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And from the ashes…

Yes yes, typical Phoenix type of title there, mostly to do with my headgear in this picture, but another quicky post about some events and the goodies within them! As you can see i’ve gone a bit rogue with my look today and it’s a bit of everything!   My horns, both above and below […]

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Cubic Cherry &  Lumae!



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#578 Sale! Sale! SALE!!

Spring will be there in a few days. That’s the right moment for a spring cleaning. A 50% off retirement sale is running till March 31st at Elephante Poses. Look for items marked with flower sale sign (All SLink nails and makeup, select pose packs,…

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Skin Fair 2014: The Platik Overload

I have always loved The Plastik’s skins. Its sooo much in the skin pack that I am unsure of where to begin. When you get the skin pack its three different skins, makeups, eyebrows and so forth. I am just use to wearing just the basic skin set to really even notice or understand lol. […]

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Fetish Friday: Ponka Designs

I recently found a new-to-me fetish store, Ponka Designs. I think this store has actually been around since 2009, but I first saw it when I was looking around Futurewave a few weeks ago. Ponka Designs has a lot of fetishwear many of which come with Lol…

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Clap along

If you feel like a room without a roof!Because I’m happy! ^_^Hello loveliest of the lovelies! In case the picture doesn’t give it away, I’ve been thoroughly consumed by my gacha addiction! This pose set is from Nantra @ Luck of the Irish and …

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Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

I think it is well established that I have a Gacha addiction. So just in case you have gotten everything you want at Arcade and are jonesing for a new venue- I have one to tell you about that just started yesterday. Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair will be…

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Skin Fair and More!

Hello Readers! I am back with some more Skin Fair fabulousness.  No sooner had I made my previous Skin Fair post when a new arrival from 7 Deadly S{k}ins was delivered and they are wonderful! I rather enjoy transforming myself in various ways in Second Life.  Could be my role play past, or the simple […]

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me meyself and I

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair / AlterEgo

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair – begins March 12th @ Metropolis - NOON SLT 12PM AlterEgo has whipped up 3 legstrap sets! All for only 50L to play! Bullet Garter has 12 in the set w/ 1 RARE [rainbow] Left side only. Gangsta Holster has 24 in the set, no rares, each holster has a […]

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Just Cuz

  So I spend most of my time in SL bald, AO-less, probably naked, because of the being a creator/hermit thing, as I have said before, so when I put an outfit on for no reason other than to feel cute I guess I should blog it.   Most of these i…

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You Better Work

I love creating scenes and spaces. This picture is a mix of some of the great items at collabor88 March and Arcade. First, I was so excited when I heard the Glam Affair Sylvia skin was in Jamaica tone at coll88. Yay! I think it looks pretty on me….

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SLink West

I could not be more excited about SLink West which opened today bringing together the very best addon and applier creators all in one place. I love my SLink products and love the ease of slipping into addon shoes and applying tights and polish to my al…

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Rock Chick

I missed you Second Life. I was sick all of last week and am only now crawling out of the bed and ready to face the world again. I had some fun dressing up in a LIV Glam leather outfit, playing with Embody poses I got at The Theme Park, and my huge ass…

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Arcade Goodies and then some!

Hi guys! Quickie Friday post today! Arcade goodies and some new stuffage! You can click through for a large picture so you can see all the makeups, but this is Aria from Glam Affair, out now at The Arcade! The combinations you see are the common items, and there are tons to collect, which is […]

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Glam Affair - Aria & Exile @ The Arcade

More Arcade Fabulousness!

So how are you all enjoying The Arcade this month?  Isn’t it just the best and addictive event ever??  I just am in awe of how creative and talented our SL designers and creators are.  Here’s a few more goodies you will find to spend you…

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I can’t with the cute

I really love Arcade. This is just a fun, silly picture of a bunch of things I got and love. A small drop in the bucket of all the amazing things I got, most of which I am still opening and looking at. If you need stuff, I have a table at Gacha Resale …

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Feeling a lil Petit

So yep, the Arcade is now officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  So much stuff, so little time and money, and luck with rares for most!   Tableau Vivant have a great machine with OODLES of goodies tho, so let’s take a look. The hair is rammed full of hair, and plushes to fit on top of […]

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Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade - Petit Sleepy

Twisted Hunt – March 1-31

The Twisted Hunt is now upon us.  If you are unfamiliar with this event, it is the hardest hunt on the grid.  This is not a boast.  It is rock solid fact.  However, in spite of the difficulty of having hunt items moving constantly, a lack of a hint blog (you have to get hints … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Newness at GizzA

GizzA Creations has a new gorgeous dress out perfect for the girl on the go!  The Belted Dress is a gorgeous asymmetric mesh dress that comes in two fabric choices, each with a different accessory.The Snake version comes in two colour choices and …

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More Arcade Goodies!

The Arcade opens on March 1st…so not much longer to wait to go crazy trying to grab all the goodies! I know I will hitting them hard to get all the stuff!! Here’s a glimpse of some of the yummies just waiting for you! Mimi skins from Belleza- 3 rar…

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The Truth about Belleza!

Well, the only truth about Belleza is.. they’re fab and at The Arcade! I have lots of skins and hairs to show you over the next few days, and I’m beginning with Truth’s new release and a sneaky peek of Bellezas Arcade skins! HUZZAH! OH I also have a new dress, it’s a simple sweater […]

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New @ Truth - Feb '14