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Can we say sexy, adorable, cute new shape?

So, for the purpose of this posting it is to just show off this amazing new shape my Wifeh made. It’s called Alli *beams gayly* and it’s on the Marketplace for only 500L! It’s copy/mod and soooo adorable, that I may not take it off for a few months! I am not blogging anything else [...]

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Gacha Time!

Omg, I don’t know about any of you, but gacha arcades are terribly addicting and evil for me. I normally spend an insane amount of money on something I probably would have never thought I “needed”. Take this fish tank gumball machine featured… I spent like 300L on trying to get the rare fish tank [...]

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Okay, so we all have had them… those days where we don’t want to dress our pixels. The days where the very idea of going into our inventories to put together something cute to wear makes us nauseous… and yes even those RARE days when we don’t feel like shopping… :X Well, I had one [...]

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Cherry Bomb

Concrete Flowers has a cute freeb Cherry jewelry set available!The set includes a necklace and earrings, but sadly my hair always, always eats earrings… to be frank I’m feeling like crap tonight so I don’t even think I have my ears on LOL ( oh how I …

Off with Her….Dress O_o

Very cute dress in the lucky board at xxYOMESHOUJOxx ( among lots of other cute ones too but this one really caught my eye as it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland hehe) The timer is set for 8 minutes for each of the lucky boards so this is a fairly eas…

Dirty Boxes Spotted in Machinima!

We’ve been telling you guys that our fully furnished Dirty Boxes are great for SL Roleplay and picture taking..and Nik Arlington of .Cheesecake. Studios proved us right! .Cheesecake. creates the best SL films, including short movies for their clients that represent their profiles. Dirty Boxes was honored that our -db- Rockstar Princess Skybox was used [...]

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-db- Rockstar Princess Skybox

It’s finally done. I know I took forever and a day, but I think it was worth it! This is for all the ladies out there that begged for a hotpink skybox…you definitely got your wish Hmm, where do I start? Well, this box is basically a playground for ladies (& bois) that love fun, [...]

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-db- Glamour Girl Vanity Table

This table is from the “Glamour Girl” skybox collection and personally a favorite of mine. Initially, I wasn’t going to sell this piece separately from the skybox, but later on decided otherwise. It’s a simple design, yet has so much to offer. It’s perfect for the girl that likes to stare in the mirror for [...]

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