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Apocalyptic Ballerina

I can't really say exactly how this outfit happened. It started with a dress, and ended with ballerina poses from Frozen. I usually have a clear vision, based off of an item I find, and what other things i have had sitting, waiting to go up on the blog. This one evolved in a flurry, leaving me more than a bit dazed and even a little amazed, by the styling I created.

Silken Moon has some different sorts of skins. This one I am assuming is inspired by the TV Show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It is at Skin Fair currently, and is only L$200. I think it makes me look more like a mutant, than a vampire. Love the nose ridges.
Also at the Skin Fair, and previously blogged by me, are these vinyl gloss lips from #adored. I have been having lots of fun with them. I spruced them up with this face paint from no.7, currently at this round of Level Up. This is a gacha prize, and there are a bunch of other game inspired gachas here as well.

I randomly found this dress at a Japanese mall. I did happen to remember to save a land mark this time around, haha.… Read the rest



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Come Cuddle with Me

Please click through for a bigger picture as you can’t see it all very well in this little one!  I had great fun setting up this, it’s a very simple set up but I love it.   The Consignment Camper Cuddle Van is just MEGA! It comes with rezzing ivy and is perfect for couples or if you’re single, like me, you can sit on your own with a hammer and some cute animals and just look adorbs.    I mention the hammer as it’s from Katat0nik for this round of Level Up which has just opened and it’s SO CUTE… and obviously so deadly that it’s looking after me on my little camping expedition. I couldn’t help but rez the items from The Arcade from Ispachi, I don’t feel I have done them justice but who doesn’t need friends?!   OWLS! OWLS ARE MY FAVE! OWLSTOCK SHOULD HAPPEN IN SL!  Thank you Half Deer for giving us OWLS!    The adorabled fencing and vehicles are from What Next and are older items, but still fabulous!… Read the restSnapshot_028

Tutorial – Gacha Minion – Part 2 – Search & Lists

Today will be continuing from where I left off with the previous Tutorial - Gacha Minion - Part 1 - How to get Started.

Find out more information about Gacha Minion at your own pace at these Various Links:

Gacha Minion - Official WebsiteGacha Minion - FAQGacha Minion - YouTube Tutorials/InfoGacha Minion - Flickr Pool

Until April 10th, Gacha Minion has pro accounts available for free, all you need to do is go to the Kiosk and Click the Pro Account Button. Then proceed through the process.

I am placing a cut here, for the feeds that pick up from the Free*Style Blog, as tutorials always get a bit picture happy.

If you would like to learn more, please continue on, through the cut.

To start today, we are going to click the Search option, on the left side of your dashboard.

Here you can see several options to start your search. There is a drop down menu, for all the events currently uploaded in the gacha Minion System. This is a quick way to search for an item, if you knew the event, but maybe not the designer.… Read the rest

Elymode @ Skin Fair 2015

Over at the Skin Fair  there are some goodies from Elymode, and this time one of the bonus’ is that Ely has made Slink Visage HUDS for her makeups YAY! They are packs of eyeliners and makeups, you can also get them as normal makeup tattoos so do not fret if you are not part of the Cult of Mesh Heads, it’s all good.   I haven’t shown all available but each HUD comes with 8 or more makeups that vary in colour, from spring green to disco purple, there is something for everyone. They look particularly adorable on Visage, so that’s how I opted to show them, one lot with lashes on and one with them off so you got a true sense of what they look like! I know not everyone always wears lashes. Also shown are two sets (if you can tell – OF COURSE YOU CAN) of the new Slink addon teeth! OH MY DAYS!  Ely told me about these in SL and I just had to rush over and get them, there are a variety to choose from including three diff vamp ones, bunny, gap and more!  They addon to the slink visage heads but Siddean did say that she plans to release ones for normal mesh heads and other mouths if the teeth can be hidden!… Read the restElymode @ Skin Fair 2015 - 1

The Day the Cupcakes Invaded

  I need to pull my head outta my butt and decorate both my sim and my home, but I suck… HUGELY!   But I rezzed a few bits and made myself a cute little corner and then GOSH DARN IT, CUPCAKES INVADED. Oneword has finished now, but fairytales do still exist in SL and Windsong just gives us the perfect fairytale with their room divider! So cute with the chalkboard side and then teh dangly lights and it compliments the Fetch sofa that you can find at the brand new IDK event beautifully! I didn’t know what else to put out but I rememer that fetch also did suitcases for the Bon Voyage TLC round!   SUITCASE DRAWERS, YES!  I saw lots of props with cases, so this was nice, usesable items YAY! I then of course remembered The Arcade, I haven’t gone broke there yet, but I knew that I needed to jazz up the place a bit with some foliage, so that was down to Lark to do the job with their funky planters, you can see (better if you click through and go bigger) that I rezzed the brick, book, clock and I couldn’t resist the rollerskate, I will leave the undercracker planters for the boudoir :P Finally the cupcakes invaded.  … Read the restThe Day the Cupcakes Invaded

