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BREAKING NEWS! Gacha Trade Needed!

This is Tymmerie Thorne, taking a break from reporting on SL12B, to bring you breaking news from the Cosmopolitan shopping event.

I am standing here, in front of what witnesses (read: me) say is the most evil gacha machine in the entire world. This reporter has spent the equivalent of the gross national product of Zindra (emphasis on the word gross) on this machine but I am still missing one: Tart. I own many, many multiples of every other pose. My sources tell me that the Tart pose ISN'T EVEN A RARE!!!

Authorities familiar with my inventory tell me that anyone with an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose can give it to me and receive a reward consisting of a giant handful of the other poses from this gacha PLUS the RARE bikini from the Luas gacha at Shiny Shabby.

At this point, I'm pretty desperate for the pose. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see just how perfect the pose is for holding my SLaction News microphone. 

If you happen to come across an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose, authorities ask that you IM or email this reporter immediately for a trade!… Read the rest



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Foxes and Shoes?

  So foxes and shoes don't go together generally but my daughter was all MOM GET THOSE FENNEC FOXES when she saw me looking at the Seraphim gallery for Kustom9 this round.  SO then I had some fixes, and bought a couple pairs of shoes there, got one more pair as a review copy from an unrelated place, then realized I had two more just sitting around.  So shoes and fixes it became!!

More below the cut
       ↓                    ↓                    ↓                    ↓                      ↓                    ↓                    ↓
       ↓                    ↓                    ↓                    ↓                      ↓                    ↓                    ↓

Foxes: Half-Deer @ Kustom9, gacha item
1st Shoes: 2PM @ Kustom9, gacha item
2nd Shoes: Ariskea @ Kustom9
3rd Shoes: Ingenue @ The Arcade, gacha item
4th Shoes: F (Read more...)

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When I arrive I’m causing a Heatwave

FEATURING: Kelli's Kreations 
@ Aloha Gacha Event  (June 15th -July 15th)
Outfit: KK- Heatwave Cypress RARE (5 standard mesh sizes)Three RARES and Nine Randoms

Shape: Symmetry - MirandaBody - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 Skin - Zoul  CreationsHair - Truth - Gilda [Blondes]- Arcade -June 2015

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AlterEgo Body Co @ OMGacha!

OmGacha is right around the corner & we are READYYY!!! Bookmark this date – July 10th! AlterEgo Body Co brings you 2 New Skins in your favorite tones! So meet Janae / Honey & Daya / Caramel! We have 2 machines for this event and they will be loaded down with these beautiful babes! Each skin has 12 vibrant cosmetic selections, 3 brow options; dark, brown & no brow! LM coming soon, I couldnt wait to show ya, you know how I like to tease … ♥♥♥ Weeeeeeeeee …
Tagged: alterego body co, gacha, new, OMGacha, skins

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Shop Free*Style Fridays – June 12th

Shop Free*Style has been around for just over 2 years now. It is a free service we give the many designers we support here on the blog. It is also a way to help you guys find new stores to enjoy.All the designs you will find here are offered at a discounted rate, and many are only at this location. The prices range from Free to L$50.  Here are just a few of the items I have picked out to show you, this week. 
L$0  L$0  L$0    L$1 

L$50  L$50

Shop Free*Style even has gachas, you can find them all on the top floor. There is red arrows, which will tp you up. Some are in Gacha Machines, some are on the walls.This is a gacha Sileny made, she keeps the fun alive here at Free*Style.L$11 per play. Visit Shop Free*Style

***PS - While you are here, have a walk out of the shop, and visit our sponsor's little gacha yardsale, you might find something you have been looking for!***

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Su-su-su-summertime Summertime Snackies

  There are so many things at Collabor88 with food parts this round.  I almost fell out of my chair with joy with I saw the items.  I really love this dress from Moon Amore especially.  It comes in color packs with different parts that change color/shape.  The donut parts here, for example, can be changed into fruit things or mermaid type star things.  Love it!  My little mouth popsicle is from Poche.  It's a 30L gacha item and I was super happy to see I got the one that matched the dress on the first try.  Aww yeah!!  Credits below!

