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This is a Bonus Post today. I made this outfit and did the shoot, but couldn't figure out which of my blogs I was going to put it up on.
I had enough cheap stuff on, I figured I'd share with you all here. This look wasn't specifically made with this Free*Style in mind, so it isn't chalk full of freebies, like my normal looks are. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.
World Goth Fair is still going on, until the 31st. That is where i did my on location shoot today.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still going on as well, and that is where you will find these "Eye of the Spider" pieces. There are 3 colours to collect, and each set has a staff, headdress, necklace and armbands. The Headdresses are the rares.
If you haven't been to the Thrift Shop, I think that is ending really soon as well. PixyStix has their newest skin line, Evi, on for 60% off. There are gifts, gachas and other great discounts here as well.
Our very own Rosemarie has been a busy little bee, and put all her new series of eyes up on SL Marketplace.… Read the rest



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I am pleasantly surprised at this shot, the more I look at it, the more I am in love with it. I didn't even put my hands on, since it was suppose to be just a headshot pic.

I found these eyes as a sample at !Musa!. There is a full gacha series, which you can view below. This version is sort of like a wearable demo, you can see if you like them on your avatar, then if you do, play a few rounds on the gacha machine. 

I really like the albino and dawn versions.
The hair I am wearing is a new mainstore gift from Pocket Mirrors. This is a store that has been around for a long time, and I am glad they are still here creating. My shots don't do the hair justice at all, I might take more shots on a different post this week. The style comes with the hairbase, which is a really nice one. There are 4 free packs in total, each with 3 colourations. Look around the shop for more deals and some great classic styles. The male styles are done well too, I buy them for my malt.
Shape - Curves - SL Marketplace DealHair - Pocket Mirrors - Instore GiftSkin - Lara Hurley - Instore Group GiftSkin Burner - Lara Hurley - Instore Group GiftEyes - !Musa!Read the rest

Common Woes

Jiminy Christmas, how difficult is it to get a common out of this damn gacha machine?? I don't even really want these shoes anymore at this point. I will probably just rage wear the pair I want if I ever even wear them at all. 

I will trade 4 pairs of the Shiny Shabby event Eclipse oxfords for one pair: I'll give you a black common oxford shoe, a vinaccia common, a brown common oxford, and an oxford plateau brown RARE from Eclipse in exchange for one pair of white (or is it gray?) common oxford shoes. In fact, I'll give you several of the black commons; you can pass them out to your friends and start a shoe gang. 

While I  wait to hear back from someone who wants to trade, I will just lie here and think about how ridiculous my SLife has become. 

*ARGRACE*, Riley hair; *COCO*, Boyfriend Jeans, Dark Blue; ASO! Leather Bracelet-coin, white/silver; Maitreya Gold, Antheia Sandals; Maxi Gossamer, rings, Hand Made Heart, silver; Tee*fy, Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank, white; ~Pepper~, Multi Necklace, white.… Read the rest

Torture for Treasure

I sat for almost 3 hours to be in the audience for the Gacha Show this past weekend. Why do I torture myself? For the same reason anyone in SL does things like this: the promise of a gift. This was extra special since it was a gift from Apple Fall. Luckily, the gift turned out to be this charming daybed, upon which I can rest my weary self. It is lovely - but seems small to me. Unfortunately, it is no mod, so it has to stay this size. It is the perfect size if you are reenacting the scene from Snow White where Snow tries out the Seven Dwarves' tiny beds. The adorable touch on this bed? The book has an autograph from Apple Fall himself. I may tuck this away and save it for a time I need to trade for a gacha item. 

After all that sitting and dedication, I crashed 5 minutes before the show started. But, the metaverse gods had mercy on me and allowed me to log back in just in time to see the show. I had a question for Apple Fall but I didn't get picked to ask it - to which I say BOOO because my question would have been the best question: "Which gachas do you get excited for, Apple Fall?" See?… Read the rest

This used to be the Place we ran to…

Double Feature: Shiny Shabby & Kelli Kreations
Top - Kelli Kreations - Celeb Top (5 mesh sizes) comes in Blue or Green @ Main Store
Bueno - Mesh Denim Skirt -White- @ Shiny Shabby(comes in ripped or regular version- Maitreya, Slink, Belleza & 5 mesh sizes
Pure Poison - Sandra Sandals - @ Shiny Shabbycomes in  Slink & Maitreya with color HUD
Pose- !bang - stand 498  @ Shiny Shabby(many more to chose from!)
Hair- MINA Hair - Myrtle (includes HUD) @ Shiny Shabby
Jewelry-  !APHORISM! Bijou Collection - @ Shiny Shabby Bracelet - Labradorite (shown)Necklace - Labradorite (shown)This Gacha collection consists of: Necklaces, bracelets, rings and waist chains. All available in five different stones: Moonstone, Turquoise, Tiger Eyes, Labradorite and Black Pearl.

