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Dead Matte

Dead Matte provides an alternative to our lusciously rich and shiny lipsticks. The matte finish is professional, almost understated, but still undeniably strong in all of our usual gothic colours. These are one of the absolute must-haves and staples for your … Continue reading

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Viva La Sn@tch!

I assumed Sn@tch was a feminine noun LOL New Releases are up on the wall, YAY. Pastels, lacey femine things (seeeee told ya) and some sexy full outfits and cute separates today. There are peeeektures below and they need your eyeballs on em ;)And the Sp…

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Vapor v2

…you know I’ll cross this ocean just to be with you…. A necklace to remind you of a loved one far away, Vapor creates half an infinity symbol, balanced by two teardrop shaped gemstones. A fully formed infinity resides in the center, as a pivot. This is an updated version of the original model and […]

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Sn@tch Specials Will Have you in the PINK!

 We have a NEW Sn@tch-n-Grab Special today! This set of 4 mesh silk skirts and 4 system bikini tops make a gorgeous dancing girl costume for only $69 L!There’s a NEW Fishing Outfit too with 22 parts to fish for FREE. Just bring your 7 Seas pole!Ou…

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Avril is the quintessential goth lady: strong in her colours, dark in her preferences. The webs she weaves in her life are beautifully detailed and meticulously perfected. The luxurious velvet gown holds an official air while still being luscious on skin and a comfort to wear. The sheer web sleeves are delicate, but enduring: woven […]

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One Sn@tch at a Time!

New Things on the wall today at Sn@tch!And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special is still available for only $75 L! That’s all from the Sn@tch Factory today LOL I’m ready to settle into something comfy (yet still stylish) and kill some zombies or aliens or wh…

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Poet’s Heart @ Saviad Tiger Alley

There’s a tiny touch of darkness within the purest of good, just like there’s a weak glimpse of light in the blackest of hearts. Then there’s the delicate balance between the dark and the light, the good and the evil. Eternal in Dark Light is an gothic influenced gown for Tiger Alley in Saviad Spring […]

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Lady Luck feels grim

The wretched cold has still not let go of me, so I won’t ramble long today, aside from cursing my ill luck, which decided to hit me with this whatever-virus just when it’s the time of “Las Fallas”, the annual carnival in my hometown. I’m more sad than angry, though, because next year this time […]

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DE Designs – Thyri with Fitted Mesh

Thyri is one of those designs that I consider a crossover style. It has that dark sexy look but also has a sophisticated stylish side. Three colors available as well as a discounted multipack. Fitted Mesh as well as the traditional 5 Sizes. Alpha layer and Alpha textures included. Demo Available Get it here In [...]

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DE Thyri Blog

Dominion Nails

Dominion makes a sharp point of strength, of uncompromising lines of certainty. The black center is emphasized by various luscious colour options underneath it, visible on the nail sides. The tiny pearls decorate and cross the differences, binding the two … Continue reading

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A Little Sn@tch on the Side

Loads of New Hot Releases today on the Wall at Sn@tch Including Sexy Bustiers, Slinky Lace, Hot Floral Leggings and a Wicked Skirt Outfit. I also made some SLink Nail Huds this week too! Check em out!Hope you find something you LOVE! Come over and See …

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Black Celebration at Slink West

Beautiful Freak has branched to Slink West, the new centralized location for all Slink appliers. To celebrate the occasion in fittingly gothic style, there’s a new release on spot: Black Celebration nails for half the price! These nails are a … Continue reading

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Lucrezia Top & Skirt

Lucrezia tops and skirts were first released in Gothmas by Gaslight and they have now arrived to both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace for your shopping pleasure. The Lucrezia shirt gives an illusion of warmth with its long sleeves while still teasing the eye with the deliciously sheer fabric, designed to draw the […]

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Originally released as a gacha at Gothmas by Gaslight, now also available as a fatpack in both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace. The gacha itself is also available in the Main Store if you want to try your luck and want just one. There’s nine commons and three rare prizes. Gacha is L25 per […]

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lacey gothbrella

Lace Chemise & Plaid Mini Skirt

The lace chemises and plaid minis were first released in Gothmas by Gaslight and they have now arrived to both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace for your shopping pleasure. The lace chemise is an alluring combination of sheer mesh top, backed up with garment layers underneath. There’s two garment layers included so the amount […]

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Poisonous Friend v2

“Sometimes I watch her kill  Cold eyes and no restraint…” Carry around your own Poisonous Friend with this release from House of Rain. Each piece features a bejeweled spider on a delicate web to keep you company, and everyone else on their toes! Poisonous Friend is perfect jewelry for all the friends of spiders, whether […]

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Have You Driven a Sn@tch Lately?

I know, that title is almost crossing the line of good taste LOL but pushing boundaries can be fun! LOL The New Releases at Sn@tch are on the wall now and the Twisted Hunt/Magick has begun too! These sexy jean capris are the Sn@tch-n-Grab special …

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Futurewave Releases Now Available

Futurewave has phased out for a year and the event releases are available in both the main store and Marketplace. This includes the lipsticks Liquid Metal, Banded Metal, Heavy Metal and the Slink nail polishes Binary, Mainframe and Galaxy, as … Continue reading

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One Sn@tch to Rule Them All

Sometimes these titles just make me giggle LOL. There are fresh pretties on the wall and all they need to be hotter is YOU. Come over to the Sn@tch main store to see what’s NEW today!  And Don’t forget the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special This week! Thi…

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Dressage For Success – A Twisted Hunt Gift

A friend of mine on plurk was pining for the Fjords while lamenting the lack of Dressage suits for men in Second Life.  I was vaguely aware that people riding in horse competitions wear something that looks a bit like a tuxedo with knee high boots, and it’s just the sort of thing I enjoy … Continue reading »

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