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Come fly with me

Let's take off in the blue

aka I totally meant to do this. >.>

A few more found goodies to share with you while I very purposefully soar through the sky and thank all that is good in the world that I put on underwear today! ^_^  Couple notes on everything: this dress and the heels also come in a show-stopping red. My super cool industrial necklace also comes with a beauty tag option. The tophat also comes in black and is stretchable/shrinkable. Finally these lil glasses from Contraption are filled with the kind of detail they always include and so many options! Very worth the stop and there are lucky boards in back yay! Okay now to figure out how to get down.... Next stop Paradise Falls! <3

Dress & heels - Cynful Sporty Mini Dress Lace Dark Aqua & Chain Heels Dark Aqau (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Pose & Props - Le Primitif Up & Away (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Ring & Necklace & eyes - 7Mad;Ravens My Eyes On You & Tagged Beast (also a Beauty plate) & iBurnout Black eyes (0L group gifts 50L to join group)
Glasses - Contraption Half Moon glasses (0L wayward hunt gift) (Crazy amount of options on these lil glasses)
Hat - SWaGGa Original Mesh Corset Tophats (1L marketplace)
Skin - The Skinnery Cristy 4 honey w freckles add on (past arcade item)
Hair - RedMint No 34'15 Redheads (not free but there is a free version in blonde as a group gift right now!)

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May 2015
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Casual Ghost Diva

Finishing up some more posts for Candy Fair. I liked how I just accidently arranged my outfit to resemble some sort of ghost colors. Ha, kind of goes with my second life last night. Fitting so I though. Normally I would be using lyrics to express how I was feeling at the moment in that…Read more Casual Ghost Diva

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Four Lazy Walls

This post took way longer than I had originally inteded. I kept getting sidetracked with my son, or coughing…talking to random people and Plurk. So, sorry about that! But there's still plenty of time to snatch up a new rug for only 75L at .encore. for Lazy Sunday. Also, the Four Walls Hunt is officially begun and I had a blast with it last year. Can't wait to go and find more things I like again. For now, here are the gifts from Consignment and .encore. [Breno] Hilltop Cafe *shell the decor is in*
ISPACHI – Mother and Child *
outside in the snow*
[Con.] Notes to Santa Trees *20L for the Four Walls Hunt*
floorplan. metal floor lamp
.encore. President's Chair – Adult
floorplan. always print
.encore. Old Chalk Board *20L for the Four Walls Hunt*
floorplan. blinking light tent
floorplan. record player / navy
.encore. Worn Rug *75L today for Lazy Sunday*
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Dexter the Jack Russell
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Nanook the Husky
Intrigue Co.
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Depraved Endless Summer Hunt

Gridwide Hunt. We love those, don't we. I crash a lot but when it's fun it isn't so bad, and hunts can be a lot of fun if you make a group thing of it and hit the locations in style The Depraved Endless Summer Hunt is over on July 20th!  For more info, visit Depraved Nation. Glam Affair – Cleo – India – Clean B Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes IKON Ascension Eyes – Forest (M) >TRUTH< Crys – frappuccino :HV: Subtle Dare [Oil] Thin face piercings *DES Hunt* …::: Scrub :::… 3 stupid Earrings SX *DES Hunt* [ SAKIDE ] Crochet Bikini Top Pink S *DES Hunt* Vestigium – Zodiac [libra] *P* Totem Necklace ~Woman~ *DES Hunt* Slink Mesh Hands & Feet (Av) [ SAKIDE ] Crochet Bikini Bottom Pink M *DES Hunt* Elephante Poses – Say it ain't so *DES Hunt* H&C Wheels Endless Summer Rider *DES Hunt* *RnB* Mesh Oahu Bench – ESH Gift – 6 Anims (2 av) *DES Hunt*

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RLM – The Birds & Bees Hunt

Again, not great at hunts.  If you want the full list of stores involved in this hunt it's best to go to the RLM site.  Some really great decor pieces, this is not a free hunt but each item is only 45L so have at it, and have fun [CIRCA] "The Courtyard" Gazebo Set RLM Romantic Evening Bench End of Daze – Greenhouse 11th Hour: Origami Crane Set

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Torn Between This Kiss and Falling in Love

The Torn Between Hunt begins today!  There are prizes for the in love, as well as the lovelorn.  All in all, its a fun hunt and not too long so go on and do it!  Check the links below for hints and photos of the prizes you can look for.  And of course, this pose is my gift.  Enjoy yourselves! Vanity Poses LM! Link to Hunt Hints! Link to Hunt Gift Photos!

