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White Widow Wonderfulness!

Tattoos are gorgeous and add such a unique and special touch to your look, because no matter what your style or taste, there will be one out there for you.  White Widow has to be one of my favourites for delicate and stunning tattoos, and after you check out these new releases, I know they will become one of your favourites too.

Divergent Tattoo - this gorgeous tattoo for the neck and shoulders is compatible with your mesh bodies and is available till Sunday at Cosmopolitan.  Be sure you do not miss out!  Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Wild Tattoo - be sure not to miss this gorgeous tattoo at Cosmopolitan...because it's free.  That's right, as part of the 3rd Birthday celebration going on, this wonderful tattoo is a gift for you.  So if you haven't yet discovered the wonderful tattoos from White, Widow, here's a great start!  Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.Read the rest



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Ride Or Die

Hey lovelies!  So I have some awesome news.  Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip now has a new member.  Her name is Brooklynn Frostbite, the girl to my left.  She’s my ride-or-die girl.  We’ve been friends since pretty much the first week we joined Second Life and we’ve become best friends.  Just about 7 years ago we met!  It’s amazing how time flies. She’s not just my friend in Second Life, we live pretty near each other and have even become Real Life best friends too!  I couldn’t ask for a better person to lean on.  She’s been there through everything for me as well as me for her. She started blogging back in 2013, but had a big life changing experience so she had to take a break for a bit but she’s back now full swing ready to show her side of fashion that she loves.  She has a passion for styling and photography and I know she’ll make an amazing addition to this blog! So everyone give a warm welcome to my best friend and blog partner!… Read the restNotSureWhatToNameItYet


  Rawr!  Roar!  Trick or treat!  There are so many fun dress up and pretend things happening for all types of avatars, big and little.  This hair and photography set, for example, work for avatars whether they be kid or adult or in between.  Yay for play!  And my favorite pattern, leopard print, makes this group gift from Miss Chelsea one of my faves gifts this year so far.  Meow!  Rawr!  More details below.
Hair: Love Soul, Mini Mania prize (needs 20 participants each round, one winner only each round)
Top: Miss Chelsea, group gift in store (past gifts still available, not sure of join fee cost)
Pants: Sumos Central,10L (includes appliers and 3 colors)
Photography Set Mesh Background: Little Llama, 5L (photographer's hunt item)
Lipstick: BBB, 0L (two colors included)
Skin: Tuli
Eyes: Inkheart, 1L (for a limited time only)
Nail Appliers: Love Soul, group gift in store (very high join fee and sometimes closed to joining)
Mesh Hands: Slink
My SL is being really weird and kind of broken so I can't look for how much these groups cost to join or  check if slurls are updated.… Read the rest

LOTD #267

Bodyrezology Mezzaluna . PUKI . My Long Point Nails . Maitreya .Slink - Physique and Hight FeetLOGO Infinity Alex ** [PUMEC]  - - .:RYOKO:. - SKIN - Spring **
Clothes[R3] - Jazzy Dress [V3]Diva's Inc. Zoie High Heels BlackAcessories[Glitzz] Ophelia Headband[LF] Eternal Love Necklace Valetine's Day GIFT (Group Gift)[LF] Royals Watch n Bracelet GGIFT (Group Gift)
PosesIDK Pack_75_05

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LOTD #263

*TKW* Tiziana.::.What2Wear.::. Tattoo W2W.19. PUKI . My Long Point Nails . Maitreya .Slink - Physique and Hight FeetClothes1 Hundred. Scandalous Vest (@The Autumm Effect Hunt - Gift)alaskametro<3 "Miya" colour jeans - Midnight.:KC:. ALLISON Heels - Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Meshproject!Acessories*Tentacio* I love take away. Potatos  (@Kustom9)*Tentacio* I love take away. Soda box orange (@Kustom9)

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LOTD #259

Rezology Sine[whatever] Ellie Mesh Head Nr. 2 - brown brow *RARE*(@Cosmetic Fair). PUKI . My Long Point Nails . Maitreya .Slink - Physique and Hight FeetClothesEMPORIUM - Gi Dress (@Cosmopolitan)EMPORIUM - Nicoly Heels (@WearHouseSL)Acessories[Glitzz] Marrie  Jewelry (@The Autumn Effect Hunt) - FreePose.::IDK::. F10_03

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Comfort @ Indie Heights

Vanity Poses has acquired a new location, deep in the heart of the Indie Heights sim. Did that seem dramatic? LOL k well anyway, home of the fab club !ndustry as well as the Indie Heights Shopping District, I thought I'd celebrate this secondary location with a little gift. So there you have it, it can be found in the store and is surrounded by lots of other awesome shops to check out as well. And if you haven't been to !ndustry, join the group so you can come! Awesome live performers and DJ's grace the stage, as well as a fantastic group of music lovers that join in the fun TP to Vanity Poses @ Indie Heights

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Get Ready For Sunday!!

