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Girls Rule!

        I made a girl hangout! The Horror is at the Arcade with the Grrl Club set. I did not even realize what it was at first, but when I saw it at the Arcade it hit me- it is a girl secret club house set! I love it. I kept trying for the bubble chair that goes in this set and I could not pull it yet. I did get lots of fuzzy chairs though, woohoo. If you are a girl friend of mine, be expecting a Girl's Hangout landmark coming soon. Girls RULE!
        I am wearing Apple May Designs Animal Socks at Ultra and "My Cute Big Glasses" at Shiny Shabby.  I also have a Kaithleen's bodysuit and crop top on and new hair from Doe. The Blythe hair is new at Sanarae and the Snowy horns are the Rare prize and they even have a "sparkle" option. I am actually wearing pink sparkle snow horns above!

Arcade Goodies: 
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Elf Catwa Applier - Sugar 5
Cat: *HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat - Black Companion
Unicorn Horn: 1.^^Swallow^^ Unicorn Magic White RARE
Cat: Birdy.… Read the rest




February 2017
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Decorating Birdies

In the tree lot at Tannenbaum, you can find chubby little birds to decorate (or undecorate!) your tree.  Each bird is texture change to be blue or red breasted on touch (for the rare, you can change all birds or touch a particular bird and just change that one).

Tannenbaum is open until Christmas- November 25-December 25.

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I need a Hero.(Ooodles of FREEBIES). UPDATED!

I need a “Hero” to hop on the blue pose ball in this super little Dinosaugh pose/set up gift I picked up from the Come Soon Poses stall at the “the 10th Vintage Gacha Fair”. Simply way too many gifts set out at this event, I’m wearing the one from the Luas stall and although slave clothes aren’t my thing the belt, necklace, and sandals it comes with are going to be tucked away in my invent. No Hero turned up so I hopped on the blue ball myself, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. What a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday, crappy horror movie on TV, cats snoozing, full tummy and to sit in world unpacking all of the goodies that have been set out for us.  Add to that the fact that this Gacha event has some very interesting Gacha prizes and I have 1 day left of enforced poverty and then I’m TPing back like a shot. PS When I logged in to LM grab my invent said I had made “50” transactions and each was, of course, 0Lds so it goes to show you how generous the stall holders are and since this is a small event I think there are only about 55 stalls there in any case so you don’t have to walk around a massive sim to snag all the goodies.… Read the restxxxdinouse

I Am The Warrior!

Outfit - Warrior5 from Tabou (The Fantasy Gacha)Hair - Gizem from Mina (Hairology)Skin - Giusy Applier from Glam Affair (Collabor88)Wounds - Face & Body Blood & Wounds from Izzie'sPose - Bind, Torture, Kill from Bauhaus Movement

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Sweet Hard Revenge

“I’ll hunt you down.” “I’ll fuck you up and make you crawl.” “To release my pain.”   “Revenge tastes so sweet.”   “I never knew it could be…” BODY Hair: Doe – Sombr v2 – Fitted – Candy [New][Rare][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival] Skin: Lumae – Eirtae – T9 – Java – Bare – Freckles Eyes:…Read more Sweet Hard Revenge

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Wearing - Shiva Ice Queen from deviousMind (The Fantasy Gacha)Hair - Maureen from Emotions (coming to Hairology)Eyes - Lua Eyes from Izzie's (The Epiphany)Skin - Mina from Glam Affair (Gacha Garden)

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A Noble Fantasy!

Outfit - Muse Set from Noble Creations (The Fantasy Gacha)Hair - Kohaku from ArgraceSkin - Mila Applier from Belleza

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DE Loves Role Play!

