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“Life is a Journey” by Elin Egoyan ~Paris Metro Art Gallery~

~You are Invited!~ A new exhibition at the Paris Metro Art Gallery “Life is a Journey” by Elin Egoyan will be taking place Saturday January 21 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm slt. Entertainment will be in The Little Versailles Garden right next to the gallery. 12:00pm DJ Karensunshine (New Age music) 1:00pm Katiaportugal Genesis (Jazz music)   […]Read Post ›

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Be Smart.(Freebie).

I know I promised you pictures of lovely sims but I’ve lost them ALL, just don’t ask me! So last night at 10pm I started to have an allergy attack which basically meant I was sneezing so hard I peed myself, GROW UP PEOPLE IT HAPPENS! Honestly out of the blue my hooter just felt as though I had snorted a line of ground pepper.  Fortunately, I alway keep a packet of Antihistamines on hand but by the time they kicked in I felt as though my face had exploded LOL and so I ended up having a sh*tty night and  to distract myself I started to check the Marketplace for something, anything as long as it ticked all the boxes and I found it it’s a “crown” or basically a lovely floral headdress and yet I’m showing you a car lol. The Marketplace shop has a whole mix of things and 2 freebies one of which is the floral crown and the other this very smart car. Smart because it’s ONLY 14prims, I should really start to refer it as Li’s rather than prims but you all know what I mean.  … Read the restxxxsmartuse

Fripperies!(Freebie n Dollarbie).

The last 2 items I rezzed turned out to be the best.  Spent some time in SL and the Marketplace just rummaging for hidden treasures and when I filled a folder full I TPed home and unpacked and binned until I actually got to the last 2 items which are definitely blogworthy. This mirror was something I was going to bin once I’d taken the pictures, I have to keep my invent under control, but I’m actually going to keep it I was that impressed with it! I actually rezzed it next to me and it’s a pretty darn big mirror almost the hight of my AV, but then again I’m not a towering Amazonian AV.  Then I slapped it on the wall zoomed back and I think I might keep it, not on this wall but I might change this to the wall next to my dressing table or in the studio or actually just shove it back in my invent LOL.  So many decisions and since my home is still all out of kilter I can’t really think too much about adding anything to it until I’ve sorted the mess out.… Read the restxxxmirroruse

Dirty Denim, Dollarbie, Freebie n Update.

A Brii(laint) free group gift brom Brii. You get a mesh denim catsuit, system layer top, with appliers, necklace, bracelets and shoes all come in many sizes so everyone should be able to find a fit(mesh). The shirt layer is good but don’t forget you can wear any system layer or shirt layer with an appliers if you have one in your invent you prefer or of course you could be really naughty and go without but that’s a LOT of naked boobies on show but then again some people do like to be naughty lol. Next to this group gift is a Dollarbie which is a white dress with a lace overlay and that too also comes with shoes and oodles of sizes as well. I keep my mini map open because sometimes when I spot a gaggle of AVs I have to be nosy and TP over and sometimes you find yourself in some very compromising situations and sometimes you score like I did.  This time the gaggle of AV’s were stood around some Lucky Chairs in the Brii shop and lucky me I instantly won a “Hunger Games” outfit I believe the characters name is Caithness?  … Read the restxxxbriiuse

Lazy “Post”.Freebie.

I’m busy wandering SL at this moment and I decided to pop over to one of my all time fav shops, POST.  If I type “post” into my invent I could almost furnish a whole house with what I have bought from this shop. If I could I would have several houses on our sim and each would be decorated in their own unique style and one of them would be 100% Post not just furnishings but there are also some stupendous builds that you will never find anywhere else.  In fact because of the prim increases that Linden Labs have given us I actually went with the idea of checking these builds out so when the season, and my ever changing mood, I might just go for it and I can finally have the Post house I’ve always dreamed of. Yup I’ve just been lazy and taken a picture of this gift as it is in the POST shop but I do have this already as it is a rather old giftie but such an excellent one, low prim and one touch gives you a cup to drink from and one of the smoothest AOs doing it.… Read the restxxxpostuse

Help me!

