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3 Looks for a very Modern Demon

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I felt like mixing a bit of dark fantasy with modern clothing. I am sure there is a title for this sort of genre, there are names for everything now-a-days. I just finished watching a Korean horror flick and I liked the way they contrasted the possessed demonized characters with very modern clothing, like someone you might bump into in a larger city and sudden gasp as your eyes register it doesn't really fit together.

I started with constructing the avatar. Gauze just released the perfect Monochrome Demon Makeup Set (L$100) available at Genre this month. The set comes with the Chronicle drow skin in coal with a variety of eight amazing face tattoos. The set also comes with Omega appliers for both the tattoos and the skin. 
My elongated pointed ears are from .:Soul's:. Uni-Ear collection. The Troll Uni-Ears (L$399) are but one of sixteen ear options available in the Uni-Ear Collection. Each ear set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears HUD, Alpha layers and instructions.… Read the rest



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Blessings of a Demon

“God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell…” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Uma [New][@ Hair Fair 2015] Eyes: Chop Shop – The Devil in Disguise – Red & White Skin: Gauze – Monochrome Demon – […]

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Oh Deery Me… I have lost my way…

Good afternoon everyone, I have a cute little look for you today. I got a little carried away with the photos; I was having so much fun at Lost Dream Sim. Lost Dream is a wonderful place to explore, take photos or just hang out with friends. 

Because it was such a whimsical sim, I pulled out my little fawn avatar. I know I have several fawn avatars, but this one is probably my favorite one. I like her because she has a cute nerdy side to her. I have done a few advances to her look since the first time I used her in 2013.

From the start this look was inspired by Gauze's Digi Legs and OakLeaf Hair's Faun HairThe Digi Legs in Faun (L$600) come in 10 color sets with four shades in each, with full or half leg versions. I am wearing the half sable legs from the brunette set. The Faun Hair (L$275) come with rigged and non-rigged mesh hair styles with the option to wear long bangs or not. I opted not to wear them in this photo set.… Read the restSecond Life Avatar Role-Play Fashion Review

Homage to the Beauty and the Beast…

One of my favorite childhood tales is Beauty and the Beast. I have always been fascinated by the idea that the beast gets the girl in the end. I am a romantic at heart and always seem to root for the underdog. So the beast won my heart. As I grew older, I realized that in reality the beast never gets the beautiful girl. Oh I know, I sound jaded. I know there are anomalies, but lets face it the truly physically beautiful tend to only go after other beautiful people or they are so vain they are hateful to the less than beautiful, as a true "beast" would be. 

Even knowing these facts, the show is still one of my favorites to watch. Probably because of that romantic gene I can't seem to shake. So when I came across the large Garden Troll (L$150) by Boudoir while working on the Lost Letters quest on Dandelion Daydreams Factory's sim. I couldn't resist creating a homage to my favorite show.

I absolutely love the way the lighting hit my back, highlighting the Sakura Tattoo by Guaze.Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Fashion Review

Voodoo,voodoo, voodoo, voodoo….

Okay so like, I know I’ve been slacking in the blogging process. Ya know, I’m human can you blame me? I’ve been having a wee bit of computer troubles whenever I take a picture on Second Life so it’s been kind of difficult. I’ve been experimenting with my ways on taking photos and how I […]

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We Love Role-Play is All New!

We Love Role-Play is finally here! Your favorite, and the number one, fantasy event has finally opened for this brand new round! You can come get all these brand new sale exclusives before June 30, and before everything for this round is gone! So what are you waiting for?! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: Algeria, DeviousMind, Eldritch, Empyrean Forge, Trap Teleport to We Love Role-Play < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Fantasy Role-Play: A bit under the water….there be Mer-folk!

Good afternoon everyone, 
Today I received several goodies that made me take a little swim in my underwater world. I do not think I have ever actually did a mermaid post. I have often enjoyed other Blogger's mermaid posts.So when I received two wonderful water themed outfits from BlueMoon Enterprises I couldn't resist trying my hand at it. I made photos for when my Mermaid is under the water and on land. I stole from the myth that when Mer-people come to land their tails turn to legs. I think they turned out quite well.



✫ Gauze | Chronicle Azure skin pack, Azurite | L$800 
To match the blues in the tail I chose Gauze's Azurite skin. The Azure skin pack comes with four tones, Azurite, Lapis, MoonStone and Star Sapphire..  The Chronicle line features skins for Women, FemBois, and Men, a ll sold separately. The Chronicle skin line is available in a wide selection of 9 color sets.
Read the restSecond Life Women's Fashion Review, featuring Mermaids.