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“Hol’ up, tell me what you see!” “Seein’ me gettin’ guap right now, hell yeah, I won’t stop right now“ “Hell Nah, I won’t stop right now, seein’ me gettin’ guap right now!”   “This is to all my hatin’ friends seein’ me gettin’ guap right now!” “Hell nah, I won’t stop right now, seein’ me gettin’ guap right now“ Hair: Action-Stefani-Ombre V1 [First Advent Gift, pass] Skin: Aeva-Misaki-Euphoria-Natural [Past Advent] Eyes: Candy Mountain-Spooky-Green Glasses: Role Optc Glasses SG 82-Ares II Make-Up: Bang Bang-Orphan Annie 2-Hot Pink Mouth: Zombie Suicide-Upper Gum piercing Ear piercings :HoD- Dragon’s Tail Gauge v2 Facial Piercings: HoD-Provocation Piercing-Slide Chest Piercings: HoD-Gods & Monsters Prt 2-Slide Chest Piercings 2:HoD- Provocation Piercings Prt 2-Slide Top: Sn@tch-Gretel Corset top-Pink [NEW] Armwarmers: Sn@tch-Wrist Warmer-Black Sparkle [Free, Lucky board] Pants: Zombie Suicide-Booty Shorts-Black [Newish] Shoes: Insanya-Dunkers mid shoes-Art Wall Tattoo: Para Designs-SnakeBite-Black [Old hunt gift] Bracelets: LouLou&Co-Bracelet-French Kiss Teeth: Candydoll-Braced teeth Knee: Damned-K.Plasters Pink Knees [Old Hunt gift] Eyelashes: Maitreya-Mesh Eyelashes [MESH, Group gift, don't know if its still out] Pose: Exposuer-Advent- #18 and #19 [Free]

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So…where are they?

  I've been procrastinating to fix up my place for quite some time.  I decorated the cabin on the other side of the plot, and kind  of took an extended break?  I don't know why, to be honest.  Usually I loooove decorating but I think the right ambiance hadn't struck me yet.  Anyway, I had every intention of doing that this weekend and when I walked into my home…all the stuff I'd put out to try to decorate was GONE!  Imagine my surprise and well…nothing much got done last night as I was busy whining to my best friend about how I'd have to figure it out all over again. As you all can imagine, he told me to shut my trap and just do it again.  I might have called him a loserface but he was right.  After I flung myself to the couch to sulk, though…that wasn't happening yet!  I'll do it tomorrow.  Maybe.  We'll see… *League* Jen Sunkiss Feline
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:.:Kumi & the Inner Silver Lining Hunt*

Credits: *Kumi Skin Opal in Vanilla @ Pink Fuel (Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale) *Monochrome Dress @   Ezura (Gift Silverlining Hunt) *Classic Heels in Silver Floral even.flow (Gift Silverlining Hunt) *Quirky Hair in Blonde 07 @ Elikatira *Inner Sexy Pose @ ZZANG *Buttons Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (coming soon!) *Eternal Green Eyes @ IKON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JellyBeans x

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I think I'm channeling my ex-SL model right now.  Oh man, were those times fun.  How many people really spend their time just looking spectacular always? lol…it was quite an experience, I enjoyed getting my pic taken and doing runway shows.   I remember my first runway was the Bridal Fair in 2009 and the day before the show I got a virus on my computer that almost shut the whole operation down.  Mind you, I had just spent like a month learning how to walk and styling the gowns right?  So I didn't want to miss out, and also I just wanted the experience.  Its a thing of mine, I want to experience so much of Second Life and that happened to be one of my conquests.  Print Model – Check, Runway Model – Check, Blogger – Check! lol and Store Manager as well check!  Being a part of management for Maritima was a great experience and I got some amazing friends out of it as well ♥
This particular dress is a hunt gift, the Runway Perfect Hunt #3 is the reason I'm rambling on about things that happened 3 years ago.  It's quoted as the hunt made by models for models.  The hunt runs from October 1st until the 31st and if you would like more info, visit their site here!… Read the restWork


Bandana: J U D A S  The Revolution “L.I.B.E.R.T.Y” Hair Base: kisetsu – Historic Hair Hunt Gifts Facial Hair: ::Fe Style:: - Facial Hair/Beard 2Ed – 09 Vest: J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Versace F.C.Leather Vest” Brown/ NEW Tattoo: ..:Freaks & Geeks:..Wise Owl HD tattoo / Marketplace Watch: *Muism* Chronotech G5_Black Jeans:  Blessed-Mesh Denim Jeans. Boots: J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Chanel Militant Boots” Brown/ NEW

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Cap: DEF! Era Cap/LA (White) Skin: Egoisme – DAVIDE  Medium Facial Hair: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard V7 Necklace:  J U D A S ::: THE REVOLUTION “Christain Dior” Necklace (Gold) /NEW T-Shirt: Benjaminz – Mesh Vneck- Plain – MENSTUFF HUNT Belt: Benjaminz - BLACK YSL – MENSTUFF HUNT Pants: Benjaminz – Black Denim – MENSTUFF HUNT Pose: Pic 2 - Focus Poses – Guns Poses – 7 / THE BLACK MARKET

