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Madness Has Started to Evolve

Oooo more goodies from the Winter Gacha Festival starting tomorrow at noon SLT!  This outfit from Masoom is made to fit the Maitreya body and the Slink one!  So even though it’s cold out, and you still wanna feel sexy you need this outfit.  And this hair, it’s made by Ayashi and has like so many colors just to fit the perfect outfit!  I’ve honestly never worn a hair from here but I have to say it’s very nice!  Definitely something you want to try out =).  Get ready for winter fun!  The madness awaits! ❥ Dani Read the restMadness Has Started to Evolve




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All I Want For Christmas

A new event is coming to town!  Yeah just like Santa ya know?  It’s called the Winter Gacha Festival.  It starts on December 12th at 12 pm SLT.  And we all know everyone loves gachas, right? Well this cute pose is just one of the many prop poses you can get from Repose at this event.  It’s way too cute.  More information about the event can be found HERE! All the other credits can be found below too!  So get ready for some fun =D! ❥ Dani Decor: The post All I Want For Christmas appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.… Read the restAll I Want For Christmas

The Loft & Aria @ Winter Gacha Festival

The Monogrammed Sled Decor.
Add some festive fun to your curb appeal. This collection has no rares with letters from A-Z.
The Winter Gacha Festival runs December 12th to the 31st. Winter Gacha Festival
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Purple Winter

Today is the last day for 20Twenty a Second Life event and I’m terrible behind with this month’s products! I sincerely apologize for it. I have Little Llama’s coffee table in with a mixture of furniture from Circa Living and I’m wearing Ama’s shoes paired off with Sn@tch and Bubble.  It’s just a little casual … Continue reading Purple Winter

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Nox and Mons Part One

  I am really loving the gift that Nox and Mons are putting out this year on their Giftsmas calendars.  Every day each of them has a new gift and it's super cool.  I am going to do more than one post but I am just going to start here since I have had these photos ready for a couple of days now, haha. Enjoy!


Photo One:
Eyeliner and Lipstick: Nox, daily calendar group gift
Nail Applier and Choker: Mons, group gift in store
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ Supa8
Hair: Lamb @ The Arcade, gacha item
Skin: Birdy, past group gift still in store, 150L join fee (brows by Miss Shippe added)

Photo Two:
Skin: The Skinnery @ The Arcade, gacha item (w/Arte eyebrows added)
Eyeliner:: Nox, daily calendar group gift
Lipstick: Mons, group gift in store
Eyes: Avi-Glam @ Supa8
Hair: Elikatira

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It’s Gonna Be a Husky Christmas

Well folks, it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and all the fun holiday decorations and goodies are coming out.  And I love that The Arcade opened this month too!  And what more exciting thing to have than huskies!  I will tell you that I went crazy on that husky machine at The Arcade and got almost everyone of the huskies.  I have one in Real life so it just makes me so excited when things like this come out.  I hope you all are having a great week so far and you can get a chance to get into The Arcade to get some awesome goodies!  Happy Friday! ☸ Dani ☸ Props/Decor: Read the restIt's Gonna Be a Husky Christmas

2015 Second Life Christmas Expo!

Tada! The Second Life Christmas Expo has flung open its doors and you’re gonna find SO much to do and see and buy. I popped over ahead of the opening to scope the place out, naturally I hopped on Santa’s sleigh and took a ride around. Really a beautiful way to get your bearings and have a little snowy fun. Here’s the Expo’s own word to introduce the event: “The 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo will consist of both holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life, spread across 8 sims!  The Expo will feature special events, including live performances, djs, skating parties, a Snowman Building Contest, Hunt For the Bells, Naughty Or Nice, a Christmas Tree Lot, holiday raffles and gotchas, and of course photos with Santa!   The Holiday Of Hope Ball, for the 5th year running, will be held at the Christmas Expo. And returning to the Christmas Expo as a special event this year is the  Avi Choice Fashion Awards.” “The fifth annual Second Life Christmas Expo will be held on December 3 to 14, 2015 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).Read the restChristmas Expo - Santa's Sleigh ride

Tree Topper

Sometimes it is fun to do something different. I can't say I am a huge fan of the commercialisation of this month. Everything seems so forced IRL, it takes the joy out of the month for me, most of the time.
I was trying to figure out how to bring some of the holiday flair into the blog, but not look like wrapping paper, or something typically done.
I settled on being a tree topper, haha. 
One of my favourite Advents from when I was still considered fresh and new in sl was Kouse's Sanctum's Advent. The store was gone for a while, and the designer started to make jewelry. I thought I'd check and see if they were up to their old tricks, and sure enough, there is not one, but 2 lovely advents. Each day there is something new, and you can preview the whole month, to see what you would like to come back for. It is a paid Advent, but the prices are really affordable, and the items are worth it.
This necklace was from day 2, I crashed at the laptop before I could hit post, haha. I just checked and it and day 1 are still available, as well as day 3.… Read the rest


The Arcade has opened it's doors with great new gacha goodies for you to go crazy trying to collect!  Here's just a few goodies to whet your appetite and get you excited about this awesome event.