Hitting the Road

Helloooo! A bit of a biker chick look today, or well what I’d dress like if I wanted to get the attention of someone like sayyyyyy Jax “Willis’ Boyf” Teller! Genre started a new round called Sons of Genre, where you can get the gorgeous and badass backpack!  I thought the skirt from Bueno at C88 with it’s rips and pockets made the perfect item to wear with it, and the look built from there.  Gorgeous spikey heels from C88 from Eboni over at Hucci, and of course Swallow with their Dead Head Arcade Collection!   I was thankful for the Exile release as this hair fitted perfect with the look, and it’s the Male hair too, who says we can’t have everything!?  Rounded off with a lovely sexy top from ANE for TLC and various other components to complete the look, all in the credits below. I couldn’t, of course, not post another Skin Fair Skin, so this time you get Ilenia from WoW Skins in the Milk tone.  There are oodles of appliers for this baby, if you can’t find them at Skin Fair, you can at the main store.  … Read the restHittin' the Road

Afternoon Tea Party

     It was definitely time that I play with a few more of my Arcade goodies. We are about half way through March Arcade. I am showing you the complete (except Rare 2) erratic set and the rare Boogers tea party table and a few of the bears. I needed all of the bears and have the whole set but I just chose to show a few of them joining me in a tea party after this post. The Ingenue shoes at Arcade were the perfect compliment to this 20's nostalgic erratic outfit which I adore. It comes with a HUD and the dress changes colors too. 

    Look at this adorable bear tea party! I just adore this set. It is my favorite Booger bear set by far. I can't get over how cute they are with the little tea cups in their hands and hats on their heads. 

     Here is a closer view of the erratic tea set with a little bit of depth of field. I keep playing with DoF and am not sure if I am getting better or not. It looks pretty cool to me though. You can find the erratic and Boogers sets at Arcade until the end of March. 

Hat: 06.… Read the rest


I won’t lie, I totally got flustered today and wanted to blog Mudskin as I made it as one of their new bloggers (yay thank you) and I screwed up! I managed to take pics of the Chapter Four skin instead of the Skin Fair skin like a total noob! DOH!!!!! I wanted to still show the pictures anyway cos they are beautiful, and I also show off Enfant Terribles gorgeous new items, as well as some gacha hair from Damselfly! I plan to blog the Skin Fair skins over the next week tho, so look out for those! Rose, The Bloom comes in all the tones/makeups you see, there are 2 makeups per tone and I can only assume (and hope) these will be out in the main store any time now, just not on a 2 for 1 offer!  They really are beautiful and the lips are so pouty and luscious!   They also included Nyam Nyam, Sweet Lips and Loud Mouth appliers SCORE!   As I said I also wanted to put this up to show the BEAUTIFUL items from Enfant Terrible, the gorgeous necklace and headpiece.  So intricate and detailed and a main store release so no running to events, no limited edition, no agenda to worry about!… Read the restMudskin @ Chapter Four

Photo! Please do not smile, never more

Hair: +Spellbound+ Salome // Chapter III : Magic
Skin: [theSkinnery] Cristy 5 (champagne)
Ears: [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears
Face tattoo: .ARISE. Chacla Facetattoo / Black
Horns: PUNCH / Demon  *Arcade Gachas!
Eyebrows piercings: PUNCH / Vain {dark gold/pink}  *Arcade Gachas!
Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -41- Hollywood
Lipstick: [PF] Classic Pout Lipstick - Black
Choker: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Pentagram Choker - Vive  *Arcade Gachas!
Tattoo: { DATUM } Old Devil    *Arcade Gachas!
Dress: 20.FIVE Mesh: Sus Dress
Camera: *Tentacio* Retro toys - hand camera red *The Kawaii Project-Gacha!

Pose: D.Luxx Poses - The Vintage - Sugar Smacks 08
Sim: Havendale Village

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#327 Skin Fair 2015 – Lumae goes back to the fifties

Today's post is a bit of a mishmash - because I have a heap of Skin Fair goodies I want to show, it started purely as a Skin Fair post for Lumae, but then when I tried the skin on I got the feeling it might fit a fifties style furniture post I had been putting together in my blogging room.  So I dug through my inventory and found the dress I was thinking of wearing with the furniture (does that sentence sound as weird as I think it does?), and then it all fell together.  So instead of doing a plain Skin Fair post it has become a skin, fashion and furniture post, as if I didn't already have enough on my blogging plate!

