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Mystic Fantasy Spellbinder

The Mystic Realms Faire is currently open til the 26th and there are tons of gorgeous fantasy items. If you are looking for a costume for Halloween, this is a great place to check out. I am wearing Eudora 3D sandals, ploom hair, G*Field outfit, and usi…

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October 2014
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Seasons in the Sun… or is that Rain?

Hello! I wanted to attempt this look on a rainy sim, but alas SL was not in a friendly mood with me this weekend, so here I am, but I still think I pull it off as cutest look ever! Ok well not ever, but up there. Full credits are below but I have to […]

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Seasons in the Sun.. or is that Rain?

TAG Gacha

There is a new gacha event, TAG Gacha, that is a whole lot of fun and very different from anything else I have experienced in SL. On opening day there was quite a bit of lag at the start of the event, Gachatopia, but once we got going it was prett…

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.:black eye:.

vv Skin–The Skinnery Gemma 4 Champagne (75L TAG gacha, visit Gachatopia for HUD)Hair and bow–Spellbound Velvet (50L TAG gacha, visit Gachatopia for HUD)Eyes–Negaposi Silent eyes, Dew (30L per set, includes system and prim eyes)Eyelashes–Lumae …

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Affordable Skins Roundup: Halloween

vv Skins from left to right: –Glam Affair Sia America 07 (288L at Collabor88)(worn with Izzie’s Blood Dripping eye jewelry, see below) –PXL Kate Muerta (99L gacha)–Atomic Song Autumn, creme tone (300L at The Season’s Story)(worn with Lipst…

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Candy Corn and Ghostlings

Candy Fair is nearly over, starting tomorrow to be exact. I have just a few more Candy Fair posts to do before I continue on to the Mythic Faire and Creepy Cutie Carnival which I’ll combine sort of if it all fits together! I only got a couple of things from Mythic Faire so it’s…Read more Candy Corn and Ghostlings

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vv Left:Skin–Belleza Ava Oct Gift, pale tone (group gift in store, 250L join fee, many other VIP gifts here)Hair–Alice Project Leila (mini mania prize)Horns–Panik Horns Flowers (The Season’s Story 1st anniversary gift)Necklace–Maxi Gossamer Lo…

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Prep demon role call

Of course October is the month where we have an excuse to be spooky all month long, but for me being spooky is a 24/7 deal. It doesn’t change! This is a mild spooky Syn is dressed up for. She wanted to be cute experiment with a new makeup from Lumae, went to a fair…

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Affordable Footwear Roundup

vv Footwear from left to right: –Pure Poison Lolica Boots (The Season’s Story 1st anniversary gift)–Sn@tch Equinox Boots, Fish4This Halloween Grab Bag #1 (caught with 100L casual fishing rod and no bait) –Hoorenbeek New Rock Boots (gift for sub…

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TAG! Gacha “The Haunted Studio”

Mark October 17th on your calendar for something new! Botanical is participating in the TAG! “The Haunted Studio” gacha event, running October 17th through October 31st. The event spans 50 stores, with each one offering a multitude of prizes, including one rare, limited edition item that we can’t even TELL you about! What we can […]

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Fallen for a guy,Fell down from the skyHalo round his headFeathers in our bedIt’s sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you sayIt’s sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you sayWORN:Leotard: Popstar Industries, 50L, comes with so many applier and regular options…

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Sons of the Silent Age

The inspiration for this post came from some incredible new accessories by sian of Chariot – ‘Cyborg Fashion‘ includes 5 items in 2 colours each and is available at The Gathering Gacha Event until October 15th, all items are commons (no rares in the machine at all) and they cost just L$50 per play. The […]

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Sons of the Silent Age

Pastry Girl

Credits:Hair-little bones. Fiction (New @ Body Mod Expo)Skin-Pink Acid Skin – Iokko + ALL Appliers – Peach@ The Season StoryEyebrows-[Buzz] Essentials – Katie Brows & Anatomy Eyebrow EraserEyes-[Buzz] Celestial Eyes – ChocolateDress–tres blah- Dar…

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Catch Up With GizzA and DE Designs!

You guessed it, quicky catch up time with GizzA Creations and DE Designs featuring today.  Although the speed at which my computer is going, this hardly constitutes a quicky for me.  Snails are zooming by faster than my connection!!!Pearl Set…

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Death Becomes Me

Horror Haute is a themed monthly sales round, catering to those with darker and more alternative tastes in sl. For the month of October, instead of only doing their normal fair, they have added in a bonus round, which is to be the whole month, instead …

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What *IS* Willis Talking About? 2014-10-06 15:03:30

      Level Up comes to an end today, and I haven’t explored this theme of Zombie/Survival nearly as much as i wanted to!   Nearly everything you see here is available there. The house from Frogstar (well shack) is the RARE gacha item, other items include things you’d expect to find in a […]

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Lady Death at Your Door

Event Yummies from May’s and Tentacio

I just have a quick blog today showing the goodies from May’s Soul and Tentacio that you will find at some of the awesome events either on now, or coming soon – I’ve completely lost track!!! La Munche Pants from May’s Soul at The Fantasy RoomBubble Gum…

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Weekly Round-Up, Sept 26 to Oct 3

Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the week September 26 to Oct 3. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.* Verve Skins:  […]

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Round up with Rors

Introducing The Adorable Noctis!

On 29th September 2014 · By Jordan Whitt · With Leave a comment
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There’s a new wearable pet hitting the grid from Oopsie…and its mega-adorable!  The Minitulus Noctis, Noctis for short, were discovered in the Amazon Rainforest back in 2001.The Noctis is a social animal, living in little family groups and …

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The Loft @ The Arcade

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The Loft - Dia de Muertos