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They say Kiss her mind and her Body will follow

BELLE EPOQUE @ the 3rd Vintage Gacha Fair   (going on now until July 31st)
30L per play!Dress: BELLE EPOQUE - Ethelia Dress [BEIGE]   - 6 color chancesShoes:BELLE EPOQUE - Ethelia Espadrilles [BEIGE] (displayed on bench)
shoes come with two options Rigged and unrigged - 6 color chancesSkin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Elske apricot v4Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Abby Mesh Hair - FudgePose: Kirin - Maki Pose 1


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Seraseeya, Watcher of the River of Souls

Seraseeya was an unusual creature. With a foot in both worlds, she was neither human, nor fully a beast. Her mother was a harpy who had the unfortunate accident of picking a human male as a mate. We wont go into details, but the result was Seraseeya, and her 3 other sisters. Things were not too bad to start. The Harpy Broodmothers could tell there was something a bit different about them, they had funny feet and they lacked claws on their hands. There was not a feather on their head, nor much hair to speak of.  They let them be, thinking they would grow into their features. As the years passed, it became apparent that there was indeed something wrong, they looked more human, than harpy. This would not do. More story and credits below the cut. Late one night, a group of Broodmothers crept up on Seraseeya’s family nest. Before her mother could so much as shriek, 2 of Seraseeya’s siblings were murdered. Seraseeya, who just happened to be the strongest of the brood, took her remaining sister, and fled, fumbling in the sky, with the extra load of her whimpering sister.… Read the restHelena Stringer - IOF - Seraseeya - 1

Bold and Beautiful

Well well WELL! I feel bold and beautiful today, mostly thanks to RAMA and Bold & Beauty @ Hair Fair 15! Yep, this is a hurrr furrr post.  As the event is still up and running, I thought why not.  Bold & Beauty are coming out with some of my FAVE hairs at the minute, and sometimes they do a little crossover with RAMA! The textures on the hairs are always fab, the roots are some of absolute all time faves. I’m also wearing some of the STUNNING new makeups from YS&YS that can be found at Shiny Shabby.  The Samantha Lelutka appliers comes in three tones and there are a variety of eye shadows, lipsticks and brows on each, including blush and freckles too.  Absolutely gorgeous. Also upcoming is a new round of The Fantasy Collective, there you will find this simple yet adorable necklace from Salt & Pepper, and these Tauriel Dresses from Sweet Lies!  I’ve shown three of the RARE colours, but there are loads to get in the gacha machine!  Perfect for that roleplay, or just prancing around like royalty.  … Read the restRAMA x Bold & Beauty @ Hair Fair 15

A Shiny Shabby Epiphany!

It's almost time for the next round of Shiny Shabby, and White Widow has a gorgeous new tattoo releasing there that is just stunning, but while you wait, hit The Epiphany and play the gachas for the gorgeous stuff from Haste.

Tesis Tattoo from White Widow - a stunning tattoo covering the front and back of the torso, hips and bands around the thighs.  It comes in two version - black and white, and works with mesh bodies/appliers, as well as system bodies.

You will find this gorgeous tattoo at the next round of Shiny Shabby, opening soon.  Hair - Noah (top) and Lapis (above) from Elua.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Colbie Bikini, Colbie Bracelets and Colbie Armbands from Haste - get playing the gacha at The Epiphany and you can collect all the parts of this great set.

Colbie Coverup from Haste - this super sexy rare comes with HUDs for colour changing to match your mood.

Colbie Harness from Haste - now if you don't know how The Epiphany works, well its like a normal gacha but with one exception.… Read the rest

Limited time Barbie!

Ha no! You'll never be rid of me! ^_^ I am bringing you some limited time offers though! Sn@tch is currently full of goodies! Until Monday you can join the VIP group for free, the annual summer sale is on with certain items 50-75%  off aaaand there's a cute new fishing outfit that is there for you and your tackle box until Wednesday!

