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Look of the Day

BODY SKIN: Tableau Vivant ~ David Skin (by Aida Ewing) EYES: MADesigns ~  NATURE ~ Lost (by Maddox DuPont) OUTFIT OUTFIT:  Boudoir ~ Forest King (by Precious Restless) LEGS: Gauze ~ Faun Legs – Naturals (by Yukio Ida) POSE Diesel Works (by Rogan Diesel) Filed under: BloggingSL, MALE Fashion, Special Occasion/Costume Tagged: boudoir, Gauze, MADesigns, Tableau Vivant

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April 2014
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Sea Orchid

Mermaids of tropical waters are never just blue or green tailed. They most definitely do not have pale human skin like some of their more traditional cold-water cousins. No, the tropical mermaids flourish and flaunt their colours like the local … Continue reading

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In dreams…

…I am a golden haired faun. Living it up in the forest without a care in the world. Playing a pan flute, my way of singing with the birds, not a stitch of clothing to cover me. Free to feel the cool air all over my skin. I imagine this is how a nudis…

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In dreams

The Next Must Have Bikini

Right about the time I think that no more bikinis ever need to be made someone comes along and makes the next one that is absolutely adorable. Anessa Stine has this one available at her shop DCNY and the best … Continue reading

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Meanwhile OMG yet another Hair Fair related blog post!

You know you love it LOADS more under the cut….. Told you there was loads Skin – Pink Fuel Top – Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHed Filed under: Fashion, iheartsl Tagged: (RED) Mint, amacci, baiastice, blog, blogging, calico, cracked mirror, curio obscura, Curious kitties, fashion, gauze, lollipopz, Pink Fuel, Rosy Mood, second life, secondlife, sl, SLink, […]

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Let’s go hunting

I do so love to take pictures with friends. Blogging gets quite lonely at times. It’s always just me, standing about, attempting to take somewhat decent pictures, then me again in Photoshop. All me, heh, so I was all to happy to have Kinu join me in these pictures. On me: Skin: Glam Affair – … Continue reading »

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#256 The Fantasy Faire is running

The great demon ram horns created by Trap and the Fantasy Faire V inspired me this demonic look. I wear also beautiful necklace and earrings by Bliensen + Maitai which represent a cute dragon with his crystal. 

At the Fantasy Faire I found a…

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Meanwhile now I will believe that there are unicorns…

The Fantasy faire is now open, and I’m hunting unicorns, as you do. Lot’s to see, lot’s to buy and some lovely little clever bits and pieces, like the shoulder armour from Gauze, which comes with a hud so you can change the colour of the lights, and spinning balls, and the Horns from Trap, [...]

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#199 Plastik @ Skin Fair & Zodiac

2nd post about Plastik and its Astrali skin. 

Today a fantasy look inspired by this skin. This time I chose the Ganymede tone in the basic version, the face tattoo Bomb and the mesh eyes Galaxia Reia which are included in the package. To my o…

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DRIFT New Releases ~ The Hangover Collection

The new DRIFT Hangover Collection is available now at the DRIFT Main Store and DRIFT Marketplace. Tank Tops ✿Easy to use Texture Color Change HUD (Ribbed Cottons and Linen Gauze) ✿10 or 15 Different Color Textures to choose from all-in-one HUD ✿Tank and Ruffle separates for mix and matching with styling ✿Rigged Mesh ✿5 Standard Sizes [...]

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DRIFT ADVERT-Hangover Collection2

The Skin Fair!

The Skin Fair 2013 is now open! Join the official skin fair 2013 group, where you can grab demos of the new releases from the group notices, try em on at home without the lag, and without missing a detail[Sims are PG]. Sponsored by: Amacci JesyLilo ND/MD Skins & Shapes Lo0mi Dream Ink TD Templates La [...]

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Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 - Skin copy

Nohm Nohm Nohm

I invited him over for a barbecue and maybe have mentioned there would be a little bondage on the menu as well. Of course he came right over.So maybe I forgot to mention he would be on the menu, but can you blame a girl?CreditsLingerie: Goth1c0: Dark W…

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Human Form

Shot at SiniStyle [SLurl] Dress: coldLogic – Savage [SLurl] Armwarmers: [][]Trap[][] – Fuzz Gloves Mono Heart [SLurl] Claws: [ni.Ju] – Tintable White Claws [SLurl] Socks: (fd) – Knee High Mesh Socks (Collabor88) [SLurl] Boots: [GW] – Hoof Boots [SLurl] Collar: mijn.botique – Metal … Continue reading

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Human Form


It seems so long since Skip and I did our first fantasy picture. I think it was probably this one. Link: But it is something we both seem to enjoy, so I was excited to do a fantasy Christmas card to give to all of my blog, flickr and Facebook friends. So here it is. … Continue reading »

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LibDescent’s “Gil” Once when I was in line at the grocer I was behind a couple who were chatting. From their desultory converse I picked up he was a hunter (as if the attire wouldn’t give it away) and one of the things I overheard made me smile inside. He mentioned to his wife that … Continue reading »

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The Tooth Fairy

Every child knows that when they lose a tooth, The Tooth Fairy will come and whisk it away. She is the pretty fairy all dressed in pink and frills, but did you know there is another Tooth Fairy? She is a specialized one. She is the tooth fairy who take…

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The Tooth Fair waits

The Golden Sorceress

It seems Mondays are becoming a fantasy skin day for me. I swear it wasn’t planned, I am not that organized.This look just sort of happened. See I started with the skin and wanted to wear something that wouldn’t cover up too much of it. At first I was …

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Golden Sorceress

we’re all mad here

a smile like the cheshire cat. happy halloween. get the look yourself: skin; glam affair dark side ginny 01 hair; ploom @ my attic mila eyes; insufferable dastard zombie mesh eyes (group gift) teeth; gauze nightmare uneven piercings; hod fallen v2 (modded) straight jacket; dilly dolls silently bodysuit; whippet & buck sweet day bodysuit in [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy 31st October, GUYS!!! I haven’t been in SL much the past few days, but I did take this pic a couple days ago and wanted to blog it, and today it seems fitting! Have a great Halloween and enjoy yourselves, whether you’re hiding indoors like me (my kids are away with my parents *tear*) [...]

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Rawr... or something

Somnia & Gauze at Resting Place (with EMO-tion Hair)

Yep, still working through a few things at Pulse Games, Resting Place (FB page, no need to log in)e before I go back and finish the haunt, I mean hunt…errr…Journey.  Today, it’s a bit of Somnia!  So far, I’ve found two different items by Somnia at Resting Place and today, I chose the mesh Argyluarian [...]

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