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It’s not easy. (Freeness)

You can breathe a sigh of relief as this is gonna be quick n painless. Lovely beige n cream romper, freebie from Myth. This is the same for ALL women, the before… The after lol. I managed to have a little saunter around Myth and it’s clothes and decor items lean towards the RP, Gor, Slave etc market but again don’t let that put you off because I spotted not only a couple of items I’d happily have in my house or on my back and I’m definitely going back for the wearable and possibly rezzable basket full of bread it’s so cute.  I also noticed that there is a hunt going on which when I rezz back inworld I’m hoping I can find the hidden hearts and get rewarded with another lovely giftie. OK short n sweet, unlike Moi, cos I have to go into town for Valentines gift shopping. Myth Myth Marketplace
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February 2016
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My Strange SLaddiction: Textures

What have I done for you lately? Not much. But, I'm making up for it with this post. 

One of my favorite freebies is the monthly $1 texture pack from Fabric Lab. The picture at the top of this post is the pack for February. Isn't it delicious? It's so Spring-ish! 

Fabric Lab also puts out a "password prize" that you can pick up if you get the password from Fabric Lab's web site. This is a picture of this month's prize: 
It's even more delicious, no? It's very ROY G. BIV. There is a new Password Prize every three months. 

I have no idea what I will do with these textures, but I love them. I want to take them out and rub them all over my eyeballs! That's how much I love them. I get so excited about the potential of good textures. It's a darn good thing I am so organized or my texture habit would become a serious inventory problem. It's a real SLobsession.  

I have similar problems in RL with things like lipsticks. I have a million lipsticks and glosses and tints and stains, but 99.9% of the time I just wear one sheer rose gloss.… Read the rest

Mardi Gras in Harlequin Colors!!

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!!! Just in time for Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Matching His and Hers King and Queen of the Ball outfits at a very very special Collector’s Intro price for today! Only 300L for Fat Tuesday Only. On the Second Floor of Paris METRO Couture in Paris. LM: Paris METRO Couture It is […]

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A sunshine drop

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Dress - Wertina, Red Gemstone Dress, group giftWinter Collar - Noble Creations, giftHair - Little Bones, new group gift, fee to join
Location - Wertina after hours

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AlterEgo VIP Gift

Group Gift!
Yep the new store is open & dont forget about your new group gift! A special tone called Rose, is a light pinky pigment, in our new Gen2 face Adriana. The group gift reflects ginger & browless layers, brow shapers, lash remover and modifiable shape + a variety of body appliers fitting for this tone available at an additional price. AlterEgo Mainstore

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All Change (Freebie).

Love starting my day off like this, clearing away the old and bringing in the new.  As I’ve said before Faith and I consider ourselves very lucky that we can rent a whole sim and because the cost is split between the 3 of us, Faith her partner PD and I, it means it’s basically more than reasonable and since I don’t smoke or drink this is my addiction.  Renting a sim is no harder than renting a home in SL but with a sim you get POWER! (although you would have to check with the covenant that you are allowed to change the sim)  We could if we wanted to sink all the land and create an ocean or lift the land up to make towering mountains, we could create Heaven or Hell, run naked with wolves or in our case create our dream homes in dream settings.  In all the years we have rented we have never had ANY problems and no I’m not being paid to push this company LOL in fact I’ve never even needed to contact them.  All we have to do is once a month pop into the office and pay the tier fee just as quick and simple as paying a rent box on a house. … Read the restXXXurbgreen

Mon Amour at Paris METRO Couture’s MarketPlace Store!

I am so thrilled to let you know that Paris METRO Couture is on the MarketPlace. Blows kisses….. “Bonjour à tous, I am very proud to announce we are opening an additional store on the SL Marketplace. And to thank you for visiting we have a very new and special gown, the “Paris METRO Couture: […]

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Free and easy.

Keeping this simple and lazy cos it’s Sunday morning I’m PMSing (I know it’s TMI lol).  I picked up this simple sumery dress from Emporio yesterday and since both Faith and I have had it upto our necks with the snow, as I TPed off to my Fav beach sim to take some pictures she’s packing away all the wintery stuff on our sim.  Having said that our sim will not be leaping forward into full summer and  I have cunning plans for our new Welcoming area, I’m already itching to search out spring planting and of course a NEW HOME! So yesterday I meandered around the Emporio shop because it’s one of those shops with a whole mix of clothes, shoes, make up and accessories that just keep you moving around the shop.  Although this isn’t a retro clothes shop there is a full circle “swing” skirt in there which had me stood there with the demo on fighting a battle on wether to buy or not to buy…I didn’t in the end but thats only because I couldn’t see it fitting into my “goto” wardrobe I keep in my invent.… Read the restXXXCrossred

Limited Freebie.