Then I go to take all my pretty pictures and get a note-card from Floorplan announcing a 3 year anniversary sale!!! I scurried over and promptly bought this lobster rug and the wallpaper (pages from Pride & Prejudice). Not gonna lie, I'm probably going back.  I might be feeling homesick for the ocean and time to read but Floorplan is one of those stores that kind of speaks to the heart yanno? <3 

Outfit #1 - Sn@tch Tread lightly (0L fish for this - 4 tutu outfits!)
Outfit #2 - Sn@tch Kelly Swings (50L sale)
Rug - Floorplan Lobster throw rug (38L sale)
Pages/wall hanging - Floorplan Wall Paper (88L sale)
Pose #2 - Elephante Poses Don't Let Me Down (0L 3 year anniversary subscribo gift)
Hair #1 - Olive @ Hair Fair The Steamer (0L hair fair gift)
Hair #2 - INK @ Hair Fair Who 2 two tone (0L hair fair gift)
Shoes - Epic @ Oh My Gacha Sweet Icing Pumps Liquorice - high feet required (100L gacha)

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Fairly Light, Fairy Bright

 I have had a few rather darker projects I have been working on lately, for the store, so it was nice to get out and see something bright and beautiful. One of my new favorite spots in SL is The Outer Garden. I am drawn back to this place every week. The curator of the garden is always adding things, and changing the different areas. Every once in a while I will even come across an interesting avatar.
Today I am wearing the new Group Gift from BlueMoon Enterprise. It is a dual layer dress, which comes with it's own matching fairy wings, which I chose not to wear. I threw on these wings from Deviance, which are actually a common gacha prize, made from mesh, which flutter when you fly, and have different metal options. Another little gacha goodie is my necklace, which comes from Velvet Whip.

The Wicked Peach has a new home, with a new store layout on it's new sim. The sim is beautifully landscaped, and while I may not have posed there for today's post, you will be seeing me their sometime in the near future.… Read the rest

Dark Passions of a SongBird

Listed below are all items that can be found "Best of "  HORROR HAUTE Event July 1st - 25th
~SongBird~ Dark Fae Eyes (unrigged mesh eyes in 4 colours w/ HUD)
~SongBird~ Mask of the Dead (shown as posed and unposed)~SongBird~ Mask of the Dead Makeup (tattoo layer)~SongBird~ Messy Eater -  Rather Hungry  (tattoo layer like a lipstick)Dark Passions  - Bear-ly Hangin' On - Bloody Burlap - Gacha RAREDark Passions - Valdis - Bloody Mess DreshDP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails - Vampire Vixen (Hands & Feet w/ HUD)


----------------------------Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.4Hair: CATWA HAIR Selma Un-RiggedPose: .mien. {gala} 02

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Blueberries Ahoy!

Another day, another dollah spent on hairrrrr, looking at hair, surrounded by hair, hair. HAIR. HAIR!!!!    Hair Fair is now officially open and you can go and get allll the goodies!   Today I am showcasing the Blueberry Hairs you can find there, along with a few other bits and bobs.   Blueberry are reasonably new on the hair scene, and are picking up pace fast! Known mostly for their STUNNING mesh clothing (as worn here) it’s always nice to see a store branch out into other areas.. skins next guys?! (hint hint).  100% of the profits from these hairs go to charity too, so it’s definitely worth a tp on over. The four styles are all very different from a little shaggy pony, longer ponies sitting over the shoulder, a long simple style and a short choppy bob, each and every one is gorgeous and each come with three HUDS to choose from, so you can go naturals, fades or unicorn!!  Choose which one you want, or fatpack that mofo and get them all. Credits Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Wayward Eyes | Leaf
Skin: Lumae | Adore | 5-Amber | Madder | Freck/LB
Choker: Izzie’s | Eternity Choker | Black | Vintage @ OMGacha
Top: Blueberry | Knotted Tops | Bra @ Uber
Shorts: Blueberry | Rolled Shorts | Bikini Av Enhancements
Head: LeLutka | Stella
Hands: Slink
Nail Polish: Wicked Peach @ Candy Fair Poses: Mien
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6 Ways to BE the Summer Heat

6 Ways to BE the Summer Heat in Second Life Summer in Second Life can be the hottest fashion season. You want to be hot whether you wear a bikini, one piece, or a new outfit. Since there isn’t an actual feeling of heat in here we have to make it hot. A cool temperature themed … Continue reading 6 Ways to BE the Summer Heat

