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Home and Garden Expo 2013

You just have today and tomorrow left to shop the Home and Garden Expo to benefit Relay For Life. Below is a full expo map and here is a link to guide to the different sims. (…)Read the rest of … Continue reading

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Let’s Watch The Sun Go Down

The Home & Garden Expo is still going strong! You have a few days yet to head out there and see some of the fantastic work people have done and do some shopping for a good cause. Then when you’re finished shopping, head home, pour a glass of iced tea, and watch the sunset. Perfect day!

Style - Let's Watch The Sun Go Down

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Garden Cafe Table by What Next [Expo Sim 7]

Shutter*Paravent by Dreamscapes Decor [Expo Sim 8]

Paper Lanterns by Dreamscapes Decor [Expo Sim 8]

Jenny and Autumn Dollies by Mudhoney [Expo Sim 2]

Astoria House by Funky Junk [Expo Sim 2]

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Style - Let's Watch The Sun Go Down

[CIRCA] @ H&G Expo

I went to the H&G Expo and saw a lot of things I’ve never heard of.  Lots of RP builds and furniture, stores that were new to me and lots of mesh!  I got a couple things, and am having a blast decorating.  I had forgotten there was a hunt attached to the event, where […]

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[Circa] Orbit House

How to be a Modern-Day Robin Hood

Legend has it that Robin Hood robbed from the rich to give to the poor. At initial glance, we often tend to view that story in terms of an exchange of money, and many of us say; “I would love to make a difference to those in need, but I can barely make ends meet […]

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Modern Robin Hood

I’m Coming Home

HOME EXPO IS COMING!!!! Sorry for the caps, but this is definitely one of my favorite favorite favorite events of the year!

Style - I'm Coming Home

This is the sixth year for the Home and Garden Expo in Second Life. The event has over 100 of Second Life’s best home and garden creators, so there’s sure to be SOMETHING you need for your home there! This year the event spans 8 sims for just the home and garden products, 2 sims for the Breedables Fair, and 1 sim for entertainment. There will be a great hunt, silent auctions, and raffles, too! It’s going to be so much fun!

The Home and Garden Expo runs from May 24th to June 2nd and benefits Relay For Life. See you there!

[I’ll have all the SLurls for the Expo when the time comes!]

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Skin: Kumi in Pure by Pink Fuel
Mesh Hands by SLink
Hair: Gattina by Truth
Top: Sleeveless Blouse in Rose by COCO [FaMESHed]
Shorts: Pitt in Cotton by coldLogic
Shoes: FlipFlops in Paint by Gos Boutique [The Boutique]

Couch, Rug, Clock, and Ottoman by Atelier Visconti [H&G Expo]
Ladder Shelf and Sunshine Pictures by Cobblestone [H&G Expo]
Hope Quilt Rack by Robin(Sojourner)Wood [H&G Expo]
Cloverdale House by Tranquil Homes [H&G Expo]

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Style - I'm Coming Home