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My Favorite Things for SPRING-SALE!

It's been awhile since I did a fave things post and since we're having a humongous SALE all weekend at Sn@tch, I thought I'd share some of my faves from the past few months that are all perfect for SPRING! These are the things I made that I go back to wear again and again!

 So come check out the deals at Sn@tch through Monday! Fatpacks of all the colors in your size for 135L and LESS. Look for the little globes scattered around the store and get even BIGGER discounts on selected fatpacks. Here's your RIDE to Sn@tch!

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The Sn@tcheteria is Open and it’s Hot in here!

We just did a little re-decorating at the Sn@tch Main Store! Put in some lights, a dance floor a disco ball and the Sn@tcheteria Sale Disco has begun! Almost EVERYTHING at Sn@tch is Half Price or lower through Monday Jan. 26th! Bring some friends, dance, do a riot and listen to bad 70s dance music!  There are fab deals all over the store mixed in with regular sale stuff. You can really find some big bargains.
Ohh and we have a special too this week, some sexy lace topped stockings for only $50L! 

Come see us soon at Sn@tch!

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Sn@tch at My Slink Obsession!

Heyyy sweet peoples! Little extra posr today! If you have anything SLINK this is for you! A new Monthly event called My Slink Obsession opens today and it's full of everything Slink related! Appliers and Enhancements galore and lots of poses and shoes too! Tons of designers all released new items specifically for SLink wearers and ALL are half price or lower! (some, like ME, include other mesh body part appliers as well!)
Sn@tch has three new things there for half price as well as a FREE STOCKINGS GIFT so get your pretty mesh butts down there when you have a little time to shop! Here are the pics and a list of the designers in this month's round!

List of Participating Designers:
A:S:SAdam n EveBliensen + MaiTaiFlairFrogstar*~*HopScotch*~*IngenueIzzie’sKoiKoiL.Warwick Handmade ShoesMiseriaPretenserockCandySn@tchSomniaStellarSYSY’sThe {Wicked} PeachVanity PosesYS&YS
And here is a RIDE to SLINK WEST! We'll see you there!

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Summer Sale Sn@tch!

Yes it's that time again - Summer Sale time at Sn@tch!!!!!  If there was something you always had your eye on, then now is the perfect time to run on in and pick it up for at least 50% - 75% off.  There's even some bigger discounts hiding instore for you to hunt out and find.  This sale runs till July 28th and excludes new releases, giftcards, already discounted items and Marketplace.  Grab the Taxi to Sn@tch...get motoring!  Here's just a few of my fav items that you will save big lindens on....

Ava Swimsuit
Paula Ribbed Dress
Ally Halter Dress
Illora Outfit
Sorcha Sequin Sweater and Sammi Velvet Mini
Palazzo Bianco

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The Sn@tch is on Fire!

It's A HOT HOT Summer day and what could be more fun than a cold drink & the Sn@tch Summer Clearance Sale.50% to 75% off almost everything in the main store! A few New specials too, Riots and NEW Lucky Board things so come over soon and get the best deals of the year on some new SN@TCH!

 It's seriously crazy. Fatpacks of clothes including Mesh for under $135L Some as low as $25 L.! Check out Sn@tch NOW and get all those outfits you've been wanting. Now is the time to use your gift cards on sale items and get double the value!
  Through Monday, July 28th, we have the best deals of the year so far! Take advantage of these fantastic prices and see why YOUR Sn@tch is one of Second Life's favorite discount alternative, casual, gothic and clubwear clothing stores!

Here's a Lift to Sn@tch

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Think Outside the Sn@tch

Think Outside the Box used to be our official tagline. I think I need to bring that back lol it's a good one. NEW releases today at the Sn@tch Main Store and they're prettiful. Check out the pics below and come over soon! We'd love to have you!
   And don't forget we have a NEW Fishing Outfit this week too! Bring your 7 Seas fishing pole and fish for all the parts to make this sexy outfit for FREE!

Here's your ride to Sn@tch!

