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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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  So I finished the Lost Mine hunt from Mad Pea.  I didn’t think I would.  It was hard.  I almost gave up.  but I didn’t.  And I finished.  And there was joy.  Joy!  I’m glad I did the whole thing because th…

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Miamai Luxe Blog Scavenger Hunt

On April 12 Miamai will release their new Luxe collection, full of beautiful outfits in amazing textures and colors. For the occasion Miamai organises a small blog scavenger hunt and it’ll be total fun! Beginning April 10th and carrying through into the 11th a series of nine bloggers from across …

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Meow, It’s Free*Style!

  Hi guys!!!!  I have a quick post today and it’s pretty bright in color because I am trying to cheer myself up because spring is coming so if you get migraines or whatever just like shield your eyes for a second.  Heh.  Anywaaaaay!…

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free style post_002

A blond love….Un amour blond -udapted today (all the lms are here)

Location/lieu : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land%20of%20Glory/36/98/39
On Helhis :

Psycho Byts The Wicked Peach

Today I’m previewing some awesome nails coming soon to events from The Wicked Peach and a hunt gift from {PSYCHO:Byts}.  Roxanne Nails from The Wicked Peach – coming soon to The Serafilms EventCan-can Nails from The Wicked Peach&nbs…

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Burlesque skin

Hat, Mask & Underbust: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Grotesque Burlesque Hunt!Hair: *Milk* Hair~ Queen of the courtHair Sticks: *May’s Soul* Loto hair stick for bloggersSkin: .tsg. Baby B Tonebloody Tears: .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  AGR …

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Til Death Do Us Part

Styling CreditsDress ~ Knockers ~ Morganna Skulls Black with Tango applier ~ Til Death Do Us Part Hunt Gift 5LGloves ~ Souled Out ~ part of Lady in Formal Outfit ~ Til Death Do Us Part Hunt Gift 5LNecklace, Ring and Earrings ~ Brii Under…

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My sexy lady !

LOOK 1 for her and for him (pour elle et pour lui)
Place/lieu @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fotoscope/91/126/22
A great romantic place/ une place très romantique ♥
Chanelle : 
-Skin/peau “valentine skin” 0L @ Glam |slurl] (group gift/cadeau de groupe -fee/frais : 30L)
Hair/cheveux “tatum mega pack -mix mesh” 0L @ Tameless [slurl] (group gift/cadeau de groupe)
-Outfit/ensemble 5L @Glitzz [slurl] (red heart hunt/chasse until 28th/jusqu’au 28 février)
On him/sur lui : (below the picture/sous la photo=)
Hair/cheveux not free @ Dura
Tattoo + necklace/collier 0L @ Mortality [slurl] (group gift/cadea de groupe)
Pant “Eros1″0L @ Bonetto [slurl] (group gift/cadea de groupe)
LOOK 2 for her /pour elle

Skin/peau “hayden ganet 05 LCL” 0L @ PixyStix [slurl] (group gift/cadeau du groupe)
Hair/cheveux not free “Eva” @ Drlife [slurl]
Outfit/ensemble “mistress box” 10LGlitzz [slurl] (not your toy hunt/chasse)
Place/lieu  @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/247/0/58
tattoo “cocain you are” (maybe on marketplace)
Below just a picture taken at the first place….

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Free Pu…Never Mind, I Won’t Finish That Perverted Title

  KittyCats has a free cat out to celebrate their birthday.  Well, two gifts actually!!  The first one, the girl cat, you can get just by going to the store and clicking on the girl cake.  Voila, free cat!   The second cat, the…

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kittycats birthday_010

It’s a Kind of Magick – Twisted Hunt Gift

When it rains, it pours.  In the case of Ye Olde Shoppe Blogge, I just couldn’t wait a week to tell you about the nifty new gown slated for the Women’s Twisted Hunt Gift in March.  Theme:  Magick.  Check.  Color: Purple.  Excellent. Stuff made:  Tons.  Perfect.  A case in point: One partial mesh ballgown. The … Continue reading »

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Because Dragon – Twisted Hunt “Magick” starts March 1

You may or may not be aware that the Twisted Hunt is currently lurking in a dark corner, waiting to spring itself on people starting March 1.  This hunt, without a doubt and immodest about it, is the most difficult hunt on the grid.  If you are planning to hunt, and you expect to find … Continue reading »

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Thrifty Somnia

Hai there you sparkley fireworks, ♥ I’ve got a buncha new releases and some fun event news for you all this week! Super cute weave pattern skirts with a buckle close in 8 colors! I am so loving these jeans in 9 colors and they are purrfect to go with the Lazy Sunday release this […]

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.: Somnia :. Bautios Ad

Iren to Milk with Tameless and tag along Phoebe

Iren and Milk are participating in We <3 RP this month. Iren has a skin set 50% off and hair called Leanne. Milk also has a hair out called Queen of the court which surprised me how nice it looked. Phoebe Piercings and Tameless Hair has new releases out hair shown and jewelry set that […]

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“I’m ballin’ like Mr. Clean.” ” I gotta keep my kitchen clean.” “God bless me like i’m finna sneeze.” “Doctor weight me on a triple beam.” “D-Boy in parenthesis.” “All gold in my amenities.” “2 Chainz, two pinky rings.” “My trigger finger’s like a lemon squeeze (Baow!)” I just wan to apologize I should of […]

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ROMANTIC NIGHT HUNT (RNH) TIME OF THE HUNT: 1/FEB/14—–>28/FEB/14 For this Hunt Ashmoot put 2 gifts in a unic little blue heart that have to be found, the 2 gifts are one for women and one for men…both free gifts. The SLurl is the one of the Ashmoot Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yucatan/100/102/22

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Final Fantasy Fair 2

Moogle parts: { E v o } Generous Moogle *Final Fantasy FairHair: *CASHMERE*Minka Hair – TealSkin: [PF] Sora <Peach> – FlushedEyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. AGR Hunt *1L$ includes 3 eyes and bloody tears!Monocle: [QE] Steampunk Gac…

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Somnia Sale Reminder and some news!

Hai there you bright candles, ♥ I wanted to remind you of Somnia’s Belated Birthday Sale it ends on the Saturday the 8th Prices have been slashed from 50% up to 75% and I am terrible at math so some might be EVEN LOWER!!!! So now is the time to do your shopping and get […]

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.: Somnia :. Belated Birthday Sale Sign

LIV Glam- New Main Store, Hunt, New Fashion

     LIV Glam has moved to a beautiful new main store so you will want to be sure to update your landmarks so you do not miss all of the great fashion events, sales, and deals that you can find at LIV Glam. I really love the new outfit i…

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alterego @ the 25 for 23 hunt

alterego @ the 25 for 23 hunt // click the sign at ae entrance for starting point
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