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And a pale moon waiting over Darkling sights

DOUBLE  FEATURE: +Facepalm+ & !Head Desk!Previews for The Little Side Show: On the Boardwalk Gacha Event (May 22nd - June 5th)
Shirt - +Facepalm+ Darkling -Beyond (RARE)(5 standard mesh sizes)

Hair  - !Head Desk! Sassy Auburn (COMMON)
standard & boob sizes

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.0
Skin - Izzie's 
:Diamante: Serenade Facial Piercing

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Apple Fall Exclusive Bed

I was so happy to hear that Apple Fall was the guest on The Gacha Show. He is one of my favorite designers in Second Life. The interviewer and audience had great questions for Apple. The chat log will appear on The Gacha Show blog when it is prepared. The show was informative and quite … Continue reading Apple Fall Exclusive Bed

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May’s Has My Soul!

I'm chock full of fabulousness from May's Soul and Tentacio today with all the goodies they have around the grid at a couple of really awesome events, so if you haven't been checking them out, you need to get your skates on and hop to it!

Desdemona Gothic Queen (ultra-rare) from May's Soul & Antielle - this is the ultra rare and it comes with mesh head with emotion HUD, eyes with colour change HUD, skin, shape, lashes, elven ears, crown with rose colour change HUD, choker, piercings and appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet.  You need to go play for these awesome mesh heads at The Fantasy Gacha now.  Hair Princess from Wasabi Pills.  

Desdemona Tiffany (rare) from May's Soul & Antielle - there are three rares that come with the mesh head, skin, shape, appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet, eyes with colour HUD, lashes, emotion HUD, crown and elven ears. Hair - Ivette from Wasabi Pills.

Desdemona Nia Priestess (common) from May's Soul & Antielle - there are nine commons that come with the mesh head, skin, shape, lashes, eyes and appliers for Omega and Slink hands/feet.… Read the rest

Calling all Goths

Hi, I am Helena, your Conductor for this evening. You don’t have a ticket? That is fine, we are handing out free tickets for the Ghost Train, with safe passage to the fairgrounds. Grab your free Ticket and head on to the Fairgrounds now! World Goth Fair has been going on strong in Second Life for a good while now. If you want to find out more information, you can check out the Official Site HERE. World Goth Fair is not only about fashion, but has a very heavy music aspect. Please keep posted to the site, for the musical lineup during the duration of the event. Fantasy Gacha Carnival also has a lot of Goth items this round, as it was one of the 5 selected themes. The items are nicely interchangeable for both events, so it is worth it to visit her as well. TP to Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Now on with the FASHION! Credits – You can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search  Hairbase – Adoness – Shaved Swirls in Black
Skin – The Stringer Mausoleum – Luna Amour Skin in Moonlight Tone/6 Makeup – *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes – Mayfly – Luminous Eyes in Crystal
Lashes – Redgrave – Eyelash 41
Makeup 1(Lipstick) – #adored – Vinyl Gloss Lips in Asteroid
Makeup 2(Lip Gloss 1) – [B][S] – Gloss 0.1 – FREE
Makeup 3(Lip Gloss 2) – [B][S] – Glisten Lip Gloss – CHEAP
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose
Nail Appliers – By Snow – Fashionable Black (Read more...)

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gO Fantasy Gacha-ing!

Its Fantasy Gacha time again and !gO! has three amazing sets there to play for...with versions for men and women.  Here's the three women's versions.

Drow Girl - comprising of three parts, this set is gorgeous for frolicking in the forest with your baby uniQrn from Culprit.  Skin - Neva Horror Edition 4 from Glam Affair.  Hair - Namiriel from Tableau Vivant.

Forest Elf Girl - another adorable set for dancing in the forest with the uniQrns.  There are three pieces in each set to play for.  Skin - Polar in Red Ice from Glam Affair with Sweetlips from PXL.  Hair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant.