  I want to give you the heads up on something that is not available until Sunday.  Let me say that again: not available until Sunday.  Why am I showing it to you now?  WHY MUST YOU TEASE US SILENY? Well, the item in question will be free on Sunday from 12pm-5pm SLT.  So I basically want to give you enough warning so that when Sunday comes around you can have this bookmarked and be ready to go!!
  The outfit is from Valentina E. and consists of the top and pants, which are connected.  This is the preview gift!!  The textures are crazy realistic and there are sizes in there for some mesh bodies, standard sizes, and FitMesh.  Once again, the item is only available for free on Sunday, September 12th, from 12pm-5pm.  Not after!!  To get this item you must join the Altitude group and be at the Altitude opening launch party during the mentioned time.  The event is to celebrate the opening of the Altitude art & music venue so they want everyone to be there when the party is on!… Read the rest

LOTD #248

 Little bones. Chorus - (Group Gift)
Slink - Visage Mesh Head - EmmaHands Elegant1  Hight FeetClothes
Della Personi  - Bodysuit Kendra
*Diva's Inc.* Envy High Heels BlackAcessories
=Zenith= Bow Clutch- 12 Colors (Group Gift)alaskametro<3  Slink manicure/pedicure - "Midnight"PoseIDK Pose 111

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LOTD #247

BodyBlues. Bonao (Group Gift)
Slink - Visage Mesh Head - EmmaHands Elegant1  Hight FeetClothes*Diva's Inc.* Dakota Fitmesh - Black/White
*Diva's Inc.* Dakota High Heels Black & ClearAcessories*Tentacio*  Bear clutch spots
alaskametro<3  Slink manicure/pedicure - "Midnight"PoseIDK Pose 104

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LOTD #246

Body+Spellbound+ Antisocialite - Pagan // Chapter I : Earth (@The Arcade Gacha)
Slink - Visage Mesh Head - EmmaHands Elegant1  Hight FeetClothesLust Desires :: - Nuaghty AngelLust Desires :: Lust High Waist Shorts BlackLust Desires :: - Sophie Elegance ShoesAcessories(epia) - Jello Shots Plate (@The Arcade Gacha)
(epia) - Fancy Drink Cup (@The Arcade Gacha)=Zenith= Leather rope backpack - 3 colors (Group Gift)
(epia) - Party Sign (@The Arcade Gacha)PoseRight: IDK F8_02

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LOTD #243

BodyMoon. Hair // - Dissolve (Group Gift)
Slink - Visage Mesh HeadHands Elegant1 & bag
Hight Feet
Clothes[Glitzz] Burlesque Glam - (Gacha)
Bens Boutique - Montana Stiletto
Acessories[Glitzz] Diamonds
PoseIDK Pack74_05

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LOTD #237

BodyBlues. Valerie Fatpack (Group Gift - 70ld$ to join)
Slink - Visage Mesh Head - EmmaHands Elegant1  Hight FeetClothes::Diva's Inc:: Lola Jumpsuit //Baby Pink 
::Diva's Inc:: Alaysia High Heels Pink
Acessorie::C'est la vie !:: Heart Bag - (Group gift- Free to join)
Pose Kirin - My Sweet Cloud Poses and Prop (Kustom9)
IDK Pack73_02

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Summer’s Nearing Its End

  I can't believe summer has gone by this fast!  Don't get me wrong, I personally despise hot weather and bugs all over and just general sweatiness, but my daughter is a kid and kids love summer and therefore I want it to be summer longer to make her happy. I grabbed a few summery goods to put together an outfit that you can wear while it's in season.  Enjoy
Tropical Dress (worn as shirt): Vextra Co., lucky board prize (prizes rotate)
Pink Lingerie Under Top: Seldom Blue, lucky chair prize
Skirt: Antimon @ Shop Free*Style, gacha prize
Hair: Doe
Skin and Mesh Head: Genesis Lab @ Kustom9, 99L a pull
Eyes: Chop Shop
Pose: !bang

