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Today I’m Country!

Top - Lottie Knotted Shirt from GizzA CreationsShorts - Jody Denim Shorts from GizzA CreationsTattoo - Lucky You Tattoo from EsmesiaHair - Lenor from Tableau Vivant (Kustom 9)Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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August 2016
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Today in GizzA!

Wearing - Urban Sailor Outfit from GizzA Creations (The Chapter Four)Shoes - Hi-Tops from Gos (The Gacha Garden)Hair - Mayu from ArgraceSkin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Wearing - Andrea Vested Suit from GizzA Creations (The Liaison Collaborative)Shoes - Corsica from EssenzHair - C407 from TramSkin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Mannequin 19 from Bauhaus Movement (The Liaison Collaborative)

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Today in Sunshine!

Wearing - Sunshine Outfit from GizzA Creations (Mesh Body Addicts Fair)Ice Cream - Suraya Icecream from RealEvil Industries (The Epiphany)Hair - Gigi from Bold & Beauty (Hair Fair)Skin - Tessa from Belleza

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Any Excuse to Shop!

I have a bit of a mixed bag today with some great stuff from events, and new releases you should check out asap!

Taylor Dress from DE DesignsHair - Hitomi from ArgraceSkin - Emma with Romy Dark Line Eye Makeup from Glam Affair
Sophie Sweater from GizzA Creations @ The Chapter FourVonda Skirt from DE DesignsHair - Kaede from ArgraceSkin - Marta from Glam Affair
Sunshine Top from Supernatural @ ThriftKrystal Panties from Supernatural @ Truth or Dare AffairHair - Starry Night Windy from Tableau VivantSkin - Alice from Glam Affair
Ayla Jumpsuit (Jack and Jill Hunt Gift) from SupernaturalHair - Akane from ArgraceSkin - Alice from Glam Affair

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Random Event Goodies!

There's lots of new releases and events going on and all sorts of awesome goodies sure to become favourites you will love!Don't miss out or you will kick yourself!

Doria Jacket from DE DesignsKhloe 1 hair from Elikatira at EpiphanyStudded Bag from Garbaggio at EpiphanyDirtbag Glasses from Reckless at EpiphanySkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Betty Dress from The Wicked PeachThe Queen's Diamond and Pearl Necklace from Pink Acid at EpiphanyBaby Fennec Fox from Pink Acid at EpiphanyHair - You from MagikaSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Leather Coat with Jumpsuit from GizzA Creations at Tres ChicSeaport Scooter from Consignment at EpiphanyHair - Inari from TukinowagumaSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Judith Set from GizzA Creations at The Secret AffairFiesta Time Cart and Taco from Random Matter at EpiphanyHair - Inari from TukinowagumaSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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New Stuff!

I've been having a bit of a blah week or so which means I have fallen way behind in everything I should have been sharing with you, so its socks up and arse in gear and mega-catch-up posts!

Urban Princess from GizzA CreationsHair - Darlene from DeLaSkin - Grace from Belleza
Stephanie Top from DE DesignsSheryl Skirt from DE DesignsHair - Brixley from DeLaSkin - Isla from League
Is Snowing Gacha - Sweater with Skirt, Waterproof Bag and Scarf from Tentacio at The Season's StoryHair - Starry Night Blowing from Tableau VivantSkin - Isla from League
Twist hair from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88Skin - Isla from League
Shocking hair from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88Skin - Isla from League

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New Year – New Gorgeous GizzA!

Gizza Creations is starting the New Year in gorgeous style with some fabulous new releases which have me thinking this is going to be an awesome year full of amazingness from them!  Check these out now and see why it's going to be a GizzA New Year!

Ribboned Ruffle Dress - includes colour change bow - out now at The Chapter Four
Hair - Kagari from ArgraceSkin - Rie from Lara Hurley
Crystal Formal Dress with Crystal Faux Fur StoleHair - Hotaru from ArgraceSkin - Ale from Lara Hurley
Shimmery Jumpsuit SetHair - Kaede from ArgraceSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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Winter Trend Is Finally Here!

On 4th December 2015 · By Cherrie · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, Seraphim · Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
You have patiently or not so patiently waited for Winter Trend 2015, and it is finally here!  With 202 of your favorite stores, you are sure to agree it is defiantly worth the wait.  From now until December 18th, you can upgrade your winter wardrobe, accessories, poses and so much more with these fabulous stores.  So bundle up, grab some friend and get ready for the Winter Trend experience! ღCherrie, Ginger, Indigo MIA: American Beauty, Candy Doll, Dark Passions, Identity Body Shop, Ilaya, Lybra, ME Jewelry, Opale, Razor, Suki Teleport to Winter Trend 2015 North Teleport to Winter Trend 2015 South < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at 1pm slt on December 4th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so.… Read the restWINTERTREND12042015

Gorgeous Newness for Winter!