Charming Christmas Dress (rare) from Moon Amore+Cureless
Starry Night Windy hair from Tableau VivantStarry Night Sparkles from Tableau VivantSkin - Rei from Lara Hurley
Charming Christmas Dress from Moon Amore+Cureless
Starry Night Side Tail hair from Tableau VivantStarry Night Stars from Tableau VivantSkin - Rei from Lara Hurley
Ballerina Dress from PixicatStarry Night Updo hair from Tableau VivantSkin - Rei from Lara Hurley
L'odeur du Cuir Bunny Mask, Corset, Bracelet, Necklace and Leg Strap from Enfant TerribleHair - Yodi Attachment from BaiasticeSkin - Rei from Lara Hurley

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Sometimes I get asked why at times I do pictures with more effort taken, and then do look of the day pics like this, or a picture with a full scene, in contrast to this simple pic. Truth is it depends on a lot of stuff, mostly time and what I am trying to achieve. I find it easier to highlight one or two items in a picture that I deem more “arty” – in my LoTD pics like this I tend to show off a few items, without anything getting lost in the fray. That’s the beauty of blogging, you can do it your way – and yes you want to do the best job you can if you are blogging items you’ve received as review copies, and you want to do the designer proud, but I am pretty sure we all try our best,  even if it differs from somebody elses best.  I know I feel down a lot when I see my views dip, or I don’t get a lot of likes on Flickr  and for two reasons – one it makes me feel inadequate and two because I feel I am not doing the creators justice. But I like my “simple” LoTD pics just as much as I like the more in depth pictures I sometimes find the time to do.  … Read the restIt's WINTTAHHHH!

Tree and Wreath Releases for Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Three non-decorated fir trees and matching wreaths are now available from Botanical! Each tree comes with a matching metal tree stand and weighs in at only 2 land impact! Complimenting wreaths are available at 1 land impact each. Trees and wreaths are sold separately. Both the trees and the wreaths were created for the Tannenbaum Holiday Market, where many residents […] The post Tree and Wreath Releases for Tannenbaum Holiday Market appeared first on Botanical.

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Unicorn Flu

 I am a lover of colour, I wont lie. I am normally some sort of crayon colour, any given day of the week. However, I do love to wear stark white skins, from time to time. You can play them up so much, on such a clean palette. Stix has released their newly updated Solii Skins, which is what I chose to play with today.

I am always looking for lipsticks to go with my Soul Kissers mesh mouths, and NOX never disappoints. This runny nose rainbow goo is from NOX, and is a generous donation to the group gifts at the Cosmetics Fair. This round is rainbow themed, and you will find other awesome gifts, some of which I am wearing.
I was talking about the game boards at La Boheme the other day, and I happened to win off one. They are a simple flip game, you just have to pick the right tile, to match with the item shown. The you win the prize. A set of 10 Eyeshadow/Liner combos is what I won, and am wearing here.
Chop Shop participated in a personal challenge, based off of colour palettes. If you go to the current round of Thrift Shop, you can have your chance to pick up some unique eyes, created during this challenge.… Read the rest

Back at it

Hey Everyone! I am back at it again!
I have been recovering from a RL accident, but recently came back in time to help launch the Anniversary event for Free*Style.
I have missed you all, and am sorry for the sluggish pace the blog has been in. We will amp it back up again shall we?
Supa8 is open, with all sorts of interesting things in store for you all. I have a love of tentacles, so was happy to see all the octopus products in the event space. These stockings from AlaskaMetro are what I based the whole outfit off of today.

 They come in 12 different colours, each pack comes with 3 to choose from. TMP, Slink and Omega appliers are all included as well. One pack is even free for everyone to enjoy!
You can also try your luck with a few of the gacha machines, while you are at Supa8. Luxuria has a super fun one, and the rare prize is this cute tattoo, which looks like a classic styled tattoo, but is actually pixilated like the old school video games. Tattoo includes classic layers, and an all in one Slink/Maitreya/Omega Applier.… Read the rest

A bunny meets Neko Atsume

I wanted to do something a little different instead of doing a typical fashion post. It’s good to change things up here and there! I thought this was a cute way to showcase these amazing kittens from DarkendStare available at the Kawaii Project.   She was addicted to this game on her cellphone and it started … Continue reading A bunny meets Neko Atsume

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Help fund my shopping habit!