Homo Sapiens - bring out your inner cavegirl and go club some men in this stunning set comprising of two pieces.  Skin - Sia 04 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - The End from Tableau Vivant with Hairbase from White Widow.

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Colour Play

It is nearing the middle of the month, and that always means lots of new events starting on the grid.
Fantasy Gacha Carnival has finally started, the gates are open and ready for you all to tp in(if you even can at this point). The Witching Hour started today, as well as a round of Woeful Wednesday. Genre and World Goth Fair start on the 15th. There are many more things obviously, but these are some of the few you will see popping up on the blog in the coming days.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in L.E Woeful Berry - *NEW* for Woeful Wednesday(L$50)Skin - PixyStix - 'Tine in Amethyst - Group GiftEyes - Clemmm - Cabin Eyes in Neon Purple - *NEW* @ WLRP(L$30)Lashes - AlaskaMetro - Diva Prim Lashes - L$5Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not FreeNail Appliers - La Boheme - Peacock Emboss Silver Nails - L$10Dress - Enchantment - Trix Dress in Pink - *NEW* @ World Goth Fair(opens May 15th)Hairstick - Tableau Vivant - Medieval Hairpin in Ematite - Free @ WLRP Necklace 1 - !Chop Shop!Read the rest

Into the Breeze

Events galore going on with so much awesome stuff!   I’ve put together a little post containing a mixture of events, new and just starting, and just coming to an end.  I gotta say I feel SUPER cute!   All the props from Half Deer just made my day, always such well thought out stuff and so  dreamy!   The super awesome Chibi Bunny RARE from TSG for TAG Gacha is also peeking out at me while I toss petals all over thanks to Infiniti. I did show off my look a little better in the picture above including showing off all 8 of the Luna makeups from Glam Affair at C88 this month.   I am absolutely in love with this skin, especially the freckled version (bottom right).   I think I am feeling and looking awfully pink but thats ok!  Full details below <3 Credits Hair: Damselfly | Acantha *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Eyes: ID | Soulful | Mint
Skin: Glam Affair | Luna *Collabor88*
Top: Blueberry | Arla
Skirt: Goth1c0 | Weirdo Skirt | Brains Pink *Dark Style Fair*
Bracelet: Wimey | Minimal Bangle | Silver *On9*
Boots: Epic | Sk8 or Die Stompers | Baby.Pink *Thrift Shop*
Nail Appliers: Bliensen & MaiTai *Genre* Decor
Clouds/Trees: Half Deer | Into the Light *Collabor88*
Lilypads/Butterflies: Origami Dream *FaMESHed*
Bunnys: TSG | Lop Ear Bunnys *TAG Gacha* Pose:
Infiniti | Nightshade 5 (inc Petals) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
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Flitter Flatter

I’ve been very quiet over the last couple of days. Kind of chilled in fact, waiting for my next major event to start in a couple of days so in-between Of the waiting and their blog posts I’m going to pick up the slack I’ve been doing.  I honestly missed running around in a tail […]

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The time has come for another round of yardsales!

It is yardsale time again! Each quarter, Seraphim provides the most comprehensive yardsale list in Second Life to help you find (and grab) those must-have gacha goodies! June 1 is just around the corner, and with it comes a fresh list! If you are running or know of a yardsale that should be included, please let us know by using the form below. Don’t forget to check out our unique featured yardsale opportunity to help your sale stand out from the crowd. Happy gacha-ing! ►► REGISTER YOUR YARDSALE TODAY TO BE ON THE LIST AS IT IS PUBLISHED! ◄◄

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Quicky Preview

Two awesome events are about to open (so no URLs just yet sorry) and here are a couple of previews of fabulousness you will find there waiting for you.

Dark Shadows tattoo from White Widow - a stunning tattoo for your neck and upper back coming to The Cosmetics Fair, running May 15th - 31st.  Hair - Boys&Girls55 from Dura with Japan Flowers Hairbase from White Widow.

Nightshade 5 pose from Infiniti - a gorgeous pose with dark petals coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha.  There are 10 commons to collect.  Skin - Sia 01 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Saki from Argrace.  

Nightshade rare pose from Infiniti - and there is also one super stunning rare pose to play for too.  Skin - Sia 01 Maitreya Exclusive from Glam Affair.  Hair - Akane from Argrace. 