I decided to do a hunt today and one of the prizes in the “Winter Blows” hunt grabbed my attention and so I made my first visit to the “Hearts and Cart Wheels” shop and although on the surface the hint given seems pretty easy I simply couldn’t find the hidden snowflake! Soooo basically if anyone has a spare moment and is a better hunter than I can you look and let me know? Mind you even if you don’t find it there is some real interesting stuff here inc bargains and also 2 lucky emm petrol pumps.  Simply wait for your initial to come up and you too can have your own “Muff mobile”. Yup how lucky was I.  So, of course, my first thought was to park it outside of Faiths home next to PD’s muscle car so they now have a “His n Her” set. Don’t worry Faith I’ve driven off now.  This does come with a standard driving menu and pretty easy to drive, I only crashed about 2 times which is pretty good for me.  … Read the restxxxmuffuse2

✽✽Paris METRO Couture at The Avenue!✽✽

Our Exhibit at The Avenue Includes: The Paris METRO Gift Made because you asked for Wolfr in Red Fits Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink and your beautiful Classic Avatars.xox Please click all images to see them larger. All you must do is join the Avenue Update Group to acquire. Copy paste this link into your chat […]Read Post ›

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A simple Sub.(Freebie).

Subscriptions gifts which are sent to you act as great reminders to pop over and check out the shop.  So this lovely 2 primmed dressing table/bathroom decor item got me TPing right over to %percent. I actually know this shop reasonably well because I’ve got a few items which yes I’ve actually PAID money for LOL.  It’s not a super packed shop but has a whole load of mix n match items of furnishings in a retro style that you won’t find in other shops. If you’ve not subscribed to this shop just pop over and slap the board, I believe it’s on the top of the first set of stairs but not hard to find, if you are subbed but not received it yet then pop over unsub and resub and it should be sent to you straight away. %Percent
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Go no further, (Freebie).

By the time I found this goodie I was ready to throw the towel in or start a rather interesting looking new hunt I’m hoping to start tomorrow. A really good coat, nothing “basic” about this coat.  Deep rich red, double hood and high-necked jumper pretty darn good. Woosh, there goes the all time I had left so all I have to add is that it’s from Blackrose and it’s on the table in the entrance with another gift but you have to join the Sl frees & offers group for that. OK bye eye for now. Blackrose
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Too soon?(Freebie).

Is it “too soon” for a more spring/summer style dress? I’m all done and dusted, all that glitters, tinkles or shatters when dropped has been packed or brushed away.   Even my cats have been turfed out of the Christmassy decorated box I made for them but don’t feel sorry for them as I gave them a tin of Tuna as a treat. I wasn’t planning on doing another post today but I finished my work a lot quicker than I had expected so I popped back inworld to have an old fashioned mooch and came across this nice sweet dress from E&O (Epicou & Oricay) which is a completely new shop to me.   Such a simple sweet dress so I just popped home and did a quick snap. The Group is free to join but you do have to pay a Dollar to buy it, you get the menu up with the 2 priced options and if you’re in the group then it only costs 1Ld but I forgot to check to see if it was paid back which is usually the case but if not then this dress costs just a measly Linden.… Read the restxxxtoosoonuse

All That We Are~❤A Snowman in Paris Party❤~You Are Invited!!

The snowmen are waiting for you. We are all wishing you a great holiday and to join us for a celebration in Paris! I must hurry and post this before my net goes down lol. I wish you all a wonderful christmas and new year with love and joyful dreams and especially working internet service […]Read Post ›

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It’s not a glitch! (Freebie).

Mutters “I hate Windows 10 and the damned blue screen of death!” anyhow time and cursing at my computer seemed to have done the trick and I’m back.  PS You can tell I’m no teccie! Keeping this a really short post as my OH is now off for Christmas and I want to get this done before he gets up and starts hinting for me to join him for a jog. You see those dots?  they’re not glitches they’re actually the snow on our sim.   I’m actually stood inside my caravan with the side dropped down so I’m sorta inside/outside. Now the snow is looking more natural but you should see it inworld it’s so amazing. Anyhow a lovely simple floral, velvety winter coat from  The Vintage Touch.  Comes with the black tights/leggings in a tat and Omega layer and all the mesh sizes for the coat. PS Costs a linden to join the group but I can’t remember now if that’s sent back to you, tbh when it cost a single Linden to join a group it usually is returned to you but it’s really just a token amount esp for such a lovely item PAY IT!… Read the restxxxedgyuse

Happy Holidays to All! ~❤Paris Metro Couture at Paris and Sydney City❤~ Sale and GIFTS FOR YOU!

