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Perhaps You Had Wings All Along

The difference between falling and flying is very small and for a great amount of time non-existent. Perhaps the biggest difference lies in faith, in trust. Perhaps if you truly believe you can fly, your fall will become a flight. Perhaps it teaches you to feel for others struggling to fly, for either their environment chaining them earthbound or their fear locking them down. Perhaps it lights the warmth of empathy, of recognition, kindles your fingertips with mercy and encouragement. Maybe the fall will cease to frighten you if you stop staring down, stop estimating the distance to ground, to the moment when your shivering reflection meets your helpless form. Maybe if you look up instead, at the endless skies, endless opportunities, the fear will let go and loosen its grip. Perhaps in that moment of being embraced by the open sky you finally realize you had wings all along. The absolutely stunning wings by ClaVv are an exclusive prize in The Epiphany, meaning you can purchase them with the points you’ve redeemed from the gacha prizes you got from the event.… Read the restangel2cs



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gO For Gorgeous!

Just a quickie with the gorgeous new releases from !gO! that you neeeeeed in your Second Life!

Dryad - this stunning top and skirt will bring out your inner nymph and add a touch of magic to your SL.  It is out in three versions now at The Fantasy Collective.  Hair - Lola from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Lila Bikini and Lila Shirt - sold separately, these come in a range of colours for you to have fun mixing and matching to create your favourite summer look.  Look for them in the !gO! Mainstore now, with one colour at 50% off for a limited time.  Hair - Tomoe from Argrace.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

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The Fantasy Collective Goes Woodland!

Calling all Elves and Fairies, Nymphs and Satyrs, and all lovers of fantasy, The Fantasy Collective has opened its doors for July with some incredible goodies from the Woodlands!  You have until doors close on this fantasyland on August 15th to skip on in and shop till you drop! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to The Fantasy Collective < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Go Gladiator at The Secret Affair!

The Secret Affair has gone back to a time when the ancient Gods were worshipped and gladiators were the superstars of the day.  Be sure to stop in and enjoy a blast from the very distant past.

Roman Tunic from Cellar Door - a sexy tunic in a choice of colours that comes with the leggings.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.

Antiope from !gO! - bring out your inner slave girl or warrior with this uber sexy set.  Hair - Hortensia from Tableau Vivant,  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.

Minerva Set from May's Soul - this set can be worn on the back, or separately with the spear on the back and shield in hand.  Hair - Miriam from Elua.

Aphrodite (gacha item) from Aisling - I swear these gachas see me coming and chortle in glee.  This set comes in three colour versions and has two rares - head and chest pieces, and three common pieces in each colour - bracelets, bra and panties/belt.  Hair - Hotaru from Argrace.  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.Read the rest

Enter the Arena at The Secret Affair!

The Secret Affair wants you to fight!   This Roman Colosseum themed round has it all: apparel, accessories, decor and plenty more!  Catch a chariot (cross the bridge and take the teleporter beside the lion!) and hurry, this round will only be around until August 14th! Eden Teleport to The Secret Affair MIA: Pure Poison, Peqe, The Forge, Sweet Poison & On A Lark < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Lontano dagli Occhi, Lontano dal Cuore

Hair: Treena – Damselfly @ Fameshed (until July 28) Necklace: Pearls Of Wisdom – Junbug @ Fameshed (until July 28) Dress: Felina NEW (L$ 188) – !gO! … and don’t forget to grab the new Felina group gift! :D

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A Day at the Beach

Hair: Nakia – Damselfly @ The Fantasy Collective (until July 10) Dress: Hela (L$ 188) NEW – !gO! Sunglasses and bag “A day at the beach” by StormCrow Design’s @ Color Me Project (until July 4) Sandals: Wedge Sandals Tokio – StormCrow Design’s @ Color Me Project (until July 4) Location: Baja Cove

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On sunshine

!go!  Rain dress

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In the dark

Hair    Magika   Lemon

Dress    !gO! Felina - Lilac
Shoes    .:KC:.  Couture   Milano shoes

Poses   from furniture  Trompe loeil

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I Wish I Could Live in a Fairytale

Hair: F043 – cheveux Dress: Telimena (Garden) – !gO! @ We <3 RolePlay! (until June 28) Location: Blossom Land

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Strolling the grounds

I have escaped, even if is is only for a short period of time. I get so tired of all these dances that my mother insists on throwing in hopes of marrying me of to some suitable man of means. I am more than just some pretty creature for some over stuffed aristocrat to have on his arm and bear his children. Don't get my wrong I am not against marriage, but I want it to be for love, not because it will be beneficial to my family's standing in this community.

I should probably return indoors before my father sends someone out to fetch me. If only I could be like one of the swans that swims in our pond. Free to fly where ever, but also finding a partner for life.

Gown: !gO! Telimena - Heaven ( at We <3 Roleplay)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Belladonna Crystal Beaded Choker
Hair: ::Exile::Full Of Grace (at Collabor88)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Skin: -Glam Affair - Romy skin - Base ( Jamaica )
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Poses: an lar [poses] The Beauty Series

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Listening To The Waves

Dress and Hat: Derby Day NEW – !gO! Shoes: Poppy Booties Leather NEW – BAX

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What Is Your Favourite?

