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Cheap candy and costume

Let’s start off that this week is some happenin’ time for the opening of some events and hunts. This week starting tomorrow The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017 Hunt starts, and today the opening of a new event called The Underdogs Event started. So I can post that url for you all. Let’s jump into … Continue reading Cheap candy and costume

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Welcome to the dollhouse

BODY Skin: Amara Beauty – Miriela – Fantasy Tone 10 – Catwa Applier Hair: Nyne – Caro  Hair – Red Pack [New][@ The Underdog Event] Third Eye: Sinful Needs – Occularum 2 Third Eye – Unhas 2.29 [New]   CLOTHING Collar: CX – Yule Lord Collar – Silver Gloves: {-Maru Kado-} Hello my Doll [New][Free, … Continue reading Welcome to the dollhouse

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Batties love the camera

  BODY Hair: Runaway Hair – Wicca Hair – Ombre Hair [New][@ The Nightmare Event] Body: Slink Hourglass   CLOTHING Sweater: Blueberry – Sera – Mini Sweater Skirt: Sn@tch – Monster Corset Mini [New] Top: Nightmare – Gamor Top [New] Shoes: Moda – Roslina Flats [New] Choker: Yumera – Eyebat Collar – Tired – Stripe … Continue reading Batties love the camera

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Horrormantic Hunt

I scored a couple of sweet items in the Horrormantic Hunt yay! Moonstar was my first call and I swept up this Gothika red dress & necklace, pretty scrummy and comes in a mind-boggling amount of mesh body fits plus standard sizes. Then I was off to Loordes Of London to hunt down the heels to go with it. (I think it was just a Slink high in the box but worth checking) Super little outfit for only $2L all in ❤ My hair was blogged by Zan previously and is “Bridget” by Mina , it’s a gacha win but as I *cough* have an issue with gacha’s (ie: I can’t stop playing them!) I played it safe and found some re-sells on the market place in the colour I wanted. Yes, I paid a little more but only paid ONCE ! Preview of all prizes here Loordes Of London Moonstar
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Don’t give in.(Super bargains so read the blurb).

Just as I was about the throw the towel in and give up looking for “that” ooo freebie/gift etc I put on an old pair of Ricielli shoes and YES! Ricielli always has one of those paid for (non) hunts, so basically there is a big board and on it is what is in each hunt item and for a piddling 15Lds you can buy yourself shoes, dresses, tops, pants etc The hunt which is going on in the main shop is actually still the Valentines one, TBH I was expecting it to have changed to a Halloween themes one but more about that later.   The TEMPTATION is so bad as there so much and I know from all the stuff I’ve got in the past its bloddy good stuff but honestly, I could just go Bat Sh*t crazy and buy the lot but this time I just bought the top LOL.  This top comes in 2 colours this dark greay and a pink one.  The shoes I am wearing but obviously, you can’t see are old “hunt” items and then there are these pants. The one thing a lot of people may miss about the Ricielli shop is that there is a secret shop STUFFED with ALL of the old hunt items. … Read the rest

Creature Feature

  BODY Body Applier: Double Decker Doggo – Occula Mod [Green][New][@ The Gacha Guild] Head: SKNK – Undropper Head [Available Marketplace] Body: Maitreya  Lara Tail: M.O.R – Bento Demon Tail   CLOTHING Metal Pieces: V-Tech – Forbidden Experimental – Silver [New][@ The Nightmare Event] Barbed Wire: V-Tech – Forbidden Experimental – Barbed Wire – Silver … Continue reading Creature Feature

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The Hallows are upon us

The Gacha Guild: The Hallows has opened it’s doors last night at Midnight and let me tell you this event has some extremely nice items for fur and humans alike. It’s featuring some top notch designers such as Ambix, Static, Nekomomo, Darkendstare, Furry Fashion, Apricot Paws, Double Decker Doggo and more! It’s plenty of items … Continue reading The Hallows are upon us

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My meanness has cost me a lot of money!(Freebies).

This morning I joined 2 paid for groups to snag the GG’s only to find the GG’s were basically useless to me.  I don’t mind the loss of Lindens I just wish they made it clearer what the gift contained so people like me didn’t take a risk that the gift is something they can use. Never mind at least I knew I had the SaNaRae event to go to and I also knew that this event is packed with CAKE!   Birthday cake to be exact and that means pressies for all. This is me scratching my head because sadly for my bank account not only does this place have a lot of gifts it also has a lot of temptation and YES I bought that build as well as taking a few gambles on Gacha’s and then after I’d managed to get all the freebies and I was going to TP to the demo area I CRASHED. I will spend a very nice hour or so later, unpacking and probably binning a lot as I can see there is a lot of jewelry and wearables etc and I don’t wear them but since this is a big event with big SL shops I know that even though I don’t wear them if you do then you will be chuffed. … Read the rest


