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I’m Ready

I’m ready, (you know I’m ready)
To love you (to love you)
Forever (forever)
Hey love now
Come and love me forever more (...)
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October 2015
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Just A Touch Of Love

Need it now just a little bit, just a little bit
Send fire through my spine just a little bit
Just a little bit (...)
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I seem to be on a witch kick!
Fantasy Cream was extended a week, and will be wrapping up soon. There is a little hunt, with each designer offering up a goodie, as well as exclusive designs set out from each merchant. 
The Pumpkin Latern is a hunt gift from Fantavatar & Moonstruck. The dress is a wonderful exclusive creation from BlueMoon Enterprise, and while it might not be free, it is so unique, I had to show it to you. if you peak inside of the dress, there is a whole scene, there is even a little moon! The Pumpkin Bench in the background is another exclusive, from Lilith's Den. They have a cute little gift in the hunt too, which is not show here, but I got the ad so you can see it.

I figured since I was being all artsy, I would take a pic of my face, so you could see the other freebies a bit better.

The Shedding Hair hunt by Adoness is still going strong, ending on the 31st of the month. 24 hairs in 12 combs to find.
Modish decided to spoil us with a gift. It had been a while, but was well worth the wait.… Read the rest

Monday Morning Pinterest – Volume 12

Sileny has been pinning a bunch of hunt items, as well as other things, to kick off October..The items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!  .Not sure how this Pinterest thing works? Here is a handy little Tutorial for you to view, to help you get started.

Utilizing the Free*Style Monday Morning Pinterest Board

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Web Witch

This is the season to stray from the normal, and dress up in things you normally wouldn't. The Nightmare event can start you well on your way, with their many designers offering up goodies in a fun "experience" hunt.
You must wear a hud, go through various spooky environments, while keeping your eyes out for pumpkins. They aren't that hard to find, but it is easy to miss one, due to the sim lag. The event is very popular right now, so there have been rezzing issues. I had missed one myself somehow, and had to go back and find it, haha. The pumpkins will tell you if you already collected them, so that is a nice feature, if you end up having to do what I did.
Once you have all 25, your hud will brighten up, and you can tp back to the market portion of the event. Booths offering gifts have a special little stand out by the front of their shop. Don't just got click happy and leave though, some booths have gifts that are not a part of the hunt, and are just in the actual booths. So take a tour, look at some of the unique items for sale, and find some extra gifts along the way.… Read the rest

A Sponsor Gift for you!

Shop Free*Style is situated on the Solaria Isle, with our plot being donated to us since 2013. Our sponsors have always meant a lot to us, and we try to help promote them whenever we can.
Digital Aura, who is one of the stores who Sponsor us on Solaria Isle, recently created a new gift for you all to enjoy.
Direct from our Sponsor:

"Hello Free*Stylers,

It's been ages since Digital Aura put out a new gift so to go along with the gift I'll impart a bit of news.  Digital Aura now has a new store location on Solaria Isle!  Yes, that's the Free*Style sim we co-sponsor with CIRCA.  The landmark is included with the gift so be sure to stop by and check it out while trying on your new ring.

The October Gift Ring - Aside from acting as a reminder that I still have a store the ring is a single dark silver band interwoven into two layers.   The ring is original mesh and is fit with a resizer script (click it to resize).  It's copy only permissions and it is free.

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Viendo el sol y el atardecer
Sentados solos frente al mar
Tu besándome y yo besándote
Disfrutamos de un momento especial (...)
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Tootsie Tuesdays – Heydra

.This week on Tootsie Tuesday, I have some heels that will work well for the upcoming holiday season. Today is the last day for Womenstuff hunt, and these babies are the hunt gift from Heydra. There are actually more than a few sets of heels in the hunt, from various labels, so it is worth it to look through the list and jump around, if you don't have the time to complete it. You can find all the stores HERE. .The heels are made to fit Slink High Feet.. Visit Heydra InworldScenery items from [CIRCA]

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Into the Night

***Update - Fantasy Cream has been extended for a week. It no longer ends on Sept. 30th. Enjoy the Extended Shopping!***

Click to Enlarge!
It's month end, and that means there are a whole lot of events coming to a close. A few that you should visit are The Arcade(my hair and bat buddy are from there), the Cosmetics Fair(my meshhead and skin combo, as well as eyes, are from there) and Fantasy Cream(my dress is from there).
After many years of being on the grid, Boom is closing it's doors. They are having a sale until tomorrow, Sept. 30th. Everything is 75% off. Items will still be available on the marketplace, except for gachas of course.
Jian is in this week's 25L Tuesday, with a lovely earrings and necklace combo. The set comes with a colour change hud, so you can mix up your pieces to best suit your outfit.