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Hello Gabriel

  I just realized that the outfit I was in today was mostly freebies and cheapies so I was like I need to post this on Free*Style!  So...uh...here I am.  Hope you find something you like.  Enjoy!
Dress: Gabriel, group gift in store
Pants: Urban Cherry, lucky board prize (prizes in board rotate)
Lipstick: Aii, free, part of a whole avatar
Skin: Glam Affair (was last week's FLF item that was still out but will likely change any minute)
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Chop Shop
Pose: Axix
Nail Appliers: By Snow, wearable demo gift
Mesh Hands: SLink

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  I love the MadPea adventure games. This month's game was one of my faves so far.  The sets for the game were so pretty!!  I wanted to wear something simple and cute to do the hunt, no mesh body parts or anything crazy to cause more lag than I already was going to experience, and I found these things in my recent item folder to make a cute (and affordable!) look.
  I took so many pictures of the last portion of the event, being careful to not show spoilers of course, and I took forever whittling it down to four options.  I was trying to decide which one to use when I realized that three of them had massive mistakes in them.  So that was decided LOL.  I liked them a lot though so I am putting the three unedited shots in one here.
  I highly recommend you check out The Collection game if you have some extra Ls and a couple hours free time to spare.  I chose the silver package because I wanted some prizes and was too broke to afford the gold at the time LOL.… Read the rest


  It's too hot in my apartment to write anything.  Check out the credits while I float away in my own sweat, taking the animals two by two.
WORN:Dress: Sn@tch
Goggles: Contraption, lucky board prize
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Chop Shop @ The Thrift Shop (one eye each from light and dark set)
Wolf on Neck: Jian @ Gacha Garden, gacha item (rare)
Other Little Creature: AII, gacha item
Avatar: Utilizator
Avatar Skin Applier: Milk Teeth @ Animagical, gacha item
Shoulder Armor: Cila @ Okinawa Summer Festival, gacha item

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Black & White

On 15th August 2015 · By Wer · With Leave a comment
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Dress - Sofie's Selection @ Color Me Project, gift

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Kitty Fun

  Just doing a quick random post today to get my blog mojo flowing free.  The bright colors of this kitty dress from Somnia made me smile and therefore made me post!  There are tons of colors available and there is even a different color set available for the fundraiser at The Lexi Project.  There is a little tail texture on the back and an optional color change bow.  Adorbs!  Check out the details and enjoy!
Dress: Somnia, color packs available at the Main Store or The Lexi Project
Stockings: M.I.X., 1L, multiple colors included
Nail Appliers: Love Soul, gacha item
Hair: Analog Dog (two styles worn together)
Hands: Slink
Eyes: InkHeart, free (tons of other free things and hunt gifts and cheapies here too!)
Skin: The Sugar Garden
Eyelashes: Chemistry, free
Blush and Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor (part of a pack)
Tattoo: Got years ago from a store called Heart Attack and Vine that I am pretty sure is long gone.… Read the rest

Do You Like Pretty, Cheap, and/or Charity?

  I have a mix of things for you today and I am missing all of my words apparently (please can someone get me back on track with sleeping??)  So not a ton of talking but I wanted to make sure you saw this cool look that includes a dollarbie lingerie set so I could draw your eye to...
...this lovely headpiece.  This headpiece is a fundraiser donation item for the Lexi Project, available in gold and silver, and it's for a good cause.  Enjoy!
Skin: Glam Affair
Lingerie: No Cabide, 1L, includes a ton of appliers
Corset: Chop Shop
Headpiece: Chop Shop @ The Lexi Project, donation item
Lipstick Applier For LeLutka Head: Jack Spoon, 1L
Eyes: Chop Shop
Mesh Head: LeLutka
Mesh Body: Maitreya
Hair: Blues (not sure if still available)
Eye Makeup: Zibska (not sure if still available)
Pose: Kirin
Freckles Applier: The Skinnery
Nail Appliers: Alaskametro, 25L for a large set

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