Not sure how long this offer has been on or how long it’s going to be on but the notice did say for a limited period only so if you like what you see then TP over to Formis Designes to grab “Clair”. You get this mesh top and I love a little bit of boobie flashing.  The top is made up of that cropped section and 2 panels down the side which means the non mesh coochie cutters are flashing at the back.  I have to be honest and say that if I had a bit more time I think I would have added a thick leather belt to not just cover up the raw edge of the shorts waistline but also because I think it would just notch this whole look up.  You do however also get SHOES with this. SLink high are needed. Although you can see that the coochie cutters are system layered from what I can remember you get all the Appliers you need to be able to wear them with your mesh body of choice or of course you could just rummage in your invent for a pair of mesh shorts. Formis Designs
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Brain Salad Surgery in Coral Sumi ll ~blue~ + a gift!!!!

Blue, Pink or Yellow dreams swirl around you as you rest on this gothic couch in the cathedral. Mine is blue. Paris Metro Couture: Coral Sumi 2 ~blue~ with appliers and can be worn with skirts or without. Sexy slim pencil fit with matching shoes :) Enjoy Paris and go get yours! ..”The Coral Sumi, […]

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Free for you

This lovely little outfit of skirt, sweater & boots can be yours if you have enough patience! Karin is a tiny store but its got some sweet pieces. This was sent out as a group gift, but strangely the subscribo is no longer there in the shop – howeverrrrrrr, both items are currently on the lucky board, it turns over pretty sharpish so you wouldn’t have to hang around long. The furniture shown is by CIRCA and is currently in a gacha at the OMG! event – only open until the 24th January so get your skates on ! I have to say that the beany bag style chair Im sat on is an absolute cracker, loaded with male & femals sits and comes in at just 2Li ! Thanks Cherelle <3 Another win on the lucky board at Karin, this all in one outfit, complete with hood & hair attached. Fits like a glove over my Slink Physique mesh body – win ! Whilst I was loitering at Karin I also kept my eye on the group only (free to join) lucky board at Milky way next door. I managed to be patient and snagged the scarf and coat with dress, there’s also boots on offer to win but I had to get to work.… Read the restCIRCA Gacha - Karin FREE outfit and boots

No going back (Freebie).

In no way am I going back to Sᴋʏʟᴇʀ Lᴇʙᴇᴅ (skyler.lebed)shop Dirty Princess because I will cave in and become a Kardashian or as I call them the Karashittians!  OK First the Freebie Boots, you find them on a board outside of the shop and since they’re labelled as Decembers gift I suggest you haul your AV Ass over there because they could be gone by tomorrow.  100% Quality so pleased with them. Then I decided to have a wander inside and part of me is glad I did and the other part wishes I hadn’t.  At first it looks like a small shop as the entrance way is pretty packed with stuff but if you wander deeper into the shop both downstairs and upstairs this is a pretty big shop and it’s PACKED with temptation!  It’s not often I walk through a shop and end up with about a dozen Demos but there was so much that tempted me and tbh I also just wanted to check out the quality and this is good stuff!  There is a latex mesh dress which has such a perfect metallic sheen it looks like it’s been polished with Brasso. … Read the restXXXBoots use

Join our new in-world group and WIN!

We have opened a brand new group to get the latest news on all the hottest and best events in SL!


Search for SeraphimSL.com and join today!


To thank you, our loyal readers and shoppers, joining the new group will automatically enter you in a weekly drawing for a 500L gift card to some of your favorite stores, including Blueberry, floorplan., Consignment, Maitreya, Pixicat, Deadwool, CerberusXing, Flite, jian, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Truth Hair, Magika, PILOT, Oleander and many, many more! Join the new SeraphimSL.com group today to be eligible for the weekly drawing starting this week and continuing through the end of June 2016!


Our current group will be closing January 31, 2016, so please be sure to transition to the new group prior to the end of the month.  Please note, individual avatars may only win once.


We look forward to bringing you some very exciting news this year. Thank you for your continued loyalty.

