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Belleza BENTO Rings!!!!!

OMG! These are the first I have seen. I have been searching ever since Belleza bodies went bento and these are the first I have seen so far. If there are others please comment to this blog post and let everyone know where to get more! I am wearing: -Belleza- Isis V 5.1 BENTO Addams... Read More

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March 2019
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Oh Must I? … Yes I Think I Will. ~Paris Metro Couture~

“Oh Must I?” I was always told patience is a virtue or good things come to those who wait…. But for me I have always been a bit impatient and always thought that time is money. Or time is better spent getting something done. But these tea parties and family dinners sometimes make me think…... Read More

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Never Go Away! ~Paris Metro Couture~

Friends and family are all we need in this pixel world and the real world. Hold them dear and close because we never know what is around the bend. Please click the image to see it larger. Paris Metro Couture: Never Go Away comes in mesh sizes and appliers. Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Slink […]Read Post ›

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Chocolate Kiss for ❤Bento Hands❤ by AppleTini

AppleTini has yummmmmy nail appliers and her sets include 5 original patterns for hands and feet for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega compatible mesh bodies, including Bento. You get all 4 huds in each purchase! There are 3 exclusive sets at the Truth or Dare Event which runs until Feb 28th. Truth or Dare Event […]Read Post ›

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❤Kenzi the Bento Girl❤

I was out at Code Red relaxing at DJ Xtreems set and Kenzi came in. She was wearing a Bento head and hands and a Bento AO. It was the coolest thing to see.  So today Kenzi is my Candid Camera…. Stay tuned in Second Life for more Bento excitement. You will need to update […]Read Post ›

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AlterEgo – Generation II Skins

AlterEgo Generation II ♥ Jolie Chai Tone Skin Suite
available at Project Limited
January 10th
2016 Only 100 copies will be made available! *cracks knuckles* We are proud to announce AlterEgo has been working on a Generation II skin line!! Our pilot release, Jolie / Chai Skin tone will be debuted as a Limited Edition Pigment piece, this weekend at Project Limited! Gen2 products offer a high resolution skin, allowing pores, blemishes, beauty marks, freckles, cosmetics to be visibly intensified on the body and heads! We have re-worked everything!! Please be aware, that Gen2 skins / bodies ARE NOT compatible with Gen1 products, such as body, mouth or head appliers. This project is a fresh start in the NEW year and the plans for the line are nothing short of jaw dropping, flawless beauty. We have finally adopted the Omega System into our life at AlterEgo, and our Generation II line will fully support both body & head. Jolie Chai is loaded down with MULTIPLE applier options, sure to fit what ever you are searching for in a skin adventure … and did I mention, in one purchase!… Read the restad2

Who Run the World

♫ Boy don’t even try to touch this ♫
♪ Boy this beat is crazy ♪
♬ This is how they made me ♬
♩ Houston Texas baby ♩
♫ This goes out to all my girls ♫ ❥ Dani The post Who Run the World appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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AlterEgo – Totally Top Shelf

AlterEgo @ Totally Top Shelf – opens Oct. 2nd
VictoriaSnowSkin ToneNEW!!
♥skin layers -3 brows [browless, brown, black]
♥loud mouth applier
♥body appliers – maitreya, belleza, #themeshproject, slink body, hands  & feet.
♥Bonus! Makeup Tattoo Layers – lipsticks, eyeshadow, brows

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News @ Puki!

New Schtuffz @ Puki Mainstore! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jewelry #1 / #2 / #3 are available for Belleza and TMP nails!
++ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Find Puki on the marketplace!
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~Sascha’s, Zibska, ZOZ, Chop Zuey, Ikon~

Just a quickie post today to highlight new releases from some of my favorite places in SL.  The truth is, I have a LOT of favorite places in SL.  There are so many truly talented individuals creating content in our virtual world…I love being able to wear and show each person’s amazing work. This dress Otille, from Sascha’s Designs, is not yet released…but get ready…it won’t be long!  I absolutely love the textures Sascha uses…she’s been designing gorgeous clothing for a long time and she knows what she is doing with textures.  I’m wearing the Bronze and Red colors, but I also saw White, Gold, Blue, Sand, Champagne, Mauve, Pink, Moss, Peach, Hot Oil, Purple and Rose; so plenty of options to choose from! Zibska just released these fabulous Plelone shoes that come with a color changing HUD for the shoe and the studs; they are Slink high foot compatible.  My fabulous Slink nail appliers are the Romantic Sparks polish from -{ZOZ}-.… Read the rest~Sascha's, Zibska, ZOZ, Chop Zuey, Ikon~