Where Vampires go for vacation…

Good Evening Everyone,

I was hanging with some friends who were discussing what it would be like to be a vampire. They were discussing all the places they would visit during their vampire life-style, naming all the wonderful places to visit at night, Vegas, Rome, Paris, etc. Since they couldn't be out in the sun, they would always have to travel at night or in a coffin. Which by the way they said was quite out of date for vampires. One friend who is a complete beach bunny, was rather upset when she realized that sunny beaches would be out of her forecast. That got my mind wandering. Why could a vampire not go to the beach? They would just have to enjoy Moonlit beaches instead of sunny ones...after all one does not wish to crisp, now do they?

 Now at first glance you may think my pretty Vampire is the same as my Drow Demon from my last post, but she isn't. Today's avatar is created using components from Gauze, .:Soul:., Mina Hair, IKON and Slink.
I do have a thing for mono-tone skins, so I was very excited when I opened up my skins from Gauze and saw the Chronicle Quartz Skin (L$800).… Read the restSecond Life Virtual Fashion Review featuring Role-play Vampire

Alchemist adventure

Nargol Gra’Yarzol was the name I gave my halfling Orc. I don’t know much hell let me rephrase that. I dont’ know ANY Orc lore other than that there like bad and mean and tough.  My good friend Nimil of Songbird sent me a few links to give me a rundown so I combinded like […]

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A Noble Warrior…

Hi everyone, I have a few more Fantasy Faire goodies for you to check out. I wanted to share a bit for the guys. though Mel tells me I make girly guys..so I hope all you girly guys out there like what I have for you today! And if you are not "girly" I hope you find something you like too!

I fell in love with the unicorn steed from  White Oak Equines. I couldn't resist shooting a shot of a noble warrior feeding an apple to his beautiful steed. What else does a girl dream of but unicorns and noble knights? The unicorn has a lot of options via a hud, see the shopping list below for more info. I also really liked the detailing on the shield by Completely oBVious. The tattered cape is a awesome accent for any harden warrior to sport. It comes with a back or arm version.

I also really enjoyed playing with the "for the Living (sword)" by Fallen Arms. It comes in several sizes and a HUD for drawing or sheathing. You can wear it on your hip or back. I think I liked the back position best. It went so well with my new shield.… Read the rest

The Dance of the Frost Daughters

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Eleven Days of Enchantment

The transition was smoother this year. No lands were lost and the amount of magical energy required to form the Fairelands was at such high levels that the continent grew to the size never seen before. The Fairelands are awake now and like all living things, reaching toward the spring light, basking in it, full of life and promise. Full of magic and enchantment.
All is prepared, the feasts have been set, the portals polished, the welcoming fairy dances practiced, the dragons pre-lectured about not eating any visitors.
The Fairelands are here, the magic has arrived. You have eleven days to step through a portal and join the Faire Folk before the spells anchoring the Fairelands into reality fade once more. Eleven days to live in the fantasy world continent, eleven days to be all you want to be. Eleven days of enchantment.  Fantasy Faire 2015 has just opened! You can begin your journey here in the Fairelands Junction, which has portals to all the other sims.… Read the restwelcome2bs

Fantasy Faire Is Almost Here!

Relay For Life is something that I have been involved with in Second Life for many years now, on many different levels.  One of my favorite RFL events of the year is the Fantasy Faire, which opens tomorrow at 9 AM SLT!  I am proud and honored to be one of the official Fantasy Faire bloggers for this year.  Fantasy Faire has asked its bloggers to do a couple of blog challenges to help foster the community.  This post is Why I Relay. I relay for many reasons, but the main one is that I can, while so may others can’t.  Like many of us, I’ve had people close to me who have heard the dreaded words telling them that they have cancer.  Some are still with us, but others are not.  One of my good Second Life friends was Madame Maracas.  We lost Maddie to cancer on September 8, 2010.  I have since set up a memorial park in her honor in-world, and enjoy going there to visit and see the photos of her.  I also have an aunt out in California who is currently beating the odds. … Read the restWhy I Relay

The Caravan Mystery….

Before you judge me, first hear my tale.... It was a late evening when I came upon the caravan.

Not a sound came from the in inhabitants as they were sound asleep.

I was just out for my traditional midnight stroll. The moonlight is good for a girls skin, if you don't know....

I never would mean to harm a soul...

....not that their souls were harmed in anyway...

It was tempting.. so tempting... What's a girl to do when presented with such a ... tasty dilemma?

