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URGH! (50Ld Group Gift & “Keep calm and give me candy” Hunt).

Achoo…drat my BBF has given me her cold! So I’m sat here with my nose running and sneezing so hard I’m having “whoopsie” moments and I guess I must have sneezed just as I clicked to take this picture as I’m blinking! This sexy Pirate outfit comes from Purplemoon Creations and for a 50Ld joining fee you get the hat the..achoo..dress…achoo…gloves…whoopsie…and a sword.  As an added incentive, once you’ve joined you can then also join in the “Keep calm and give me candy hunt”.  This is another hunt which time and effort have been spent in the design of it and fortunately, the hidden ..achoo…Mermaids aren’t hidden particularly well and you don’t have any …achoo…puzzles to work out. I’ve had to take some Night Nurse just to try to dry up my streaming hooter! Anyhow check out a close-up so you can see my skin as well and all in my Nams setting so you can see it how I see it.… Read the restxxxpirateuse




October 2016
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The Freebies are the icing on the cake!(Free Hunt).

OMG if it wasn’t for one of our regular readers,Shi, contacting me I would have completely missed this excellent hunt called “The Nightmare Event” which would have been such a shame as  I had such a blast.  It was so much fun I actually stayed up well past my bedtime, what a rebel! OK I have to confess she sent me a cheat sheet but then again she must have read about how useless I am at hunts and without this cheat sheet I would actually not even manage to get to the first room LOL.  However, I did try my best not to cheat too much and it was only when I couldn’t get through one door and when I was killed 3 times in a row that I finally decided enough is enough and I peeked for the answers.  Don’t worry though if you get killed because you only get “bumped” back a little bit and not right back at the start. You go from scene to scene everything from a street full of ghosts to a giant sized child’s bedroom. You creep and crawl and wade through tunnels walk through rooms all in the hunt for teeth and keys, 25 teeth and I think it’s 5 keys but not sure but don’t worry as the Hud you must use shows you not only how many teeth/keys you need but how many you have managed to find.  … Read the restxxxhunt1

Stoopid lives here, Hunt items.

So here I am in RL all dressed up in my gym kit raring to go and then I decide to check the time of my dance class and I’ve missed it!  My only excuse is this is my first time at this class sooooo, but I’m making up for it and I’ve booked in for Zumba on Thur….I’m such a glutton for punishment. So now I’m back in my slob clothes, coffee mug by my side and a couple of cats and looking forward to finishing this “Upcyclers Hunt” post as I not only got some super gifties but found a couple of shops which were pretty interesting to me. First prize is these cabinets, 2 shades and if I remember correctly only a single prim and shop quality. Excuse me standing in front of the porch swing, I seemed to have taken just this one picture but then again you get to see the FA Creation dress again plus the cup of coffee in my hand comes from the tray which is another great hunt item. I’ve got to fact check this post, but I think this prize was 10Lds!… Read the restxxxupcycleuse

A Bloody Good Time

  Hi all!  If you haven't done the Nightmare event hunt do it now!  It's pretty easy and there are a ton of prizes.  Basically just go to the sim and enter the portal, grab a hud and flashlight, and go around finding the keys and teeth.  Once you get 25 teeth you can go back to the start and click on the prizes vendors at various stations to get gifts.  Fun!  Here are just a few of the items I got below.  Enjoy!
Nightmare Hunt Items Available HERE:
Eyes: Nani
Blood Tears: Nox
Nosebleed: The Horror
Spiked Collar: Schadenfreude
Other Items:
Skin: Adore&Abhor, 50L
Hair: Imeka, past Arcade item

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Hunting for Halloween

I found a real keeper when I tried my luck at the Tihuta Halloween Hunt! I had a note from the owner of ORQUIDEA letting me know she had this item as her gift – saw the photo and zoomed right over to snaffle it up. Lovely thick fabric for the season and a darling kitty on the front – whats not to like?! This comes in standard mesh sizes – I found that the small size fitted my Slink Physique mesh body perfectly. If you haven’t been to ORQUIDEA for a while, take a mooch around, I noticed some great deals dotted about (with a red deal sticker on) and upstairs there is a discount room. My new hair is from Monso and is called Wendy – saw it – bought it – wore it ! This is out at the latest round of Fameshed, love it. ORQUIDEA Fameshed
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Oh back away hunt biatch!

