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dolly parts

hair Rosy mood MESH hair / Soothe (chocolate) > freebie @ Hair Faireyes Umebosh Dolly eye V2 -Bubbly- for TGGS hunt    skin La petite morte scarlet tggs hunt edition for TGGS hunthands Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual -*feet Slink …

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Sileny Face

  The store New Faces gives so many gifts to their VIP group.  It’s awesome.  In fact, there are two in the notices as we speak.  One of the gifts is this skin.  I think it’s pretty different from most skins around right now so…

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5 free looks to show (Elsi, Alexander, Ulysse, Helhis and Alixia)

LOOK 1/5(free for him and for her , look below each close up for details / regardez sous chaque gros plan sur le visage pour les détails )

Quick and Silver

  Still not talking a lot (for which many of you are grateful, I’m sure, lol) because of being extra busy so just check the credit below, por favor.  Have a great day!WORN:Dress: Sugar, 10L, lots of other colors/patterns also available to che…

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Look for ice sundaes – rechercher des coupes glacées

Find the 11 Ice Sundaes around Minnie’s and Soul2Soul (need Soul2Soul group) – Découvrez les 11 coupes glacées autours du magasin Minnie et de Soul2Soul (nécessite le groupe Soul2Soul)

The hunt runs from June 1st – July 31st / chasse ouverte du 1 juin au 31 juillet

On Isra / Sur Isra :

Dress / robe – Minnie Mesh Denim Tunic Dress 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift /cadeau de chasse #8

Sneakers / baskets – Minnie Mesh Ladies Sneakers 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift / cadeau de chasse #7

Ring / bague – Minnie’s Venus ring 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift / cadeau de chasse #4

Bangles / bracelets – Minnie’s Venus Bangles 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift / cadeau de chasse #2

Earring left / boucle d’oreille gauche – Minnie’s Venus earring 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift / cadeau de chasse #1

Hair / cheveux – Hair “Haruka” (Cat’s eye) 0L @ D!va Group Gift /cadeau du groupe

On Ulysse/ Sur Ulysse :

Shirt / chemise – Minnies Mens Slim Fit Shirt 0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift /cadeau de chasse#11

Short / bermuda -  Minnie’s Mens mesh Slim Fit Britpop Shorts  0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift /cadeau de chasse #10

Sneakers / baskets – Minnie’s Mesh Men Sneakers  0L @ Soul2Soul Hunt Gift /cadeau de chasse #9

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LPM News July 18th

La Petite Morte is participating in The Gallery Gift Shop anniversary hunt and sale! A Cosmic eye set is available for sale, colors inspired by the heavens themselves. System and mesh options included. Along with an exclusive edition of Scarlet, … Continue reading

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mariposa pop

Hello ladies,

Here´s some cute freebies I found around the grid just for you, hope you like my lotd!

hair Analog Dog - pop scotch – splash > freebie
eyes Chus Seer Lens in Wrath > freebie
skin Mother Goose’s Shiho_hurt > lucky board

shirt Orange Pekoe Mariposa blouse > dollarbie 1l (wearable demo) @ Marketplace
shorts Milk Motion C14-05 Sporty Short Pants #15 2/2  for Kiyomizu Hunt
shoes & socks Smc Ribbon Flat Sandals With Socks #41 for Kiyomizu Hunt

hair flower Mad Echo Ruth’s DayLily > freebie @ Marketplace
bag Tokid sopha’s eco bag > group gift* fee to join

pose E.inK five FREE poses 01 – daww > freebie @ Marketplace

xoxo Druuna

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Quest Fur Cover Hunt!

It’s the Quest Fur Cover Hunt! Have a furry friendly shop and want to join in the fun? Click the link below for the application! There’s already a ton of shops involved, you should be the next on the list! Check the hunt out on Tumblr here http://…

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Sea Adventures

Hiram and I went snorkeling yesterday in the beautiful waters of Oniro. We enjoyed the chance to play with our new Secret Store snorkel gear that we picked up at Arcade June. My bikini is a free hunt gift by Sassy in the Sun and Fun Hunt which runs thr…

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The Hunt Goes On!

Although the Fairelands are fading back into the mists, there is one sim holding onto the grid for just a little bit longer: The Palace of Tears sim stays in existence, open and alive for a week still, all the way to May 18th. This means that you can finish the second part of the […]

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pink fusion hunt 2.0

Hello ladies,

After I been MIA for a while, now I´m back for good. PINK FUSION HUNT has begun and has cute gifts for girly girls. Most of it are in pink color, duh! So here´s my first selection from hunt, and there is more to come. Hope you like my pinkish lotd!

hair Milk Sushi for Pink Fusion Hunt
eyes Ikon Destiny Eyes – Clarity
skin Shock Margot Skin PINKY (porcelain) for Pink Fusion Hunt

hands Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual -
shirt Epic Mesh Cute-Tee {Kawaii.00.PF} for Pink Fusion Hunt
shorts Loulou&Co Short :: GALATEA :: for Pink Fusion Hunt
socks Mocha -  Loose Socks  -  Plain Dirty [White]> store is closed
sneakers Razor Deth Rainbow – Sneakers – for Pink Fusion Hunt

mouthie Scrub PINK Bridle for Pink Fusion Hunt

pose Label Motion My Balloon Pet > old subscriber gift

xoxo Druuna

Many thanks to Ilary & Ramon <3 

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Explore the beautiful world of Fantasy Faire with Designing Worlds

Join us today, Monday 12th May at 2pm at the Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams for a viewing party of our second and final episode from Fantasy Faire 2014! In last week’s episode we looked at the various events that were happening during the Faire. This week we look at the beautiful regions […]

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New Mesh Tops at Somnia

It’s been a while since I have shared some newness from Somnia with you, so here’s a quick peek at some gorgeous tops out now at the Somnia Mainstore. Dazzle Tops – Pink Fusion Hunt prize, it comes in 4 exclusive colours all for only $5L at the Somnia Mainstore. Hint is: Try not to get wet […]

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The Palace of Tears Hunt Begins!

  That’s right, hunters! The secrets and the treasures of the Palace of Tears await you. The hunt this year comes in two parts. The first part: Fimbleby’s Wager has been open for a while now. It begins in Wiggenstead Mooring and sends you through all of the Fairelands to puzzle out clues before you […]

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Hunt to be Bailed!

So, there’s been questions about when the hunt will begin. The answer is: it is completely up to you, Faire visitor! Today at 4 PM SLT there will be an extremely special Jail and Bail event held in the dragon ship FaireChylde at Palace of Tears. The jailed entity is the Hunt itself! If the Faire […]

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My Husband Says This Purse Is Awesome

  So my husband said this purse is cool and I agree.  It’s one of several “mouths” you can get at Pixicat for Kustom 9.  There are four lip versions and you can get choose from three color packs for each one and there are all kind of oth…

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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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  So I finished the Lost Mine hunt from Mad Pea.  I didn’t think I would.  It was hard.  I almost gave up.  but I didn’t.  And I finished.  And there was joy.  Joy!  I’m glad I did the whole thing because th…

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Miamai Luxe Blog Scavenger Hunt

On April 12 Miamai will release their new Luxe collection, full of beautiful outfits in amazing textures and colors. For the occasion Miamai organises a small blog scavenger hunt and it’ll be total fun! Beginning April 10th and carrying through into the 11th a series of nine bloggers from across …

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Meow, It’s Free*Style!

  Hi guys!!!!  I have a quick post today and it’s pretty bright in color because I am trying to cheer myself up because spring is coming so if you get migraines or whatever just like shield your eyes for a second.  Heh.  Anywaaaaay!…

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