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AlterEgo BodyCo VIP Gifts

3 VIP Group skins @ the mainstore + mouth applier for Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Sweetlips & Kissers inside Group Notices.
Lydia “Hipsta Plz” + Kensi “Long Night” + Maliyah “Praline” in Honey tone.
Body appliers sold separately. Shape in Ad “Lydia”
VIP Group is currently FREE join, so no reason not to add these to your collections. AlterEgo Body Co
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  I can't even explain how happy I am.  For those not following American issues, we have FINALLY made gay marriage legal for the entire country.  This is an historic event.  Many people are obviously celebrating because of this.  Some creators are giving gifts out to celebrate too!  Check out the details below and thank a creator for the gifts if you see them out and about!
Hair: Vanity Hair, free
Skin: Birth, 10L
Peace Tattoo: Taox Tattoo, free
Eyes: InkHeart, 9L until June 30th
Bodysuit: Garbaggio @ Color Me Project, 75L

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Black and White, Sort Of?

  Lots of freebies and cheapies in store for you today in this look.  I actually have so many things I want to blog here right now that I feel like I am going to be crushed under the pixel closet.  For now we will start with sexy gloomy look.  Then I will go finish making spaghetti.  But that has nothing to do with this so whatevs.  Enjoy!
Hair: Little Bones, group gift (100L join fee,  some past gifts available also)
Skin: Joli, group gift
Dress: Toxic Candy, 1L
Necklace: Edenia, free
Tattoo: Se//mi, free
Eyes: InkHeart, 1L (until June 30th)
Eyeliner: Maquil, 1L
Pose: Marukin

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Birthday Girl in Purple

For those who are not fond of pink =^_^=
Birthday Girl Purple – 0L
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Round 3 Raffle Winners! ♥

Round 3 AlterEgo Raffle Winners just scored a sweet prize! Congrats to the following Lucky Ladies, you all have won a Special Edition Kensi Skin in Caramel, called BlueShade! See your notecard inside the package for full details on your prezzie! Our Raffle board is currently full and waiting on me to get my ass in gear and pull more names :D and I will do that within in the next couple of days! I like this Raffle thinger, its purty cool imo … enjoy ladies! SayuriEmpress Resident, NeNe Carminucci, SevenDarkness Resident, Bellonari Resident, Meral01 Resident, LaraSea Resident, LittleUniicorn Resident, Juliet Claridge, Vivi Lemondrop, LovesChocolate Macpherson, Kleene83 Resident, G4briella Resident, Thalia Lupindo, JeweledSkull Resident, Bluelili Gothly, Orchid Arado, Shiva Bohemian, StarlaDream Blaisdale, Wiggs Resident and Kanilina Resident. Your prize will be in your inventory shortly ♥
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Riding my bike

On 16th June 2015 · By Wer · With Leave a comment
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Dress - gift @ Color Me ProjectBag - gift @ ::C'est la vie !::
Location - Leka

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Just a day out on Tuesday..

Here are some great deals this week!
My Shape: Symmetry has this lovely "Eva" shape out for 1/2 off  on Hello Tuesday!SYMMETRY Shapes are all copy and modifiable.The pack includes 3 shapes - Tall, Avg, and Short 
My Dress: M&M Fashion - Katlyn Dresscomes in 5 standard mesh sizes
Hair[Entwined] Holly - Group Gift (comes with "a lot" of  HUDS for color options)
-----------------Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 

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A Gift That is Berry Good

  I love pixel food a lot.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I even have a pixel food blog HERE.  I really do love pixel food.  One of my favorite stores for virtual food for quite some time has been Poche.  Recently they did an adorable free beverage set that matches a cheap tart set they released.  Go on and check it out!

Beverage Set: Poche, free
Plant and Tart Set: Poche, 50L

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If you have purchased any of the new skinlines from PixyStix, that have come out from Skin Fair until now, Pixy has an update in store for you all. In the update you will get appliers for the Genesis Labs 2.0 mesh heads. This also includes the free Penny mesh head, which is at the front desk. 
Hair - Venus - Midnight Mania PrizeSkin - PixyStix - Not FreeHead, Eyes & Shape - Genesis Lab - Instore GiftHead Applier - Pixystix - Free for those who have purchase Recent SkinlinesDress - Poet's Heart - Old Group GiftHead Adornment - !Musa! - *NEW* @ Cosmopolitan Sales RoomNecklace - LpOca - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Poses can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.
*** Update - The Poet's Heart Group Gift is no longer out. There is however some free zombie poses upstairs, so if you made the trip, be sure to pick those up. Sorry guys. At least consider subscribing for further notices, to find out what is going on in the future.… Read the rest

Stuff to do in SL: Premium Meet-up & Crocodile Wrestling

Visit SL Premium Beach through June 12th at 11:59 PM SLT to get a free raptor avatar before the riff raff* can get one. Just click the large glowing vendor near the landing spot. 

Pessimistic members of the SL community will note that the raptor is not wearing pants and therefore contributes to the sexed up, perverted image of SL. I'll counter that by telling you I got pretty darn close to the raptor and still have no idea what raptor genitals look like. 

This is all in anticipation of the 12th SL Community Anniversary celebration. Apparently, there is a party there from 10:30-11:30 AM SLT today (June 11, 2015), too.

I bought this selfie stick at RC Cluster. The croc thought it was delicious.
By the way, there is crocodile wrestling at Premium Beach (up by the dance floor above the tiki bar). I don't know if this is a special thing for the anniversary party, but wrestling large reptiles is an excellent metaphor for learning to play SL. 

