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Beauty Hurts

"There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection" - James Salter

Eyes: Clemm - Cosmetics Doll Eyes [Blue & Green][@ Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto][33L]
Skin: Lumae - Jewel - 6 - Cinnamon 
Piercings: HoD - Engima Mesh Piercing [@ Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto][45L] 
Razor Blades: Zombie Suicide - Razor Face [Free][@ Firestorm Hunt][Sim 2][Till Nov 30]

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November 2015
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From the Shadows

Sometimes there lies something beautiful, hidden in those dark places. They try to break free, and venture into the light, sometimes not going far, but still lured by the world outside.

This post features
Shape - Avi-Glam - *NEW* L$188 @ Free*Style Supa8 EventHair - Iconic - *NEW* @ HairologySkin - Adore & Abhor - *NEW* L$48 @ Free*Style Supa8 EventEyes - Banana Banshee - *NEW* L$48 @ Free*Style Supa8 EventLashes - BC Designs - L$1 SL Marketplace DealHands - Slink - Not FreeNail Appliers - La Boheme - The Dirty Turkey HuntDress & Scarf - M&M - Free Dove Free ItemEarrings - Plastik - L$50 Fifty Linden Friday Item (Still Out)Necklace & Bracelets - PoshTale - Not FreeRing - Plastik - *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby

This post features an item from the wonderful collection of fantasy designers who are a part of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier group. https://medievalsl.wordpress.com/

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Back at it

Hey Everyone! I am back at it again!
I have been recovering from a RL accident, but recently came back in time to help launch the Anniversary event for Free*Style.
I have missed you all, and am sorry for the sluggish pace the blog has been in. We will amp it back up again shall we?
Supa8 is open, with all sorts of interesting things in store for you all. I have a love of tentacles, so was happy to see all the octopus products in the event space. These stockings from AlaskaMetro are what I based the whole outfit off of today.

 They come in 12 different colours, each pack comes with 3 to choose from. TMP, Slink and Omega appliers are all included as well. One pack is even free for everyone to enjoy!
You can also try your luck with a few of the gacha machines, while you are at Supa8. Luxuria has a super fun one, and the rare prize is this cute tattoo, which looks like a classic styled tattoo, but is actually pixilated like the old school video games. Tattoo includes classic layers, and an all in one Slink/Maitreya/Omega Applier.… Read the rest

Art in Hats 2015 ~Cherie~

I am so proud to be blogging a hat for the Art in Hats 2015 Event. What is Art in Hats you ask? Read more here.. About Art in Hats! Art in Hats is raising funds with Team Diabetes this November 4th. They are an authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. Read more here.. […]Read Post ›

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Spooky Paris METRO Couture + Hunt at Firestorm Sims!

Bonjour à tous, What’s New for the Ghoul… On the scariest night of all Deeply bloodied designs of a suit and gown For your Halloween Ball Web-o-lishous a special gown woven in a spiders pearls is very up-town… 450 L each. In the pumpkin patch of Paris A little witch has blossomed Who is the […]

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Spookzilla Hunt is on!

✖25 hidden items / 25L each
✖Yep there ARE decoys!
✖Items you purchase ARE HUDS, wear to open!
✖For the duration of this event, using credit in the store is disabled!
✖Hunt items are NOT numbered! ✖We DO NOT provide hints OR help!!!
✖We DO NOT provide tissues, bring your own!
✖Yes … this is meant to be hard, I saaaaid … come IF you dare … Prizes include skins, decor and apparel.
For skins: Body Appliers NOT included.
For skins: Mouth Applier HUD IS included. This is meant to be a fun event, all can enjoy in the spirit of Halloween! Reminder, I am a zero tolerance person, IF I have a problem with whatever you are doing, your outta here! So please, be sweet to each other & have a good time as I intended for you to! If you wish to be in full spirit, at least for the first 2 minutes on sim … allow the region environment to change your setting! OOOO creeeepy!!!! Welp, thas all I got … Good Luck! Your gonna need it! Toxxic Rhiannyr

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Spookzilla Hunt – Teasers Pt II

