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The Last Atelier Kreslo Bake Sale

Atelier Kreslo is currently in its last round.  To celebrate, the very last bake sale is also happening, and I am in it!  hyasynth Tiramisu and I baked matching cookies for the bake sale (there are 4 colours from each of us, in pairs that go together, with matching plates), she made adorable birdies and I made colourful bats.  Each of our cookies come on a plate that will give anyone who touches it a temporary attachment cookie to munch on, and also without the plate for display, a version for you to eat without having to touch the plate, and a little cookie to hold in your mouth.

Get them while they're fresh!  The Atelier Kreslo bake sale ends February 13th, after which, these cookies will be all gone, never to be sold again.

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Hikari Lanterns at The Seasons Story

The Winter Seasons Story has opened, for this dark season of so much night I have made softly glowing lanterns.  They are three styles of lantern, texture change with the included HUD, with 5 metal options (silver, gold, copper, bronze, and black), and 10 colours of slag glass shade.  Anyone can touch them to turn the light on and off.

To be found at The Seasons Story until January 31!  I'm in the Southeast corner, on the bottom tier, between ~silentsparrow~ and katat0nik.

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Christmas Ornaments and Gingerbread Men

New ornaments for the wintery season, glass mushrooms to hang on your tree:

And some candles to clip on your tree- they do light up with little flames, but prim trees won't catch fire and burn your house down!

And this year, I finally got around to redoing the glass ornaments including the birds in mesh.  All ornaments are now 1 LI each (unless you scale them too large, and then, well, meshmath is funky like that).

Also, gingerbread men!  There are 3 styles, traditional with mesh icing buttons and cuffs, stitched FrankenGinger men, and a DIY set with and without eyes that lets you make your own icings for it (requires image editing skills- you have to be able to upload transparent textures for an icing overlay).  You can hold them in your mouth, you can hold and eat them, and you can rez a plate that distributes one to hold and eat to anyone.

All to be found in the elephant!

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Renovations complete, new item for The Neighbourhood!

The stores of Organica region have officially reopened! Visit the newly renovated sim at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Organica/153/186/40! Furthermore, there’s a new garden now available as part of The Neighbourhood promotion! This small garden is 19 LI in total at packaged size and comes with two texture sets (green & snowy, scripted & unscripted). It’s perfect for a Japanese themed build or any parcel that needs a quiet patch of greenery and contemplation to bring the build together!  The garden has a 8 by 5.5m footprint and is mod/copy, with some copy-only scripts in the scripted edition. You can pick it up here!                           

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Schadenfreude 2014-10-15 13:04:00

This round of Collabor88 is Spoopy Motel, spooking up the place in honour of my favourite holiday. I made a pair of nightstands and a pair of lamps for it.

There are normal versions, bare bones plain nightstands and simple turned wood lamps.  The nightstands include a HUD with 9 handle options, and 4 books- the drawers open and close on touch, one version also has a book inside the drawer, and you can choose any of the 4 books to be in the drawer.  The lamps have a HUD with 7 lampshade options, touch to turn on and off.

There are also a version of each for when you wake up on the fright side of the bed.  The nightstands have the same 4 books and optional book in drawer, but the handle has been replaced with a humerus, and the front feet are, well, feet.  The handle and feet change to 11 different options (2 colours of bone) with a HUD.  The lamp has the same 7 lampshades and also lights up on touch, but also lets you choose to make the bones match the base, or between two colours of bone.… Read the restbones motel

~A Beguiling Tango~

Second Life is rich with creative people…each one expressing their genius in his or her own inimitable way.  Each time I set out to explore this amazing virtual world, I am awestruck with the depth of skill and attention to detail that goes into creating beauty, form and function out of pixels.  Pouring your heart and soul into producing something from your imagination is tough enough in First Life…add the challenges of translating that same work into pixels, on a computer, and you start to appreciate the dedication and perseverance required to do so. I always feel honored and blessed that I have had the good fortune of becoming friends with truly artistic people in Second Life and one of those friends is someone I particularly cherish.  Jillar Lamar is not only an incredibly talented digital artist, in SL, she also has the ability to translate that eye for beauty into the landscape of her Second Life world. The Beguiled; Art Gallery and Studio is where you will find the collective works from Jilla and where you will also find yourself immersed in a lush, whimsical landscape that invites you to slow down, wander the grounds and take in all the enchanting details. … Read the rest~A Beguiling Tango~

The Loft @ Summerfest ’14

Teleport to Summerfest.
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[Kraken] To the Lighthouse

Collabor88 this month is To the Lighthouse- but these boats days of actually going to the lighthouse is over, they've been repurposed into furniture.  Bookcases in two sizes, and a coffee table (proper boats will happen eventually, but I'll need the time to futz around with scripting and posing and such first).

The large bookcase comes with three clusters of books, the smaller comes with two clusters- each is a separate piece so you can redecorate your shelves as you wish, they just start you off with some low prim things to fill some of the space.  All are sly references to Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse (the books with the R, for instance, are books for each of the Ramsay children), the lantern that comes attached to one of the book sets with the small bookcase can be lit and extinguished on touch.  All pieces come in three colours, each colour has the books and pieces retextured a little.  The Silent set are all greyscale- aside from one purple book (which is always purple, Tansley's book).  All pieces come with two variants, with and without darker coloured trim.… Read the rest[Kraken] To the Lighthouse

The Loft @ FaMeshed

The Loft @ FaMeshed

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Eggs for Lunch

Another Easter calls for new eggs!  Joining last year's eggs, this year's eggs feature strong geometric patterns, and the egg cup candles have been joined by empty cracked eggs, the yolks cleaned out but not replaced by wax, and cracked eggs not in cups.  So, yeah, even more options.