I haven't tried anything from Lumae (or Aeva) for a few years, but I love this skin so much, and that it has a freckles option makes it even better.  It is fresh and pretty but not too young looking.  Mr Maddaloni logged on when I was just adjusting my necklace, and almost the first words out of his mouth were "oh I love that skin!", and about five minutes later he said "that skin is really hot".… Read the restPost #325 Skin Fair - Lumae

Show me some Skin

Skin Fair 2015 is now open!
Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2
Good luck to those of you who try to tp in on the first day, my the grid ever be in your favor.
The build is done in such a fashion that it all rezzes super fast. It was one of the easiest event builds for me to view in a long time.
There is a Script device, at the sim landings, that will boot you if you have a bagillion scripts on, so make sure to not going in all super fab looking, just put something simple on, you are probably going to be trying demos, so just throw on a swimsuit of something.

Obviously I have more stuff from the fair to tease you with.
These striking eyes, called Moon, are from #adored. There are 2 versions for each colour, one with a dark pupil, shown here, and one with a more muted look, almost like a blind eye.
My skin is from Ab.Fab. This is a booth to visit. There is a L$10 St.Patties Day Skin, as well as this skin, and another, for only L$99. They also have a new, event exclusive tattoo in the booth.
Lastly, from the fair, is my black lip tattoo.… Read the rest

Skin Fair 2015: Lumae new face Jewel

Okay, for starters I’m going to do something a little bit different than how I normally do skins. I’m going to try to stick to my word and go through with what I have in mind. If it’s a little too much ‘work’ then I’ll do continue to normally do what I usually do with […]

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Paper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015

Can we say OH EM GEE???  Paper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015 is AMAZING. Helyanwe has managed to satisfy the needs of many by including regular skins, TMP head installers AND Slink Visage installers – CAN WE SAY OH EM GEE?? AGAIN??? I opted for the gorgeous Cake skintone but the skins are available in so many, like SO many tones, and you can get appliers for almost everything you can think of, and god bless having an all in one Slink body/hands/feet applier! YES! There are three makeups to choose from, all of them stunning in their own way, whether you want vivid reds or pinky pastels, or even a nude lip.  Stunning and gorgeous in all ways.  Also available are appliers for Souls Kisser Mouths which I blogged about just mere days ago (and will be at the Skin Fair) and other mouths/lips too! Also worn is a new item from Wimey, the gorgeous forehead tiara that you can find in a Gacha machine at Luck of the Irish, along with a bunch of other goodies for both men and women!… Read the restPaper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015

The Amazing Moohorn (With Lyrics)

Look at these horns, aren't they neat?Wouldn't they make your collection complete?Wouldn't they make people go . . . "There's a girl who has everything!"
Look at these clothes, all the mesh folds
How many spots can one item hold?
Looking around here, you'd think
Sure, she's got everything.
I've got Eyelashes and Makeups a-plenty
I've got Mohawks and Earrings galore
You want Face Tattoos?
I've got twenty
But who cares? No big deal. I want more . . .
Okay, I am done yowling at you all now.
Depraved Nation has an annual event every March for Saint Patties. This is one of my fav events, because I love the colour green in sl. PixyStix has this cute mesh top as a rare in their machine. I'm not normally a cow, but I guess it doesn't hurt to do it once.
I have more Skin Fair goodies to tease you with. There is only one more day to wait, and then you will all have a chance of trying to get in.
Very few booths have gifts, but many have some discounts for the thrifty shopper. Plastik has a nail applier pack for L$1, with various colour options.… Read the rest

Celtic beauty

Hair: .Olive. the Daisy Hair - Dark Fades [BXD]
Skin: [theSkinnery] Cristy 5 (champagne)
Tiara: Wimey: Celtic Moon and Stars Tiara RARE*Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair!
Eyes: #adored - cloud eyes - bad witch
Outfit: Wimey: Andel's Gem Outfit in Black *Totally Top Shelf Events!

Pose: ::Axix:: sweet 1

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Update – The next Gacha Minion Tutorial

Hey guys, since I have received a few notecards, I just wanted to let everyone know that the second part is being worked on.
It will obviously be late, as it is no longer the weekend.
I, as well as my RL lil ones, are all sick, so I haven't had as much time to dedicate to it. I will be getting it up, you just got to wait a little bit. Tutorials always take more time than fashion blogging.
Also, an update to the System itself, Gacha Minion now supports older gacha event items, or gacha items that are only sold instore, so were never at an event. This was something I know I desperately wanted, so I hope it makes others happy too.

