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Fooling Myself

Skin: Hestia Natural Eyeliner – Tokyo.Girl Lipstick: Moonglow Vintage Reds Amaranth – Senzafine @ Genre Hair: Anopia NEW – eXxEsS Earrings: Olivia – Bens Beauty Jacket: Leather Jacket April Cyan NEW – Pink Cherry Clutch: Smyrna (texture change hud) – Bens Beauty Pose: Del May

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“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” ~  Holly Black

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The Devil Inside

A new round of Suicide Dollz just started 2 days ago and there are so many goodies! I have three of them in my outfit today: Miranda studded shoes by L.Warwick, black leopard sexy garter socks by cheeky, and tied up top by Death Rocker Betty Crocker. M…

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A storm is threatening

Oh, a storm is threatening My very life today If I don’t get some shelter Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away “Gimme Shelter” sing the Rolling Stones and that is what the folks at Japan Fair were all about. Japan Fair was a fundraiser for ShelterBox. It closed last night, but here’s hoping it was […]

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Beach Day!

When I am excited I can act like a little kid, especially when I am looking forward to going somewhere. I am not above getting dressed and then pouncing to wake people up.What can I say it was beach day and I wanted to get going.Once I got him awake an…

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Come on get up!

Coffee and a Smoke

Sasy tells me I am only allowed to smoke in SL because I do not smoke in RL. I suppose that’s fair. I’m blonde and svelte in SL also – and that’s also the opposite of RL so symmetry is good. Tuesday mornings are my bane. I always think of great things I should just […]

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My Head is a Jungle

Headdress: Hidden primrose black – AD Creations Doll House @Couturiers Dock Dress: EXES corset and skirt – [sYs] @The Monochromatic Fair

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Romance for Dummies

Romance for Dummies

”Nothing spoils a romance so much as a sense of humor in the woman.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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Romance for Dummies

L’accessoires April-May Round

Necklace & Earrings: Zibska Avalon by Zib Scaggs – New! Available @ L’accessoires Color change hud included Cat: Azoury Isidore Cat [little avatar to wear in the arms, versions with static eyes and moving eyes available] by Mayhem Seetan – New! Available @ L’accessoires April 15th – May 15th Limo to L’accessoires maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neo/58/222/568 Skin: Glam Affair Brandi Europa 05H […]

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LoTD – Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

Quick LoTD, I have a soap to watch on the TV and dailies to do on Guild Wars, oh and a child free night for BEER DRINKING! WEEEE! Full credits are at the bottom but as you can see I’ve gone for a bit of a casual look today!   I loved these denim worker […]

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LoTD - Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

Fantasy Gacha Carnival returns 1 May!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival returns for another round of maddening gacha action on the first of May, and as always, runs for the entire month.

Here’s a preview of one of the items that will surely drive you to distraction – the Nia Triple Moon Goddess jewelry set from Sax Shepherd Designs.

The set includes a tiara, earrings, bracelets, necklace, a belt, and anklets (not shown in these pictures). The ultra-desirable rare prize is a features a texture change hud which works with all the common items.
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LoTD – Isn’t She Pretty in Pink?

A quick LoTD with full credits at the bottom, and a peak at the Pose Fair! A:S:S just released this FANTASTIC corset with HUD colour and bit changer and ugh I had to get semi dressed and TP right over!  It’s sooooo lovely! It comes in an array of colours but you can fatpack too, […]

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LoTD - Isn't She Pretty in Pink?

Rabbit Day

It happens every spring: bunny girls appear out of nowhere, wandering around with mysterious baskets with eggs. Are they planting or are they harvesting, one might wonder. Which was first, the bun or the egg? Do they plant the eggs in spring to be harvested as baby bunlings later? Are they responsible for bun-population’s growth […]

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No, You Can’t Lick My Boppers!

Hair: Rainbow Cotton – BC322 Face Tattoo: Rainbow Sniffing – Fallen Gods Inc. Rainbow Sniffing is one of the tattoo realized by Alia Baroque, for the Magic Of Oz, First Annual Egg Hunt. Check here the “Collection of Important Noses”, a random important nose every time you complete the hunt. Headband boppers is a loveme […]

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Bunny Time

Here comes Phire Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail blah blah blah.Happy Easter if you celebrate or Happy Sunday if you don’t. I figured since it is Easter I would don these cute new ears and skip about on the beach. I mean sure bunnies live in th…

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Bunny me


Today only at PRETENSE POSES 1L Easter Pose Prop.
Hop a ride.

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An Easter Beach Day Without My Butt

I couldn’t decide what to do this Easter with my pixel self so I slipped into this crazy bikini from The Plastik and headed out into the surf. I saved these crazy knitted swim tubes from Ray Skin for years. I forgot how hilariously awesome they are. When you can’t cam around freely, and you […]

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The Fantasy Collective pins

Every two months we get a new visit from The Fantasy Collective This edition´s theme is Pirates and the doors will open at noon but i already went over and grab most of the pins for you guys in anticipation for a high sea adventure. See you all again soon with more news and events. Filed under: […]

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Lazy Sunday pins

And here it is your weekly edition of Lazy Sunday also a great Easter for those who celebrate, and for those who don´t a good day as any to feast on some chocolate, see you all in a bit with more news and events. Stores in this Edition Addiction Jewelry Creations Kitchen Pure Poison KoKoLoReS […]

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Happy Easter 2014; Pose Fair

Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of chocolate bunnies! My adorable bunny jacket is from The Sugar Garden at The Seasons Story and unlike most jackets you can wear this one with prim boobs. My shoes are Phantasm by L.W…

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