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Post #161 MONS – GSP

Hair: MONS / Hair – Sammy – MOH2 Skin: *Step inSide* – TAY / GSP Eyes: [A N A T O M Y] - Mystic Eyes Facial Hair:  [A N A T O M Y] Beard 02 Black (W/ Hair Base) Jacket: <kal rau> Casual Blazer M2 Pants: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Black] Shoes: INDI Designs – O’Donnell black Armchair: [ Organica ] /Mesh Around Gift /Preview – June 1st

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Autumn Walks

Yes, another seasonal photo, I simply can't help it, I LOVE all the beautiful colours autumn brings, and I just love that you can wrap up warm but still be sexy!! The outfit I'm wearing is Sakides' Taste of SL Fall hunt giftie, and it is one of my favourite items from that hunt, but better be quick if you want to do this hunt as it ends TODAY! Sorry for my tardiness in getting this post up, I had no internet for 2 days so it put me behind :(

This gorgeous skin I'm wearing is Acides' FTLO Halloween Boo for 2 L$100 item. For those of you who don't know, FTLO is both a shopping fair and also a hunt. Each store is asked to contribute two items; one as a hunt gift, and one as an exclusive sale item priced at L$100, one being male and one being female, so plenty of awesome bargains and gifties for everyone!!


Full outfit (includes the shoes):
Sakide (TOSL Fall Hunt gift, available til TODAY!!),
Scarf: Alexohol (TOSL Hunt giftie, only available til TODAY!!),
Skin: Acide ~ Katcide/ Laura/ Night (L$100 item @ FTLO Halloween Boo for 2),
Pumpkin nomnom: Acide (FTLO hunt giftie, available til October 31st),
Eyes: Poetic Colours,
Hair: Loq ~ Tramisu (Subscribo giftie, comes with V2 hair base - there were actually TWO hair fatpack gifties sent!).… Read the rest

Random Lotd

Title says it all. A VERY random look of the day. I’ve been running around as a sixteen year old slytherin student I don’t even know how to dress grown up anymore xD So I just threw crap together.  But I will say I love these boots I am wearing from Death Row Designs. Thank ya!  I got some freebie prizes from The Flesh Game, yup did it at 6:30AM, no lag, no people on the sim, but 5, zoomed right through it. It was interesting, but meh. Anyways! Shirt: Dinosaur-Grunge Splat – Blood over paint (past hunt gift) Pants: Somnia-Basic Jeans-Black (Flesh Game prize) Belt: Forsaken-Leather Strip Belt-Plain (Flesh Game prize) Necklace: Forsaken-Bird Skull Necklace with feathers (Flesh Game prize) Boots: Death Row Designs: Loose Boots-Reg Knife Brown Blood: Death Row Designs: Bruised Armband: Virtual/Insanity-The Knife armband (Past Hunt gift) Arm warmers: Virtual/Insanity-Warm me up arm warmers-bloody (Past Store Hunt gift) Poses: Glitterati [Everything else has been blogged already, thanks!]

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haha, this post couldn't be any cuter, unless I had some lil bunnies hopping about my feet :(

So I've been doing the Your Inner Bunny hunt this last few days, and I have got to say there are some cute gifties in it!! The gifts all cost L$1 to buy, but really that is nothing for awesome cuteness!


Apple May Designs ~ Gigi Evil Bunny (Your Inner Bunny Hunt, ends September 16th!!),
Make-up: Jesylilo ~ bunny face tattoo (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Hair: Logo ~ Melissa (Fatpack!!! In store freebie!!!),
Blouse: NuDoLu ~ Tunique des fleurs bleues (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Shorts: PiCHi ~ Jeans Shorts Bedford (Moody Mondays item),
Flats: MDL (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style ~ Pink Bunny Glasses (Your Inner Bunny Hunt)
Necklace: Beautycode ~ Long Pearl Necklace (Your Inner Bunny Hunt).

Blog for said hunt is here. Happy hunting!!

Trini xx

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Random Weekend Freebies

This post is exactly what is says on the tin, lol. Here's some random freebs/ group gifts I wanted to share with you.

Top: Le Poppycock ~ Crush camisole top (August group gift, get it while you still can!),
Shorts: Sui Button (August group gift, also comes with leopard print tanktop, not shown),
Skin: Illusory (L$88 @ collaber88),
Hair: (love)- native (free in 'Please make this in SL' group, not sure if its still in archives),
Pose by .synt. (L$10 platinum hunt gift, available til 31st August).

Tube top: Le Poppycock ~ *Coral Bandeau* (lucky board item),
Pants: {birdy.}lace me solid pants (Weekend L$1, find the small {birdy} bag instore),
Skin: Filthy ~ Platinum (L$10 platinum hunt gift),
Pose by Purple Poses (free on table in store).

Finally, Beautiful Dirty Rich hit 9000 members this week, so Cameron Vasiliov has sent out a sexy giftie to her group members. This dress comes in red, black, white and pink.

Hair: Truth (L$88 @ collaber88),
Boots: WCI ~ Patch in Raisin (L$100 on marketplace here, but has a dollarbie version in brown).… Read the rest