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Miamai Luxe Blog Scavenger Hunt

On April 12 Miamai will release their new Luxe collection, full of beautiful outfits in amazing textures and colors. For the occasion Miamai organises a small blog scavenger hunt and it’ll be total fun!
Beginning April 10th and carrying through into the 11th a series of nine bloggers from across the grid will be giving you all sneak previews of the Luxe Collection as well as hiding clever answers to questions within their blog. The game is simple: The first three people to find all the hidden answers to the questions below and submit those answers correctly via notecard to Shae Sixpence will win the entire Luxe Collection. Including the shoes… that’s right we said the shoes too. All of them.
If you read my blog ever now and then, you will now how I love great textures that look like real, soft, lush fabrics. This collection has plenty of those. Cotton and silk being the fabrics used most in this line, but there is also plenty of lace for those who love it!… Read the rest



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Galactic Gladiator

  All * marked items are available at February’s Collabor88!

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Mirrors Enigma – For Skin Addictions Black Friday Sale

Mirror’s Enigma will have this Demi skin on sale for 50% off for Skin Addictions Black Friday Sale. I am showing the different make ups in the Ivory tone but each skin has quite a few options. This skin has a shape that comes with it but I used my own for the photos, I like the lips and body on this skin and it is cute skin plus even better it will be on sale from November 23rd – November 25th.. so make sure you grab up those savings! I am also wearing Hair from Truth. Lingerie from Whippet and Buck and my poses are from /Geez/. My eyes are from Ikon’s eternal collection.

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Poses, poses

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I’ve finally updated the vendors at GEEZ with some of my latest poses!! I know, I’m slow and easily distracted and usually have like eleventy billion poses in the works, which I likely never finish, but I like how these turned out.
I’m also honored to see them used by some of my fave SL people, like Berry, Samara and Sylvia. Thanks for making them look so awesome, ladies!! Check them out at GEEZ’ store at Creators Pavillion or get them at the Marketplace. I’m finally updating there, too and eventually, all GEEZ poses will be available there again, too Previous releases:    

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There’s nothing like a bold, red dress to make a powerful statement and that’s exactly what this dress does. I’m wearing the latest mesh fall/winter release from Celoe. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I’ve been listening to Nadia Ali all day, so I thought I’d share. Credits: [...]

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I ♥ Rouge

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, this awesome some sim, Rouge, with what is likely the last remaining sim wide build by Eshi Otawara, need some love! Codie Redgrave has been able to keep the sim which is home to many, including yours truly, running for over 4 years now, but the tier jar is empty and could use some help from the community. So there is this weekend full of live music and fun and awesome creators selling stuff with full proceeds going to the Rouge tier fund! Come party, explore and buy and help Rouge to continue to exist! You’ll find below pose set from me there as well, btw! Today’s schedule: Sunday – September 30 1PM-3PM – Alicia Chenaux
3PM-5PM – Dilly Dawes
5PM-7PM – Cajsa Lilliehook – Funk
7PM-9PM – Reya Shanti
9PM-11PM – Kiana Lexenstar SLURL: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rouge/154/44/21

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I know it’s not Halloween as of yet, but I couldn’t resist playing around with the fantasy skins from Mirror’s Enigma. This is the Vanity skin and I’m wearing it in the exotic and drow skin tones. This is the first time I went drow, I hope I did it right. :P I must admit, [...]

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Debug Me

After teasing us for a few days, Maitreya has finally released the adorable tunic and boots this morning. I love the casual, laid back style both have so I wanted to shoot them in or near a field of some sort. I found Abduction Alley which is on the Nestlefire sim on Koinup Places. I [...]

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Skin Smoothing

So, I was a bad girl this week and totally goofed off instead of learning something new in photoshop. Therefore I thought this time I would share a skin smoothing tutorial that helped me a lot a few years ago. This is the technique I still use to smooth skin. The tutorial is by Ryker Beck and can be viewed at this link. I get asked a lot how I smooth the skin in my pictures so I figured I’d go ahead and share that. And while I’m sharing tutorials from other SL residents, this is another great one by Elysium Eilde showing us how to get rid of those pesky grid lines you get in shadow pictures. Today I’m wearing a new skin by Shai Delacroix of Casa Del Shai. It’s a very realistic dark skin. I love the warm tone and the makeups it comes with. You can check out the Casa Del Shai facebook page for more pictures of the skin and all the makeups. Then take the slurl to straylight to try on a demo yourself. The light and summery mesh top I’m wearing is a new release from Zaara Kohime of {Zaara}.… Read the restShy

New Poses @ GEEZ!

 Out now @ GEEZ 

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More Bad Pixels

I was fiddling with this pose, and I’m kinda happy how it turned out, so I decided to use it for today’s post. One Bad Pixel, as I told you yesterday, has a massive and colorful new release out, and shown here are the Stillwater bikini in pink, and the Chryssie Maxi dress in Bad Pixel Pink. Skins are Lily v1 by Belleza (please Tricky, release this beauty, I need ALL the make ups) and the hair I used is  LOQ‘s Malibu. Also, the best mesh feet on the grid, by SLink. Pose by GEEZ, that’s me, and I don’t know when I will release it.

