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The words never seem to come

Back in the day, I crushed on you so hard. I used to find myself thinking about you all the time for sure. But even the greatest people have their faults. I'm not great, and I'm far from perfect. But you said the words, and made me feel like I was your kind of perfect. Thinking about how everything happened is how I found clarity. Some people don't like to relive the past, but I find it helps to figure out where things went wrong. What went wrong was thinking I was as special as you made me feel. That was my bad, though. And it helped…to move on from everything. From feeling for you, wanting you in any way. It's very freeing, I feel like one of those birds up there just soaring to the clouds. On the way up to that fluffy heaven, I found another bird that wanted to fly next to me…no matter what anyone else thought about that bird being there. I don't know if that's love, not even sure I want to know if it's love but I know it makes me smile.… Read the restThe words never seem to come



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Hair Fair 2013

It’s that time of year again! Yes, Hair Fair 2013 starts tomorrow! Hair Fair is an event that raises money for the charity Wigs for Kids. Every hair at the event, has a minimum of 15% going to Wigs for kids. On the last day of Hair Fair is Bandana Day, where we remove our hair to show we care, in support of those that have lost hair, or suffer from hair loss. Every year people submit their bandanas they have made using the kits that were provided and are sold for 50L each (trans) on all 4 sims for the duration of the event. More information can be found on the official Hair Fair site. I have included a sample, a teaser if you will, of a small selection of hairs that are available at Hair Fair this year. Wearing:
Grix. – Body Shoppe – Redlight – Blush (20%)
Barn Owl – Folksy Freckles (All)
coldLogic dress – bailey.linen (XS)
LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
IKON Ascension Eyes – Wraith (S)

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Polka Attention

Something simple today, and later on I’ll get really down right detailed! New releases from Sn@tch, Zombie Suicide and deals.  I will say Al Vulo’s skins at The Dress Room are awesome. I am not a skin person. I will wear a skin over and over, because I am a tad bit picky about the tones some use when it comes to darker tones. This is a bit dark for Syn, but I will say its beautiful! I love the color, I love how her eyes look and lips. Its really pretty, even my girlfriend Brawen was like YUM. Then I was like I wanna do something simple cute with it, Sn@tch and Zombie Suicide. Sn@tch released an outfit called Toon Time, and its very eye catching. I giggle every time I see the polka dots. Zombie Suicide released some new plugs for her Mesh ears. They are horned!! I will say, the number 5 size horns are HUGE so I went down to a number 4 and they look fine.     Hair: Elikatria- Early-Red 10 Skin: Al Vulo-Eleonor-Natural-Light brow-Chocolate [The Dressing Room Fusion] Eyes: Chus- Fagchanted Blue/ Purple Right Piercings: HoD- End of the night-Part 1-Slide Ears: Zombie Suicide- Mesh Gauged Ears Add-On: Zombie Suicide- Horned Plug- # 4 [NEW][Color Changeable] [Ears NOT included] Band-aid: Grixdale-Ouch-Sky Mouthie: Atypical-Kawaii Riceball Keychain [OLD hunt gift] Outfit: Sn@tch-Toon Time [NEW][Includes Lola Tango Applicator] Shoes: Insanya- Dunkers Mid Shoes-Art Wall  

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LoTD 27/12/12

Hello everyone, I trust your merry was christmas?? I won’t change it, it’s bad luck to correct yourself, right? My Christmas was wonderful, I was well and truley spoiled with an Alienware laptop that is so pretty I could cry, amongst other things, but I spent most of it along with my family having fun, playing games, being merry and… hacking up a storm.  Yep we all had the dreaded winter bug!  Thankfully the kids weren’t too bad, but it’s been a bit of a testing time for sure.  I thought my look of the day should mimic how i’ve been spending a fair few of my days this Christmas, dressed casually and with a bright red nose!   This oldie but goodie skin is from Curio and is the Winter Sniffles version, complete with rosy red cheeks and rudolph nose, it mirrors my RL face right now!   I’ve also been seen lounging about in sweat pants, a sweater and a lose top over the top because I keep going from hot to freezing.   So the Tres Blah Neato Sweatshirt paired with Apple Mays little New York Crop Sweater were perfect, especially with the Grixdale sweats (an old pair).  … Read the restLoTD - 27/12/12