LeftTop - Dana Jacket from DE Designs (We <3 Role Play)Skirt - Sheryl Skirt from DE DesignsEarrings - Miriam Earrings from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Anika from Mina (The Epiphany)Skin - Jordan Applier from Belleza
RightTop - Dana Jacket from DE Designs (We <3 Role Play)Pants - Nefarious Pants from DE DesignsEarrings - Gemme 6 from RozoregaliaPiercing - Belly Ring Faith from Misha JesuilHair - Valerie from Wasabi PillsSkin - Candy from Glam Affair

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Red Water

“Get your ride and feed your mind, I don’t want to stay alive.” “Close your eyes and try to fly, he doesn’t want to stay alive.” “Break your head and walk in line, he doesn’t’ want to stay alive.” “I say, you say, he says, she said, we say, they say, it says, he must…Read more Red Water

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Fantasy Gacha Warrior!

Wearing - Irime from !gO! (coming to The Fantasy Gacha)Jewelry - Efezah Earrings, Forearm and Upper Arms from Aisling (coming to The Fantasy Gacha)Skin - Jordan Applier from BellezaPose - Model 6 from Lyrium

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Keep Out

“Back when there was nothing else.” “Too blind to see my cap and bells,” “I caused so much that would come back,” “to haunt me till the end in black.” “I sit and stare into the dark,” “so sad I did not think to hark.” “to what was in the air long ago,” “telling me…Read more Keep Out

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Halloween Treats

My inspiration came from Monster High era. I love Monster High and I’m not afraid to admit it! I think it’s cute and the characters are adorable. My girl doesn’t have a name it was just a little persona and she owns the little snack bar in town so all her ghoulfriends can come and…Read more Halloween Treats

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Free things !

I’ve just plonked out a few more boxes of my gacha hoard – all for free. There are heaps of things from decor, wearable fun gadgets even HAIR *faints*. I will be adding to the pile so be sure to check back from time to time. I wont be making a blog entry each time I add though – so if you want to be in the know feel free to join our group “Pure Eggs & Spam” – group join board on the front of the building. You’ll find the boxes in the outer courtyard of our new HQ on our home sim Dreamworks, landmark below. UPDATE: ALL boxes have now gone! I will sort some more out tomorrow❤ Faith❤ Pure HQ Dreamworks
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Spoopy Kitty

  I’m a spoopy kitty, meow!! CREDITS Hair: Ploom – Pepper – Unrigged – Colors Dress: Milk Teeth – Luv Dres Apple: [Bubble] – Candied Devlish Treat – Free [New][@ Trick or Treat Lane] Kitty 1: Darkendstare – Hollow Cats – CMYK – Lay [New][@ The Epiphany] Kitty 2: Darkendstare – Hollow Cats – Jack…Read more Spoopy Kitty

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Return of the Coven

        Reign is at The Epiphany with the Return of the Coven Gacha set. I love everything about this set! I think this would be what a modern witch in 2016 would be wearing. This set has 26 items to collect, 24 commons and 2 rare items. You can find a skater skirt, crop top, stockings, jewelry, mugs, phone cases, a Rare fur coat, and Rare ankle boots. 

Reign Return of the Coven Set at The Epiphany:
REIGN.- Coven Ankle Boots (Maitreya-High) RARE
REIGN.- Montgomery Fur Coat (MAITREYA LARA) RARE
REIGN.- Coven Thigh Socks w/Garter (MAITREYA-High)
REIGNxBESOM- MADISON HAIR Rare #2 (COVEN GACHA) (previous Coven Gacha item from previous round of The Epiphany)

Other Fashion:
Choker: Cae :: Daisy
Kibitz - Clemencia {left} slink casual - black/silver
Kibitz - Wicked rings - occult
Kibitz - Wicked rings - quartz
Kibitz - Wicked rings - Spell
Kibitz - Wicked rings - witch
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
CATWA  Destiny
Skin: Pink Fuel Liya
Pose: Nantra Pret a Porter 1

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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CODE RED~Halloween Costume Party!~

(Please click the images to see them bigger). You need a place to shop for your costume, then dress up and then party don’t you? Ambrosia Entertainment Group’s CODE RED is the place. This is the place to let go and be a ghoul, goblin, or anything you can think of…. The DJs play what […]Read Post ›

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I’m Gonna Make You PAY for this! but don’t worry it’s a bargain priced Gacha.