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SecondLife.com – Masquerade

I’m going to have to disinfect my blog now that Mr. Winter Jefferson has graced it twice in one day. Anyhow, I’m so happy and excited to share this post with you finally. I was asked to create another image for the SecondLife.com main page, this time with the theme of masquerade. I knew right away who would be the perfect person to ask to pose with me, the infamous vampire himself of course! After submitting an almost raw shot on a green background (what Linden Lab had requested) I decided to photoshop it a bit myself for fun and had posted it a few weeks back on my flickr. I’m sharing my photoshopped version now below. Thank you again Mr. Jefferson for taking the time out to pose with me for this.… Read the restSecondLife.com - Masquerade

Dorky Me

Walking down a tunnel, as we all do at some point during the day and pause next to what could possibly be the sexiest thing I see all day…besides myself, of course.
Ever have one of those days where you tell yourself its time to get sexy?  Time to shed the cutesy image you seem to have acquired and show that you too can be the "Hot" one.  Don't get me wrong, cute is way better than "Oh.  There you are.  So that's you huh…alright".  Ugh, how do you recover from that one lol.  I've been trying to up my sexy game from time to time, and the response I get from the general male population that I actually know is the dreaded cute.  I get that in RL too, but I'm not as worried about it there?  I embrace the cute word in RL because I can't change anything about myself as easily as I can change my avi lol.  So, cute works!
While I was contemplating my sex kitten look, and going in all the wrong directions might I add…I saw a Flickr post for a  new mesh dress from *BOOM*.  ANSWER.… Read the rest


Chanchal means lively and playful in sanskrit and that’s the perfect name for this new set of intimates coming to the grid from Zaara. Chanchal will be available this weekend in 9 different colors: including soft, spring colors. So keep an eye on the Zaara blog or join the Zaara inworld update group. Credits:
*Skin: Glam Affair Leah Tan by Aida Ewing
*Hair: Truth Barbara by Truth Hawks (MESH)
*Lingerie: Zaara Chanchal by Zaara Kohime (coming soon)
*Nails: Je suis naive nails by Julia Merosi
*Pearls: LaGyo Kenya Necklace by Gyorgyna Larnia
*Poses: Geez by Grazia Horwitz
Furniture & Decor: What Next by Winter Thorn

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Male Fashion-Claudius Fouroux

It’s been a while since I’ve done a male fashion post on my blog so I thought I should bring it back with a bang by introducing you to one of the sexiest men in my friend list. I’ve known Mr. Claudius Fouroux for a few years now and I cannot say that I have ever seen him look anything but completely drool worthy. He may look like a gorean master to you in this post, however, he’s one of the most brilliant male stylists I’ve seen on the grid. Every time I have seen him he always has a completely new look that he’s been playing around with. My favorite was when he had his dreadlocks, I was just swooning! I wish I had taken a pic back then. Rumor has it that Mr. Fouroux is quite the ladies man, although I haven’t really seen anything to back up that, but I thought I should mention it in any case to make this post more scandalous. Sorry Claud, but you knew I was gonna throw you under the bus when you signed up for this!… Read the restClaudius Fouroux


Meet Leah. Leah is the latest release from Glam Affair and will be available in the store later today. She will come with soft freckles, in five skin tones with the tones ranging from light to dark. I am wearing the yan. Each tone also comes with 3 eyebrow options: red, dark and blond as well as matching hairbases. So don’t forget to check out Glam Affair later today to try on a demo. It feels good to be doing nude shots again, it’s just the stress-release I needed. I was listening to one of my favorite bollywood songs while I was working on this. I love the poetry in this song. Sometimes I wish y’all understood Urdu. :P Credits:
*Skin: Glam Affair Leah by Aida Ewing (To be released March 20th)
*Hair: Truth Parisa by Truth Hawks (MESH)
*Pose: GEEZ editorial poses 034 by Grazia Horwitz

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News from GEEZ

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 I have moved my shop to Creators Pavillion to a great little spot opposite to Y’s House. It’s small, but I love it and also, I have updated my pose vendors with the latest poses which have been in various events as special priced sets, but are now available as singles in the shop at their regular price. More pics of the new poses are on my flickr stream.  Taxi to GEEZ

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Finding Your Balance at Back to Black

Balance is an important element of life, a struggle we all must go thru in all aspects of life. At Chic Management’s Back to Black event, you’ll find all kinds of inspirational, supportive and informative goodies just waiting to help you get your balance. “If the mind, that rules the body, ever so far forgets itself as to trample on its slave, the slave is never generous enough to forgive the injury, but will rise and smite the oppressor.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Back to Black is well underway and if you haven’t yet been, now is a good time. The lag has been manageable and there is much much great stuff so you’ll want to be sure to have some time to look it all over. No doubt you’ll also get sidetracked reading some of the info provided about various mental health issues, so plan lots of time. It’s so fun to see what the different designers have done to reflect their interpretation, experiences and/or interests regarding such an important topic for all of us.… Read the restBacktoBlack5

Back to Black

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  CHIC Management began in 2010 with the Black and Blue Fair whose goal was to raise awareness of mental health issues.  This February, CHIC Management is returning to those roots with Back to Black.  At the venue, you will find multiple real life resources for mental health issues as well as many facts and statistics.  The items for sale also contain “Did You Know…” notecards with information about mental health.  Designs have been created around positive words of encouragement such as strength, serenity, fighter, heart, spirit, friendship, home, comfort, life, hope, courage, determination, survival, family and endurance.  Unless otherwise stated, the items at Back to Black are not charity items.  Over 135 designers have come together for this amazing event; the doors will open at 4 pm SLT on Saturday, February 11th and will close at 4 pm SLT on Wednesday, February 29th. Back to Black Happy shopping, loves♥ < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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GEEZ at the Love Gatcha

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Quick self promotional message: I am participating in a cute little gatcha event, The Love Gatcha.
I have filled a machine with 10 poses. 5 brand new ones, never
released before, and 5 oldies but goodies.
For as little as 10 L$ per try they can be yours! Others to participate are Somnia, Sn@tch, Some Ghost, Aura, Status,
Miao, Schadenfreude, 22769, A:S:S, Balderdash, Blue Blood, Dark Mouse,
Crackberry, Clutter TP to Shops @ SCD and Disco Deals Bazaar

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