:.:Smokey in Miamai


~Giorgia Gown @ Miamai (New) ~Roza Skin in Baroq @ Glam Affair Dynamic Eyeshadow @ Grixdale (no longer available) ~Untouched Hair @ Exile ~Bronwyn Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (on MP) Utopia Eyes @ IKON Pose @ ILAYA JellyBeans x      

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Credits Hair  |  Figure – Brown 06 | elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu | Mesh
Skin | Eliza – Pale | Apple May Designs | Apple May
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Eyeliner | (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) | cheLLe | cheLLe | Nina Iridescent
Eye Enhacer | Aegyo Sal Eye Enhancers (fair) | BOOM | Aranel Ah
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Freckles | freckles 3 | R.icielli | Vliet Troncon
Beauty Marks |  face beauty marks | mijn botique | Mijn Seoung
Hoddie | My Sunshiney – Hoodie – - Pure | Grixdale | Tyr Rozenblum (closed)
Tshirt |  My Bra Flashing Top – Black | Sleeping Koala | SleepingKoala
Trousers | Lounge Sweats MESH (white) | Cracked Mirror | Cracked Mirror | Mesh | @ faMESHed
Trainers | [ Uniques ] >>Chelsea<< // white |  [ JP ]:dsg | Jasper Potez
Earring | perce::ear  | Je Suis | Julia Merosi
Poses | Olive Juice | IsabellaGrace Baroque (closed), Purple Pose | Audrey Guter

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11th September

No doubt you’ve all read/ seen/ heard that Kumi has finally been released. Kumi is the new skin from Pink Fuel, the skin that we were first teased about over a year ago. It was definitely worth the wait! Thankfully, it looks beautiful on my avi (imo). When I buy full price skins, I tend to buy the most neutral, bare makeup one because it’s more versatile than one that already has makeup on. I mean no disrespect to the skin creators that work super hard to make beautiful makeup by doing this post. It’s purely to show alternatives to having to stick to one makeup option.
The thing with really popular skin releases, is that some shoppers are hesitant to buy the skins because lots of other people have it, which is fair enough (I’m guilty of this too). The great thing with Pink Fuel skins is that they do include a ton of different colour lipsticks, freckles and two eyebrow shapes. I’ve created 5 different looks using the Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) skin and makeup layers.… Read the rest

Want to know how to survive…

I want know know how to survive in the nightlife The truth and dare of the drug for the first time… Click my heels and dance when the heat rise I want to know how to survive in the nightlife… I wanted to share something different on my blog. Long story short, not to long ago, well end of December, I couldn’t use shadows anymore. Well yesterday I downloaded the new Firestorm beta and out of curiosity I tried my shadows. So I took this photo as a test run so it says on my Flickr. ( I got a bunch of compliments and few favorites which made my week tbh. ) It worked, so thank you Firestorm, I shall be using your viewer for now on. So I went and took a quick close up, I will be talking about my hair, which I am so glad I got. I kept putting this hair off ever since I saw it the first time. I was hoping the designer would have a sale and I would snag it then. Calico Ingmann Creations did one better, she put it for sale at the Designer Circle for 100L the entire fatpacks, demos are free.… Read the rest

52 weeks of colour challenge – Part Deux – week #5 “Patina”

