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Fae Queen of the Vale

I really didn't have an image in mind when I started out to do this outfit. I can honestly say it wasn't my intent to end up looking like a bondage fairy, totally an accident. I swear!
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Keep It in NightSkin - Stix - Nighe Skin in  Devotion - Group Gift (Free to Join)Eyes - SilverMoon Creations - Enchant Dragon Eyes - L$1Lashes - Chemistry - Long Eyelashes - FreeTattoo - Elymode - Heart Vine Stencil TattooArm Fades - Fallen Gods Inc. - Candy Touch - Free @ We Love RoleplayDress - Plastik - Mahva Dress in Noir - *NEW* @ MainstoreArm Sleeves - Plastik - Whimsy Sleeves in CharcoalCrown - BamPu Legacies - Dragoun Mists Crown in Ruby - *NEW* Charity Item @ Fair PlayNecklace - PoshTale - Imperia Jewelry Set - Common Gacha Item @ Fair PlayWings - Deviance - Sidhe Wings in Bloom - Common Gacha Item @ Mainstore   .Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.… Read the rest



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Back to basics

Hey readers checking in on the last post for Feburay! Can you believe March is like in a few minutes?! Time has gone by soooo much! Anyways this is just a quick basic bust photo fashion I did for you guys just featuring a few items! Nothing to fancy just to let you see a … Continue reading Back to basics

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“Man I been did that” “Man I been popped off” “And if she aint tryna give it up, she get dropped off.” BODY Hair: Doe – Lucia (two-tone) – Colors [New][@ Uber] Skin: Pink Fuel Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Hollywood Eyes – Evening & Evergreen Eyeshadow: Glamorize – Rumours Eye makeup Lipstick: Zombie Suicide … Continue reading Funeral

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The Yardsale List – March – May, 2016

The Yardsale List is an ongoing list of all Second Life yardsales for any gachas or transferable items. We understand that there are many popular gacha events throughout the year that leave your inventories overflowing with extras to buy, trade and sell. To ensure that the list stays current with only active yardsales, every three months we will wipe the slate clean and start fresh. So if you’re a gachaholic and want to try to recoup some of your funds, why not have a yardsale? Just make sure to let us know about it so that we can place it on the list! Yardsales will be categorized into three sections; Featured Yardsales, Private Yardsales and Public Yardsales, then alphabetized by name. Featured Yardsales will be placed prominently at the top of the yardsale list, and will also receive a special link in a “Yard Sale” tab located on the Seraphim front page. If you would like to know more information about how to get your sale on the featured list please click the button below!… Read the restThe Yardsale List V1

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Depraved Nation presents
Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair
March 13th – AlterEgo is sponsoring this event and we will have a total of 3 machines out!
Our first one is a skin machine with a variety of new skins from the Ayla Collection inside!
Contents of all prizes are system layers, brow & browless, brow shapers & lash removers.
50L to play, trans ok! ♥ Keep this post bookmarked for our releases as they come off the screens!

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Guess what? Seraphim is hosting a public yardsale!

The Seraphim Team, alongside the incredible management group from the Frock & Nest yardsale, are exciting to bring you the first ever Seraphim Yardsale!  The Seraphim Yardsale is your go-to destination for buying and reselling your favorite current-round Arcade gacha items, all at machine-price!  All group members are welcome to rez up to 150 prims at a time for the low group fee of just 250L!  The group is open now!  Don’t hesitate to join the most organized and user-friendly yardsale on the grid.  Look for Seraphim Yardsale in your Second Life search, or copy and paste the following URL in your SL chat to receive a link directly to our group:  secondlife:///app/group/5b5a578f-d587-9ecf-1f9f-92b1ff1bd85f/about  Here’s to a great round!  <Teleport Link will be available at 12:01 AM on March 1, 2016>

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The Arcade – March Shopping Guide

Three months have flown by and a new edition of The Arcade is nearly here!  In just three short days, The Arcade will open with one hundred gorgeous gacha machines filled with goodies!  Check the official guide to pick your favorites and start writing your wish list today!   Del The Arcade Shopping Guide  

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Under the waves,so smooth and calm,a savage struggle remains,of things below.
Not everything behaves,pent up like a time bomb.Throw off your chains,face the foe .

