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Bloody Valentine

” You’re always hurting me and I can’t stand.” “The ignorance in your eyes.” “I don’t know how, I can’t explain.” “The Pain arise day by day”   “Why do you always do what you want?” “You never ask for me, don’t know my fears.” “Can’t you understand the words I say to you?” “Just…Read more Bloody Valentine

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April 2017
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Addams Zara

      What was your Epiphany haul like this round? I got so many goodies! I blogged a few already, but I finally got around to opening all my pretties. Hiram got me this Rare Addams set that is at the event. I think its hot! I also got quite a few other Rares that I really wanted as well. I love gacha and my addiction does not seem to be wavering. I have all my extras up in my Marketplace store. I have always had great luck selling and buying needed gacha items on MP. I buy and play way more gacha because I can sell my duplicates. If I was not able to do so, I am pretty sure I would have stopped pulling long ago. This round of Epiphany ends February 15th.

#17 - Addams - Zara Pants Without Fringes - Maitreya RARE@ Epiphany
#25 - Addams - Zara Top - Maitreya RARE@ Epiphany
#36 - Addams - Zara Bracelet - Maitreya @ Epiphany
#44 - Addams - Zara Necklace - Maitreya @ Epiphany
/Wasabi Pills/ Nyssa Mesh Hair - A
CATWA Destiny
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
League Ella Pale
Purple Poses Anita 2

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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        Looking for a Sexy Valentine Date Outfit that will not break your bank? My dress is a 15L Ricielli hunt gift and most of the other items I am wearing are gacha items. If you are lucky, you could have them in a few inexpensive pulls (or MP purchases). Hair, shoes, and dress could all be yours for as low as 165L! That makes an amazing budget friendly date outfit! You can try your luck with the Doe hair and Essenz shoes at Gacha Garden.

Windlight: Naminaeko Windlight Prt 2: Moon Princess Skyies

Hair: Doe: Heartbeat V1  @ Gacha Garden
Mouthie: Doe: Heartbeat MouthLights [Lighted] RARE @ Gacha Garden
Bracelet: Kunglers Evie bracelets - L - Silver @ The Crossroads
Shoes: Essenz - Verona  @ Gacha Garden
Dress: R.icielli - CHANDRA Dress Maitreya *15L Hunt Gift*
Necklace: Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (silver)
Purse: {Imeka} Yoona Heart Bag
Head: CATWA  Destiny
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: Pink Fuel  Liya
Balloons: +Half-Deer+ Heart Fairylight Balloons [Dark Set] (tinted slightly)
Pose: aDORKable Poses: Heartbreaker 4

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Everything Bleeds

“Love seems all I want” “Love seems all I need” “Love seems everything” “I know everything bleeds.”  Hair: Doe – Polly – Monotones [New][@ Sanarae] Skin: Soul – Gen 2 – F – Fala – [SE Snow] [New][@ We <3 RP] Ears: Soul – Uni Ears v2 – Heavy Heart [New] [@ The Coven]  …Read more Everything Bleeds

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“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” — Anonymous  Body Hair: Doe – Flara – Neons [New][@ Uber] Eyes: Clemmm – Scorpio Venom Eyes – Concave [New][@ Cosmetics Fair] Make Up: HoD & Cleem – Scorpio Venom Piercing 1: Zombie Suicide – Madness Face Piercing Piercing 2: HoD – Little Scorpion Glasses: Evermore…Read more .Blindness.

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Hanky Ghosts

For SaNaRae, some little ghosts made of handkerchiefs with sewn on button eyes.  On touch you can pick display options of your choice- they can be hung from their strings upon things, you can hide the strings, and you can choose to make them float up and down a little bit or to stay still.  When attached, they will float up and down and follow you around, doing a very poor job of trying to menace you with their spooky wiles (because they don't actually have any).  Assorted patterns to win, modify to adjust scale and whatnot if you desire.

To be found at this round of SaNaRae!

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The Yardsale List is now open! Sign up today!

It is yardsale time again! Each quarter, Seraphim provides the most comprehensive yardsale list in Second Life to help you find (and grab) those must-have gacha goodies! March 1 is just around the corner, and with it comes a fresh list! If you are running or know of a yardsale that should be included, please let us know by using the form below. Don’t forget to check out our unique featured yardsale opportunity to help your sale stand out from the crowd. Happy gacha-ing! ►► REGISTER YOUR YARDSALE TODAY TO BE ON THE LIST AS IT IS PUBLISHED! ◄◄

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Black Beatle

“That girl is a real crowd pleaser” “Small world, all her friends know me.” “Young bull livin’ like an old geezer” “Quick release the cash, watch it fall slowly.” “Frat girls still tryna get even.” “Haters mad for whatever reason.” “Smoke in the air, binge drinking.” “They lose it when the DJ drops the needle.”…Read more Black Beatle

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Good girl, play time

“To play it safe is not to play.” — Robert Altman  BODY/ ACCESSORIES Hair: Wasabi Pills – Vic [FLF Special][Tinted myself] Ear Tag: Sweet Thing – Plushie Baby Ear Tag [New][@ Epiphany] Necklace: Sweet Thing – Plushie Baby Tag Necklace [New][@ Epiphany] Plushies: Darkendstare – Plushie Buddies – Shiba/Puppy/Rainbow Bear [Rare/Common/Exclusive] [New][@ Epiphany] Ribbons: Caboodle…Read more Good girl, play time