Christmas Holiday Cheer is what we wish for you with all you need for a wonderful, classy, unique and festive time. Bonjour à tous, All that glitters and goes puffy is new Holiday Style in Sydney just added a Holiday Shop as well with formal fun dressing! Men’s Suits and Gowns! Great Collector’s Intro Pricing of 450 […]Read Post ›

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Vibe, Meoooowwwww!!!!! ✫PMC at Sydney✫

Good good good good vibrations. Feel the vibes and enjoy all the good vibes you can. This stunning and fun outfit by Paris Metro Couture comes in Black, Gold and MEOW! sized in standard sizing as well as Slink fit. I am wearing the Slink fit with my Belleza Isis body. Alpha huds are no […]Read Post ›

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Sydney City Grand Opening ❤YOU ARE INVITED!!❤ Featuring Artist Patrick Moya

You are invited to the Grand Opening of Sydney City, and Bondi Beach celebrations. We begin with the opening of The Bondi Museum of Modern Art with… PATRICK MOYA’s Exhibit When: Sunday December 11, 2016 2:00PM: Maximillion Kleene 3:00PM: Keeba Tammas and the tiny maniacs. Gifts will be throughout the sims and we hope to […]Read Post ›

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December ❤Sweets❤ Advents of Madpea and Kittycats, AEG Backstage VIP Pass, Dutchie and ❤Paris Metro Couture❤

December is a hard month to get through whether its cold, wet, depressed, anxious, overwhelming and then you have the online world. I find its easier to get through if I narrow down my focus and concentrate on the little things and enjoy every thing. For example first thing in the morning if I feel […]Read Post ›

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Hello, Skinnies! This week we have an extra long round-up for you, since the last post was early to accommodate Black Friday. I hope you found tons of deals to fill your skin closet (try not to imagine what a freakish horror show a skin closet would actually look like. eep!). Please enjoy browsing all the latest skin releases at your leisure:
New Releases: Insol – Released Sarah for Catwa at Tres Chic. E. Vary – has three lovely new releases on their marketplace, Nadia, Shasha, and Carolina. They also have Mei at the Vogue Fair.  All skins include Catwa, Akeruka, and Omega appliers.     Session – released Ella for Catwa heads at their main store location. 7 Deadly s{K}ins – released Raja with Omega and LAQ appliers at Lost & Found. They released Lexy with and without freckles in Omega and Catwa appliers at Twe12ve. Josie for Omega and LAQ is at Frozzen Fair. AlterEgo – released Victoria for Omega appliers and Classic heads at their main store location.… Read the restskin-sarah

Golden Brown, Freebie.

Just a simple and classic SL outfit but updated for the season. Both the top and skirt have a light knit texture and both come as separates.  The back of the top has a low cut effect to it and ALL of the mesh and mesh bod sizing.  Simple and so wearable! PS there are other gifts here so even if you no like this one(sic) go check out the others. TRS Designs
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Brum Brum.(Freebie).

Oddly enough me and my OH are off out this afternoon to look at a new car but I wish they were as cheap as this one, FREE. A superb RaC Design Mini Cooper which is a gift on the Sydney City sim.  Where you land is the Sidney City group joiner and the board to slap to get this. I did not expect this to actually be so interactive ie the bonnet, doors and boot (remember I’m English and that’s what we call them lol) all open with a touch. I could even put luggage in that boot, or a dead body if I wanted to. Comes with one of the now standard and very user-friendly hud which allows even the more competitive petrol head to have fun driving in SL BUT what surprised me most was that even with all of this detail ONLY 18 Prims!  Normally cars of this detail are at least 30 prims which is still pretty good but sometimes when on limited prims the 12 prim difference can make a difference. Mini Cooper@The Sydney City Sim
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❤Paris Metro Couture & Sydney City Australia Welcome You❤ Limited Time Collectors Sale! ~Creators Join Us~

The excitement of the new Sydney City & Bondi Beach Australia has been simmering as building and planning have been under way. We also want to welcome content creators to join in this wonderful destination. Driving the snow into Sydney… LOL… we have been soooo busy! (Please click the images to see them larger!)   […]Read Post ›

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