Ohmai I can’t quite believe Zan thought by posting that absolutely horrendous photo of her wearing many/but nothing really was gonna grab her rights to blog that hunt!! You snooze you loose babygirl lol I’m not gonna cover it but as Karin are in it I thought Id share her gift. Karin is a quirky little store and I really do love to visit from time to time. This Fall mesh dress is the gift, standard and mesh body fits. I slapped a pair of woolly tights on underneath but you could also wear it as a top with jeans etc. You’re looking to find a black cat thats hidden inside the store – its sooper easy to locate. Ohhhhh and you have to go grab the Futuristic moon boots from DUH! Not one of my bestest boot photos granted but ive been pooooorly *whinewhine*. You get a fatpack of eight groovetastic colours for just $40L!! Oh and don’t forget to update your LM as the store recently moved. Karin Duh!
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More to come, Fun Hunt.

Faith and I both love this regular Hunt and although the shopping sim looks as though it’s had a bit of a change you’re still looking for a cat called, actually not sure if he has a name other than “Ninja cat”. In this picture I’m not wearing any of the hunt items basically because I couldn’t find any but I’ve only just gotten a few streets into the shopping sim and I couldn’t help myself and I scored a few fun Gacha items, the cat costume and a bath in the shape of a whale, the glow is from wearable glow sticks I won from one of the many lucky Boards in the shops here and you get a dance move in with them. But don’t walk past any shop without the hunt sign outside because not only is there oodles of Lucky Boards but lots of very interesting and kawaii fun things. So all in all a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Kiyomizu Autumn Hunt  

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Gorjus Free

    Just before I turn in for the night – I found this sweet little dress in the Tie the knot hunt. It’s by Indyra and because I’m a bit sleepy I wont list ALL the mesh body and sizes, but suffice to say – I think they got it covered! Totally gorgeous and so feminine, added bonus is the rather charming necklace that came along with it. I couldn’t find a hint for this, so I wandered around the store a little and found it quite easily. Made a mental note to return later as there seem to have been a whole load of new releases since I last looked! All gifts are free – oh and btw, the backdrop I’ve used is actually part of another hunt gift by Pixelart poses – all info on the web blog listed below. Tie The Knot Hunt Blog Indyra PixelArt poses     
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^^ Mesh head with skin applier--Genesis Kenna (group gift in store, join fee)
Mesh eyes--Genesis Kituna (from Kiara gacha, 100L per play)
Lipstick--Genesis Wet Lips (from Liu gacha, 100L per play)
Hair--Little Bones Scope (group gift in store, join fee)
Hairbase--Kokolores Shaved Hairbase for GenesisLab
Necklace--Sn@tch Wanderer (fishing prize caught with 100L rod and no bait)
Jacket with tank top--Ricielli Blanche (15L store hunt item)
Skirt--Sn@tch Jolie Skater Skirt (fishing prize caught with 100L rod and no bait)
Mesh body--Maitreya Lara
Body applier--Genesis (free in store)
Pose--Artis M Stand 2 (pose pack, Womenstuff Hunt)

Posted by Abra Zelin

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Humpday Hunting – Hunt Apocalypse!!!

So I was hunting today, doing one specific hunt, and most stores had multiple hunt items to be found, for the various ones they were participating in. Due to special hunt scripts and just general designer fandangling, I don't know what items belong to what hunts for the most part. I am going to just credit stores, and then put a list of the hunts I know for sure.
.Left to RightKlutsy Kinkyz, Lindy, Klutsy Kinkyz, Lindy, Wicked..Left to RightPrism, Klutsy Kinkyz, Wicked, Tantalum Jewelry, Prism. List of Hunts:
Red is the new Black Hunt - Ends August 15th The Hard Catch Hunt - Ends July 31stThe Beached Bunny Hunt 6 - Ends July 31stAround the Grid 4 - Ends Sept. 30thPool Party Hunt - Ends Aug. 31st - Not officially started yet, some items outWomenStuff Hunt - Ends August 31st - Not officially started yet, some items outThe Master List - July Edition
Swimwear, Skin and Lingerie below cut. Content might not be suitable for work. Please keep that in mind when clicking.… Read the rest

