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New from LPM 9/27

La Petite Morte is participating in The Secret Affair with 3 special editions of India and lashes! The Secret Affair Also it’s Saturday and that means The Saturday Sale! La Petite Morte is offering cute nose tape in 9 different … Continue reading

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Witchy Woman…New Hair & Outfit @ Tameless

Wren has a sassy sexy flip to her undercut style.  And we are gearing up for Halloween with our first outfit for Halloween…Witch Woman. Jacket: Nasi Jacket by Ducknipple, designer Nita Bracken Pants: Simplicity Outfit by Tameless, designer Nita Bracken … Continue reading

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Bliensen + MaiTai: Limited Edition – Scary Clowns Mask

Only available at Totally Top Shelf’s mini September Round – these masks will be gone after Sept.25th, hurry if you want them! Available for men or women and also as transferable gift. Totally Top Shelf – Limited Edition Round September

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Bliensen - What's so funny- - Mask for women Kopie

Wishing you a very happy (and creepy) New Year!

What do you say that we get the new year off to a very creepy start?
First up is the “Cranial Candelabra” for $149L.
Click image to enlarge.
Click image to enlarge.

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Ricielli Halloween 2013 Hunt!

  It may be 3 days after Halloween, but my motto i [...]

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In Sn@tch No One Can Hear You Scream

Hahaha too many horror movies this past week, can you tell? New Releases today from Sn@tch. Here are the pics!And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special this week is still up for only $69 L! The last few days on this Fishing Outfit called the Widow. Get it fre…

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I Like Lots of Sn@tch!

I missed showing off last week’s releases, so I have a bumper post for you today full of two week’s gorgeousness from Sn@tch! There is something for everyone and such amazing value for your lindens! You can always look great when you’re wearing Sn@tc…

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All Saints Day

A Halloween adventure with KittyCats.

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All Saints Day

Twisted Wondaland

Better late than never. I have completely forgotten all about this event that I signed up for. I do publicly apologize for blogging the event so late and forgetting about it. I look forward to the event since I heard … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Hello Readers! By the time many of you read this you would have already had your Halloween festivities…for those of you who partake.  I had not planned on a Halloween post as I am not hugely into Halloween myself.  I have to admit that Halloween in SL was a blast though, the most fun I … Continue reading

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What If?

It is the night for dark secrets, mysteries and myths. It is time for imagination to dwell in all the frightful spots at the back of your head, indulge in the startles, channel your mundane concerns into the fear of unknown and improbable, with that faint little voice within asking ‘what if?’  It is time […]

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Orange Eve

On 31st October 2013 · By Miaa Rebane · With Leave a comment
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BAX Coen has a Halloween treat for you. Actually, make that three  Three sizzling patent leather gradient color boots for L$99/each with group tag. I’m wearing Pumpkin-black boots along with a pair of super cool glasses from my new favorite store Sorgo and a chic jumper from Illmatic. The bubble chair is from Aria. Jumper / […]

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What Does the Sn@tch Say?!

New Specials Galore Today at the Sn@tch Main Store! I didn’t get my Woeful thing done in time last night, so it’s just a plain old Sn@tch-n-Grab, remember those? I made some slinky & cropped latex baseball tees in 8 colors with Lolas Tango Hud and …

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It’s almost Halloween, so everyone’s entitled to one good scare

PurpleMoon’s celebratory Halloween outfits are frightfully scary… …and devastatingly chic. If you want to be the belle of your Halloween party… …or stand out as a guest…. …stop by PurpleMoon and find a killer outfit or two. Click here for your lift … Continue reading 

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Scary Monster

On 30th October 2013 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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I have no idea what’s going on in this picture. I just seem upset. Do I seem upset to you? Maybe it’s because I specifically bought candy I don’t like so that I wouldn’t eat it myself before Halloween. But then, I ate it anyway, because CANDY. But sinc…

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Halloween is such a fun holiday. We get to play dress-up and be a kid again. Of course we all have our favorite way of dressing up for the holiday – and for me, it’s glam, of course. The perfect … Continue reading

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Rock Attitude Hunt: Special Halloween

Rock Attitude Hunt begins today with a very special Hal [...]

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rah sh

Strawberry’s Halloween Meme

The lovely and talented Strawberry Singh has issues another blog challenge – this one is about Halloween and sharing our SL Halloween costumes. As you can see in the picture above, I am dressed up in SL as Sexy, Scary, Bath Pouf for the holiday. I am s…

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halloween doesn’t always have to mean blood and guts. there are some perfectly good spooky things that don’t have any gross stuff at all. witch, sorcerous, enchantress, these are gorgeous women of the evil persuasion. perfect for a halloween not quite so covered in blood. this sort of costume is really simple to put together … Continue reading »

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Butt Paint

On 28th October 2013 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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I heard that you were looking for something like this to complete your costume this year. Only $15L. You’re welcome! 

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