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Sn@tch is the Best Part of the Day

The Wednesday Specials at Sn@tch are all ready for ya: a Woeful Wednesday Mani/Pedi, New Riot Vendor Items, and a NEW Fishing Outfit in Purples! Come on over and see and don't miss out on these Sn@tchtastic Deals!
These 2  sets of Nails and Toenails are for Slink Mesh Hands and only $50 L this week for Woeful Wednesday!
New Riot Vendor things are ready too. Bring some friends over, gather around the Vendors and drop the prices to rock bottom on these 3 adorable outfits!
There's a brand new Fishing Outfit and it's purple and wicked sexy! I wore this combo in a store poster and I've had so many people ask about it, it was time to put it together officially. Pretty Poison comes with 22 parts including Latex Lingerie, Mesh Tank, Ribbed System Tank, Leggings, Boots and all the Mesh body part applier huds I could make lol. Fish for all the parts for FREE or you can just purchase it from the wall over the fish tank :)))
So come to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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The Sn@tch Never Sleeps

I really do, I just do it during the day lately it seems LOL. New Specials today at Sn@tch
One of my most requested tops is now in a fatpack of colors with Wowmeh and Lolas Tango Huds too and only $69 L this week!
There are new things in the Riot Vendors too!
So come over to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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Maxium Sn@tch, Zero Calories!

The New Releases are all over the wall at Sn@tch NOW, you can't miss em lol. Hot new heels, corsets, shorts, halter tops, dresses and stuff! Yes you heard me, stuff. Come see for yourself! Dare ya -wink-

 And don't forget the special this week. Huge pack of striped socks with Slink and Ghetto Booty Huds only $50 L while it lasts! 
That's it for now! I'll see ya again on Wednesday with new specials for you!
Til then, come to Sn@tch Soon and SEE what's NEW!

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You Can Do It, Sn@tch Can Help!

Lots to see today at Sn@tch! There is a New Sn@tch-n-Grab Special, New Riot Vendor things & a NEW Fishing Outfit, Check out the pics below for all the details. Link at the bottom!
This set of 12 striped kneesocks with SLink mesh feet hud is only $50 L all this week. Come get some!
There's a NEW Fishing outfit today too and it's all in greens and blues. Summer Sneaks In comes with 23 pieces to fish for including two system tops & denim corset, mesh full length skirt, system capri pants, earrings, necklace, belly ring, Lolas Tango and Ghetto Booty Huds and pretty Sandals for Slink flat mesh feet. Collect em all!
And the Riot Vendors have NEW things inside too. These three items below can be had for loose change if enough people gather around and make the prices drop!
 So if you get a wild hare, come over to Sn@tch soon and see what's NEW! 

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Yummy New Sn@tch!

If you have been hiding under a rock and missed the latest releases from Sn@tch, here is your catch up post full of the latest yummy releases from this amazing store!  Be sure to swing on in and shop till you drop!

Melody Eyelet Dress
Maxie Ruffled Top and Shelly Suede Pants
Poppy Platform Sandals (for Slink Mid Feet)
Lady Killer Strappy Platform Sandals (for Slink Mid Feet) - Sn@tch and Grab Special this week!!!
Viva Dita @ World Goth Fair
Shanghai Corset @ World Goth Fair

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My Hot New Sn@tch

I'm sharing some of the amazing Sn@tch releases from the past couple of weeks.  If you're looking for something cute and casual or sexy and dressy, you'll find the perfect something to wear instore now!  And there's even nails for your Slink hands to compliment your outfits!  So make some room in your inventory and run on in to Sn@tch now and get shopping!

Stormy Calico Mini Dress
Tasha Metallic Babydoll Prom Dress
Baby Firefly Star Tank
Ika Ruffled String Halter Top
Gold Tipped Nails - Pastels (for Slink Hands)
Vamp Gloss Nails - Intense (for Slink Hands)

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We’re Sn@tch People

I know SL seems to be all wonky today but we managed to get NEW SPECIALS up at Sn@tch LOL. This cute and simple set of mesh capris and sheer tanks is only $69 L today!
We just loaded New Riots and a NEW Fishing Outfit too! 25 parts to fish for to get this sexy retro set. Make your way through the data soup with your 7 Seas pole and come see us soon! 
I hope the fog clears soon for everybody and here's a ride to Sn@tch for ya!