Before Stasis

Multiverse is still going strong, and it was just announce, due to popular demand, the event if going to stay open 5 extra days! So you now have until the 20th of March to transform yourself into a star-crossed voyager.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Bramble in Unicorn - Currently @ HairologyHairbase Applier - KoKoLoReS - Shaved Hairbase Hud for Genesis Lab - *NEW* @ Skin Fair 2016Mesh Head - Genesis Lab - Melissa 2.0 HeadMesh Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5Mesh Body  - Slink - Physique BodySkin Applier - Plastik - Ellistrae Skin in Zesstra - *NEW* @ Skin Fair 2016Mesh Eyes - Genesis Lab - Comes with the Head/Appliers includedMesh Lashes - Genesis Lab - Comes with the Head/Appliers includedMakeup 1(Eyeshadow) - Genesis Lab - Comes with the Head/Appliers IncludedMakeup 2(Lipstick) - Genesis Lab -  Angie: 11 HUD/Queen Lipstick - Common Gacha Item @ MainstoreRight Hand - Slink - Casual PoseLeft Arm - Swagga - Mech Arm (for Maitreya but still works with Slink) - *NEW* @ MultiverseNail Appliers - Dark Passion - Koffin Nails - Future Tech Nails - *NEW* @ MultiverseBodysuit - Black Haus - Ann Catsuit in White - L$55 @ Fi*FridaysSeptum Ring - Codex - Septum Ring Black - The Designer Circle 5th Anniversary GiftNecklace - JKTrends - The Line Necklace - WOMENstuff HuntBracelets - Moondance Boutique - Ceres Bracelets w/Texture Change Hud - Group Gift (Free to Join)Hover Jellyfish - BluPrintz - Jellyfish Companion - Common Gacha Item @ Multiverse
Pose Prop by Coming (Read more...)

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Tootsie Tuesdays – Chic&Shoes

This week on Tootsie Tuesday, we have to do a little searching, WOMENstuff Hunt is on again! For the whole month of march there is a crazy long list of women's designers offering up various items, and all you have to do is hunt down that red shirt! Chic&Shoes has these great heels for their gift. They are hud driven, so you have a variety of colours to play around with.These are for Slink, Maitreya, TMP and N-Core.  Visit Chic&Shoes InworldScenery items from [CIRCA]

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Dammit Janet! (Freebie).

Damn! So as soon as I get sent a New Mina hair it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I stop and unpack it and check it out and in my bloody Noobie excitement I’ve managed to retexture a bloody wall on one of my fav pose rooms which is not only non copy but now unavailable in SL or even the MP anymore! This is what I did in RL as well as SL, threw my hands up in the air and pulled a face.  Yes I could take a picture and try to retex the wall behind me or find a suitable shabby tex in my invent but I don’t have no time for that tomfoolery! LOL. And all I wanted to do was show you this Womanstuff Hunt Gift from CuCu Clothes and there is a couple of other hunt items set out but they didn’t come with hints and I didn’t have enough time to hunt them down but because this item did have a hint I zoomed in on it straight away. A Classic SL design but the texturing is quality and I loved the wrinkles in the shirt, it added a realistic touch.  OK I’ll admit it I TPed snatched it TPed home rezzed my office, unpacked my new mina hair, screwed up my office and took some snaps and so I can’t really tell you much about the CuCu clothes shop that I grabbed this gift from but as I said there are more hunt items set out so if you have the time it’s a good way to pick up a treat and also see some new clothes you may want to buy.… Read the restXXXOfficecinfilmstockvela

Easter Hunt

There is a Spring Fair and Easter egg hunt happening right now at Ostermarkt, tons of things to buy and heaps to hunt. I think I’m correct in saying that there are one hundred and three eggs to find *faints* – I got to about 40 and needed a nap. Anyway this outfit caught my eye, it’s from milky way, only one size in the box , which is medium and its all one piece. Dead cute for Easter and a great fit over my Slink mesh body. My lipstick is also a gift I found from M&M, especially for the Catwa mesh head – lovely gentle tone. I also liked this lovely little pink frock from Vee’s, all sizes included plus a fitting for a couple of mesh bodies yay! My natty spring bag is from GLH  nice hold animation included. There were lots of guys hunting as plenty of blokey gear is in the hunt, plus home & garden. Collect your egg collection basket on the way in, and just touch the eggs you see around. The total on your basket will show how many eggs you’ve found , it also tells you if you’ve found the egg before (handy!) Spring Fair & egg hunt
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Humpday Hunting – The Ghost Town

Mad Peas, in conjunction with Firestorm, have brought this unique game to the grid. you can find out how to play at the Official Instructions HERE. My only added tip would be that if you accept the "Experience" and you do not visually see a hud on your screen, since the hud does not arrive to you as an object, you will have to relog and try to grab the hud again. This is what I had to do, and didn't figure it out at first, haha.
The Basis is this, you go to the Ghost Town, grab your hud, read the story, then go start finding the ghosts. Follow the instructions on how to further your gameplay from the instructions link above. Once you find all the ghosts and have completed the storyline, you will be rewarded with generous gifts from a number of designers. You can see some of the gifts HERE.
Now I saw no end date, but these things normally don't last very long. I would thing you have until the end of the month, at the very least. A friend and I managed to do this in an afternoon, and that was with interruptions.  
Visit the Ghost Town
Outfit after the break.… Read the rest

