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Hair Fair 2012 – A whole lot of Rosy Mood

It is always fun when you get to be a walking promotion for a fashion item, such was the case when I had to TP over to Hair Fair 2012 to help someone and I still had on these fantastic studded long boots by J’s. The instant I landed the male partner of the lady […]

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December 2014
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A Fairy Tale

The shoes I am posting today are making me want to burst into song, the problem with that though is that the song is really not appropriate and Aussies will know exactly what I mean and may just snicker. They are the Ute shoes by Baiastice , and their high platform front brandished with a […]

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Fairy Tales 2012

Head for the Hills – FaMESHed/June & Chic2

Whimsy and I spent a luxurious day by the pool today. With the help of some lovely poses set within this magnificant swimming pool that is part of the Zuma Hills Mesh house from Trompe Loeil. This house as Whimsy says, is like a Barbie Dream Home, once she removed most of the pink – […]

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Whenever April showers come along

Buying a new dress in RL is something that can be so exciting, depending on what the dress is for. Whether a first date, a night out, or a special occasion. When you find the right one it is even more exhilarating, you cannot wait to wear it, cannot wait to be complimented on it and […]

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I am 561876841 Bad Pixels

I had an exciting evening last night, it was the launch of the New One Bad Pixel store, and what a night, and what an incredible MESH collection. The whole night was surrounded by intrigue, “Who are the Designers?” behind One Bad Pixel…have you guessed yet, have you sent in your note-card with your guess […]

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1bp 1a

Riding a magic carpet

NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW A reminder to all, about the wonderful events still taking place over the grid. Pose Fair is still going strong, and Wear Gray is on only for a few more days, so make sure you check them both out. Todays poses are actually from Pose Fair, as a returning store released there for the […]

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Saucy and Sasy

Wow what a day, it is 3pm for me, and I feel like I got nothing done. A few pictures at least but then I had issues with software and stuff, so lots of fun with that, not. I did get to as I said take a few pictures at least, and I really love […]

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Someones Treasure

Today I went to a sim called Sleepy Bones, it is a sim built by the talented Turnip Sorbet, the builder of Lula and other fabulous builds around Second Life. The sim is not going to remain open at this time, but you really should go by and have a look before it closes tonight. […]

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Vote for Renee

Gorgeous Yongho of Juicybomb – or Gogo as many call her –  contacted me this afternoon to let me know about a very important event taking place. This event is not in Second Life, but is very important to a Second Life Resident, a member of not only our Second Life Community but also the […]

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Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you

So I was moving pieces around getting ready to set up for a picture, and Whimsy came online, she looked so in keeping with the mood that I asked her to sit and be in my picture. Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com . Filed under: Fashion Feed of SL, Fashion Guide SL, Fashion […]

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Sasy & Whimsy

Mimi Me

Don’t forget Pose Fair will start tomorrow, and is full of incredible new pose/animation store releases, so be sure to get up early tomorrow and pack a lunch, you will need it. Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com . Filed under: Fashion Feed of SL, Fashion Guide SL, Fashion In Pixels, Haute Mess Feed, […]

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Pose Fair 2012

Pose Fair 2012 is starting on the 15th of April. I got a sneak peak today and took some pics of the booths that were set up already. The build is very minimalist, and you should rez the whole lot very fast. There are two sims, one is more geared towards adult themed poses, but […]

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Taut and Terrific

You know those days when you log in and then hours later you realise you haven’t moved on step, because your IMs didn’t stop since you arrived. Today was another one of those days, and while I absolutely love the interaction, sometimes I wonder where the day went, and why it went so fast. I […]

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Hye Glam

Pop my Cheri

Mixing some old favourites with some New delights, from Wear Gray for a Day and Collabor88/April. I really like the French theme of this months Collabor88. One of my faves is of course the Hat/Hair, you know I love hat/hair lots, so two styles at once in such beautiful styles is great. Click HERE to […]

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Oui Oui Oui all the way home

Reminders that we have Wear Gray still on, and the upcoming Pose Fair 2012 is in full swing, as pose makers are busy making new and exciting pose sets for release, you can see them uploading teasers all over flickr, it is exciting. Collabor88/April has started and the theme is French New Wave, and as […]

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Oui Oui Oui all the way home

New and Colourful

LeLutka released three new Mesh styles today, and they are now mod. Rigged Mesh cannot be edited to change size though,but with it being mod, you can still tint it, and mesh tints really well and fun. I was playing with shadows as well, I don’t usually shoot in shadow in my VR Studio but […]

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New Hair by LeLutka

Wearing Gray for lots of Days

Some more goodies from the Wear Gray for a Day event that is on at the moment. You really should take the time to visit, or in fact revisit as many times as you can during the event times, as there are lots of things going on, including a hunt. My previous post includes the […]

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Pony Pride

Important : Dearest Mesh Creators, please when packaging and creating your items, make the item you have created attach to the location it would normally be if a sculpt or prims. Such as chest, pelvis etc. So far this week no less than three times I have been out and worn a bag to unpack […]

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Pony Pride

Wear Gray for a Day 2012

Wear Gray for a day starts April 6th 2012 I counted down the minutes until the early access time was upon us. Wear Gray for a Day 2012, is in its final stages of set up, and I had the pleasure of getting in early so that I could share some information with you all. […]

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Wear Gray 2012

IBC yeah you know ME

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whimsy Winx, well it’s her Aussie Birthday at least. There are only a few more days left of the Collabor88 month, so before the next session, make sure you go and grab things you may have left behind on an earlier visit. Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com . Filed under: Fashion […]

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