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Skadi at Gothmas by Gaslight

Skadi, the goddess of winter, mountains, skiing and bow-hunting, is celebrating her season with an appropriately festive outfit. Her gown is dark for she has been often associated with darkness, the nature’s long rest. It is decorated with glittering snowflakes, the falling sources of light in the night. She might not go skiing or hunting […]

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December 2014
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Persephone at Gothmas by Gaslight

Persephone, the bride of Hades, easily encompasses the purity of snow and the dark vines reaching for her, blooming in red. She carries her vulnerability and wounds with pride, drawing strength from her position as the compromise between life and death, the delicate balance of winter’s stillness and the promise of summer. The roses she […]

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Justine for A Tattered Page

“Justine shook her head mournfully. “I do not fear to die,” she said; “that pang is past. I leave a sad and bitter world; and if you remember me, and think of me as of one unjustly condemned, I am resigned to the fate awaiting me.” – Frankenstein, chapter 8 Justine consists of three separate pieces […]

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Autumn Princess

The Xiasumi School Festival opened today and Bauhaus Movement is there with some awesome pose props called Leaves & Bokeh. Just wear the prop and you have some awesome poses with leaves and bokeh sure to make your Autumn pictures more beautifu…

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A Time Before Gown for A Clockwork Spiral

  A Time Before is a vintage inspired gown that combines several enticing elements in it. The deco styled fabric of the skirt is partially covered by delightfully gothic skull patterned brocade, held together by a row of feminine ribbons in the back. The corset top surprises with its adventurous leather strap lacing. The whole […]

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[LeeZu!] Aurora Gown

On 26th August 2014 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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[LeeZu!] epitomises iconic regal elegance with her NEW Aurora Gown. A tantalizing tribute to the Goddess of dawn in true sirenesque style. Embossed luxury silks plunge deep into waves of exquisite lace, revealing fathoms of cleavage that would bring a …

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Glamming It Up In GizzA And DE Designs

Get ready to glam up the grid in some gorgeous new dresses from two fabulous stores, DE Designs and GizzA Creations.  Whether your look is classic, fun or avant garde, there is something for you here!Dark and sexy, yet still classicly stylish, Thy…

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Avril is the quintessential goth lady: strong in her colours, dark in her preferences. The webs she weaves in her life are beautifully detailed and meticulously perfected. The luxurious velvet gown holds an official air while still being luscious on skin and a comfort to wear. The sheer web sleeves are delicate, but enduring: woven […]

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Love Theme Park in the Air!

Just bouncing through to share some yummy stuff from a couple of fabulous events on at the moment. First up is some gorgeousness from GizzA. The Rosy Gown is just breathtaking. Skin tight rose pink molds around the body flowing down to a confection …

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Kakia Vienna Gown & Wedding Dress in Second Life & InWorldz

 **Gown Available in Second Life and InWorldzKakia White Vienna GownSlink: FEMALE Mesh Hands Oceane Makeup: Jelly Bean Silver Soda EyeshadowTameless Hair:  Dusti Naturals BlondChop Zuey Couture Jewellery: I AM Shiva Gauri SetSkin: Bellez…

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[LeeZu!] Saphire Gown

On 28th December 2013 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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Fusing, delicious heirloom elegance of by-gone Belles and a tingling touch of shabby chic the NEW [LeeZu!] Saphire Gown, with criss-cross pleated bodice, nipped in waistline and an array of beautiful Victorian bustles is pure vintage magic. A mastery o…

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Meet Anita~Azul’s Newest Release

  STYLECARD Dress~Azul~Anita~Amethyst **NEW RELEASE** Skin~Lara Hurley~Mia natural~Tan **NEW TO ME (TYSM ARADIA!!)** Eyes~IKON~Vanity Eyes~Lavender (M) **NEW TO ME (TYSM ARADIA!!)** Jewelry Set~Zuri Rayna~Enchanted Spider Elite Collection Remember group members, wear your tags at time of purchase to receive your … Continue reading

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Adore & Abhor 5 Year Anniversary Event

Adore & Abhor is celebrating five years of creation in Second Life with a special event including several friends of the designer.  Items to be found at this “party” include clothing, accessories, hair, shapes, poses, furniture and decor.  The event began today, March 16th, and will run through April 16th. Teleport to Adore & Abhor […]

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Baroque gown brings you enticing floral design to wrap around your body, the slight sheen of satin accentuating the feminine silhouette. The shining fabric draws the eye to it just to keep the attention on studying the subtle patterns. This is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. In addition to the five […]

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Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising is a full length gown that will enhance your movements with its high sheen smooth satin, mimicking liquid metal covering every curve for emphasized effect. This look will always stand out, whether you go for bolder colours or more classic monochrome options. This is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. […]

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Designer Showcase – January Collection

Designer Showcase has a brand new collection with items featuring clothing, jewelry, skin and shapes.  Each month designers place out items at no more than 100L each; the collections remain out the entire month which gives you plenty of time to teleport in and grab the items you want. Teleport to Designer Showcase Happy shopping♥ […]

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01 LIV-Glam - mesh clothing, 99L


Gothmas brings you festive spirit of slightly darker kind: soft velvet draped around your figure, full length dress of more royal composure and patterns that draw the eye to follow their paths along your body. The loose sleeved burnout dress has a mermaid-styled skirt and can make you a queen of any holiday party. This […]

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PE gothmas poser new


Morticia is gothic elegance at its best, just like her namesake. The beautiful scrollwork motif traces the edges of your velvet-clad curves, accentuating them while still keeping the whole look royal and dignified. This is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. In addition to the five standard sizes there are also two […]

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PE morticia poster new

Bliss Couture Gowns and Dresses Sale

Starting December 15th and continuing through December 26th, Bliss Couture will be having a 50% off sale on all gowns and dresses.  All items except mesh are transferable; if you have a friend who loves Bliss Couture, or formal in general, this would be the perfect opportunity to snag a Christmas item for her. Teleport […]

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Catching Emo-tions!

Time to catch up on a few weeks of new releases of fabulous hair and clothing from Emo-tions.   Btw there is a new group gift available in store now!!!  So run in and check out Emo-tions this weekend and save in the $99 Sale on Now!!!!! First…

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