Feels like forever since I have caught up with my normal, everyday blogging of fabulousness!  So here with go with six great releases from three awesome stores!

Like free stuff?  Then tis the season for you to indulge your desire for more when you grab the Advent goodies under the tree at !gO!.  Every day there is a new gift to collect up until Christmas.  Above is day one's gift sweater.  Hair - Kiki from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

And there is gifts for him too!  All you have to do is join the !gO! inworld group (there is a 50L join fee) and every day check back and click the new gift and claim your Advent goodie!  Above is day two's gift shirt.  Hair - Kiki from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.

Debbie Dress from DE Designs - available, in eight colours, this gorgeous dress comes in mesh body compatible sizes and includes a plain and lace detail version.  Hair - Quinn from Elikatira.  Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley.Read the rest

Autumn Hotness!

It always seems weird to me how SL's seasons are backwards to my own...like doing cosy Autumn looks when I'm sitting here enjoying the warm almost Summer days!  At least our avatars don't feel the heat and look gorgeous no matter what the weather is doing.

Cardigan with T-Shirt from GizzA Creations at On9Andrea Pants from DE DesignsPose - U 03m from Terra Designs at GEN-NeutralHair - Urei from ArgraceSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Lulu Sweater with Shirt from GizzA CreationsPose - U 02 from Terra Designs at GEN-NeutralHair - Momiji from ArgraceSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Padded Vest from GizzA CreationsAndrea Pants from DE DesignsPose - U 05m from Terra Designs at GEN-Neutral - right hand moved by bag animationHair - Yuzu from ArgraceSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair

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Smorgasbord Catch Up Post!

So much to catch up on lately, so I'm just jumping on in and showing off some of my fav goodies from recent events and releases from some amazing stores!

Abby Sweater Dress from DE DesignsRain Weather Necklace from Izzie's at The EpiphanyMolly Bag with gift Coffee from Tentacio at Kustom 9Hair - Drive from Magika.  Skin - Camille from Laqroki
Gia Dress from DE DesignsTaylor Hair from Bold & Beauty Hair at The EpiphanySkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Chloe Cropped Sweater and Chloe Asymmetric Skirt from GizzA Creations at Shiny Shabby
Lilith Skin from Atomic at The Epiphany
Bones Hair from Moon at The Epiphany
Desi Cocktail Dress from GizzA CreationsLilith Skin from Atomic at The EpiphanyCinnabun Hair from Besom at The Epiphany
Graveyard Guard from GizzA CreationsHair - Girl 62 from Dura.  Skin - Grace from Belleza.

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Let’s Go Eventing!

I'm so behind in my blogging at the moment, so its catch up time with some awesomeness from some of the incredible events going on right now.  Take some time to check them out and have fun creating some sexy and fun looks with the goodies you find.

Morrigan Top and Juliet Panties from Dead Dollz - not a set, but they look so good together!  Skeleton inspired, this top is gorgeous and so much fun!  It has a HUD to change up the colours and mixing and matching is the way to go.  The top can be found at the Pastel Goth Fair and you can play for the panties at The Epiphany.

Cute & Crazy Sweater and Cute & Crazy Leggings from GizzA Creations - super cute and super fun, its a look you will adore.  The sweater comes in packs of two with the bat brooch, and the leggings includes the tutu.  It's another awesome find from The Pastel Goth Fair.

Max Bones Mask from Astralia and Luci Dress from !gO! - the mask is just awesome and comes with a HUD to change up the colour, but the dress...oh I am in lust with this dress!… Read the rest

Dead or Alive

♫ Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it’s not for days ♫
♪ And the people I meet always go their separate ways ♪
♫ Sometimes you tell the day ♫
♬ By the bottle that you drink ♬
♫ And times when you’re alone all you do is think ♫   ❥ Dani   The post Dead or Alive appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.… Read the restDead or Alive 2


It's a great time to shop!  There's so many events just opening, stores releasing fabulous new items and all of them well worth checking out!

Cameron Hair from Tableau Vivant - love love love this style.  Its short and flirty and will suit anyone!  It's a must have that you will find out now at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Knot Hair from Tableau Vivant - a great unisex style, this comes in the frizzy chic textures and includes hairbases.  Try it out now at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

Tonya Corset from DE Designs - sexy and stylish, this great top is mesh body compatible and has a HUD to change up the metal and lacing. If you love it as much as i do, grab the multipack of all six colours.  Hair - Emerson from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

Natre Bodysuit from Supernatural - just RAWR!  This super sexy bodysuit comes in two colours and will add some raunch to your Halloween!… Read the rest

Rocking Autumn!

Great Autumn looks and sexiness are in store for you from two fabulous store - GizzA Creations and !gO!.  You will rock the Autumn months with these hot new fashions!