~ The Seraphim Team

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Friday Freebie

Found this awesome little outfit on the market place yesterday from Corvus. Popped over to check out the inworld store and found a whole heap of group treats on the desk ! I’m wearing this over my Slink Physique mesh body, it doesn’t say you can on the box but – heyho it fits. It’s an all in one kinda thing so no fussing about, plonk it on – ready to rollllll. Guys you’re catered for also, the store is mahoosive and full of some dead neat stuff, mostly under $100L. Corvus store Corvus marketplace
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Mooching about

Decided to try on my free to all Neve sweater, its simply gorgeous and of course you get a handy dandy HUD with four colour options and the ability to show or not show the shirt underneath. No group to join, just head over and snaffle it up! I was perusing the MP – always a dangerous thing to do when you’re broke ha! Spotted these nifty boots by Chic & Shoes, on promo at the moment and I don’t know how long that lasts for. $99L and you get a HUD with eight boot colour options and six sock colour options. I’m wearing them with my Slink Physique standard mesh body and they fit a treat. In the box you will find the following: ►Winter Boots Texture Changer HUD
►Winter Boots for Slink Physique (Rigged Mesh)
►Winter Boots for Slink Hourglass (Rigged Mesh)
►Winter Boots for Maitreya (Rigged Mesh)
►Winter Boots for Belleza Venus (Rigged Mesh)
►Winter Boots for #TheMeshProject (Rigged Mesh)
►Winter Boots for Classic (Rigged Mesh, 5 Sizes)
►Winter Boots (Base)
►Picture and landmark Short & sweet today as Ive got a lot of chores to do Boooooooooooo!… Read the restFREE sweater with four colour options !

Having myself a Merry Little Christmas

The LookHair Damselfly Ellisha NEWRibbon  Astralia - Mistletoe Ribbon Sweater Gawk White Simple Cotton Pullover @ Frost Undies Veechi Holiday Undies 10L Gift @ Christmas on 34th StreetSocks Aphorism Knee Socks - Maitreya - Group Gift Pose Amitie Alma-03 @ On9
Background Rug with Pillows  Luas  Xmas Rug @ Midwinter FairLet it Snow Sign Luas Xmas Wood Decor @ Midwinter FairCookies  Luas Xmas Cookie Plate @ Midwinter FairMug Sway's Animal Face Mug Bear @ TLCXmas Crate AptB Winter Deco Gacha @ TMD Candle Sway's Winter Jar with Candle 

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I want to wish everyone a very merry and festive Happy Holidays! See your family no matter what and remember you are beautiful! Paris METRO Couture has some wonderful one of a kind stunning dreamy gowns for your holiday festivities. We want to wish you the warmest winter season with a lovely gift called Circle […]

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VIP Group Christmas Gift

As my way of saying thank you for supporting me, I have put out a present for my VIP group of 7 different skins with appliers for Catwa, Slink, Lelutka, and Maitreya. Just wear your La Petite Morte group tag and touch the vendor at the mainstore. Merry Christmas!
xoxo Voshie La Petite Morte

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Quickity Quick Quick

  Hello!  No time for chatting, there is much work to be done in Silenyville.  Have a post!
Hair: Analog Dog @ KittCays, Advent calendar gift
Dress: Zalea @ Supa8
Necklace: Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade, gift under the tree
Earrings, Nail Appliers Septum Piercing: Mons, group gift / calendar gift
First Eyeliner and Second Septum Piercing: Nox, group calendar gift
Top Liner: Adore&Abhor
Eyes: InkHeart, 1L
Skin: Birdy
Mesh Hands: Slink
Pose: Kirin

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I Kidd you not (Freebies).

This is my Mondays KISS and it’s a good one.  Sorry but the Freebie isn’t the house, you have to go to Dust Bunny and pay a wodge of Lindens to buy the house but the Freebies are those gorgeous star emiiters you can just about make out. Faith and I both know the KIDD shop well because they sell some of the best low prim, sim stuffing plants, fields and garden features in SL and the prices are so reasonable and by reasonable I actually mean CHEAP! At the moment we have stunning dark stemmed bushes with bright red berries everywhere on our sim and  because the Pampas Grass I have everywhere as well also comes with a menu I have been able to change the texturing to a more wintery effect and even popping over to grab the LM I spotted some glorious and large wintery Bamboo plants and OMG 25Lds for a whole fat pack of them and even the largest one is just 2 prims I snapped it up and now I can’t wait to get back inworld to rezz rezz rezz and then rezz some more of these great plants.… Read the restXXXHousecinnie