~Noa at Enchanted Photopia~

While checking in on Facebook today, I saw this great youtube video posted for Enchanted Photopia.  I watched the entire video and was so inspired by it, I knew I had to go explore the place further.  What an incredibly magical place, full of vignettes featuring familiar animated movie characters and scenes.  Trust me, that description does not do this wonderful place justice.  At the very least watch the video…but it is very much worth the visit! Enchanted Photopia was the perfect backdrop to try to capture my fun outfit; featuring the Noa dress from Sascha’s Designs.  The Noa dress is the latest release form Sascha’s…you have the choice of purchasing three separate HUDs and each has a choice of six different dress textures. I will show all three HUDs below.  The dress texture I am wearing in the first photo is from the Noa No.2 HUD…I really love the Sugar Skull feel of the graphic.
The Noa No.1 HUD has stripes, plaids, florals and paisleys…a great mixture with choices suitable for any occasion.… Read the rest~Noa at Enchanted Photopia~

~A Beguiling Tango~

Second Life is rich with creative people…each one expressing their genius in his or her own inimitable way.  Each time I set out to explore this amazing virtual world, I am awestruck with the depth of skill and attention to detail that goes into creating beauty, form and function out of pixels.  Pouring your heart and soul into producing something from your imagination is tough enough in First Life…add the challenges of translating that same work into pixels, on a computer, and you start to appreciate the dedication and perseverance required to do so. I always feel honored and blessed that I have had the good fortune of becoming friends with truly artistic people in Second Life and one of those friends is someone I particularly cherish.  Jillar Lamar is not only an incredibly talented digital artist, in SL, she also has the ability to translate that eye for beauty into the landscape of her Second Life world. The Beguiled; Art Gallery and Studio is where you will find the collective works from Jilla and where you will also find yourself immersed in a lush, whimsical landscape that invites you to slow down, wander the grounds and take in all the enchanting details. … Read the rest~A Beguiling Tango~

~Catching fireflies in Wisteria Starlite~

One of my few cherished childhood memories is catching fireflies, at twilight, in the field across from my grandparents farm in Maine.  I recall using a mason jar, that we’d poked holes in the lid, and leaping through the tall grass trying to capture what we called lightning bugs and  tinkerbells.  It was heartbreaking to see them die so we always made sure to release them shortly after capture; ensuring they’d grant our wishes and return another night. I had not thought about the magic of catching firelfies in many years…then I saw the Moonlite and Starlite gowns from ~ghee~…and those enchanting evenings came flooding back.  The ~ghee~ Moonlite and Starlite gowns are actually a two piece ensemble…the Moonlite gowns come in deep rich jewel tones with an off-the-shoulder top and the Starlite gowns feature a racer back top and muted tones.  The moment I slipped into the Starlite Wisteria gown, I knew I had to capture its shimmering beauty surrounded by the quiet elegance of  the Angel Manor Gardens; while chasing firelflies at dusk. … Read the rest~Catching fireflies in Wisteria Starlite~

~Ms. Scarlet’s Position~

It was Ms. Scarlet in the drawing room with the revolver…game over…I win! Clue is one of my all time favorite board games.In fact, I liked it so much, I once recreated the game from scratch!  The very first time I played was at a friend’s house…she had received the game as a birthday gift and invited a bunch of us over to play the game with her.  I was HOOKED!  I begged and begged, to keep going, and we played all afternoon.  I memorized everything about the game, pieces and board and rushed home to start making my own.  We were a large family with zero “extra” money to buy a game…so I got creative and started cutting up cardboard, left over school project poster board and the various playing pieces came from broken Barbie and Ken dolls; or whatever other flotsam and jetsam I could conjure.  I never did finally end up with a “real” Clue game, but the one I made was pure magic and brought many happy hours of playtime.… Read the rest~Ms. Scarlet's Position~

~Regina…the birth of the Chess Queen~

Chess is one of the oldest, most venerable, games of skill…requiring intellect and tactical precision…a game played by royalty, and laymen, for centuries. Of all the game pieces, in Chess, the Queen is the most versatile and powerful…and yet, she was not introduced into the game until 500 years after it was created! The birth of the Queen, into the game of Chess, heralded an exciting tactical proposition; with the agility in which the piece was embodied. The value and power of a queen is such that it is sometimes used as bait to lure an opponent into a trap, by a queen sacrifice; known as a “Fool’s Mate”.  Her duty is to protect the King, but the triumph of the game rests within using her allure to out maneuver the opponent.
Regina, from Lyrical B!zarre Templates is an exquisite interpretation of the White Queen.  Her curved, enticing lines draw you in and captivate…distracting her opponents from her majestic power and ruthless agility.… Read the rest~Regina...the birth of the Chess Queen~