Since they (rudely!) disabled fly on the sim and walking takes forever, here is a reminder of how to override the no-fly setting

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Bikini gift

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Bikini- Wertina group gift

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In a Dark Mood

  I'm not feeling writing a ton right now so just check below for details, some might be important!  Enjoy!

Mesh Head: Genesis Lab @ We Love Roleplay, free.  Please read note about this below credits!!!!!
Bustier: Sn@tch, 7Seas fishing prize
Hair: Lamb
Wings: Neverwish @ World Goth Fair**
Accessories: Lassitude & Ennui @ The Secret Affair
Pose: Marukin
I'm not wearing any eyes in this post because I kind of liked how it looked without them lol
This head was meant for male avs, which means it comes with a matching male skin.  If you want to wear a female skin with it that matches you will have to find one on your own, I tried some female ones from Genesis Lab and got a close enough match for the photo.  It has a wider/thicker neck shape than female heads generally do so it might not work with your shape.  I had to photoshop a seam out, lol.  This head also comes with matching elf ears so that's awesome.… Read the restdark mood

Apple Fall Exclusive Bed

I was so happy to hear that Apple Fall was the guest on The Gacha Show. He is one of my favorite designers in Second Life. The interviewer and audience had great questions for Apple. The chat log will appear on The Gacha Show blog when it is prepared. The show was informative and quite … Continue reading Apple Fall Exclusive Bed

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‘Sup Guys

  So my computer is working...sort of.  I discovered how to get onto SL and take a photo but the photos are sort of horrible.  So I had to fix this one up with a lot of post-process, even though it looks like it's not really.  So just be warned that colors especially may not be what they appear inworld compared to what they look like here.  Thankfully all of this stuff is cheap so if you end up not liking it you are missing out on like ten cents. XD

  The "skin" I am wearing is actually a mod applier for the Utilizator Avatar 2.0 Beta that I am wearing.  The av itself is only 400L and there are some fun appliers like this one, and also anyone can make appliers for it if they get the av so that's cool.  This applier mod is from Milk Teeth and is only 5L.
  My eyes are from Real Eyes and are only 5L, and include black, white, and mesh.  They are really cool and creepy and the store has lots of other cheapies too.
  My top is from a big pack of colors by Vitrimi.… Read the restblog test


  ♫ You know you need a fix when you fall down ♫
♪ You know you need to find a way ♪
♬ To get you through another day ♬
♪ Let me be the one to numb you out ♪
♫ Let me be the one to hold you ♫
♪ Never gonna let you get away ♪ ❤ Dani The post PainKiller appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.… Read the restPainKiller


Eyelure  Kissable  Lip GIFT (pic 2) Eyelure Side Tie Shorts White Flowers + Eyelure Ruffle Crop Top BabyBlue and Pink VIRTUAL DIVA Retro Hair Mesh BLONDES (pic 2) Skin MYA by WOWSKINS at GANGSTA FAIR (April 25th) Read the restSnapshot_007

Free*Style 2015-04-23 21:53:00

There's still a few days left of the Wayward Hunt so if you haven't zipped around and picked up some great gifts, now is your chance to go.

A few things to keep in mind with the hunt and items - the skin from Clef de Peau, while it is a great skin and very nicely detailed, has no eyebrows. I didn't notice the small print on the advert at first that the eyebrows were to be purchased, and I was already at home dressing so I just used others I had in my inventory.

Also a couple of the stores are sneaky with their hunt items.  I'm not sure if there was a limit as to how far from the landing point the boxes had to be hidden but one was at the back of the store OUTSIDE and almost underwater.  Another wasn't in the store itself but outside on top of billboard type poster.  So REALLY pay attention to the clues.  It seems gone are the days of hunt items being hidden INSIDE the actual store involved.

Skin:  Clef de Peau - Jemma Tan  *Wayward Hunt*
Hair:  Moon.… Read the restWayward Hunt

Creature Feature

  Hey all!  Sharing an outfit of cheapies and madness with you today.  All of the pieces work really well together but I do want to say that the hair does poke through the back of the collar, you just can't see it from the front, lol.  Sneaky, sneaky!  OK, enjoy!

Jumpsuit: Mute., 10L, other colors/patterns for sale separately for 10L each as well
Tattoo: Natti, 10L
Pose: Marukin
Aqua Colored Mesh Eye: Insufferable Dastard, 0L
Hair: Olive, gacha item
Ruff Collar Thing: Nefarious Inventions, gacha item*
Gray Colored Mesh Eye: Clemmm, gacha item
Skin: Lumae @ Genre
Mesh Lips: Loud Mouth

*You  must complete the Tag! gacha event to be able to have access to this gacha machine

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Heels love

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N-core - group gift, 50L$ fee to join

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LOTD 4-17-15 (Mildly NSFW? Just Undies So Maybe Not?)

  Just like the title says this post contains undies so I am not sure if it is considered NSFW, maybe if you work somewhere really strict, so picture and info. will be below the cut.  Undies!  Have fun!

Top: Nylon Outfitters @ Collabor88
Skin: Essences @ TDR
Hair: Argrace
Makeup: Dimma, 50L for a multi-pack of colors for a limited time
Pose: HelaMiyo @ Black Fashion Fair, opens at 1PM SLT (part of a pack of poses)
Eyes: Ducle Secrets, past subscriber gift
Jewelry: Schadenfreude @ Collabor88
Lingerie: Entice, SL Free & Offers gift

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