After all a girl's gotta eat.....
This post brought to you by:

I hope you all enjoyed that small snippet of a story. I wanted to remind you all to mark your calendars in less than 3 days the Fantasy Faire 2015 will be opening the portals to let us all in for some amazing shopping opportunities! Yes, I did make it in as an official blogger this year, so I will be sharing many great goodies over the next few weeks. There are several wonderful sneak peek items in my post tonight, see the shopping list for more info. 
  Fantasy Faire 2015, April 23 – May 3A Benefit for the American Cancer Society
Celebrating its seventh year, Fantasy Faire 2015 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players and performers in the virtual world.… Read the rest

The White Queen

So I think I’ve come out of my blogger funk. I decided to put my stress and worries it still lingers in the back of my mind. Lumae and Gauze are both participating in this month’s We <3 RP. The Stringer Mausoleum, is in an small Easter Event free by Free*Style. Not much to really say. I did a simple, but […]

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Gorgeous Goodies!

Here are some more gorgeous new items out now, either in store or at one of my favourite events.  Be sure to check them out and love them as much as I do!

Emilia Dress from DE Designs - with versions for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and System bodies, this is a sexy dress available in six colours and includes a HUD to change zipper and lace colours.  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Ravish Lingerie from Blacklace - if you need a reason to join the Blacklace Group, this is it!  It's the latest group gift available now!  It comes with five colours and mesh body appliers.  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Celestine Gown from Gauze - its a gown with a difference and includes underwear appliers for your mesh body...

...and it looks amazing from the back too!  Grab it now at We <3 Role Play!  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Iola I from Elua.

Sleep Under the Stars Bed from May's Soul - whether you have it inside or hanging from a tree in your yard, this is an amazing bed that comes with single sleep, romantic couple and sexytimes anims,  Check it out now at We <3 Role Play.… Read the rest

Spring Selections with We Love Role-Play!

It is finally April and Spring, so that means it’s time for a brand new We Love Role-Play! All of your amazing fantasy creators have returned with brand new exclusives that are marked down! Come enjoy these fantastic steals before April 30th! .Maddie. MIA: Tableau Vivant Teleport to We Love Role-Play < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII | Stores 31-35

Evening everyone, Here are more goodies from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13.  MFH XIII runs till the end of the month and is Free to participate in. So grab your friends and get some really awesome gifts while discovering some great designers. You can see the  prizes before these in my  previous posts on MFH XIII: 1-56-1011-1516-2021-2526-30

31.  Ab.Fab 

Ab.Fab Boutique |  Aurora Shield  | MFH XIII GIFT FREEThis is a really cool gift.. I absolutely had to pair it up with a Valkyrie look.
✫ Style By Kira | McKenna Skin and Shape, 02H  | L$800 | @ The Skin Fair 2015 (til March 29th) This lovely skin is a special made by Kira for the Skin Fair. It is one of eight lovely make ups for this skin tone. Each skin comes with one makeup with two cleavage options, brow shaper and a copy/mod shape.… Read the rest

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII | Part II

Evening everyone, I am back with a few more goodies from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13. You can see the first 5 prizes in my previous post.  You have until the end of the month to find all the wonderful gifts and have a little time to taunt your friends about all the neat stuff you get.

I had a lot of fun on this event and it has been even more fun unpacking items to make my pictures featuring them. If there is a hunt you hit this month.. I would recommend this one. The hunt is FREE so there is no reason not to add some adventurous fun to your life.

6.  Bad Katz

Bad Katz | Mesh Artic Wolf | MFH XIII GIFT FREEThis prize drove me to distraction so many great little rooms to wander in and explore. There are some great mesh creatures and landscaping supplies. I couldn't resist using my wolf in recreating a cliche' image I have seen on half my son's shirts.

Bad Katz | Mesh Bird Set | L$200I found a really great bird set at Bad Katz.… Read the rest

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII | Part I

Whose up for a little adventure? I know I was, but I didn't know how much fun I would have doing it. I have not done a hunt post in such a long time. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed getting out and seeing stores as I searched for the gifts.  

On a whim I selected the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13. Just to make it clear, I am not an official Blogger for MFH XIII. I had to go through all the hoops just like you would to find these wonderful gifts. And I have to tell you I chose the right hunt for fun. The Designers really went out of their way to make this a fun challenging hunt with a lot of nice side items to distract you and entertain you along the way. One of the things I love the most about medieval/fantasy themed stores, which really stands them out compared to casual and high end fashion stores, is that the stores are almost out to get you. There are so many surprises awaiting you in them.. following you, pouncing on you.; these designers have a wonderful sense of humor ...if somewhat twisted at times.… Read the rest