Lakua Cardigan Set from GizzA Creations - this gorgeous set is perfect for these lovely Autumn days and includes the jeans.  There is a HUD for six cardigan colour changes.  Snap it up now at Lost & Found.  Hair - Ximena from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Annie Pleated Skirt and Annie Pleated Shorts from GizzA Creations - the top comes in five packs with two colours in each, the shorts has four packs including two colours.  Another set just right for Autumn.  Grab your faves now at Shiny Shabby.  Hair - Emerson from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Agata Sweater and Agata Skirt from !gO! - I just love the colour combinations, the ruffles and the fit of these stunning separates!  Mix and match and make your own stunning looks!  Hair - Memory Bliss from Exile.Read the rest

Just a Quick Post!

Today it's cute outfits and a couple of the goodies from The Arcade to get you racing off to spend lindens!

Audrey Dress from !gO!Moonlight Lounge Glitter Balloons from Anc (The Arcade)Moonlight Lounge Champagne Glass from Anc (The Arcade)Hair - Love from LambSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Steam Lara Corset and Steam Lara Skirt from !gO!Hair - Tricia from EluaSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Sienna Ornamental Set from GizzA CreationsPomPom from Rowne (The Aracde)Bada Bing Neon Sign from Floorplan (The Arcade)Hair - Noah from EluaSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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New Release Quicky!

It's break time from Arcade blogging to update you on some awesome new releases from other great stores!  Be sure to check these out soon!

Shake With Me from GizzA Creations - an adorable set including jacket with bustier and without, skirt, rose and scarf.  It's just adorable!  Hair - Boys & Girls 55 from Dura.  Skin - Heidi Flirt from Lara Hurley.

Katherine Jacket and Abri Skirt from DE Designs - with everything you have come to expect from this awesome store, these items include HUDs to change up accessories and come in multipacks.  Hair - Boys & Girls 58 from Dura.  Skin - Heidi Red from Lara Hurley.

LeeJae Hair from Tableau Vivant - a hot unisex hair for him or her, this has the frizzy chic HUD as well as fits for the TMP head.  Look for it September 5th at The Men's Dept.  Skin - Heidi Flirt from Lara Hurley.

Ashie V2 Harness from Haste - a sexy update on an awesome harness.  It comes in five metals and a Maitreya body beta version.… Read the rest

Updates and Newness!

Time for an update on an old favourite from DE Designs and what is sure to become a new one from GizzA Creations!

Diablo 3 from DE Designs - this is something from the archives that has been updated for mesh bodies!  Yay!!!

Diablo 3 from DE Designs - the best thing about this update is you can wear each piece as a separate or as a combo - which save big on all those layers!  Hair - Itch from Magika.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Mara Safari Shirt and Mara Belted Shorts from GizzA Creations - great as separates for mixing and matching, or together.  The top includes a HUD for a plain or patterned look, and the pants has two belt colour options.  Hair - Cassidy from Elikatira.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

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Mad For Events!

Some of my fave events are on right now, and I thought I would showcase some of the fabulous things you will find there.  You have a few weeks till they close, so if you can't get in just yet, keep trying.  It's well worth it!

Nymphia Bodysuit from Peqe - available in six colours at The Fantasy Collective.Equinox Bow from Ez-Weapons/The Forge - out now at The Fantasy Collective.The Sabrina Circlet from Junbug - out now at The Fantasy Collective.Zoe Choker from Gabriel - comes in a pack of two at Shiny Shabby.Hair - Memory Bliss from Exile.Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.
Marylin Bodysuit from Peqe - comes in six colours at Shiny Shabby,Welsh Dragon from HEXtraordinary - animated shoulder pets at The Fantasy Collective.Spiked Collar and Bracelet from Cae - out now at The Fantasy Collective.Melanie Hair from Bold & Beauty Hair - out now at The Fantasy Collective.Indrani Tattoo from Things - out now at The Fantasy Collective.Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.Read the rest

Oops I Forgot to Hit Publish!

It's time to catch up with some great stuff around now that is not only awesome, but simply gorgeous too.  Make sure you don't miss out on them!

Acham from May's Soul - play for this gorgeous set at The Fantasy Gacha and bring out your inner goddess.  Hair - Memory Bliss from Exile.  

Dafne Dress from !gO! - if you ever wondered what Ariel would wear when she finally got her legs, well here is the answer.  Try to choose between the six gorgeous colour combinations and grab yourself this sexy little number at Enchantment now.  Also there is the Ariel Headdress from May's Soul.  Hair - HV43 from Magic Hair.

Cassie Double Shirt and Cassie Pleated Skirt from GizzA Creations - the sleeveless top with vest includes a 15 colour change HUD for the shirt, comes in six colours and looks great teamed up with the skirt which comes in six colour packs of two.  Hair - Nao from Argrace.

Emily Hair from Tableau Vivant - this adorable hair comes in all the new colour packs and is out now at Kustom 9.… Read the rest