profile pic for yours truly :P So I thought I’d share it on my bloggie and some credz too… Skin: The Skinnery – Marni @The Arcade Eyes: IKON – Ascension eyes – Oxidation Hair: Blues Hair – AnnieFiled under: Second Life Tagged: blues hair, Ikon, the arcade, the skinnery

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What’s in a Shape?

Last month I released a standard second life shape directly to my marketplace store. The only reason I did that is because people kept asking about my shape and so I thought I would experiment and see what I could come up with. I didn’t expect to, but I sold quite a few of them. […]

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The Flight of the Dragonfly

“Lady Anisoptera, you are one of the more upstanding citizens of the current Spiral, how would you describe-“ “Oh, you can call me Anise, titles are terribly tedious business. Or Lady Dragonfly if you absolutely must, it has a nicer ring to it.” “I did notice that people referred to you as such when I […]

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Perfect end to a great day

On any day, it’s always the best thing when you can lay yourself to rest completely content. Dare I say, even happy. Stroll along the beach, a couple crashes that were not the best timing, and a snazzy little shower to end the night. Being around those that make you smile, make you forget you [...]

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Clothes Are, In Fact, Allowed

You might begin to think that we aren’t allowed to wear proper clothes with our Belleza Venus bodies but this just isn’t true. I think, though, that when we get a reason to be naked of half naked on the feeds, we just run with it. I know I do. It’s a quickie today as […]

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“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis Shopping List Hair: (red) Mint – Hair No. 20’14 (o.9 Fantasy)  (New!) Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes (New!) Lashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies Skin: Glam Affair – Rose (New!) Lipstick: Pink Fuel – Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pink> Pose: Marukin – Morning (Collabor88) <3

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No I haven’t fallen off the edge of the metaverse, just a combination of rl and sl stuff conspiring to keep me away from blogging this last week.  Anyway here I am with an outfit I put together well over a week ago.  I am worki…

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This is my third post today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I am inspired so I’m taking advantage of it. People often ask me what inspires me. Recently, I have been very inspired by Vogue Magazine, and especially Vogue India. I know my pictures and styling don’t come anywhere close to the ones […]

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Returning to the Spiral

“It’s been a year since I joined Captain Gearsworth’s crew as they left the Spiral. A year of journeys, flight, adventure and experiences such that I could not reliably scribe them for the fear of scandalizing my audience to death.” “One year and here I am again, stepping onto the Spiral. I knew I would […]

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I Mean Sheer

Lacuna released a mesh body stocking for MY SLINK OBSESSION and she says it’s sheer and she mentions it again in the NC but my my she does mean sheer doesn’t she? WOO. In other news PINK FUEL released their DOLL V2 Skin and I ran over to grab it. I love Pink Fuel. Here […]

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I’m Your VENUS

BELLEZA is releasing soon their much anticipated MESH BODY and so I’m giving you a quick look this morning. I promise a more in depth discussion and info on HUDS later. This is the full body, hands and feet included, on which you switch out the look of hands and feet via HUD. There is also […]

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not so nautical

Wow, wherever do I begin? There are so many amazing events, gifts, new products..I never have a problem finding something to blog. The hard part is making all of the choices! I ventured out of my photo orb for this post. I … Continue reading

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lime and navy at ys&ys fin1

The Unicorn Lady

Stylecard: Gown: Junbug – Sassenach @ We Love RP Headdress: Folly – Cercle Licone @ We Love RP Earrings: AZE – Esztergom Baroque Earrings (pink topaz) @ Jewelry Fair Nekky & Bracelet: Lazuri… Continue reading

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