… this was … really really difficult^^ for more informations … Luna Jubilee’s blog ! Body
Hair: “Evelyn Cocoa” Truth
Skin: “Paige Caramel Pink Haze” Illusory
Eyeshadow: “The Body Shoppe – Fiji – Seafoam” Grixdale now Aura Outfit:
Jacket: “Araplain Blouse turquoise” LeeZu
Pants: “Glitter Hotpants Black” LeeZu Accessoires:
Earrings: “Chaos Earrings” part of Chaos Ensemble from MOOD
Nails: “Milky Way Ring and Nails atlantis blue” Mandala
Tie: “Smexy Tie Necklace Urushi Black/ Female Version” Mandala Pose:
“Model 432″ Everglow

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The cow was looking at me…

Something about a quiet snowstorm always calmed me down back home.  I miss the east coast a lot, especially now when in California its not snowy and doesn't quite feel like Christmas.  I decided to wander some snowy sims and see what I could get into.  The last place I wandered was Hide & Seek, so I began walking around with the thought that I'd walk over to Existence.  I didn't quite make it because shortly after I passed Olive Juice, I bumped into this cow.  The cow was looking at me.  This is a legit fact, I'm telling you!  So, since it was all cute and seemed to like me I got down in the snow and did a total glam shot with Betsy.  That's what I named her.  Don't judge me. She didn't fuss when I crouched down beside her, and we ended up getting this picture. 
The cold might have been getting to me, but I tossed off my jacket and switched my top to my other new tee…who doesn't love Yoda?  Betsy and I laid in the snow, talking about life and love.  After awhile, my ass went numb and I realized I couldn't get up off the floor.  What we're learning from this today is keep your jacket on during snowstorms, Yoda is always cool, and if you stick your ass in a snow pile you're kind of a dumbass.  Lesson Learned.  Once I was able to get up, I took a quick snapshot of this new shape up close, because I think I look pretty hot.  May be suffering f (Read more...)

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Alphabet Challenge – G

Time to catch up again, my G look for Alphabet Challenge! Hopefully some regular blog posts will come soon!

Skin: Glam Affair - Sofia Light - Winter
Hair: [69] - GISUA - Light Noir
Eyes: Pulse (now Avatar Art) - Pulse Eyes Georgia - #5
Sweater: MYTH (store closed) - Jeweled Sweater - Grey
Bolero: G Field - Ruffle Bolero - Gray
Skirt: BOUNCE - GYPSY Long skirt - Vieux Rose
Necklace: Grixdale/Tyranny (store closed - by Tyr Rozenblum) - Deco Layered Necklace Top - Boho (clothing layer)
Earrings: [croire] - boho beaded earring (glacial)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Innocent. eyelashes - intensive
Eyeliner: [ glow ] studio - Vingue - eyeliner B
Nails: je suis... - je suis... naive v2 Basic Nails + je suis... naive nailpolish Glossy French
Ring: GaNKeD - Suri Ring - Rose
Belt: Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - Black/Black Studs
Socks: fri.day - Ribbed Calf Socks - Gray
Bag: COCO - Gift Clear Tote Bag - Black
Shoes: YS&YS - Cala Saona - Ghost
Pose: Glitterati

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/me avoids writing anything to do with boys && my yard… it’s bubblegum weekend again and i am participating… with half my head. x3 that’s enough, right?!
click to see it larger @ flickr! this hair, while technically isn’t fully “bubblegum”, was far too cute for me not to wear. i’ve been itchin’ to blog it since i bought it this past FLF from lamb. the colors remind me of strawberry-dipped pocky *nomnom* and was so pretty && so girly that it inspired the rest of my look for today. ❤ the pink && khaki flats, from haut monde, are actually on *sale* this weekend! as is everything else in the store. \o/ i didn’t notice anything over 75L — and that’s *including* skins. preeeettyyyy skins at that (which is just what i need more of, ahahah)! there are a ton of cute separates, too, and some really unique shoes. i totally fell in love with these flats though — and plan on goin’ back for another color or two before the sale ends on monday just ’cause they’re so adorable.… Read the rest9.04.2011