Time is ticking! We open Spookzilla tonight, hopefully at midnight, I am running behind on some things here … damn sleep!!! Any-boos, I whipped up some fun decor signage for your home or business, I know some of these have a place on my store walls! Original mesh, wow look at that … I produced something … “original”, good gosh golly gee willikers, batman. Signs are modify / copy and will be hidden strategically throughout AlterEgo, the home of lost souls … thinks *i can still hear faint crying from women who attended my last hunt* :P Good Luck! AlterEgo Mainstore Click to view slideshow.  
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Spookzilla Hunt Teasers – Pt I

Spookzilla Hunt Teasers Part I
– Mila Skin Collection
– 3 tones / Honey, Caramel, Havana
– 4 cosmetic styles / Studded Kiss, Lady Danger, Melancholy, Pumpkin Spice
– skin layers + mouth applier hud
Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Sweetlips, Kissers Hunt Information These will be hidden very well come Friday! We wish you luck!
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Spookzilla Hunt!

I am feeling a wee bit trolly, so let’s play a little game, where the tricks are on you … IF you find the treats! Spookzilla Hunt 2015 will begin Oct 30th-31st, midnight to midnight. You will look high & low, you will bitch & complain, you will stomp your feet & I bet you will QQ! … but we will not issue tissues, bring your own! 25 items will be hidden in the store, 25L each, prizes vary in Exclusive skins, decor & apparel. We do not give hints, We do not help you, there is NO babying in my house. This is YOU vs AlterEgo … who will survive? See you there, IF you dare ….buahahahahahaaa ha haaaaaaaaa!
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AAAAAAAAAH!!!! Sunlight!!!!

"But it's the sun, I'm not suppose to be in the sun!" 
"Well, I'm a fairy, I want to be in the sun."
"You can shove it, I'm leaving to find some shadows to haunt."
My little ghosty was not impressed. I'm not here to impress tho, never have been, so I let him go about his way. If you want an angry little ghost of your own, Plastik has given one out as a group gift right now. You can get a more happy one at The Liaison Collaborative's current round, if you feel the need for a matching set. They are actually holdables, set to your right arm, it just didn't work with my pose, so I set him out as a follower pet by re-positioning him.
If you like them, there is matching jewerly for sale, also at The Liaison Collaborative, aptly names Booh, which I am also wearing.
[EvelineintheBox] has this dress out right now, in 3 variations. The one I am wearing was a one day sale version, which I sadly did not get up in time, but the good news for you, is the 3 versions currently out are at even more of a discount than this one is!… Read the rest

Vampire Illusionati

Twisted Hunt will be wrapping up fairly soon, it ends on the 19th of October. The great thing about this hunt is there are many male items in the hunt. Once upon a time, it was mandatory for all stores to have a female and male item or a unisex item. It isn't like that anymore, but it seems that there is still many of the original designers still doing the hunt, so old habits die hard eh?
The Dandelion Daydreams Factory Sim is cooking up a spooky storyline hunt, which I snuck into part of the build to take these snaps. Keep a watch out on the Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier Site for more information. If you want to just take snaps somewhere spooky like me, when you tp onto the sim, behind Lilith's Den is two houses that can work great for scenic shots.

While you are rocking out your free finds, hop on over to the Allhallows Showcase Festival, they have a little hunt going on until the end of the month, and participating designers have seasonal items with reduced prices. This top hat is from Chimeric Fashions, who is at the event, and has a wonderful mask in the hunt.… Read the rest

Twisted Hunt – Fall 2015

I had a late start to the blogging this year, as I had many of my own events to deal with for this holiday season. From now until Oct. 19th, you will be seeing as many of the Twisted hunt prizes, mini hunt prizes, gachas and whatever else designers have up for grabs in their store, here on Free*Style.
I'll never be able to get it all up, so if you want to see some more in depth coverage of the hunt, feel free to check out the SL Freebie Hunters blog. It use to be the place to go for hunts, but do to RL time constraints, the team does not cover as much as they use to. They do however do Twisted Hunt 2 times a year, so thanks goes to the team for that.
You can also check out the Official Twisted Hunt Flickr, for some of the vendor ads and other blogger pics.
Twisted Hunt is the hardest hunt on the grid, and my most favorite. I have been with it since the first, and have always enjoyed myself. There is a large and wonderful community, that tends to be as twisted as the cubes and the designers, which makes it all feel that much more worth the time spent.… Read the rest


