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Happy New Year to All! ~Paris METRO Couture~

You can find The New Year Mesh Gown Ultra Violet here at the Sydney Bridal Store along with some more must haves. I don’t usually make New Years Resolutions because I always brake them. But this year has to be some good change in Second Life and Real Life. Whatever your resolutions are always remember... Read More

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March 2019
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2017 HAS TO BE better that 2016. Wear your safety pins to show you will do what you can to make everyone feel safe. Think of others more often, do things to keep the peace. Do not procrastinate anything, get shit done. Do not ignore your creativity because it will make others happy when you […]Read Post ›

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All That We Are~❤A Snowman in Paris Party❤~You Are Invited!!

The snowmen are waiting for you. We are all wishing you a great holiday and to join us for a celebration in Paris! I must hurry and post this before my net goes down lol. I wish you all a wonderful christmas and new year with love and joyful dreams and especially working internet service […]Read Post ›

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Happy New Year From Seraphim!

Baring it all (left to right): Heidi, Atiya, Jordan, Tara, Indigo, Del,  Jeeves, Connie, Cherrie, Eden
Down for the count: Nivaya and Cinder
Oh, we’re sorry! We thought you said Happy NUDE Rear! Oops, honest mistake! *hic*

As we leave this year with many cherished memories, we would like to thank each of you for making it all the more special! Every event coordinator, designer, blogger, store owner, and of course YOU the readers, have made 2015 one for the records! We wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity, fantastic sales, bliss, love, incredible event themes, that perfect pair of stilettos, peace, and another reason to keep smiling in the weeks and months to come! Thank you for your patience as the Seraphim ladies celebrate (perhaps a bit too hard) and recover from the festivities. We’ll be back soon to help you get 2016 started off with a bang!

Happy Nud…er..New Year!

Your Seraphim Blogging Team

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Happy New Year!

Hello Readers! I have been thinking for days on how I wanted to close out 2014 on my blog…from sappy to silly…and I decided in the end to keep it simple! 2014 was an awesome year for me, full of new experiences I have enjoyed immensely. I am so happy to have shared 2014 with my friends, ones I have had since before 2014, and ones I had the pleasure to make in 2014. I look forward to what 2015 has to bring. With the end of one year it is normal, and perhaps traditional, to close doors on aspects of our lives…not for negative reasons, but because the time has come. When reflecting on my Second Life, what I have accomplished and where my passion lies, I have decided to close the doors on the competition portion of my virtual modeling career as well as being a regular contributing writer to Style Kingdom and Cultured the Magazine. I of course am not retiring from modeling or writing, but I am redirecting my focus in both areas. 2015 promises to be a very exciting year for me in terms of projects and I am very eager to get started.… Read the rest2015