Last Day of the Platinum Hunt Part Deux

The Platinum Hunt AMAZING items, today is the last day to do the hunt…each hunt item is 10L. Look 1 Eyes: **AraluteZ** Aransha’S Eyes -Blue (no longer available)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Black Soul D HB Platinum Hunt
Hair: ::Exile:: Buffy:Roots-Raven Platinum Hunt
Necklace: LaGyo_Arita necklace (chest) Platinum Hunt
Dress: ~ E&E : Diamond Dress [Platinum Hunt] Platinum Hunt
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps – gold
Pose: Di’s Opera – Platinum Hunt Deux Platinum Hunt Look 2 Skin: Platinum – Filthy Skin Platinum Hunt
Hair: …:::DURA:::… Hair 03 – Orange (tinted)
Dress: (Royal Blue) Cirque dusoleil stripe Warm Tones Platinum Hunt
Shoes: R.icielli – CARMELIA pumps/orange
Pose: Diesel Works Stand – PH2011 Platinum Hunt Look 3 Skin: :GP: Amber Frex [Dark] Jewel-Emerald 2 *NEW*
Hair: ::Exile:: Ariel:Drift
Dress: (Kunglers) Platinun Hunt 2011 – Gina Dress Platinum Hunt
Shoes: [LeLutka]-SHANON Beige
Pose: {what next} Single Pose 4 & Balloons (wear) Platinum Hunt Look 4 Skin: Lara Hurley-Dessa for Platinum Hunt Platinum Hunt
Makeup: Grix.… Read the restPlatinum Hunt Part Deux

moves like jagger

mesh is aaaaaaaawesome. it went gridwide last week && i’ve been havin’ a blast trying on goodies in mesh. i love how easily it moves with my avatar and how much *nicer* it can look than prims && system clothing can because it’s all one piece. no need to worry about avatar-to-prim seams! \o/ for it being so new, there’s quite a lot on the grid thus far in mesh. and some of it is even free which makes me a happy girl! this jumpsuit from hucci was sent out to subscribo members and was the first thing i had to test out mesh for myself. it moves with my AO or with dance animations or with static poses like real clothing would and that is so, so sweet. when wearing mesh clothing, you have to wear an alpha for the body part(s) covered by the garment and the actual piece is all in one. there’s no moving && no editing the mesh once it’s on (which is nice, in a way, because you don’t have to worry about fiddling with prims..… Read the rest;)


the platinum hunt was *amazing* this year. and there’s only a few more days left to grab the goodies set out for just 10L at the participating stores — the hunt ends on august 31st! so bff vivi && i thought we’d show off a few of the prizes you can snag for super cheap just as a friendly li’l reminder to get ‘em while you can! it’s definitely worth doing and *so* not hard at all.. we finished it in just a couple hours and that’s including a lot of goofing off! if you need a list of slurls && hints, you can find that right here.. and good luck hunting! ❤❤
click to see it larger @ flickr! look one:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in fluff2
hair; elikatira parade (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; rozena platina eyeshadow in grey (platinum hunt prize)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; acide pique
piercings; ipoke morta (platinum hunt prize)
top; riddle mini lace tank in grey (platinum hunt prize)
skirt; riddle high waisted skirt in reverse black (platinum hunt prize)
heels; g field flower pumps eve in black
necklace; loulou&co crazy coco in purple (platinum hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc taste the rainbow nails (dollarbie) on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; laq alva in peach
hair && hat; loq bonomo (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; para desi (Read more...)