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    Felt like doing something fun! OhMyGacha is OPENN! Landmark
Off Sim Shopping Skybox :hair – spellbound “cream a&b – peaches a&b” @omgacha
:lashes – lolita “angel lashes” @omgacha
:septum ring – MONS “nose jewelz” @omgacha
:collar – le morte “salem” @omgacha
:skin – alterego “kensi – powder”
:lipstick – alterego “juicy burst – pack 1 – candyapple”
:ears – soul “uni ears – dobby”
:eyes – ikon “deadshine – dune arid”
:corset – bossie “mini corset”
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OhMyGacha . AlterEgo BodyCo . 7/10

OhMyGacha opens July 10th! AlterEgo Body Co brings you 2 New Skins in your favorite tones! So meet Janae / Honey & Daya / Caramel! We have 2 machines for this event and they will be loaded down with these beautiful babes! Each skin has 12 vibrant cosmetic selections, 3 brow options; dark, brown & no brow! LM coming soon… Weeeeeeeeee …
Tagged: 100L, alterego, alterego bodyco, common, daya, fatpack, fun, gacha, janae, new, ohmygacha, OMGacha, play, rare, release, shit :P, skins, summer, trans

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It’s comimg for you… barbara..

Points for getting the reference, but ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!  A little LoTD and a bit about upcoming events.
How cute are these Mer Horse from Half Deer for C88?! I couldn’t help but Bikini up and take a pic, and I added some cute Turtle Props from Fashiowl too, from the Mesh Avenue event, more about that below!   I love this look, a lovely beachy look with bits from events all over the grid, as well as main store releases!     There is a massive sale on at WoW skins right now, up to 50% on all items!  On until the 17th July.  So hop on over.   Wayward Events hold the Wayward Carnival soon, you can find a bunch of new eyes from ID over there, and of course more from the Mesh Avenue event whose theme this time around is a beachy affair, loving Izzie’s Necklace from there, and of course the Bikini, super cute!   Also a sneak peek of one of Mina’s hairs for the upcoming Hair Fair! WHAT AN EXCITING TIME!  Full credits at the end of the blog. Hair Fair 2015 is almost upon us!… Read the restTranquility

A Haute Homicide in Wolfenstein

The following are Showcased @ "Best of "  HORROR HAUTE Event
Dress: {MOEKO} My Love Is Like a Red Red Homicide Gown comes in 5 standard mesh  sizes--------------------------------------------------Car: Hogs & Cart Wheels - Wolfenstein 
This vehicle has The Terra Combat System (TCS) for vehicle-to-vehicle combatPassenger (To turn on/off your passenger sit.)- Built-inAlarm (if someone touches your vehicle a alarm signal will go off.)- Autolights (This option will turn on your headlights when its getting dark.)-and much more!
My Stylin Card:
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*LottieSkin: 7 Deadly s{K}insShape: SymmetryMaitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.4Kirin - Namie Pose 3

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BREAKING NEWS! Gacha Trade Needed!

This is Tymmerie Thorne, taking a break from reporting on SL12B, to bring you breaking news from the Cosmopolitan shopping event.

I am standing here, in front of what witnesses (read: me) say is the most evil gacha machine in the entire world. This reporter has spent the equivalent of the gross national product of Zindra (emphasis on the word gross) on this machine but I am still missing one: Tart. I own many, many multiples of every other pose. My sources tell me that the Tart pose ISN'T EVEN A RARE!!!

Authorities familiar with my inventory tell me that anyone with an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose can give it to me and receive a reward consisting of a giant handful of the other poses from this gacha PLUS the RARE bikini from the Luas gacha at Shiny Shabby.

At this point, I'm pretty desperate for the pose. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see just how perfect the pose is for holding my SLaction News microphone. 

If you happen to come across an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose, authorities ask that you IM or email this reporter immediately for a trade!… Read the rest

Foxes and Shoes?

