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I spy Chicken

This has been such a busy month for me blogging wise it’s not even funny. Like I am about to go on a melt down. Compared to some of my collaborations I’ve done recently this was very spare of the moment, but we’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks. Saka and I … Continue reading I spy Chicken

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October 2017
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I’m not psycho, or am I?

  BODY Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Sugar Walnut [New][@ Applique] [Freckles Not included] Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Umbra Eyes Fatpack [New][@ Applique] Hair: Sn@tch – Poe Hair – Ombre [New] Eyeshadow: Sn@tch – Temptress Eye Makeups [New][@ Applique] Lipstick: Livia – Juicy Gloss [New][@ Applique]   ACCESSORIES Collar: Lock&Tuft – Spiked Collar – Rekt … Continue reading I’m not psycho, or am I?

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You’re manga me scream from tickles

Ya friends you can’t live without! BODY Hair: Ayashi – Chiharu Hair – Red Set Skin: Birth Skin – Willow – Tone 7   CLOTHING Top: OSMIA – Night Party  T. Shirt – Lime [New][@ Blush] Shorts: OSMIA – Night Party T. Shirt – Lime [New][@ Blush] Shoes: AstraliaXMomento – Notice Me Senpai – #2 … Continue reading You’re manga me scream from tickles

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Fishy Dreams

  BODY Hair: Doe –  Nylon – Colorfuls  [New][@ C88]   CLOTHING Dress: HauntedCastle Cloth. – Hexe Dress – Maitreya [New][@ The Coven ]   ACCESSORIES Back piece: Nightmare – Lunar Halo [New][@ The Coven] Cuffs: Cubic Cherry Designs – Tsubasa Rakuen Anklets – Pink Pack Jewelry Set: Dahila – Luna – Neclace & Bracelet … Continue reading Fishy Dreams

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Cult of Personality

I am the newly owner of SL Blogger Chat of the discord channel. I took over for Whispy after she sought in real life duties and I told her I would hold the fort down till she comes back. This week, I took over for one of our admins who is also in the process … Continue reading Cult of Personality

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Queen of Serpents

Presently, he was aroused by a great snorting and hissing and rustling, and opening his eyes, saw seated on each stool a great serpent, a hundred cubits in length, with eyes that blazed like live coals. At this sight, great fear got hold on him; his spittle dried up, for the excess of his affright, … Continue reading Queen of Serpents

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Now let’s get medicated Man, let’s get medicated Let’s get medicated Man I’m hella faded Man, let’s get medicated Let’s get medicated Let’s get medicated Man I’m hella faded I’m hella faded BODY Hair: Barberyumyum – *86 – Red   CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  Top: Sn@tch – Cotton Crochet Sweaters Shorts: Suicidal Unborn – Nydale Shorts … Continue reading Medicated

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I have it all! (FREEBIES)

Woah! So I finally got over to the Cosmopolitan event which turns out to be celebrating 5 years in SL and you know what that means?  Nope no cake but even better…OOODLES and OOODLES of gifties and even better the gifts are so good! OK ignore the room I’m in as it’s actually a Rare Gacha win from this event, yes I do spend Lindens lol, but the rest is all freebies and I was having a very pleasant time just rezzing stuff, trying the clothes on and of course seeing what is editable and then I get the heads up that this event only has a few more days left to go!!! So I snapped some basic piccies in my Nams setting of what I already had out so you can see the quality and yes this shabby chic/romantic fireplace is editable LOL.
It’s obvious whats what in this picture but if you don’t need any new decor items don’t worry, shoes, boots, clothes, nails, jewelry etc are all there as well and from well-known SL shops. The dress in the top picture is from one of my fav SL shops and I loved this metallic with sheer bits outfit as well.  … Read the rest

Candles raise my desire

Candles raise my desire Why I’m so far away No more meaning to my life No more reason to stay Freezing feeling Breathe in, breathe in I’m coming back again BODY Hair: Moon – Hair – CCXX [Erratic Pack][New][@ The Coven] Body: Slink – Hourglass   CLOTHING Dress: Oubliette – Twilight Artemis Gown [New][@ The … Continue reading Candles raise my desire

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Daddy’s little bun

“Whatever Daddy says goes”  BODY Hair: Barberyumyum*T02 mix Skin: Glam Affair – Barbara – Africa   CLOTHING Harness: Stockholm&Lima – Jump Rope Harness – Lavender Tank: Messy – Lifted Tanktop Black   ACCESSORIES Gag: Zombie Suicide – Ball Gag – Flirty [New][@ Fetish Fair 2017] Collar: Mossu – Lust Choker – Daddy’s Girl [New][@ Fetish … Continue reading Daddy’s little bun

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Hi!, special delivery!