I seem to be on a witch kick!
Fantasy Cream was extended a week, and will be wrapping up soon. There is a little hunt, with each designer offering up a goodie, as well as exclusive designs set out from each merchant. 
The Pumpkin Latern is a hunt gift from Fantavatar & Moonstruck. The dress is a wonderful exclusive creation from BlueMoon Enterprise, and while it might not be free, it is so unique, I had to show it to you. if you peak inside of the dress, there is a whole scene, there is even a little moon! The Pumpkin Bench in the background is another exclusive, from Lilith's Den. They have a cute little gift in the hunt too, which is not show here, but I got the ad so you can see it.

I figured since I was being all artsy, I would take a pic of my face, so you could see the other freebies a bit better.

The Shedding Hair hunt by Adoness is still going strong, ending on the 31st of the month. 24 hairs in 12 combs to find.
Modish decided to spoil us with a gift. It had been a while, but was well worth the wait.… Read the rest

Web Witch

This is the season to stray from the normal, and dress up in things you normally wouldn't. The Nightmare event can start you well on your way, with their many designers offering up goodies in a fun "experience" hunt.
You must wear a hud, go through various spooky environments, while keeping your eyes out for pumpkins. They aren't that hard to find, but it is easy to miss one, due to the sim lag. The event is very popular right now, so there have been rezzing issues. I had missed one myself somehow, and had to go back and find it, haha. The pumpkins will tell you if you already collected them, so that is a nice feature, if you end up having to do what I did.
Once you have all 25, your hud will brighten up, and you can tp back to the market portion of the event. Booths offering gifts have a special little stand out by the front of their shop. Don't just got click happy and leave though, some booths have gifts that are not a part of the hunt, and are just in the actual booths. So take a tour, look at some of the unique items for sale, and find some extra gifts along the way.… Read the rest

A Sponsor Gift for you!

Shop Free*Style is situated on the Solaria Isle, with our plot being donated to us since 2013. Our sponsors have always meant a lot to us, and we try to help promote them whenever we can.
Digital Aura, who is one of the stores who Sponsor us on Solaria Isle, recently created a new gift for you all to enjoy.
Direct from our Sponsor:

"Hello Free*Stylers,

It's been ages since Digital Aura put out a new gift so to go along with the gift I'll impart a bit of news.  Digital Aura now has a new store location on Solaria Isle!  Yes, that's the Free*Style sim we co-sponsor with CIRCA.  The landmark is included with the gift so be sure to stop by and check it out while trying on your new ring.

The October Gift Ring - Aside from acting as a reminder that I still have a store the ring is a single dark silver band interwoven into two layers.   The ring is original mesh and is fit with a resizer script (click it to resize).  It's copy only permissions and it is free.

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The Photographer’s Hunt

Looking for a great little hunt that delivers things that almost everyone can use for their picture taking? The Photographers Hunt is on from the 1st through the 31st of October, and 25 stores are giving you some of their best for only 5L a piece. For a look at all the items, click to view the official website. The offering from the Studio is Crate, which includes the crate prop (2LI) and 7 singles poses for men, and 7 for women. The prop includes all the poses in a linked box, so if you’d like to use these poses elsewhere, you can sit on crate and click Pose Tips for directions for how to use the poses on the furniture of your choice.  