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Uninvited Thoughts Swirling Around

Ello, Really quick post today cos I have to go shopping and I have been putting it off since Friday so I have GOT to go today! I love finding new hair stores. It’s like finding a huge box of candy in flavours you’ve never even heard of! My hair today is from .::[YunA'sHAIR]::. and I’m kinda in love. It’s got that cute “I’m too interesting and busy to actually brush my hair but I look fabulous anyway” feel about it. I added this little hair flower from VioMagic to give it a bit of colour and also to bring together the outfit. Onto the outfit, the dress is from Grixdale which is very sadly closing on the 31st August so if you want anything you need to get a move on, there isn’t long left! Shoes today are from Zaara who is continually trying to steal my lindens by releasing the most gorgeous things. Bracelet is from League and I love it when she does jewellery! Anything else is below, Toodles! Dress: Grixdale – Sun of a Gun – Vintage Doll Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *mocha* Bracelet: *League* Wanderer -Oak- Bracelet -Hand (Discs)
*League* Wanderer -Oak- Bracelet -Wrist (6 Strands) Hair Flower: *VioMagic* Hibiscus Hairpin Hair: [YH]-11-=PLATINUM02= Skin: LAQ ~ Alva – [Milky] – 04 Lashes: [:T:]  Lashes / brown Beauty Mark: :: Exodi :: Makeups – Beauty Marks – Left Eye Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Signature – Aegean

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Cherry & Cream Poses

my plurk friend Maretch Waffle recently started her own pose shop on marketplace! the following photos are a tiny sample of her work and i hope you will check her stuff out! these poses are very cute and casual and great for blogging with! she has really taken time to make sure that joints are not too distorted and body movements are not over-extended. its a great start! and i cannot wait to see what she makes next -shopping list- hair: Magika Hair // Luna skin: LAQ ~ Elena 01 [Pale] Glow skin eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V) tattoo:  Canimal – Heaven & Hell sunglasses: Sh*t Happens – Sunglasses (White) cigarette:  FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash) shirt: Grixdale – Simply Tanks – Striped skirt: Canimal – Harajuku Skirt bracelet:  >>Figure 8<< Legolinky Bracelet – Mono in Stereo shoes: SLink Jolie Pied Flat Suki Geta poses: cherry & cream poses                         
© nimil for Forced Midnight, 2011.Read the restcherry-and-cream-poses-4

Collabor88 – teaser #2

***teleport to Collabor88*** skin from Illusory (each skintone L$ 88)
makeup from Grixdale (goodbye-bigpack, comes with dresses and makeups ! – L$ 88)
hair from Truth (color-fatpack ! L$ 88)
dress from Sea Hole **Collabor88 groupgift**

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Collabor88 – teaser #1

Collabor88 is “another” discount shop on the grid. Well, I really love those shops! Collabor88: everything revolves around the number “8″. Most things cost L$ 88, every 8th one month the collection will change. With Truth, [elikatira] and .ILLUSORY. (mention for examples), drinkinstein sorbet (head of the label Sea Hole) has some really great labels around ! Visit Collabor88 now and learn to love the number 8 ! ***teleport to Collabor88*** skin from Illusory (each skintone L$ 88)
hair from [elikatira] (each hairpack L$ 88)
dress from Grixdale (goodbye-bigpack, comes with dresses and makeups ! – L$ 88)

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Melon in the woods

I would like to go on record now saying it was very hard to resist making jokes about melons and hooters. I mean I am wearing a melon colored dress with an owl on it and an owl necklace. That is will power people! Anyway this is my look for this weeks color, melon. Though to be fair there is a fair amount of brown and green squeezing in there as well. Oh well I am going to run before all the cheesy puns that are building up inside me start flowing, but here is another picture before I go.....


Dress: JANE - cindy lou who dress.melon/truffle
Socks: Grixdale - Antique - Sock Set - Vintage
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mochi Hair - Gingerbread
Necklace: Lolapop! Nostalgia Necklace - Silver Metal
Skin: *L*Luna - Toffee - Bell
Eyeshadow(tattoo): Lolapop! Jacqueline Eyeshadow Tattoo
Lipstick(tattoo): *L* [Luna]Lipstick_Vamp
Lashes (prim): KOSH- NO ALPHA LASHES V8
Lashes (tattoo): L.Fauna Lashes [False]
Eyes: .ID. Spring Eyes - Wet Sand

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