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hair – truth – skin – pink fuel top – epic @ Going Bust – horns – epic @ Perfect Wardrobe- chainsaw – epic @ Grenade Free Wednesday – necklace – blah @ Perfect Wardrobe – shorts – forever reckless @ the azz show – socks & tattoo – chary –  eyes – dead apples – phantom –  brows – TSG hip chain & scarf –…

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Grenade-Free Wednesday is Filled with Love

Hello lovelies! Guess what tomorrow is? Yes it’s that mushy gushy day of the year call Valentine’s Day. And Grenade-Free Wednesday is just in time for you to get those last minute items for that special day. This round is fully of wonderful designs just to fit these theme. Go check them out before the […]

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01 Blah Blah Blah – dress, 49L

Grenade-Free Wednesdays are Such a Blast

Happy Hump Day! Every Wednesday over at the Jersey Shore sim they have Grenade-Free Wednesdays where one item for the day only is 100L or less at participating stores. Be sure to check it out lots and lots to be seen and not to want to be missed. Happy Hump Day Shopping, Addy and Dani […]

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01 Blah Blah Blah - corset/jeans, 49L each

Grenade-Free Wednesday is a Hoot

Happy Wednesday! We hope everyone is having an awesome week so far and is excited we finally made it to the hump. Jersey Shore is ready for today with Grenade-Free Wednesdays where everything is 100L or less for today only. There are lots of great items for you to go take a gander at and […]

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01 Apparence - skin, 99L

Grenade-Free Wednesday Falls In

Hey lovelies! Happy Hump Day! Sorry this post is a little late today. Second Life had some issues and you know how that goes. But it’s time for another fabulous round of Grenade Free Wednesday! This week features everything from cute outfits, to fall stuff, to costumes to get ready for Halloween coming up in […]

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01 Axlpro Fashion - boots, 80L

Grenade-Free Wednesday on Thursday!

Good afternoon lovelies! Guess what! It’s Thursday and Grenade-Free Wednesday decided to give us another whole day of awesome specials! Thank you GFW! So just being short and sweet, there are so many great designs this round so take a peek and run down and get yours for this round of GFW. Happy Shopping! ❥ […]

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01 Crush - outfit, 90L

Grenade Free Wednesday

Howdy y’all!! Today is Wednesday that means another Grenade Free Wednesday down at the Jersey Shore sim! There is a lot of participating stores this week with a little bit of everything from mesh to gestures. Everything is 100L or less for today only, so I would get your purse and throw on some shoes […]

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01 Beyond the Stars Designs - dress, 75L

Grenade Free Wednesday Got Shrunk

Not that the size of the sim has changed, or the amount of stores calling the sim home, but the list of participating stores this week seems fairly small in comparison to some weeks when there is a monster of a line-up. All the items that are out though, fit the usual Jersey Shore awesome […]

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01 Nani Poses – pose prop, 75L

Grenade Free Wednesday, Mid-Week Shopping.

Grenade Free Wednesday time again, I swear I don’t know where the time is going… In 6 months time we will be heading fast on the run up to Christmas LOL, it’s insane! Anyway, lol enough talk about that, GFW has some AWESOME stuff this week! I had to have the copy from CandyDoll and […]

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01 Sugar & Cyanide – dress, 90L

Giant Grenade Free Wednesday

GFW GOT HUGE THIS WEEK!!!! There are so many stores taking part in the line-up this week that I don’t think I remember seeing it this big since I have been covering it! 34 Stores have items out for the GFW, all of these are 100L or LESS! Clothes and Shoes and Jewellery take over, […]

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01 SHUSH – outfit, 90L

New Faces at Grenade Free Wednesday

GFW seems to have a few more new stores taking part this week, the sim is ever changing and stores seem to be springing up ALL OVER THE PLACE, it’s like there is a store growth hormone or something in the waters there. The stores are springing up like the veggies are beginning to appear […]

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01 Gloxx – dress, 90L

And we can’t be together, Until we realize that we are the same..

You spurn my natural emotionsIt makes me feel like dirtAnd I’m hurtIf I start a commotionI run the risk of losing youAnd that’s worseA few freebs, gifts and the like to show you guys tonight :) ~la, la la ~  Worn in Photo: Hair – Ex…

Grenade Free Wednesday Got HUGE!!!

Once again it is GFW time, seriously where does the time go, and OH MY LIFE GFW IS HUGE THIS WEEK!!! 30 Stores on the Jersey Shore have jumped into the line-up, some of the old Jersey Shore favourites are there, but also a ton of new stores have taken up residence on the Shore. […]

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01 Loordes of London – boots, 50L

Grenade Free Wednesday Got Rainbowified!

Rainbows have taken over GFW this week as a lot of the stores seem to be heading into their Summer Colours… YAY the bright and bold colours have come out to play finally and this week’s line up will really brighten any wardrobe!! Lots of awesome stuff for 100L or less!!! Enjoy Rudh xxx Grenade […]

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01 Sour Apple - bodysuit, 90L

Going To Jersey Shore On Grenade Free Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing… MID-WEEK SHOPPING FIX! There is, as always, a lot of variety of things on offer at Jersey Shore for GFW. I am in love with the tops from Crash Republic, you will most likely see me wearing those sometime soon I am sure hehe, oh and […]

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01 Sparrowtree Studios – pose sets, 100L each

Grenade Free Wednesday, A Good Day For Shopping!

There is lots going on down at the Jersey Shore today! A hunt started yesterday, but there will be more on that from us a little later, but there is also another round of the fab Grenade Free Wednesday event. This round has not got a lot of stores participating this week, it is smaller […]

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01 Sparrowtree Studios – pose sets, 50L each

Grenade Free Wednesday’s Short Line-Up

The list of stores in GFW seems to be pretty short this week! Maybe it is because people are off enjoying the sunshine, or maybe people are still trying to get over an over-indulgence in chocolate during the past few days, or maybe people are getting ready for the upcoming hunt that starts on the […]

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01 Misera – tattoo, 99L

Grenade Free Wednesday and April Showers

It has been raining here for me, and looks like the sky is set ready to do so again, but that’s ok because I can get my shopping fix by wandering around the Jersey Shore where the sun is shining and the GFW Prices are all less than 100L. Plenty of bargains to be had […]

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01 Misera – dresses/hat, 75L each

you go, glen coco~

one of my favorite lines from a movie… inspired a shirt that i’ve had, sitting in my inventory, for god knows how long… …and i rediscovered it today && *had* to blog it. live every day like you’re glen coco… a mantra everyone should practice. truer words have never been spoken. ;p i’m wearing the […]

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Grenade Free Wednesday Humpday Happiness

It’s Wednesday, it’s Humpday (though I never really knew why people called it that!) and yes it is time for some serious Grenade Free Wednesday Shopping at Jersey Shore… There are tons of bargains from many stores that will have you grabbing for your purses and buying all kinds of things! The selection is varied […]

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01 Sparrowtree Studios – pose props, 100L each