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Heart-Shaped Box

"She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weakI've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks"- Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana
Tapping into my darker side I was able to pull together today's look with goodies from the ROMP fair. So let's look over what I'm showcasing from top to bottom.

It all started with accessories, mainly these cat ears from Real Evil Industries, Kitty Ears. Kitty Ears come complete with a HUD which will allow 8 different color variation. I've been wearing these ears off and on last week and I must say I really do enjoy them.

Next let's move on to the body, Opiums Addiction and Constraint collaborated together to create the, "Sluts Harness and Belt" In today's post I'm sporting two of the goodies in this complete set. I'm wearing both the body harness and cuffs. Sluts Harness and Belts contains a total of 6 different accessories that can be worn. There are an abundance of features these accessories have such as, a controlled toy system that will allow your partner to push your buttons.… Read the restUntitled




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"When she goes to work.....You can hear the strings.....Grace finds beauty....In everything." Grace-U2

I've taken a little blogger hiatus over the last couple of month. Things sometimes become a bit too much for me and I have difficult focusing; however, I'm back at it. Blogging in SL has and will always be something I love and no matter how long I might stay away I always find myself being pulled back into it.

The main reason why I'm getting back into blogging is because of the ROMP winter fair. I've been enjoying exploring the naughty side of SL again and I'm going to be snapping a few photos to showcase the goodies I have picked up from ROMP's fair.

Today I'm highlighting Salt and Pepper's Harness, Grace. Grace is totally sheer, flirty and will get hearts racing. This harness isn't a typical BDSM outfit, but rather is soft, light and demure. Some of the best features of this harness are tied into the HUD design which allows you to have some flexibility in the color dept.… Read the restUntitled

I’ll Show You

♫ I got to learn things, learn them the hard way ♫
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Your Hottest Fantasy!

Get your sexy fantasy on with Haste and Peqe now.  Just when I think these two stores can't get any hotter, they outdo themselves with awesome releases.  Check these out now!

Djinn from Haste - a super sexy exclusive item coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha.  It comes with the dress, thong, collar (not worn), headdress and body chain.  Its available in a choice of colours and will be sold in a selection of packs with limited copies available, so snap this one up asap!

Exhibition from Haste - another super sexy outfit sure to bring out the temptress in you.  It includes bra, thong and skirt with collar.  Grab your favourite colour now at Fresh which runs until Feb 19th.

Briar Rose Harness from Haste - a studded leather harness for the naughty sexy girl with little colour changeable roses decorating it.  Its also available at Fresh now.

Domen Dress from Peqe - gorgeous and sexy, this dress is a jaw dropper and you will look amazing in it.… Read the rest

I’ll Be Your Fantasy!

I cannot wait for We <3 Role Play to open later tonight cos its gonna be awesome!  Well it usually is and always eats up my lindens.  Here's some previews of some things you will find there, and a pose set from the With Love Fair from Rack Poses.

Provoking from Haste - available in eight colours, this harness is yummy with a spoon and will drop jaws when you wear it.  Look for it tomorrow at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Vanity Eros from Little Bones.

Madonna Dress from May's Soul - available in six colours, this dress is classy and will look good if you wear it for a casual occasion or a more formal one.  Look for it tomorrow at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Claudette from Emo-tions.

Madonna Fur from May's Soul - now I am not 100% sure if this is sold separately or comes with the dress, but I suspect its sold separately in six furs, small and large sizes.  It's also at We <3 Role Play.… Read the rest

I Love RP and TV

Start your new year off with a bang by hitting We <3 Role Play and snapping up some new goodies to make your SL a more magical and fun place.  And don't forget you'll need hair, so check out the new releases from Tableau Vivant!

Tracker Make Ups from The Wicked Peach - comes in six colours at We <3 Role Play
Provocation from Haste - available in nine colours and all standard mesh sizes at We <3 Role Play
Indel Gown from Peqe - available in seven colours at We <3 Role Play
Keiran hair from Tableau Vivant with the Eldar Tiara from Le Forme - both available at We <3 Role Play
Neve II hair from Tableau Vivant - available instore now!
Hatsuhi hair from Tableau Vivant - a gift for the New Year...grab it now if you are in the TV group and start the new year looking fabulous!

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