JoJ and MENstuff Hunts – Part 3

February is a wonderful month for the guys. There is not only one, but two hunts with many items for the men of the grid to enjoy..
Jack or Jill hunt is a hunt with split paths, one path with a series of designers dedicating items to the women, and one path with the same, but for the men..
MENstuff Hunt is a Guy only hunt, tho many ladies do do it as well, to nab accessories and hairs.Both are on until the end of the month..
Credits Hair - Mina Hair - Shiny Shabby 1 Year Anniversary GiftSkin - Body Deluxe Factory - MENstuff HuntEyes - Amacci - Shiny Shabby 1 Year Anniversary GiftTattoo - Taox Tattoo - MENstuff HuntTank - Razor - MENstuff HuntGoggles - Bauhaus Movement - Shiny Shabby 1 Year Anniversary GiftNecklace - RealEvil Industries - Shiny Shabby 1 Year Anniversary GiftLip Ring - JaqueMate - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Pose by Bang!
*Note - I wasn't wearing any JoJ Hunt items, didn't notice until after, but you all really should still do the hunt.*
Start the Jack or Jill Hunt HEREStart the MENstuff Hunt HERE

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Damn I’m useless! (Freebie Hunt).

I’m so glad this hunt isn’t in the PurpleMood Creations shop as I have quite a few outfits from here where I actually PAID money for them LOL and since I don’t want to be tempted into spending too much it was a relief that I wasn’t going to have to cam and scan around the shop for the hidden glasses of water with cherries on top which is why this little hunt is called “Cherries on Top Hunt”. The 10 glasses are hidden in and around a very pretty and Valentines themed mini “yardsale” but when I say yardsale I don’t mean unwanted Arcade wins all new stuff from a variety of shops but new stuff from a variety of SL designers. I love any top that can show a bit of skin but in a tasteful way and this top does but for those who blush easily there is also a non sheer version or a rather handy system layer beige Bandeau top which is lovely and handy to have on its own. Again a simple and sweet mesh top. My last find was this stylised jacket.… Read the restXXXpurpleuse

Furniture Fridays – Featuring: unKindness

There are a few things you can go to right now, to find some things to spice up your home. One is Whimsical, which has an assortment of gachas with decor items. Unkindness is there, and they have a gacha called Whimys Trinkets. I liked the feel of the set, so I thought I would share it with you for today's furniture post.
Backdrop - Papermoon - Tapestry: Modern Spring in Multi Chevron - 3LI - *NEW* @ MainstoreTable - unKindness - End Table - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalCeiling Dangle - unKindness - Key to Peace - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalWall Art Frame - unKindness - Time Frame - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalHeart Boxes - unKindness - Heart Boxes - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalNapkins - Irrie's Dollhouse - Linen Stack - 2LI - RFL H&G Expo Charity GachaCupcake Plate - Irrie's Dollhouse - Love Muffins - 1LI - RFL H&G Expo Charity GachaFlower Pitcher - unKindness - Hydrangeas Pitcher - 2LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalFlower Vase - Kaerri - Pink Hydrangeas - 1LI - RFL H&G Expo Hunt Gift

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JoJ and MENstuff Hunts – Part 2

February is a wonderful month for the guys. There is not only one, but two hunts with many items for the men of the grid to enjoy.
Jack or Jill hunt is a hunt with split paths, one path with a series of designers dedicating items to the women, and one path with the same, but for the men.
MENstuff Hunt is a Guy only hunt, tho many ladies do do it as well, to nab accessories and hairs.Both are on until the end of the month.

Hair - Rawhouse - MENstuff Hunt
Skin -7 Deadly s{K}ins - MENstuff Hunt
Tattoo - Endless Pain Tatoos - Jack or Jill Hunt
Shirt - Stone Militaria, Surplus & Supply - MENstuff Hunt
Pants - The Little Bat - Jack or Jill Hunt
Sunglasses - Native Urban - MENstuff Hunt

Start the Jack or Jill Hunt HEREStart the MENstuff Hunt HERE Pose by  [LAP]

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Humpday Hunting – XOXO Hunt

XOXO Hunt is a limited time hunt, with a twist. Each stop has an easel, when you find it, type in the supasekret code (XOXO) to have a chance to get the item from that store. Sometimes it'll love you, and send you the gift, sometimes it's a big meanie, and sends you nothing. You have to wait until the next day to try again, if you don't manage to get the gift. If you want to forgo the whole thing, each gift is set for sale at only L$50. 
My picks of the gifts available. 
View other Gifts HERE.Get your starter Hud on Marketplace HERE.Get your Starter Hud inworld HERE.

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