3 sets of 6 eggs in each configuration: egg, cracked open egg in two pieces, egg in egg cup, cracked egg in egg cup, egg cup candle.

Each piece is 1LI unlinked, you can link together two pieces to then them still only 1LI together.  To be found at the elephant!

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A Marriage of Design and Beauty

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”~ John Keats Today I provide an answer to one of the Miamai Scavenger Hunt questions......

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The Loft Newest Releases

The Loft is participating in the 2nd year anniversary of  The Men’s Dpt. Teleport to The Men’s Dpt. The Loft – Umberto Knole Sofa • Mature and PG versions
• High detail 100% mesh (5 total prims)
• Sofa seats up to 2
• Rezz and worn props
• General Animations, Female, male, Cuddles   This month The Loft is also participating at the latest MadPea/Dwarfins Loft Mine hunt. This is the gift after the hunt has been completed. Teleport to The Lost Mine Hunt
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Bethlem Apothecary and Medical Cabinets

For a previous round of Collabor88, I made these mesh Apothecary cabinets.  Like I do for most Collabor88 rounds, I then temporarily squirreled them back away in my inventory while i worked behind the scenes on the full release.  It is now done, they live again.  There are more colours- 12 colours of cabinets: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, purple, white, ivory, gunmetal, brown, and black.  There is also a second type of cabinet, with solid metal walls and shelves to match instead of the glass.  Both versions come in fresh new paint and chipped versions, and the uberpack includes both styles of cabinet and a HUD that lets you change sections separately to mix and match to your heart's content.

2LI each cabinet, touch the door to swing open/closed, touch the key to hide/show it, touch any of the shelves to hide/show them so you can also store larger things in there.

Now out at the elephant!

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In My Garden

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. ~ Alfred Austin

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The Loft @ The Arcade and FaMeshed

The Loft @ The Arcade
Everything you need for your Easter Celebration. Chairs include animations and props for use in any part of your home.
Role Players would love that treats actually dispense portions (Fat free of course).   Teleport to The Arcade   Available @ FaMeshed
Animations for singles, toddler, parent/child
4 Sets of sequences so you automatically change positions while seated
Available in a variety of colours and patterns with texture changeable legs so you can make bold combinations.
4 L.I
C/M/NT   Teleport to FaMeshed
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This is one of the stores where I found hair, poses for my posts or personal photos and very nice clothes…
Now they have really cool furniture for our special places…
Take a look at their Mainstore! LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/floorplan/188/219/28

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The Loft 2014-01-27 15:47:46

If you are in the Lofty Spaces group do not forget to pick this up via group notices. This is not an exclusive group gift so it will expire from notices on Tuesday February 4th. Lofty Spaces Membership: This is not an exclusive group gift (it will be in an upcoming release)so it will only be available in the notices until Tuesday 4th , 2014. Lofty Spaces Membership
————————————– As a member you enjoy :
1) Discounts on all room sets. Discounts varies but will never be less than 10% 2) Access to exclusive member only events 3) Group Gifts: These can be Exclusive or Part of an upcoming Release.
Exclusive Gifts:
- Can be an exclusive color/pattern or exclusive design
- Will never be on sale at the store.
- Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days
- Will be available on a group gift wall at the store Part of an upcoming release:
Sometimes I will send a gift which is part of an upcoming release and these: - Will be on sale at the store at some point in time
- Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days, if you missed collecting the gift from the notices then it will be on sale at the store.… Read the restThe Loft - Group Gift

Setting Off The New Year With Pre-Release Gacha Garden!

  It’s time for a fresh new round at Pre-Release Gatcha Garden. Pop in before February 3rd to check out everything the fantastic designers have to offer during the New Year event, which just opened today. Play for your chance to win décor, clothing, shapes, jewelry, accessories, shoes and more, all priced at 120L per play or less. I already hear the sounds of those gacha machines spitting out rares! Hurry down to catch yours. Masumi D. Teleport to Pre-Release Gatcha Garden MIA: AFI, Broken Butterfly, [dirty.little.secret], Endorphin, LockHearts, Olegun, orange works, Wicked Night Nerdy Needs, ZED’S NOT DEAD < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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The Loft @ Fameshed

If you aren’t into the fancy and formal spaces then we have a patterned version of the casolare chairs with new casual and accents and detail. Teleport to FaMeshed
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The Liaison Collaborative – December Collection

The Liaison Collaborative opened today with new rounds of The Garden and Poser Pavilion.  The Garden features home decor items; as well has releasing a new, event exclusive item for The Garden, most participating designers have also released new gacha items.  The Poser Pavilion features singles poses, couples poses, group poses and pose props.  All items for both sections of the event were created around the theme It’s A Wonderful Life.  You have until January 10th to teleport in and make purchases. Teleport to The Liaison Collaborative ♥ Lashae < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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