  So foxes and shoes don't go together generally but my daughter was all MOM GET THOSE FENNEC FOXES when she saw me looking at the Seraphim gallery for Kustom9 this round.  SO then I had some fixes, and bought a couple pairs of shoes there, got one more pair as a review copy from an unrelated place, then realized I had two more just sitting around.  So shoes and fixes it became!!

More below the cut
       ↓                    ↓                    ↓                    ↓                      ↓                    ↓                    ↓
       ↓                    ↓                    ↓                    ↓                      ↓                    ↓                    ↓

Foxes: Half-Deer @ Kustom9, gacha item
1st Shoes: 2PM @ Kustom9, gacha item
2nd Shoes: Ariskea @ Kustom9
3rd Shoes: Ingenue @ The Arcade, gacha item
4th Shoes: F (Read more...)

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When I arrive I’m causing a Heatwave

FEATURING: Kelli's Kreations 
@ Aloha Gacha Event  (June 15th -July 15th)
Outfit: KK- Heatwave Cypress RARE (5 standard mesh sizes)Three RARES and Nine Randoms

Shape: Symmetry - MirandaBody - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 Skin - Zoul  CreationsHair - Truth - Gilda [Blondes]- Arcade -June 2015

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AlterEgo Body Co @ OMGacha!

OmGacha is right around the corner & we are READYYY!!! Bookmark this date – July 10th! AlterEgo Body Co brings you 2 New Skins in your favorite tones! So meet Janae / Honey & Daya / Caramel! We have 2 machines for this event and they will be loaded down with these beautiful babes! Each skin has 12 vibrant cosmetic selections, 3 brow options; dark, brown & no brow! LM coming soon, I couldnt wait to show ya, you know how I like to tease … ♥♥♥ Weeeeeeeeee …
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Shop Free*Style Fridays – June 12th

Shop Free*Style has been around for just over 2 years now. It is a free service we give the many designers we support here on the blog. It is also a way to help you guys find new stores to enjoy.All the designs you will find here are offered at a discounted rate, and many are only at this location. The prices range from Free to L$50.  Here are just a few of the items I have picked out to show you, this week. 
L$0  L$0  L$0    L$1 

L$50  L$50

Shop Free*Style even has gachas, you can find them all on the top floor. There is red arrows, which will tp you up. Some are in Gacha Machines, some are on the walls.This is a gacha Sileny made, she keeps the fun alive here at Free*Style.L$11 per play. Visit Shop Free*Style

***PS - While you are here, have a walk out of the shop, and visit our sponsor's little gacha yardsale, you might find something you have been looking for!***

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Su-su-su-summertime Summertime Snackies

  There are so many things at Collabor88 with food parts this round.  I almost fell out of my chair with joy with I saw the items.  I really love this dress from Moon Amore especially.  It comes in color packs with different parts that change color/shape.  The donut parts here, for example, can be changed into fruit things or mermaid type star things.  Love it!  My little mouth popsicle is from Poche.  It's a 30L gacha item and I was super happy to see I got the one that matched the dress on the first try.  Aww yeah!!  Credits below!

Dress: Moon Amore @ Collabor88, 188L discount price for the event
Popsicle: Poche, 30L, gacha item
Mesh Avatar: Utilizator
Skin Applier: Milk Teeth, 25L, works for Utilizator 2.0 beta av ONLY
Hair: Tableau Vivant
Necklace: Boom
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, past gift, no longer available to my knowledge

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When I was just a baby

My Mama told me hon

Always be a good girl, clean out your inventory!
They finally caught me hoarding away and a girl can only teleport so fast! Think they'll let me out early for good behavior?

CreditsPose - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Most Wanted Inventory Hoarder (50L gacha)
Backdrop - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Free Mugshot Backdrop (0L top of gacha machine)
Dress - Sn@tch Jaye velvet dress gold (0L luckyboard)
Jewelry - Sn@tch Burning Love Jewelry (0L luckyboard)
Hair - Exile @ The Arcade Twist & Shout greyscale (100L includes two hairs)
Skin - Skinnery @ The Arcade Eniko Honey 4 (100L gacha)
Boots - Boom @ The Arcade Rubbery Rain Boots Bat (50L gacha)

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