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It’s the last Night!

The Sn@tch Spring Sale is almost over but there are a few more hours to get some tasty deliciousness for your avatar before it's done! Here are some of my fave things that are on sale just to get your juices flowing (so to speak lol) All fatpacks* are between $35 L and $150 L right now!
There's only a few hours left so come over before you miss it!Taxi to Sn@tch

*Sale does not include New Releases, Gift Cards, Items already discounted or Marketplace  

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Saving Big on Sn@tch

It's sale time again at Sn@tch with huge discounts and savings to be found on everything - excluding new releases, giftcards, already discounted items and Marketplace.

Run on in and snap up some wonderful savings.  I sure did, and you will too.  It's time to grab all the Sn@tch goodness you have had missing from your life!

Vixen Slinky Halter Gown
Dionne Silk Floral Wrap Dress
Debra Sequin Crepe Camisole and Miranda Suede Leggings
Esther Eyelet Ruffled Top and Ferocious Denim and Leather Capris
Andie Ribbed Sweater and Isla Velvet Ruffle Skirt

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Because So Much is Riding on Your Sn@tch

The Sn@tch Wall has New Releases on it today! 

 And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special is still available. Only $69 L this week!
 So come on over to Sn@tch Today and See What's NEW!

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My Favourite Sn@tch

Well it's been a while since I have showen off some of the awesomeness out at Sn@tch at the moment.  Here are just some of my favourites from the past few weeks.  Be sure to check them out!

Talia Lace Tank and Talia Ruffle Skirt (sold seperately)
Hannah Party Dress
Trina the Temp
Dharma Suede Tank and Rae Belted Miniskirt
Jasmine Silk Jacket and Ione Sheer Bodysuit
Avec Fifi

Be sure to look for these cute little arrows instore.  They are pointing out some special savings on some great stuff!  There's even a freebie hiding in there somewhere...although I couldn't find it!  Don't forget to check upstairs and downstairs and enjoy some great Sn@tch at discounted prices!
There's also a new fishing outfit this week.  Have fun fishing for all 22 parts needed to create these awesome outfits!

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Sn@tch Specials Will Have you in the PINK!

 We have a NEW Sn@tch-n-Grab Special today! This set of 4 mesh silk skirts and 4 system bikini tops make a gorgeous dancing girl costume for only $69 L!
There's a NEW Fishing Outfit too with 22 parts to fish for FREE. Just bring your 7 Seas pole!Outfit includes 2 Tops. Latex Corset, Sequin Hotpants, Mesh Leopard Skinny Jeans, Fishnets, Boots, Jewelry, Makeup and Ghetto Booty and Lolas Tango Huds!
I also refilled the Riot Vendors with new nhings so come to Sn@tch soon and don't miss these DEALS!

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One Sn@tch at a Time!

New Things on the wall today at Sn@tch!

And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special is still available for only $75 L!
 That's all from the Sn@tch Factory today LOL I'm ready to settle into something comfy (yet still stylish) and kill some zombies or aliens or whatever runs at me hehehe. I hope you have a perfect week and come over soon as you get a few! Til next week, be sweet to each other!

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Sn@tch…Because You’re Worth It

The Sn@tch-n-grab is to show love for my new booty lol and I wanted some fun funky capris to play in. This set of system layer, sexy denim super low-rise capris with leather and leopard trim come in 8 colors with a Ghetto Booty Hud too! All for only $75 L this week!
The Riot Vendors are re-packed with some pastels and my fave boots! This sweater set and skirt set were designed together so they match pretty perfectly and I wear these boots constantly, they're my ab faves! AND they are totally unisex! Bring some friends over and get the prices down fast to get the best deal!
 The Fishing Outfit is up for one more week and it's Just PEACHY lol sorry, that just tickles me ;)
That's the sitch today! I hope you're having a beautiful week and getting ready for spring! I have lots of plans including getting to some customer wish lists, original mesh and fitted mesh, making socks and gloves and more nails for SLink stuff and some fun brights for the new season! Looking forward to sharing it all with you soon!… Read the rest