Shape - Whatever - Ellie Shape - Free @ Cosmetics Fair until Sept. 30th Hair - Lamb - Afternoon in Ombre w/Colourchange Hud - *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ The Arcade until Sept.… Read the rest

Grey scale Creature

I’m a little late on events and posts this month. Some dramatic changes has happened to me this month and my will to blog almost came to a stop and so did Second Life, but with the help of real friends and their advice my blogging will pick back up to what it was. In […]

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Caught Up

This girl was mean
She really turned me out
Her body was so tight
I’m lookin’ for her in the daytime with a flashlight
My homies say this girl is crampin’ my style
And I can’t figure it out (...)
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Autumn Fae

All Hallows Festival is a seasonally themed event. From now until Oct. 31st, you can come browse the discounted wares, while also searching for pumpkins, which hold prizes for you to take home.
. There are 13 lucky pumpkins to find, stuffed with items for Men, Women, Decoration and a few just fun things to play with.
. The hunt it totally free to participate in, and you can find start it HERE.
. Credits
. Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in Night - Not FreeSkin - Angel Fae Boutique - Treet Skin - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntEyes - The Stringer Mausoleum - Taken Eyes in Smashed - Common Gacha Prize @ MainstoreLashes - Mayden Couture - Eyelashes V1 09 - L$1Makeup(Eyeshadow) - Roxiz - Cry Baby in Black - FreeMesh Hands - Death Row Designs - Demon Hands Long - L$60 @ MainstoreShirt - Angel Fae Boutique - Black Lace Top - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntSkirt - Plastik - Misfit Skirt in Lucky - Not FreePiercings - Eluzion - Tina Piercing - L$3Necklace - HollyWeird - Autumn Moon Necklace - The Autumn Effect HuntHat - Angel Fae Boutique - SpiderFae Hat - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntWings - Angel Fae Boutique - Halloween Wings - All Hallows Pumpkin Hunt  .… Read the rest

Don’t anger the Lady of the Lake

My face is so angry, I sort of love it! This is the new mesh head from Genesis Lab, which you can find at the Cosmetics Fair, which is currently going on. This round isn't themed per say, but is full of gachas! For only L$100 you can try out a mesh head, if you haven't gotten one from anywhere yet. There are many designers now making appliers for them too, which work across most of the heads. There is also a skin applier gift to pick up here, so you can have something to play with, for your new head.
I am also wearing this lovely dress from Mistique. They are a part of 25L Tuesday, as well as a few other weekly sales rounds. The nice thing is they now keep their items up until the next week, so you can go there and pick up this dress for the next few days. It comes in This colour as well as a green and a wine. It comes with it's own modesty top, but I am wearing a new one, from Poshtale. It's called Fae, and comes in a bunch of colours that should match almost any clothing article you have.
Not free, but I thought they were cute, so I am showing you anyway, are these stonemen from Sweet Revolutions.… Read the rest

Tootsie Tuesdays – VG Shoes

This week on Tootsie Tuesday, I have some bright and dotty heels. These are from VG Shoes, and I found them while I was on the hunt for something. It was either Twisted Hunt or Womenstuff Hunt(which is ending soon). This means there is another pair of shoes you can nab while you are here. Just look at the signs to see which hunt/item you are looking for.The heels are made to fit Slink High Feet, and are a group gift for SL Free&Offer. The group is free to join.Visit VG Shoes InworldScenery items from [CIRCA]

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A Long Walk

Let’s take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18 (...)
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A Witch with Extra Bite