Dress: Moon Amore @ Collabor88, 188L discount price for the event
Popsicle: Poche, 30L, gacha item
Mesh Avatar: Utilizator
Skin Applier: Milk Teeth, 25L, works for Utilizator 2.0 beta av ONLY
Hair: Tableau Vivant
Necklace: Boom
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, past gift, no longer available to my knowledge

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When I was just a baby

My Mama told me hon

Always be a good girl, clean out your inventory!
They finally caught me hoarding away and a girl can only teleport so fast! Think they'll let me out early for good behavior?

CreditsPose - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Most Wanted Inventory Hoarder (50L gacha)
Backdrop - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Free Mugshot Backdrop (0L top of gacha machine)
Dress - Sn@tch Jaye velvet dress gold (0L luckyboard)
Jewelry - Sn@tch Burning Love Jewelry (0L luckyboard)
Hair - Exile @ The Arcade Twist & Shout greyscale (100L includes two hairs)
Skin - Skinnery @ The Arcade Eniko Honey 4 (100L gacha)
Boots - Boom @ The Arcade Rubbery Rain Boots Bat (50L gacha)

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Gacha Shoes!

I can never seem to find a pair of shoes to match the outfit I am wearing.  Yet I think a third of my inventory is shoes :/ I happened to be at Pure Poison the other day, to pick up jewelery, and I spotted a shoe gacha.  I figured why not give it a go, I liked the look of all the colours anyway.  Just before I hit pay the machine beside it rezzed in properly for me and I saw something I had not come across before.  This gacha machine would give you a FREE pair of shoes for being a group member.  Still just a normal gacha machine in that you get a chance at one item in the list shown.  But it's FREE for group members.  You just wear your tag and touch the machine and tadaaaaa, shoes!

I thought this was a brilliant idea so I tapped the machine since I was already wearing my tag and wouldn't you know it, my luck with rares paid off and I got the rare set which I loved.  I then realised that the way these machines were set up, the blue one was the free for group members, was carried out throughout the store.  I noticed multiple shoe gachas where there was one sign with two machines under it and all had a blue one.  Well guess who now has a heap of new shoes that will still probably always complain that she can't wear with anything and need to go buy more clothes to match them!… Read the restGacha Shoes

Tutorial Thursdays – Gacha Minion – Part 3 – The Boxes

Today we will be continuing our ongoing series of tutorials based on Gacha Minion. Now, I had planned to do something different for this week's tutorial, but with The Arcade just opening, I thought this was more appropriate, since I had to learn about the Sell List-o-matics myself rather recently.

Find out more information about Gacha Minion at your own pace at these Various Links:

Gacha Minion - Official WebsiteGacha Minion - FAQGacha Minion - YouTube Tutorials/InfoGacha Minion - Flickr Pool 

Free*Style Tutorial Series:

 Tutorial - Gacha Minion - Part 1 - How to get Started. Tutorial - Gacha Minion - Part 2 - Search & Lists 
I am placing a cut here, for the feeds that pick up from the Free*Style Blog, as tutorials always get a bit picture happy.

If you would like to learn more, please continue on, through the cut.  

When you have something other than a Starter Account, you can have an automated experience with Gacha Minion.… Read the rest

Got an Elastic Heart

  ♫ I may snap and I move fast ♫
♪ But you won’t see me fall apart ♪
♬ ‘Cos I’ve got an elastic heart ♬ – Sia ❥ Dani   The post Got an Elastic Heart appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Arcade June 2015

    I LOVE ARCADE!! I always have the best time playing the machines and so far this round is no different. I have not even looked at everything yet, but here are a few of the first items and rares that I am excited about. If you need items, I have my extras at my yardsale, Kirsten's Gacha Garden.