“Did someone order pepperoni pizza to go, dood?!”  BODY Head: MoonRabbit – TV Head – Hi [New][Gacha][@ Kawaii Project] Bodysuit: Sn@tch – Digital Angel Latex Suit & Wings [New][@ Indie Teepee][Wing not shown, but included with package]   FURNITURE Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Coastal Dreams (Without glass) REZ [this is NOT including the photo backdrop. … Continue reading Hi!, special delivery!

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“She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer” “But if you want some coke, that’s cool, cause my homies still.” “Yeah my homies still” “My homies still” “Don’t make my goons go stupid” “Go stupid, go stupid, ya.” For Sugah’s look please visit her blog! She was a wonderful person to take photos with! … Continue reading Squadron

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Mysterious Ghoul

  BODY Hair: Due – Kojima — Red Eyes: Sominus – Ghoul Eyes [Marketplace only] Skin: Amara Beauty – Elodie – Tone 12 [New][ Exclusive for Catwa Powder Pack only] Scar: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Wide-eyed [Gacha]   CLOTHING Top: Insanya – Helga Top [New][@ Mesh Body Addicts] Bottom: Insanya – Helga Shorts [New][@ … Continue reading Mysterious Ghoul

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My boa and I

“My boa don’t want none less you got buns” BODY Hair: Beusy – The Billie Hairstyles [Midnight Mania May Exclusives] Skin: Amara Beauty –  Elodie – Tone 12 [New][Exclusive Powder Pack Catwa, July] Eyes: Slackgirl – Rapunzel Eyes Eyeshadow: Zombie Suicide –  Sparkle Eyeshadow & Liner [New][@ Appique] Lipstick: Zibska – llie [Powder Pack Exclusive]  [Tinted] … Continue reading My boa and I

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Slippery when wet

BODY Skin: Mudskin – S7 Eyes: Anetielle – Mermaid Eyes Contacts: Naminoke – Kingyo – lives in my eyes – C-6 [Gacha] Teeth: CerberusXing – After Meals Fangs [Group gift]   CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES  Crown: Neverwish – Tentacle Gacha – Gami Gacha – Tenta Crown – Purple [Gacha] Tail: Moon Amore – Skelly Mermaid Bento … Continue reading Slippery when wet

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There’s something in the drink

It’s half time at The Gacha Guild, and the hunt is in full effect and ALL designers has their items out and most have put out some new items at the event so now is the time to go back and check it out. Remember the event closes on July 30th! It’s an amazing event … Continue reading There’s something in the drink

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Ballerina Sauce

Well today was a very fun, exciting day. I spent most of it well who am I kidding all of it chillin’ with my slsister Hopa. We did a dance video featuring Ghoul’s new lingerie set that’s coming soon to the Kawaii Project.  Since she loves doing videos and I’m constantly listening to music all … Continue reading Ballerina Sauce

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My one true love

“She‘s Broken because she  believed” — anonymous  **Thank you babe for posing the skeleton for me, Imzi <3 ** BODY Skin: Pumec –  Elle – September [ Powder Pack July Exclusive ] Eyes: Nocturnal – Blood Shut Hair: Doe – Olivia – Reds – Twotone [Group Gift, Join group] Ears: Mandala – Stretched Ears Makeup:…Read more My one true love

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Azuchi and Gos at Epiphany July

        The Epiphany opened for a new round and as usual it is amazing! I have yet to get into the event, although I tried for a couple hours yesterday. I am starting to think the "Get me In" HUDS that have usually got me into packed events with ease, are no longer working. I am starting to seriously consider becoming a premium member because that seems to be the only way to get into packed events PLUS you get more group spaces and I am always in desperate need of those. 
          I am lucky enough to blog for a few brands that are in Epiphany and let me tell you, all of this stuff is so amazing this round! I am wearing the Rare bodysuit/harness Azuchi item and the sexy, strappy Gos shoes that are both at this round of the Epiphany. The black shoe color that I am wearing is inside the RARE "mono" texture HUD. This shoe machine is really cool, imo. You get one base shoe and then you play for texture packs to color your shoes with and the more you play, the more colors you can get!… Read the rest

$50L Promo & $79L hair – Happy Sunday!

Brilliant new promo outfit by Stars “Nikki”, bang on trend for a beautiful summer and just $50L!!. Huge Hud comes with it that changes the top of the dress colour and the bottom separately – dead handy for more looks for your bucks.  Fits are:  Maitreya,Slink physique,hourglass,Belleza Freya,Isis,Venus. My hat and hair is brand spankin new too – I lucked in and scored a rare from the OO YUKI gacha machine that s at Kustom9 woohoo! So I got all the colours of everrrrrything! Worth a spin or two at $79L a pop – go on – treat yourself! Here is the splendiforous Hud for the Nikki outfit – as you can see plenty of choice to make your summer stunning. Stars Nikki outfit Kustom9
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