Are you on currently looking for omega ready unrigged mesh eyes?? Well Sinful Needs has some that’s perfect for you in every way. These eyes are omega ready, have an eye poser, materials, glow, resizeable, bright, shine, 68 extra slots for eyes plus 20 that’s already on the front page hud; 88. The most interesting part of … Continue reading Eyeholic

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Addicted to the night

“She’d never thought when she woke up” “That her forbidden dreams come true” “She was flying through the night” “A lust for blood a daemon smile” BODY Hair: Boon – POI481 – Red Eyes: Sinful Needs – Occularum 2 – Animated Mesh Eyes [New] [More information coming soon] Eye Applier: Izzie’s – Demon Eyes Skin: … Continue reading Addicted to the night

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Wind in my hair, tears on my cheeks

  BODY Hair: Doe – Spring Breeze – Two Tone Head: Catwa – Lona Body: Slink – Hourglass Skin: Amara Beauty – Kourlee – Tone 12 [Catwa Applier]   CLOTHING Dress: Sweet Lies – Kendra Outfit – #1 – A [New][@ Genre] Necklace: Bliensen + Maitai – Acushia – Necklace – Silver [New][@ Genre] Tears: … Continue reading Wind in my hair, tears on my cheeks

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I’m waiting

We have a new round of Applique which starts tomorrow on the 15th! The round has some amazing designers in it and happy to be apart of this amazing event! My prepost is a little late, but better than never! I am showcasing some items from the event such as the lingerie, eyes, and eyeshadow … Continue reading I’m waiting

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Urban Vintage

I am still in a blogger funk after my mishap, I can’t seem to shake it. I am sorry if it shows but I still wanted to maintain my normal styling, but I feel like I can’t get back into my groove. I am trying my hardest to get back into it, with Halloween around … Continue reading Urban Vintage

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Back to school

Before my little mishap over the week, I wanted to do this blog post featuring Sn@tch’s little school uniform. I was kind of inspired by my love for Monster High and just random school ideas that was twirling in my head. Anyways the more I think about it the more I get pissed off and … Continue reading Back to school

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By Chance

“Bad bitch with a tan” “Do you know one by chance?” “Hundred bands in the Lamb’?” “Do you have one by chance?” “Need to see the Xan man?” “Do you know him by chance?” “A ziploc full of kush” “Are you plugged in, by chance?” BODY Hair: Doe – Foxy – Streaks – Colors Head: … Continue reading By Chance

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To lazy to swim

  BODY Hair: Doe – Marcie – Seed of Inspiration Color pack [Gacha] Skin: Amara Beauty –  Lilian – Tone 12 [Powder Pack Exclusive] Body: Slink – Hourglass   CLOTHING Lingerie: Countdown – Nicki – Nude Lingerie [New][@ Applique] Heels Ama. – Ohelia Heels [Maiterya Experimental Only] [NEW][Main store] Cuffs: Ama. – Cute Cuffs Corset … Continue reading To lazy to swim

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Welcome to the candy shop

“Kindness is like sugar. It makes life taste a little sweeter” —Carla Yerovi BODY Hair: Doe – Lolli – Colors Eyes: Lotus –  Oceanic Eyes – 09 [New][@Gacha][@ Applique] Eyeshadow: Babey – Envy Shadowshadow – Catwa [New][@ Applique] Lipstick: Navzar Lav. – Lipsticks – Palette 19 – Catwa [New][@ Applique] Head: Catwa – Catya Eyebrows: … Continue reading Welcome to the candy shop

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I spy Chicken

This has been such a busy month for me blogging wise it’s not even funny. Like I am about to go on a melt down. Compared to some of my collaborations I’ve done recently this was very spare of the moment, but we’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks. Saka and I … Continue reading I spy Chicken

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I’m not psycho, or am I?

  BODY Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Sugar Walnut [New][@ Applique] [Freckles Not included] Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Umbra Eyes Fatpack [New][@ Applique] Hair: Sn@tch – Poe Hair – Ombre [New] Eyeshadow: Sn@tch – Temptress Eye Makeups [New][@ Applique] Lipstick: Livia – Juicy Gloss [New][@ Applique]   ACCESSORIES Collar: Lock&Tuft – Spiked Collar – Rekt … Continue reading I’m not psycho, or am I?

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You’re manga me scream from tickles

Ya friends you can’t live without! BODY Hair: Ayashi – Chiharu Hair – Red Set Skin: Birth Skin – Willow – Tone 7   CLOTHING Top: OSMIA – Night Party  T. Shirt – Lime [New][@ Blush] Shorts: OSMIA – Night Party T. Shirt – Lime [New][@ Blush] Shoes: AstraliaXMomento – Notice Me Senpai – #2 … Continue reading You’re manga me scream from tickles

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