  Pink Fuel has two new skin tones coming, Biscuit and Apricot. The first new skin in Biscuit is at Arcade, meet Elsie. This skin tone is a little darker than Vanilla and a little lighter than Peach. I am still waiting on a new skin in my favorite Pink Fuel tone, Apricot, but this new skin tone is pretty and the new Elsie face is super cute! During the month of June only in BISCUIT tone, Slink Hands + Feet, Lola Tango Appliers, and Omega Booty Appliers will be FREE and Lara Maitreya Mesh Body Applier, Slink Physique Mesh Body Applier, Apple May Baby Bump Applier, and LUSH Breast Appliers will be 50% off. Teleport to the Pink Fuel Main Store for appliers. 
     Hair at the Arcade is amazeballs!… Read the rest

Midnight Beach Party

The Arcade is here!  The grid’s most popular gacha event launched yesterday with a huge array of machines by a multitude of creators.  Many of the creations are summery, which I absolutely adore.  Today’s post features items from Zaara‘s machine, “Goa Party”.  This set is a collection of clothing, accessories, and decor items with heavy influences from the party culture of Goa, India.  Maybe the shock of the set to me was that the fitmesh pants – which were made, rigged, and advertised for women – fit my The Mesh Project male mesh body almost perfectly!  I thought that the fit might be passable, but I’m shocked at how perfect it is.  The sunglasses, necklace, and bracelets are each only one mesh, so they’re extremely easy to resize to fit your avatar.  All the decor in the photo is also from that set, from the hut that I’m standing in to the posters on the walls and everything in between. … Read the restMidnight Beach Party

Here Kitty Kitty

It's a rare occassion that I leave my platform other than to go to my store, run and grab a group gift or visit an event.  I used to roam and explore so much that I've almost forgotten what's like out there in the vast expanse that is SL.  This past weekend the husband and I decided to just random TP around and see what treasures we could find.  During the course of the night he suggested we visit and old favourite sim, Kowloon, to see if much had changed.  It hasn't heh.  It was like walking back in time with the prim and sculpty builds everywhere.  But in one of the little narrow corridors he spotted a poster with kittens on it.  Of course it wasn't just any poster, it was a gacha!

Toromi Works have this cute little mesh avatar in a gacha machine hidden away in this little narrow corridor and if not for the hubs being a nosey thing and camming everywhere we probably would never have found it.  The machine is only 100L a play and has 12 cats in it.  There's a catch though!  You can collect 10 common cats (shown above and below) as well one rare.  Here's the catch, if you collect all 10 and the rare (which isn't labelled as rare in it's item name so keep an eye out for the name maneki) you can get this extra special Panda coloured cat. 

Now it took us a little bit of trial and error trying to figure it out (it appears English is not the creators first language.  While they did well to explain in english it can be (Read more...)

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More From Arcade

Just a few more quick goodies to show off from The Arcade.  It's well worth the mayhem of trying to get in to play for all the fabulous goodies the designers have created this round, so just keep swimming, just keep swimm...oops teleporting would probably be more likely to work!

Necklaces and Collars from Epia
Hair - Tamaki from Argrace
Skin - Katra with Cleo Lips from Glam Affair

Romance Hair Accessories from Miamai Hair - Feline from Little BonesSkin - Amelia from Belleza
A - Most Wanted Signs from Intrigue Co.Hair  Needles from Little BonesSkin - Amelia from BellezaB - The Snoob Collection from Baiastice

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More Arcade Goodness

The Arcade has opened its doors and all that awesomeness is just waiting to jump into your inventory!  Have fun playing the gachas and enjoy getting creative with the goodies you will collect.

Mechanical Wings - Butterfly Effect Black from Aitui
Temptation Corset nr3 from PixicatSkin - Katra from Glam AffairHair - Suzuna from Argrace
Mechanical Wings - Icarus Silver from AituiTemptation Corset Light from PixicatSkin - Katra from Glam AffairHair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant
Mechanical Wings - Industrial Black from AituiTemptation Corset Dark from PixicatSkin - Katra from Glam AffairHair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant
Abyssal Head Fins, Abyssal Horns, Kraken Bracer, Uncycled Fork Bracelet and Cursive Necklace from Half-Deer
Skin - Amelia from Belleza
Hair - Charlotte from Analog Dog

Golden Shower Big Mix from Lode
Skin - Amelia from BellezaHair - Harukaze from Tableau Vivant

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Arcade 1 – Skins and Hair!