I do enjoy me some underwater adventuring. I miss the times when there was a big sl mermaid community on Ning. I use to post something on there daily, it was probably the most active community I was ever in, in second life. I wasn't even a mermaid all that often, haha. When Ning decided to make their forums features paid for, the SL Mermaid Ning sadly died.
I still collect items, and dress up as a mercreature from time to time. They have to be one of my favorite collections of legendary creatures. Not the pretty fluffy ones either, but the ones that will more than likely start eating you, before you even finish drowning.
So I bring you a bit of fantasy this friday, come, play under the waves!
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Bramble in Blood RavenHairbase - Adoness - Shaved Swirls in Red - L$50 for a Whole PackSkin - Mystic Canvas - Xen Skin in Pale Tone - Group Gift (Free to Join)Ears - Musa - MerEar w/Texture Change Hud Eyes - Hecate - The Skeleton's Eyes - *NEW* @ EnchantmentLashes - Pichi - Helena Lashes in Fantasy - L$45 on Sale @ MainstoreHands - Slink - Casual PoseNail Appliers - Flair - Set 178 - FreeMakeup 1 (Eyeshadow) - Fallen Gods Inc.Read the rest

Wednesday Handful – Galactic Beauty

There is this unique little hunt going on, which is just for the marketplace. Each designer has an item that is Free to L$10. All you have to do is go to the Hunt site HERE, look at the list, click the links of the store you are interested in, those links will take you to their marketplace, then start hunting. Each gift has a special ad, so you will know what is part of the hunt. Many of these shops have other items for the same price range, so check out some of the other items they have for offer.
Hands - Slink - Splayed PoseNail Appliers - Weaponized Sugar - Sofa Surfers Hunt on SL MarketplaceRing - [CIRCA] - "Euphoria" Winter Lotus Ring - RARE Gacha Prize @ Mainstore

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Rolla Broad

Here’s a quick look I put together featuring mainly items from Genre with other items scattered all over the grid! Enjoy the look, I know i had fun doing it!.   Hair: Doe – Macey (two-tone) – Color [New][@ Whimsical] Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Caramel Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Hollywood Eyes – … Continue reading Rolla Broad

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Furniture Fridays – Featuring: unKindness

There are a few things you can go to right now, to find some things to spice up your home. One is Whimsical, which has an assortment of gachas with decor items. Unkindness is there, and they have a gacha called Whimys Trinkets. I liked the feel of the set, so I thought I would share it with you for today's furniture post.
Backdrop - Papermoon - Tapestry: Modern Spring in Multi Chevron - 3LI - *NEW* @ MainstoreTable - unKindness - End Table - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalCeiling Dangle - unKindness - Key to Peace - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalWall Art Frame - unKindness - Time Frame - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalHeart Boxes - unKindness - Heart Boxes - 1LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalNapkins - Irrie's Dollhouse - Linen Stack - 2LI - RFL H&G Expo Charity GachaCupcake Plate - Irrie's Dollhouse - Love Muffins - 1LI - RFL H&G Expo Charity GachaFlower Pitcher - unKindness - Hydrangeas Pitcher - 2LI - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ WhismicalFlower Vase - Kaerri - Pink Hydrangeas - 1LI - RFL H&G Expo Hunt Gift

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Royal Red Reign

I found this Crown at Noble Creations and decided that it would be a good day to be queen. Plastik has some wonderful things packed into their new gacha, which you will find at Whimsical, which opens tomorrow, Feb. 18th. I felt they suited my theme for today, so I sprinkled them all over my self for your viewing pleasure. As with most things Plastik, these come with texture change huds, so you can easily customize them with any look you are trying to achieve. 
Hair - booN - Lab.011 in Browns - *NEW* @ HairologySkin - [Mudskin] - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)Eyes - eSSe Store - Free Group Gift (Free to Join)Hands - Slink - Casual PoseNail Appliers - Hello Dave - Free Instore Demo SamplerGown - BlueMoon Enterprise - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)Crown - Noble Creations - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)Earrings - Plastik - Twigged Earrings in Golden - Common Gacha Item @ WhimsicalNecklace - Plastik - Twigged Necklace in Golden - Common Gacha Item @ WhimsicalWand - Plastik - Quartz Wand - RARE Gacha Item @ Whimsical
Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio.… Read the rest

Purple Post

  Just stopping by to do a quick post since it has been literally months since I have done an actual post.  RL is still crazy busy for me though so you'll just get a photo and credits on the quick.  Adios!
Skin: Lara Hurley, group gift
Eyes: Chop Shop @ The Thrift Shop, gacha item
Necklace: Manik Queen, hunt gift
Outfit: Que Bella, hunt gift
Hair: Magika
Eyebrows: Pop That Fish, 10L