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Dakota – TSG @ Skin Fair 2015

Helloooo, yes my blogs will be taken up with skin for the next couple of weeks I am sure, much like everyone elses.  Except this time its a MESH HEAD! YAY! My new fave things. You will probably need to click through to see them both bigger, but it’s worth it!  Dakota is the new mesh head out from TSG for this years skin fair and she is a corker.  She comes in all the usual TSG tones, I have opted for Vampy because it’s such a beautiful light porcelain colour skin and ugh this head, I can’t even put into words how cute it is!!!  You get a HUD to change to all the expressions above, as well as having a choice of hairbases and makeups, I have shown one make up in each expression and they are all stunning.   It won’t be everyones cup of tea, I know, and I see a lot of people saying Mesh Heads just make everyone look the same.  It’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it that makes you stand out I think.  I paired mine with the new Exile hair from Collabor88, and of course the TSG Rare Pageant Queen Crown from this round of The Arcade, cos duh, I’m a princess pageant queen winner in life!… Read the restTSG @ Skin Fair - Dakota


     I have been unusually lucky at gachas lately. It is because I always say only good things about gachas and the gacha gods are always listening. Remember that the next time you think about complaining about them (lol). So I went to Chapter Four and I played the Foxes machine exactly two times, and I got BOTH of the RARE items I wanted- the bunneh headset and book bag. I have the proof in this plurk. Did I mention that I love Gachas? I think the rares go really well with the common Foxes Bunneh Snow outfit that is at Arcade

Look at my adorable Rare Book Bag! How cute is that!?

Hair: .ploom. Bron @ We <3 Roleplay
Foxes - Bunneh Book Bag - Non Rigged - RARE @ Chapter Four
Foxes - Bunneh Head Set - RARE @ Chapter Four
Foxes - The Gamer - Bunneh- Snow @ Arcade March
.Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks - Shell
*MishMish* Pugs Love TV - Pug Peekaboo (shoulder)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Gold Peace Pendant
The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Candy
Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica - 03
Poses: :: Focus Poses Roller Skates Set ::

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Never make a Dragon Mage Angry

Why, well they come equipped with wicked long tongues! You don't want to know what they do with those tongues!

While out and about, looking at furry stuff, cause, well, I have never been a furry, I found this awesome fantasy store that caters to both Humans and Furries.
There was some group gifts, so naturally I picked them up, and continued around the store. I didn't actually try on the gift, until today. So it had been sitting in my inventory for about a week.
It's all kinds of awesome, and there is a Death Knight sort of looking one for the dudes, as well as a furry compatible gift set.
I normally try to keep my outfits 75% Free/Cheap, but this armour needed some of my everyday demony bits added. Forgive me my indulgence.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Morning Hunt in L.E. Darkheart - N/AHairbase -  Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo 2 in Jet Black - L$0Skin - La Petite Morte - Maja f7 - Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha CarnivalEyes - Insufferable Dastard - Fierce Kitty Eyes in Lime - L$25 for a pack of 3 coloursMakeup 1 (Eye Shadow) - [XCW] - Spring Gift 2015 in Green - L$0Makeup 2 (Eye Liner) - PixyStix - Eyeliner Black - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)Mesh Liner - Al Vulo - Cat in Black - Not FreeTongue -[ni.ju] - Creepy Creature Tongue in Ivy - Not FreeHands - Europa - Khor Hands in Dark Grey - Not FreeArmour - Eleran's Craft - Celestial Mage Armour in Green - Group Gift (Free to Join)Horns - Nerdology - Dagora Horns in Black Steel/Emerald - Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy (Read more...)

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I need these IRL

I came across the store Duh! in March of 2009. I was out and about, finding shoes for my sister, and low and behold, here was an awesomely named store, with great prices, and who actually offered lots of colours!
If you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, I dug up the post. I forgot how funny I use to get on here. So go ahead, click it, laugh at my retro blog pics, shake your head at my humour. I know I did, haha.
Renee has been working in Blender, and making her own mesh now. These cute little boots are one of the results.
She was also a treasure, and offers them in purple, with there being the dreaded PANK! also in the package.
You can grab these for free at her shop. While there, be sure to click the subscriber, you will get another gift, check out the lucky boards, you letter might be up, and take a walk around. One of the greatest things about the label, is they offer wearable colour demos. Wearable meaning there are no logos, no words, no yucky bits on them. Just a totally wearable copy, in a unique colour, for you to enjoy.… Read the rest