Hair: Norah (25% discounted) – Damselfly @ We <3 RolePlay! (until June 28) Outfit: Marina (pants and top) NEW – !gO! Shoes: Valeria Platform (for Slink and TMP) NEW – Bens Boutique Location: Dolly

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On The !gO!

On 5th June 2015 · By Jordan Whitt · With Leave a comment
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There are some really gorgeous new releases out from !gO! right now that are just yum!  No matter what your taste in fashion is, there will be something for you.

Felina - a stunning lace overlayed flapper inspired dress available in a selection of lovely colours.  It can be found at the !gO! Mainstore.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair with Sweetlips 01 from PXL.  Hair - Effects from LeLutka.

Telimena - colourful and gorgeous, this corset and skirt set will become one of your favourites.  It's available in three colours at We <3 Role Play now.  Skin - Katra  with Cleo Lipstick from Glam Affair.  Hair - Upshaw from Tableau Vivant.

Rain Underskirt - a semi sheer slip dress that includes two in each pack, its perfect for those rainy day pictures.  It is out at the !gO! Mainstore now - with one pack half price!  Skin - Amberley II from Glam Affair.  Hair - Hikari from Argrace.

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We Love Role-Play is All New!

We Love Role-Play is finally here! Your favorite, and the number one, fantasy event has finally opened for this brand new round! You can come get all these brand new sale exclusives before June 30, and before everything for this round is gone! So what are you waiting for?! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: Algeria, DeviousMind, Eldritch, Empyrean Forge, Trap Teleport to We Love Role-Play < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Let It Fill My Soul And Drown My Fears

Skin: Lady Of Shadows Coal (Rare) – Fallen Gods Inc. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (until June 5)
I am wearing it on the TMP mesh face and  body
Check Alia blog for more informations about all the prizes :D Hair: Vedma – eXxEsS Outfit: Moth White – !gO! @ The Secret Affair (until June 14) Pose: Del May Location: LEA29

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The Pearl

The location is Odyssey Pearl Temple, Fallen Gods Inc. creation presented at the Fantasy Faire 2015. Check Alia Baroque blog to know more informations about his superb creations. Skin: Lady Of Shadows Ivory (Rare) – Fallen Gods Inc. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (until June 5)
I am wearing it on the TMP mesh face and  body
Check Alia blog for more informations about all the prizes :D Hair: Locklynn Damselfly @ The Liaison Collaborative (until June 10) Tiara: Invert NEW – Finesmith Apron: Drow Girl Black (Rare) – !gO! @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (until June 5) Pose: Del May

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Tea Time

Hair: JunaEMO-tions @ On9 (until May 28) Overall: Picnic Overall denim.dark NEW – !gO! Don’t forget to grab the overall group gift, check it here :D Wrap: Picnic Wrap Turquoise NEW – !gO! Location: The Endless Season

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The Necromancer’s Call

One of my favorite skin designers is Fallen Gods, Inc and when I saw the Nekromantia gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, I immediately knew that this was the photo I wanted to take using it.  This particular skin is the Lord of the Shadows (Coal)* skin.  In addition, I’m also wearing the Deathcall tattoo in Acid*.  The clothing that I’m wewaring is also from Fantasy Gacha Carnival, created by !gO!.  The podium is from an old Apple Fall/An Lar gacha set, but all of Apple Fall’s old gacha machines are currently on sale for L$25 per pull at their main store!  Full credits are below. Cape | !gO! Homo Sapiens Cape – Gray (Gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Kilt | !gO! Homo Sapiens Kilt Boy – Black RARE (Gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival) Hair | Damselfly Rayburn Tuxedo
Tattoo | Fallen Gods Inc Deathcall, Aura Acid* (Gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Eyes | Fallen Gods Inc GLOWING eyes
Skin/Applier | Fallen Gods Inc Lord of the Shadows, Coal* (Gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Body Hair | #TheMeshProject “Natural”
Ears | .:Soul:.Read the restThe Necromancer's Call

Shop Till You Drop

There's just so much on right now and so many awesome new releases at mainstores (hazzah) and events.  Be sure to check them out and have fun indulging your shopping fetish as much as I do!

Gentle Chain from Haste - a super sexy chained necklace that sneaks under the arms and around the back.  It's available in five metals at The Liaison Collaborative.  Skin - Eva from Belleza.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.

Moth from !gO! - a swirl of fabric caressing your curves, you will find all sorts of uses for this sexy little something.  Its available in a selection of colours at The Secret Affair.  Skin - Eva from Belleza with Sweetlips 01 from Pxl.  Hair - Windsong from Exile.

Marina Top and Marina Pants (sold seperately) from !gO! - hit the high seas in this cute little outfit of high waisted pants and revealing little top, which comes with two tie options.  Skin - Eva from Belleza with Sweetlips 02 from Pxl.  Hair - Darcy from Elikatira.Read the rest