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Mock is Back

M.O.C.K Cosmetics is back, with a new store build in the works, which more than likely means new wonderful things for us all very soon.
While we wait, Mock has been ever so kind, and has rained her group members with multiple gifts.
There is a fee for this group, but Mock has always been a very generous soul. For all the years I have been in the group, we have gotten 1000's of products free, not always makeups. She sometimes experiments, and has us try out things. She sometimes makes random things for herself, and shares.
The group is also one of the most friendly I have ever been in, and one of the few I will partake in conversation. The main rule is, out of respect to the M.O.C.K. Cosmetics label, to not talk about other makeup store products in chat. Other than that, we talk about a vast range of things.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Yakumi V2 in Unicorn - Limited Edition Group Gift (Fee to Join)Skin - PixyStix - Evi Skin in Cream Tone/Nude Makeup - *NEW* and 60% off @ The Thrift ShopEyes - Brixley - Leo Eyes in Blue - L$1Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - N/AMakeup 1(Eyeshadow) - M.O.C.K.Read the rest

Hocus Hoodoo

 Vampire Chronicles is a new event, organized the Suicide Dolls events group, which have brought you popular events like the Spooky Cute.
The event is a short one, having opened on the 2nd, and ending on the 9th of May. That means you do not have much time to get on over before it is all packed up. Don't miss this first one!

 The cropped coat I am wearing is a free gift which you will find there, offered by Lar's Workshop. I think I have only come across this store once before, can't recall where now. There if a mesh top in the booth, that looks like dripping blood, that is fairly cool.

The full face makeup I have on is from Stray Kitties, also at the event. It is in a gacha, and is a common prize. The other options are equally awesome. Only L$25 per play.
The little bit-o-blood on my lips is not part of the gacha prize, but it part of a makeup pack at the event, from SongBird. The pack is called Messy Eater, and while it night not be free, it is a good deal. There are 3 makeups, each with a varying degree of vampirey mess.… Read the rest

Dragon Maiden

While checking on mainstore slurls, for another post, I stumbled on this awesome Dragony Head Adornment Thingy in a gacha. I thought all you would like it, so here we are.
It goes perfect with this wearable tester from [Teri]otrope. There are a number of wearable testers, which are like demos, but without any writing on them. So basically a fully usable item. The ones at this store tend to be a more vibrant colour, than the rest of the line. Enjoy searching the store to find your favorite. They look like regular vendors, they just are sized a wee bit smaller.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Yakumi in Zeus - Not FreeSkin - PixyStix - Winnifred in Primrose/FTLOB Edition - Group Gift (Free to Join)Eyes - Mayfly - Luminous in Emerald - Group Gift (Free to Join)Eye Sclera Shadows - Wee Ones - Eye Shadow - Not FreeLashes - AlaskaMetro - Vida Prim Lashes - L$5Hands - Slink - Gesture Pose - Not FreeNail Appliers - Who What - Double Choco Nails - FreeDress - [Teri]otrope - Oralie in Aqua - Free Wearable TesterJewelry - Kunglers - Nightbloom Set - Not FreeHeadpiece - Sad Harlequin - Dragonborn Mask in Light Brown - Uncommon Gacha Prize
Pose - Overlow - FreeLocation - Dandelion DayDreams Factory

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See You Again

  ♫ We’ve come a long way from where we began ♫
♪ Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again ♪
♬ When I see you again ♬ ❥ Dani Decor: The post See You Again appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Lady Death

Headband: *Tentacio* Romanov Queen - Rare *Shiny shabby Gacha!
Horns: {aii} + + Demon Princess Horns Onyx +
Hair: ::Exile::Downtown - (HUD) Wildcards
Skin: *Birth* Yin Skin (CreamTone) - M3 + Freckles
Shape: *Birth* Yin Shape
Face tattoo: Corvus : Skull Face Tattoo
Eyes: ::NM:: Supernatural Eyes (Beady)
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Yesod  Necklace  *Suicide Dollz!
Animal Skull: {aii} + Blood Demon Hound Armband + {aii} common *FGC GACHAS! Opening: May 12th
Bird: *May's Soul* Japan Treasures - Bird Cage *Gacha!
Dress: Wimey Black Starry Night Gown *We <3 RP!
Bracelets: Wimey: Purest Branch Gold *We <3 RP!
Ring: .Chu. Grandma's Old Ring - Red  *Suicide Dollz!

Pose: Purple Poses - 426
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

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