It's almost time for the next round of The Arcade, so I'm starting out by showing off the skins and hairs you can add to your collections that you can play for when the doors open June 1st.

Elsie Skins from Pink Fuel - with two lid options and lots of brow colours, you can add some yum to your skin collection with this stunning skin.  There's a lipstick rare to play for as well.  Applier for mesh body parts are available at the mainstore.  The Ring Necklace (red) from Epia is another awesome thing to play for at The Arcade.  Hair - Iris from DeLa.

Vivi's Makeup Recipe from VCO - there are 12 stunning skins and some extras to play for as well and with no rares, this will be a fun play that won't drive you crazy!  Recipe 02 and 05 feature the Vivi Mesh Lips 01.  Spike Collar (pink) from Epia.  Hair - Daisy from Mina.

Eniko from The Skinnery - there are 5 makeups (one rare) with 4 skin tones in each and a pack of addons to play for in this awesome new skin.… Read the rest

This is my show

“Life is awesome, I confess” “What I do, I do best” “You got nothing, I got tested.” “And I’m best, yes” “Lay me down tonight in my linen and curls” “Lay me down tonight, Riviera girls.” “I fucked my way up to the top.” “This is my show.” “I fucked my way up to the […]

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Shop Free*Style Fridays – May 29th

Shop Free*Style has been around for just over 2 years now. It is a free service we give the many designers we support here on the blog. It is also a way to help you guys find new stores to enjoy.
All the designs you will find here are offered at a discounted rate, and many are only at this location. The prices range from Free to L$50. 
Here are just a few of the items I have picked out to show you, this week.






Shop Free*Style even has gachas, you can find them all on the top floor. There is red arrows, which will tp you up. 
This is a gacha from one of our sim sponsors. I was looking for anklets the other day, and didn't find any, so this is perfect.
L$25 per play.

Visit Shop Free*Style

***PS - While you are here, have a walk out of the shop, and visit our sponsor's little gacha yardsale, you might find something you have been looking for!***

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This month’s Uber has some amazing goodies with its theme of “Spice” with most of them going towards a very Indian aesthetic.  I decided to combine a few of those (this photo features items from the event by N4RS, Zaara, Aria and junk.) with some pieces from Zaara’s gacha set from March’s round of The Arcade to create this cozy little corner.  Full credits are below! Suit | Zaara Nehru Suit *coal* (at Uber)
Turban | Zaara Aahil Turban *marwari* (at Uber)
Shoes | FATEstep Paul Wingtips* Hairbase | Damselfly Hairbase 3 (Tuxedo)
Skin Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Head Applier | Tableau Vivant Rays II (tone 7)
Eyebrows | Tableau Vivant Eyebrows – Attractive
Body/Hands | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Head | #TheMeshProject “Classic” (Deluxe) Pose | Purple Poses Eric 06 Zaara Jodhpur House RARE (Gacha item)
Zaara Surahi Wine Jug (Gacha item)
Zaara Jaipur Blue Pottery (Gacha item)
Zaara Pile of Books (Gacha item)
N4RS Indian Wedding Trunk – Purple (at Uber)
junk.Read the restSpice


This is a Bonus Post today. I made this outfit and did the shoot, but couldn't figure out which of my blogs I was going to put it up on.
I had enough cheap stuff on, I figured I'd share with you all here. This look wasn't specifically made with this Free*Style in mind, so it isn't chalk full of freebies, like my normal looks are. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.
World Goth Fair is still going on, until the 31st. That is where i did my on location shoot today.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still going on as well, and that is where you will find these "Eye of the Spider" pieces. There are 3 colours to collect, and each set has a staff, headdress, necklace and armbands. The Headdresses are the rares.
If you haven't been to the Thrift Shop, I think that is ending really soon as well. PixyStix has their newest skin line, Evi, on for 60% off. There are gifts, gachas and other great discounts here as well.
Our very own Rosemarie has been a busy little bee, and put all her new series of eyes up on SL Marketplace.… Read the rest