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Pause for thought

It’s been a bit quiet around Insights blog of late (just product updates and our little Journey of a Doodle!) as I have been hiding under a mountain of work and a million new ideas.  Working on a new venture,  learning new skills and returning to an old one.  It’s good to step back sometimes and return refreshed. At the moment I am typing this outside on the terrace (one of the perks of working from home) Some days when I am tired of looking at a computer screen  I stroll up here with camera in one hand and sketch book in the other and just sit!  It’s my space to think and breathe. It’s refreshing being outside and sometimes inspiration can fall into your lap…literally! (like the little leaf that drifted down onto my jumper. I know my neighbourhood inside out, the little alleys between the houses and the quiet back roads that lead to the woods and even though I can walk the same paths everyday there is still  interesting textures and hidden treasures of inspiration to find.… Read the rest



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A walkthrough:From inspriration to a finished product.

Happy Easter! I was asked a couple of questions the other day, one was where do you get your inspiration from (I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming article – very exciting news) and in answering that I thought it might be kinda interesting to show you my work flow process from initial inspiration to final product, in this case my final product is going to be a photo  to show different ways of using our textures but it could have easily been either a  decorative egg cup planter  for Easter or a full permission sculpted egg pack with textures. My inspiration came from Martha Stewards egg flower vases spotted over at STYLIZMO.  It’s absolutely beautiful idea, I love the slightly coloured egg shells and the spring flower bouquets. Working along the same idea of egg shell vases I wanted to create a similar design but with insight designs unique style and textures so its time to start creating an egg cup and egg in a 3d program to export to secondlife.… Read the rest