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Waterside Stroll

Adoness is having a nifty little hunt at their shop right now. There are 12 combs hidden, each with a single hairstyle in 2 colourations. The hairstyles are unisex as well, so bring your man with you, and get your hunt on!.The hunt runs until October 31st. If you would like to see what the hairs and what different textures are up for grabs, feel free to visit the Official Site, there is a big preview there. .All Hallows Festival is a seasonally themed event. From now until Oct. 31st, you can come browse the discounted wares, while also searching for pumpkins, which hold prizes for you to take home.
. There are 13 lucky pumpkins to find, stuffed with items for Men, Women, Decoration and a few just fun things to play with.
. The hunt it totally free to participate in, and you can find start it HERE.
.  Credits
.  Shape - Soul - Dominic Shape Medium - Not FreeHair - Adoness - Asgardis in Steel - The Hair Shedding HuntHairbase - Adoness - Tattoo Hairbase Tintable - The Hair Shedding HuntSkin - 7 Deadly S{k}ins - Lars V11 in Caramel Tone - Common Gacha Prize @ Cosmetics FairEyes - The Skinnery - Flirtacious Eyes in 14 - Common Gacha Prize @ Cosmetics FairMesh Ears - Aitui - Human Ears w/Traveller Plugs Eagle's Talon - Common Gacha Prize @ MainstoreTattoo - G.ID - Havoc Tattoo in Faded - The Autumn Effect HuntPants & Cape - BamPu Legacies - Vesper Set in Black - All Hallows Festival HuntBracers - Gypsy Wolf - Barbarian Bracers in Black - Not FreeGloves - Ascen (Read more...)

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Autumn Fae

All Hallows Festival is a seasonally themed event. From now until Oct. 31st, you can come browse the discounted wares, while also searching for pumpkins, which hold prizes for you to take home.
. There are 13 lucky pumpkins to find, stuffed with items for Men, Women, Decoration and a few just fun things to play with.
. The hunt it totally free to participate in, and you can find start it HERE.
. Credits
. Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in Night - Not FreeSkin - Angel Fae Boutique - Treet Skin - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntEyes - The Stringer Mausoleum - Taken Eyes in Smashed - Common Gacha Prize @ MainstoreLashes - Mayden Couture - Eyelashes V1 09 - L$1Makeup(Eyeshadow) - Roxiz - Cry Baby in Black - FreeMesh Hands - Death Row Designs - Demon Hands Long - L$60 @ MainstoreShirt - Angel Fae Boutique - Black Lace Top - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntSkirt - Plastik - Misfit Skirt in Lucky - Not FreePiercings - Eluzion - Tina Piercing - L$3Necklace - HollyWeird - Autumn Moon Necklace - The Autumn Effect HuntHat - Angel Fae Boutique - SpiderFae Hat - All Hallows Pumpkin HuntWings - Angel Fae Boutique - Halloween Wings - All Hallows Pumpkin Hunt  .… Read the rest

Don’t anger the Lady of the Lake

My face is so angry, I sort of love it! This is the new mesh head from Genesis Lab, which you can find at the Cosmetics Fair, which is currently going on. This round isn't themed per say, but is full of gachas! For only L$100 you can try out a mesh head, if you haven't gotten one from anywhere yet. There are many designers now making appliers for them too, which work across most of the heads. There is also a skin applier gift to pick up here, so you can have something to play with, for your new head.
I am also wearing this lovely dress from Mistique. They are a part of 25L Tuesday, as well as a few other weekly sales rounds. The nice thing is they now keep their items up until the next week, so you can go there and pick up this dress for the next few days. It comes in This colour as well as a green and a wine. It comes with it's own modesty top, but I am wearing a new one, from Poshtale. It's called Fae, and comes in a bunch of colours that should match almost any clothing article you have.
Not free, but I thought they were cute, so I am showing you anyway, are these stonemen from Sweet Revolutions.… Read the rest

Everywhere…I will be with You

FEATURING: MY ATTIC @ THE DECK ( Sept. 21st - 31st)Here are just a few of the many great items you can find there!

Skirt: K-CODE ANGELIQUE 1(actually 6 colors to choose from)

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * STEPHANIE 2*(5 colors offered and includes a booby version)

Shoes: Elysium - Greta loafer - toasted almond(15 colors available) for Maitreya or Slink Flat Feet

Socks: {Luxuria} T&C Thigh High Socks - Applier *neutral* (Black)

(sold with appliers and standard stocking layer) - 12 colors to pick in ribbed or knit texture!
Pose: {NANTRA} Illegally Blonde 3- includes books
total of six individual poses to choose -some have books, purse or dog props

-------------------------  MORE!!------------------------

Skin: Zoul Creations - Lily sk3 - 01 RARE - @ Cosmetic Fair - Sept. 15th- 30th

Top: +Facepalm+ "Nell"  Twisted 1 Gacha (6 common textures;Fatpack-Rare)Click here for "Twisted Hunt" Details! 

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.4

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