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I have lots of gacha duplicates (49 of them) on Marketplace that I’d love people to buy so I can go blow more money on other stuff! Thanks <3 Stores include Toiz, Art Dummy, Glam Affair, Zerkalo, concept, B.C.C, and Kalopsia (plus lots more) Link 

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Gacha Gacha!

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So Gachas are HUGE ..HUGE in Secondlife right now. And a bit of fun, but they always come with a problem

What to do with all those extras!

I used to have a table at a yard seller but the sim went away. So this week I decided to do something else.

I sent all my doubles to my husband's account, as his marketplace isn't in use and mine is. And put them all up on it, it took for ever. I called the store Adar's Gacha Treasures, A bit of a joke as he's a dragon. I think I priced things fairly, I looked up what other people are selling the same items I have at and priced accordingly. Though I do have a few items I am the only one selling at the moment! And I've already made a few sales.

If you want to take a look the store is here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/177100

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Get More Fantasy Gacha On!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is in full swing and there is just so much to see and play for.  Make sure you don't miss out on the addiciton that is gacha...with a fantasy twist!  All poses from Terra Design.

Rococo Collection from Dead DollzHair - Ryleigh from TruthSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Angelical from AishaHair - Looking Back from ExileSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Devota from QweenBHeavenly Lantern Staff from ZynHair - Rileigh from Tableau VivantSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Huntress from Moon ElixirGzrel Tattoo from Suicide GurlsBoudicca Claws from TiaHair - Cameron from Tableau VivantSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Draque Jacket, Darkedise Tank and Little One Shorts from OpopopHair - Hephan from DueSkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair

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A Fallen Angel

Hi guys, happy Sunday! Sian has her 8th Birthday Party today! EEEP! 8!! I was pregnant during about my 4th year in SL! doesn’t feel possile.  Anyway I wanted to do something today on the blog so went with wings.. again! As stated yesterday in a post the Winged Necklace and Earrings from Slackgirl are available at ON9 and are colour/metal changing, so you can match them with a few looks (four metals).  My skin is the Ruslena skin from PUMEC that was/is available at Shiny Shabby on the gorgeous LOGO Alex head!   My accessories are all from Axix at the newly opened Fantasy Gacha Carnival, only the chest and wings shown here, but you can get oodles of pieces in a bunch of metals, so make sure you go gacha crazy! Finally my hair is another new hair from HairOlogy and is from Vanity!  It’s called I Know U Want It and, yes, yes you do!   Finally my pose is from Frooti, you know, that store I used to make poses for but quit, but hey, some of them still look darn tootin’ good!… Read the restSnapshot_028

Yet More Fantasy Gacha Goodies

Tomorrow the Fantasy Gacha Carnival FINALLY opens, and I can stop teasing you with all the goodies just waiting for you to come play for them.  Here's some more to whet your appetite.

Vangelis Hand Wraps and Vangelis Nail Rings from Misha Jesuil
Hair - You Send Me from ExileSkin - Amber from Belleza
Corvus Mortis Crown and Corvis Mortis Wings from NerdologyLuna Fae Hand Dancers, Luna Halo and Moon Dust Faeries from Cole's CornerHair - Looking Back from ExileSkin - Camille from Laqroki
Auriel Harness, Bottom, Wings and Chest from AxixSolar Fae Hand Dancers, Solar Fae Halo, Solar Flare Faeries from Cole's CornerHair - Looking Back from ExileSkin - Amber from Belleza
Angels With Closed Eyes mask and Angels from NaminokeSoraka Dress, Bracelets and Horn from UnaHair - Blown Away from ExileSkin - Amber from Belleza
Elya Corset, Skirt and Horns from Sahara'SHair - You Send Me from ExileSkin - Amber from Belleza

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Thrift Shop

Coming soon to The Thrift Shop – opens Nov 8th!
Victoria Skin Gacha – 75L plays / Trans ok!
10 commons [Havana Tone]
2 rares [Brown Sugar Tone]
each pack has 4 brow options & mouth applier that supports nyam nyam, loud mouth, kissers & sweetlips! also eye brow shaper & eyelash remover included! [Loud Mouth Elena Kissy in ad]
Kalani Skin Gacha – 75L plays / Trans ok!
10 commons [Caramel Tone]
2 rares [Honey Tone]
each pack has 4 brow options & mouth applier that supports nyam nyam, loud mouth, kissers & sweetlips! also eye brow shaper & eyelash remover included! [Loud Mouth Elena Kissy in ad]
2 Customer Favs will go on sale at 50% off! Arlene / Havana & Kensi / Honey Skin packs will be available. Our exclusive still remains to be determined, so check back on this post as I complete products ♥  
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