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Deviled Heart

Hearts are not my thing, but if they are yours, the Thrift Shop is where you might want to visit, with Valentines fast approaching. 
Hello Dave has a little advent going on, which has holiday themed nails. The ones I am wearing are up for grabs as part of the advent. The design was created to work specifically for stiletto length, so the image turns into hearts. There are a bunch of different colours in the hud as well.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in Blood RavenSkin - Curves - Free & Offer Gift Skin - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)Eyes - Goth1c0 - Rage Demon Eyes - Discounted Item @ The Thrift ShopLashes - Arise - Eyelashes No.1 - L$55 @ Fi*FridayHands - Slink - Splayed PoseNail Appliers - Hello Dave - Feb 2nd Edition - Group Only Holiday Advent (Free to Join)Blouse - Adoness - Anteros Blouse in Oblivion - *NEW* Discounted Item @ The Thrift ShopDress - Tiffany Designs - Val Mini Dress in Red - Free @ The Thrift ShopStockings - !Chop Shop!Read the rest

new from lassitude & ennui for the Gacha Garden – Flutterpaws cat companions

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Within the Gacha Garden, past a mossy garden wall,Along the leaves and flowers, sleepy Catapillars crawl.Their bellies full of Tunaleaf, they find a spot to sleep,And, in cocoons contrived from cardboard, they curl up and slumber deep.
Slowly, magic happens in the misty moonlit air.
They stretch, they yawn, and greet the dawn as something new and rare.From fluffy bodies now emerge bright wings as thin as gauze -They mew, they spring, and now take wing to soar as Flutterpaws!
The Tabby and the Tiger glide as regally as hawks,The Sealpoint and the Snowshoe both admire each other's socks.Sakura, by the cherry tree, tucks blossoms in her hair.
Savannah bats at all the bugs that come too near her lair.

Curled up tight, the puffy White drifts like a tiny cloud,
Sleep-flying just above the grass, his purring long and loud.
Bashful beauty Vintage grins and preens a lacy veil
'Til rough-and-tumble Calico tries dive-bombing her tail.
With Russian Blue, and White-Grey too, they play among the trees,As Moustache bows to Jewelled and takes her dancing on the breeze.Rainbow sprawls to catch the sun and watches their ballet,And, far above them, Galaxy laps at the Milky Way.… Read the restlassitude & ennui Flutterpaws companions for Gacha Garden

The Vintage Sewing Store

@ The Gacha Garden (opens midnight Feb 1st) Serenity Style- The Vintage Sewing Store SOI (Hanstrid Inshan) Serenity Style- The Vintage Sewing Store Hanging (I have a duplicate – it will be on my MP tomorrow) Serenity Style- The Vintage Sewing Store Thread Mat Box Serenity Style- The Vintage Sewing Store Thread Buttons Box Serenity Style- […]

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Hentai A$$

“Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-woble, wobbin'” “Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin'” “Bad bitches, I’m your leader, phantom by the meter” “Somebody point me to the best ass-eater!” BODY Hair: Tableau Vivant – Shocking Hair – Redheads [New][@ Collab 88] Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Caramel Eyes: Antielle – Allergic Eyes – shown … Continue reading Hentai A$$

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Critters on a shelf

Oh no, looks like some small critters has invaded gacha machines and on your shelf. Syn here is seen posing with these cute little critters from Darkendstare, you can snag them up at OMGacha till the end of the month as well as some of these nice accessories that I’ve shown off.   Hair: Doe … Continue reading Critters on a shelf

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Poisoned Hunger

ZOMG I have my blogging files back! I am still waiting on most of my data(mostly store related stuff that doesn't impact you at all), but was able to get these. I feel at home again.
I'm also hella cute today.
Sn@tch is having a wee bit of a pre-valentines sale. The store is 50-70% off(not including new releases). There are also additional items, with special tags, that are even more of a discount. I grabbed these mesh capris for only L$50 for the fatpack, which are what inspired the whole outfit today.
Plastik is always in all the things, I swear. While not free, they have made these super cute purses and clutches. I am not one to normally wear this sort of thing, simply for the fact I normally tread more on the dark fantasy side of fashion, but I really enjoyed playing with mine today. I think the reason I have been enjoying the label so much over the past year, is because of the huds that come with most items. I am a colour whore, I like having ALL THE COLOURS. So being able to play with all the bits and bobs really tickles my fancy.… Read the rest

Titillating Thursday

Head: Lelutka | Leda
Hair: Vanity | Little Steps @ Hairology
Skin: Glam Affair | Kat Applier | America
Eyes: ID | Opulent Eyes | Blue-Green
Body: Maitreya | Lara (inc.hands/feet)
Jacket: Blueberry | Shoulder Jacket
Bra: Blueberry | RARE | Flirt | Bra (Game) | Pitch @ The Epiphany
Skirt: Blueberry | Lorie | Folded Skirts
Shoes: KC | Suami Heels
Pose: !bang
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