I figured furries like to dress up for halloween too, so here is the sharky me, all done up as a witch. What's in the bag? Well a witch never tells, but I certainly wasn't going to carry around something fugly for my various witchy paraphernalia.
Hair - Blue Olive - The Pumpkin w/Colourchange Hud - FreeShark Avatar - Aventity - Shock Green Shark - Not FreeShark Skin Mod - Designs by Nift - Fishbone Shark Skin Mod - Not FreeMesh Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not FreeNail Appliers - Hello Dave - Stiletto Point Perfection Nails - SL Free & Offer Group Gift (Free to Join)Arm & Leg Fade Appliers - Orc Inc. - Paste Blends - Not FreeTop - Beautiful Dirty Rich - OMG Shark Swimsuit - FreeSkirt - {Rue} - Artist Miniskirt in Nevermore - Not Free(but there is a free one in another colour)Stockings&Heels - Sn@tch - Jinx Stockings in Red with Pumps - Not FreeHat - Remarkable Oblivion - The Illusionist Hat in Cygnus - *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ The ArcadeNecklace - Glitzz - Marrie Necklace - The Autumn Effect HuntRing - Maxi Gossamer - Ketama Ring w/Colourchange Features - Group Gift (Free to Join)Hangbag - David Heather - Frange Bag in Blood - FreeBroom - Birdy - Hocus Pocus Broom in Cherry Wood - *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ The Arcade
Location - Ironwood Hills

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Monday Morning Pinterest – Volume 11

Sileny has been pinning a bunch of hunt items, as well as other things, and I went on a SL Marketplace spree!The items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping! Not sure how this Pinterest thing works? Here is a handy little Tutorial for you to view, to help you get started.

Utilizing the Free*Style Monday Morning Pinterest Board


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Free*Style Presents . . . Supa8

To celebrate 8 years in Second Life, Free*Style will be hosting an event this coming November. 
On November 8th, you are invited to join us, the team here at Free*Style , as well as many of the Designers we have supported over the years, new and old, in a collaborative effort, all under one roof.
We are keeping things hush hush for now, but will be teasing you along the way, so keep watch here, for more information.
Thank You for your many years of support!
Helena Stringer - Co-Owner of Free*StyleSileny Noel - Co-Owner of Free*Styleand the Free*Style Blogger Team

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Morning Steam

This is one of the very rare occasions you will see me with my RL hair colour. It always freaks me out, to be honest, since I only go blonde maybe 2 times a year in second life.
Enough about me!
Jackpot Gacha is a new gacha event, with a bit of a twist. You have a chance, every play, to get a second item, totally free, sometimes even a third. Also, everyone who plays, gets a chance to win the "Jackpot" which gives you 50 free plays. Also, all the gachas are only L$30 a play, so it is friendly for your folks who are on a budget.
I am wearing the Rare Skirt and Ultra Rare Corset from Mistique.There are 5 colourations in total for each piece, with a corset and 2 skirt options in the gacha. 
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in Creamed - Not FreeSkin - Lara Hurley - Ale Skin in Mid Tone - Group Gift (Free to Join)Eyes - Bird Next Door - Colourful Eyes in Light Blue - L$20Makeup(Lips) - Deluxe Body Factory - Kylie lipstick #1 - Womenstuff Hunt Corset - Mistique - Blue Corset - *NEW* ULTRA RARE Gacha Item @ Jackpot GachaSkirt - Mistique - Black Skirt - *NEW* RARE Gacha Item @ Jackpot GachaGloves - Psycho Byts - Steampunk Gauntlets w/Colourchange Hud - *NEW* @ Mesh AvenueEyeglass - Velvet Whip - Fairy Catcher Eyeglasses V1/C03 - Common Gacha Item @ MainstoreEarrings - Coconut Revolution - Enchant Earrings in Blue Topaz - L$1Necklace - Coconut Revolution - Enchant Necklace in Blue Topaz - L$1Horns - Nomiki's Creations - Rippled Horns with Chains in Muted Blue - Adam and (Read more...)

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Humpday Hunting – Womenstuff Hunt

The Womenstuff Hunt is HUGE! and is almost half over. If you want to go to all 150 stores by the end of the month, you will need to do 10 stores a day from now until Sept. 30th.
I decided to showcase the first 10 stops, so you can see for yourself if it is worth it.

Long Shot - Skin - Deluxe Body Factory Top Right - Crown - Zuri JewelryBottom Right - Jewelry Set - Chop Zuey

from Left to Right
Gaall, House of RFyre, Wicked, Vaxer 
Left - Dress - Vengeful ThreadsMiddle - Nail Applier - Vengeful Threads Right - Outfit - Sweet Temptaion

from Left to Right
Heydra, Vaxer, Sweet Temptaion, Gaall
You will be looking for a red shirt object, that says Womenstuff on the front. Items are often renamed in this hunt, and are Free or L$1.
To start you on your epic quest, please visit the Official Hunt Site HERE.
All poses by Kirin

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