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Indulging My Fantasy Life

Role Playing events have exploded across the grid lately and they are chock full of so many goodies, that even if role playing is not your thing, there will be something there – clothing, jewellry, poses – that will ring your bell.  Here are some …

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April 2014
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LoTD – Who’s a Little Cutie?

Who IS a little cutie?? That’ll be ME RIGHT NOW! I adore this LoTD!  So here I am, yapping about it! Full Credits are at the bottom, incase I miss anything or something tickles your fancy. Let’s start from the top down.   My headband is new from Atooly and comes in an array of […]

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LoTD - Who's a Little Cutie?

I’m Still a Pretty Princess!

If you are a princess, or just like pretending to be one (like me) then run…in a ladylike manner of course!  Fit For A Princess has opened it’s doors and it jam packed of all sorts of goodies to buy and gachas sure to satisfy all your royal…

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Book Nook

(click for a larger picture on my flickr)A few posts ago, I took a picture inside a Vespertine Bookworm’s Nest complete set from Arcade March 2014. It was not my set though. I found it at the sim small town green. I really fell in love with the buildin…

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Or Not: Con Artist Scheme in Second Life Gacha World

          I am so trusting and I expect the good in people. I am always floored when I see blatant evil in others. As I blogged yesterday, I opened up a new gacha re-sale store. It was actually kind of hard because there are ab…

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Kirsten’s Gacha Garden

It is official. My Gacha addiction has gotten so bad that it was time to see if I could save my inventory from the piles and piles of gacha prizes that have quite literally taken over. I opened up my own little Gacha re-sale shop, Kirsten’s Gacha Garde…

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Yes I’m a Princess!

Fit for a Princess is a new event that opens April 1st.  Full of clothing, jewellry, furniture and more, it is sure to bring out your inner princess!  More previews to come.Purity Set from Krystal – includes tiara, earring and necklace with c…

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Sugar For My Belly

  So, we all know that TSG has cute faces on their skin.  An example of this is below.  Even if you hate my avatar’s shape and my photo taking skills you should still be able to see how nice of a skin this is.  Slightly realistic wi…

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What the What?

  If you’re looking through my photo stream you may be thinking ‘What the what Sileny?  What is this?  Don’t tell me you are back on the food blog again!”  Well, guess what?  I AM!  I bring to you a bundle of baby toast jo…

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baby toast_002


The first day of Spring was March 20th and I am officially on Spring Break in RL. Woohoo for vacation! Today I am wearing a dress by DCNY found at My Attic, playing with my adorable Spring babies by Birdy/Alchemy, and exploring the sim It All Starts Wi…

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Cutie Booty Baby Face

  So Baby Face (A.K.A. Baby Princess) has these freaking adorable skins at Skin Fair.  I had never heard of the store before this which is nuts because I freaking love skins.  I’m glad I found them because OMG SO CUTE WHATTTTTT!  He…

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LoTD – Sweet as Candy

Hi.   A little LoTD and a bit of skin for you today, oh and I’m wearing BOOBS, go me!  Full credits at the bottom, and click through for larger pics! Events AHOY! A couple of previews for you, and some gacha goodies, as well as the good old regular purchases :D   I’ll start […]

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LoTD - Sweet as Candy

Fairies, Sheep and FUN!

So, The Arcade is still going strong, and today brings you a post allll about some goodies you can get there. HUZZAH!  As usual click through to follow to Flickr for bigger pictures and a closer look. Alouette has this gorgeous Fairy Tree House Set for you to collect, the base (which is underground but […]

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Alouette | Half-Deer @ The Arcade

Sn@tching dat fluffy azz

  Hair: Magika- Shine [Mesh] Collar & Necklace: The Plastik- Krysis Collar & Krysis Cord [Park of Morrigan Outfit past 50l Friday] Top: Sn@tch- Baby Luff Tees [Mesh] Cuffs: Insanya- Captive Cuffs Leggings: Sn@tch- Miranda Suede Leggings w/ shoes [New][Mesh] Garter: AlterEgo- I bullet garter [New][Luck of the Irish Gacha event] Gun:Body Factory- Obscure Assassins […]

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Mint Julep

     It is interesting to me that I do not like green and yet I love mint and jade. I suppose they are just pastel and muted shades of green, but they seem totally different to me. This adorable mint top and skirt set by Teefy can be fou…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today is the one day you can catch me in Green! Happy St.Patrick’s Day!Jewelry: Lazuri Good Luck Charm  Set *Free group gift/ Fee to join group*Bow: Muerte Bow – Green RARE @ Luck of the Irish Gacha FairHair: TRUTH HAIR MaisyShoes: [L.Warwick] Lus…

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Mood Indigo

I love how LIV Glam daringly plays with patterns and textures. I am breaking one of my own rules today and blogging a template I have already blogged because the original textures that LIV Glam used really turn this into a whole different outfit. Plus …

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Red Ripped

I am wearing a new release from cheeky today. You can find this design at The Big Show. The dress comes with azz appliers and you can buy tango appliers separately. I am showing it to you with lolas and the cute azz. Teleport to The Big Show Round…

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And from the ashes…

Yes yes, typical Phoenix type of title there, mostly to do with my headgear in this picture, but another quicky post about some events and the goodies within them! As you can see i’ve gone a bit rogue with my look today and it’s a bit of everything!   My horns, both above and below […]

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Cubic Cherry &  Lumae!

#578 Sale! Sale! SALE!!

Spring will be there in a few days. That’s the right moment for a spring cleaning. A 50% off retirement sale is running till March 31st at Elephante Poses. Look for items marked with flower sale sign (All SLink nails and makeup, select pose packs,…

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