So I’ve done my cheapy for the day so now I’m going to make you pay, for this New Mina hair.  Hair and skin are almost the last things that you have to pay to get the quality, fortunately there is a couple of top quality shops out there who do an occasional amazing free gift for skins and hairs such as Dura and Ann Hurley but the reality is that quality is few and far between so my aim in SL is to make you save Lindens on the stuff I can find for free so you can spend your Lindens on great hair/skin. Firstly ignore the top as it’s an old freebie and long gone, although I might just check that out because I could be wrong, it’s the hair I want to show you. Sim set at Nams, the very soft face light I am now wearing on a permanent basis and no photo editing. I want this hair in RL, I want this short slightly scrappy cut, cutie hair but then again I also want thick flowing locks or a ratted Bee Hive look I wish changing hair in RL was as easy as SL. This hair called Anika, that’s the same name as the top I’m wearing which is why I’m using this top LOL.  … Read the restxxxminause

Truth at The Epiphany

        The Epiphany is open and this round is spectacular! Truth is at the event with the Lazy Sunday gacha set. There are sweatshirts with adorable sayings like this Donut one I am wearing in this post as well as: more issues than Vogue, hangry, and Cute AF. You really need them all! Then this Sunday hair that is cute piggy tail buns loosely made. The light blonde (shown) is the RARE in the machine and it comes with a black mask (but I am wearing the pink mask). Every hair pack comes with a different color mask and really you need lots of colors! Finally, there are some adorable animal undies that have cute floppy ears on them. I am wearing the piggy ones in this post. This gacha machine is all cute- LOVE!!! Be sure to visit Truth at The Epiphany. 

Teleport to The Epiphany/ Cam Sim Shopping

Mask: TRUTH HAIR Sleep Mask [Unrigged] [Pink] @ The Epiphany
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sunday Light Blondes RARE @ The Epiphany
Panties: TRUTH Pig Undies [Maitreya] @ The Epiphany @ The Epiphany
Sweater: TRUTH Sunday Sweater [Donut] [Maitreya] @ The Epiphany
Head: CATWA Destiny V4.9
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Liya

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The Nightmare

The Nightmare event is back this year, with another haunted house to scare the pants off of you.  I made nesting dolls who only slightly look like they want to swallow your soul.  Who needs clowns when there are haunted matryoshka?  They are modify, so you get to pick how you wish to nest them, the tops pop off to move however you want.  When you want to put them back together, the top and bottom are identical sizes/locations/rotations, just copy over one to the other and they will fit right back together perfectly.

And if you are brave enough to get through the haunted house and keep your wits about you enough to complete the hunt, you can get a spike collar at my booth as well.  System layers and omega appliers for the slight bit of blood, modify to adjust your fit.  They have higher and lower placements (higher is shown), the higher applier requires your mesh head to have a layer over the neck for the blood, the lower uses body layers which are more standard.… Read the restnesting dolls

Lab Rats

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I'm in SaNaRae this month, coinciding with the event's birthday.  Because it is the beginning of the spooky season, and I am a spooky sort, I made lab rats for your experiments.  Some fly, some have grown extra ears (with piercings, they are hard core like that), and some have extra heads.

The flying and running rats are animated and move around, you can control settings with the menu on touch.  All of them are texture change, also in a menu on touch, with assorted options because I wanted too many rats.  As it is a birthday round, there are also presents!  Because that's what you do on birthdays, right?  Everyone has a gift waiting for you, join the free SaNaRae group for goodies.  I made some cheese for my rats, so they would not go hungry.

Totally safe, nothing to worry about.  You wanted an extra head too, right?  Find it all at SaNaRae!

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