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So I’m rocking the new lipstains from Soul, they come in 9 different colors: Autumn, Bloo, Cyan, Lavender, Lime, Orange, Pank, Red, Rose and Teal. I’m using the Pank. You can pick up these lipstains on the 15th at Applique! OMGacha opened up yesterday and [Bubble] has two gachas one for plugs for mesh ears…Read more Goldfish

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Eccentric Usagi 2017-01-09 20:41:09

“What if Amy wasn’t dead living in the box.” “Banging on the walls, rattling the locks.” “Feeding on the roaches, rodents and filth,” “And when there’s nothing left, she feeds off herself.” “Why do I think of Amy in this way?” “She was once a lovely girl running out to play.” “Maybe it’s all a…Read more

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It’s Dare

“You’ve got to press it on you,  you just, think it.” “That’s what you do, baby, hold it down, there” “Jump with the moon, and move it, jump back and forth” “And feel like you were there yourself, work it out.”   “Never did no harm, never did no harm…it’s dare.” “It’s coming up, it’s…Read more It’s Dare

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BishBox Goodness!

Top - Sindy Pearl Fur Top from United Colors (BishBox Dec)Skirt - Riley 2 Dress Skirt from United Colors (BishBox Dec Gift)Hair - Kimmy from Mina (BishBox Dec)Skin - Barbara Applier from Glam AffairBackdrop - Art Gallery Backdrop from Pseudo (The Fantasy Collective)

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Drop Kick Gift

“I came in this bitch to sweat!” “I came in this bitch to wild the fuck out!” “I came in this bitch to turn up!” “Shit me and my bitches in here fucked up!” “Aint no tellin’ what we’re gonna do when the fuckin’ bass drops!” “Fuck it!” “Act up like a mothafuckin’ prison riot!”…Read more Drop Kick Gift

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Dancing in the Light!

Top - Chestlace from AislingSkirt - Light Skirt from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)Rings - Ice Queen Rings from RealEvil IndustriesHorns - Light Horns from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)Hair - Tempest from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)Skin - Pia Applier from Glam AffairPose - Light Pose from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)Backdrop - Light Stage (Rare) from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)

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Chill Bill

“Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed” “I said, “Bay just buy Dutches ’cause you can’t smoke for free” “I got some loud, but no money, babe, buy me a Fiji.” “She said, “you need a job,” bitch, fuck a job, I still get cheese.”  BODY Hair: Sn@tch – Bo…Read more Chill Bill

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Girls Rule!

        I made a girl hangout! The Horror is at the Arcade with the Grrl Club set. I did not even realize what it was at first, but when I saw it at the Arcade it hit me- it is a girl secret club house set! I love it. I kept trying for the bubble chair that goes in this set and I could not pull it yet. I did get lots of fuzzy chairs though, woohoo. If you are a girl friend of mine, be expecting a Girl's Hangout landmark coming soon. Girls RULE!
        I am wearing Apple May Designs Animal Socks at Ultra and "My Cute Big Glasses" at Shiny Shabby.  I also have a Kaithleen's bodysuit and crop top on and new hair from Doe. The Blythe hair is new at Sanarae and the Snowy horns are the Rare prize and they even have a "sparkle" option. I am actually wearing pink sparkle snow horns above!

Arcade Goodies: 
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Elf Catwa Applier - Sugar 5
Cat: *HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat - Black Companion
Unicorn Horn: 1.^^Swallow^^ Unicorn Magic White RARE
Cat: Birdy.… Read the rest

Decorating Birdies

In the tree lot at Tannenbaum, you can find chubby little birds to decorate (or undecorate!) your tree.  Each bird is texture change to be blue or red breasted on touch (for the rare, you can change all birds or touch a particular bird and just change that one).

Tannenbaum is open until Christmas- November 25-December 25.

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I need a Hero.(Ooodles of FREEBIES). UPDATED!

I need a “Hero” to hop on the blue pose ball in this super little Dinosaugh pose/set up gift I picked up from the Come Soon Poses stall at the “the 10th Vintage Gacha Fair”. Simply way too many gifts set out at this event, I’m wearing the one from the Luas stall and although slave clothes aren’t my thing the belt, necklace, and sandals it comes with are going to be tucked away in my invent. No Hero turned up so I hopped on the blue ball myself, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. What a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday, crappy horror movie on TV, cats snoozing, full tummy and to sit in world unpacking all of the goodies that have been set out for us.  Add to that the fact that this Gacha event has some very interesting Gacha prizes and I have 1 day left of enforced poverty and then I’m TPing back like a shot. PS When I logged in to LM grab my invent said I had made “50” transactions and each was, of course, 0Lds so it goes to show you how generous the stall holders are and since this is a small event I think there are only about 55 stalls there in any case so you don’t have to walk around a massive sim to snag all the goodies.… Read the restxxxdinouse

I Am The Warrior!

Outfit - Warrior5 from Tabou (The Fantasy Gacha)Hair - Gizem from Mina (Hairology)Skin - Giusy Applier from Glam Affair (Collabor88)Wounds - Face & Body Blood & Wounds from Izzie'sPose - Bind, Torture, Kill from Bauhaus Movement

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