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A Day At The Beach

I’m fortunate enough to live about 20 mins away from the beach. I don’t visit it as much as I would like to, and I have no excuses really, but every time I go I just feel at home. You could put me in a shack and as long as I could see the ocean […]

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July 2014
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Food On My face

  I saw a gacha from Love Soul that various sorts of unusual glasses in it.  I thought “Dang, I hope I get the foods ones.  Please get the food ones,” and I crossed my fingers and pressed pay.  And guess what?  I GOT THEM FIRST…

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food on my face_004

ORIMECRE Gatcha Summer 2014

Are you as addicted to gachas as I am? Could you just s […]

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orimecre gacha event summer 2014

Alchemy Rares at Secret Affair; Truth New

The Secret Affair is in full swing from now til the end of the month with a delightful fantasy/ Medieval/ Midsommer Night’s Dream theme. When I saw the rares in the Alchemy machine, I knew they needed to be mine. They are called the white set but they …

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~Summer in Sailors Cove~

Reason 99999 why I LOVE Second Life…I can live anywhere I want to and the move is a snap! A lot of people in SL just don’t think that having a “home” is important…but I have always had a home in SL; for me it is part of the immersive experience.  I’ve lived in skyboxes, […]

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~Summer in Sailors Cove~

Skin Addiction: Weekly News Roundup 02

Hey Skin Addicts, here’s what’s been going on during the week of July 11th to July 18th. .::WoW Skins::. has several new skins out. Janette is a limited edition skin, sold at the ‘Project Limited‘ event. Ines is available at ‘The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair‘. The Imen skin from ‘The Summer of Love Fair‘ is […]

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wow skins janette

~Whiteout in Candy Land~

Do you remember playing that fun board game Candy Land, where you follow the winding track through the Candy Cane Forrest and Gum Drop mountain in search of King Kandy?  I remember playing it with my niece and nephew and the little buggers tried to cheat!  Despite the cheating, we still had a blast and […]

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~Whiteout in Candy Land~

Twice as Sweet as Candy

Helloooo world!   Another Hair Fair looksie today, and a few other little bits and bobs. YAY! Barbara, Breeze, Midori and Nana are the four styles from L-R you can see above, and they are all from Wasabi Pills for HF2014!  I always love Hair Fair as it gives me such a huge hair buzz! […]

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Hair Fair 2014 | Wasabi Pills

Oh My Hair Fair!

Helloooo!   I have had a very busy RL weekend (comicconftw!!!!) and have only just made it back and online to post NEW STUFFS ARGHGHGHASD! HAIR FAIR OMGGGG!!!   I usually post so many in one, but I figure I’ll slow it down a little and do little and often, not that anybody cares but […]

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Hair Fair 2014 - Atomic

July 12th News

A new skin is available at the Seasons Story for only 450L! It includes slink hands, feet, and body, lolas, phat azz, ghetto booty, baby bump and loud mouth appliers. Ellen is a fun sun loving skin with lots of … Continue reading

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20% Cooler Shoes at Shop Free*Style

  Buttery Toast has joined the vendors at Shop Free*Style and put out a couple of new things.  They have a lovely toast bracelet for free and they have these super cool shoes for only 10L.  Love them!  My daughter says they remind h…

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20% Cooler Shoes at Free*Style

Snuggle Buddy

” If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late” –Henny Youngman BODY Hair: Ploom – Inge [New][Mesh][Resizeable][Shown in Candy][@ OMG Gacha] Skin: Pink Acid – Jakki [New][Shown in Mocha 2][@ Manga Fair][I have to say I was REALLY impressed with this skin. I had no clue Pink…

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Having a Tea Party, SQUEE

I am having a tea party with all my stuffed friends that I have been collecting! I got the Atomic Panda Tea Party set in an assortment of colors that is at OMG Gacha that opened today and I really love it! There are a LOT of cute sets in this new gacha…

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Goodbye Arcade June

I look forward to Arcade months with impending glee. The week before it opens I have all the vendor photos gathered and have huge wide screen viewing of the items while we chat about what we want and make our want lists. I am truly addicted to Gacha in…

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Omg Gacha is just around the corner!

Omg Gacha will be opening July 1st and there are so many cute things to play for. I’m wearing just a few things. Get your lindens ready!Credits:Hair-.ploom. Boomer New@ Level UpSkin-Pink Acid Anakoi-CreamEyeshadow-Soiree – Moondust Day EyeshadowEyeline…

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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness: is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people.  This happened to me yesterday and it made my day! If we all did one every day just think about wha…

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Moving on up now…

Lark is one of my fave stores in SL, it makes such wonderful goodies, from furniture to clothing, cute stuff to modern, rustic to bright and bouncy… whatever it is Sienia does she needs to keep it up! I made a little homage to some recent Lark pieces here, as I’ve been slacking on my […]

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Moving on up now...

Belle of the Beach Ball

Summerfest 14 has started! WOO! Beachy goodness for all! This pose set ISN’T from there,  but it’s the perfect companion from Mien Poses and will be part of the 25 for 25 event on the 25th! So make sure you don’t miss out, 5 static poses with 5 beach ball props. YES PLEASE. Baiastice are […]

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Belle of the Beach Ball

Skate Swag

” Man I got that swag.” “May hat matches my bag.” “You know I’m poppin’ tags” “Cause man I got that sway.” “I’m swaggin’, I’m surfin’” ” I’m swaggin’, I’m surfin’” “I’m clean like dish detergent!” [Ya, I took it there.] BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Merdia [New][Mesh][Shown in Fades Roots] Avatar: Dark Spot Designs…

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Cassia @ Glam Affair | Creation.JP

This is Cassia! She’s new from Glam Affair and there are various events both on and upcoming with her in it, these are the beauties available for Creation.JP tho!  This event runs it’s first round from 21st -15th June.July! At the event Cassia is available in 2 tones, Artic and Asia with Artic being shown […]

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Cassia @ Glam Affair | Creation.jp