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without reason

skin-Go&See * November * Skin
hair-.Olive. the Powder&Spice Hair @Uber ((NEW))
collar-{XA} Dollz Collar @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
tattoo-G.ID-Tantra Tattoo @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
cuff- LUXE. Orissa Collection @Uber ((NEW))
top-:FY: Beary Evil Tank @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
short- [ bubble ] Plaid Shorts ((NEW))
shoes-.tsg. Cupid Creepers - Skelly Feet -SLINK Flat

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≛Trail to Fire≛

skin-Go&See * Crazy Betty ((NEW))
hair-little bones. Psycho - Pastels
bows-::LustRage:: Asomi V2-Blue @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
piercing nose- PUNCH / Cross Septum  @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
piercing mouth-PUNCH / Smiley Piercing @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
tattoo-SOURIRES TATTOOS. - Always doll TATTOO @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
top-*SSC* Vivian Outfit @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
overall-**UrbanStreet**Overall-JulyStar @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
cuff arm and bracelet pistol- :FY: Bang Bang Jewelry @Gangsta Fair ((NEW))
red bracelet-{Scene} Shine - Slave bracelet @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
wings-.ARISE. Bat Wings @The Thirft Shop ((NEW))
nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Fade Into Darkness Nails ((NEW))

**Antz ((info soom))**

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│«All is One«│

hair-.Olive. the Steamer Hair @Kawaii Project ((NEW))piercing eyes-PUNCH / Diamond Liners  @ FamouStation  ((NEW))ears-+pe+ Sirens Ears Full Circletattoo- **UrbanStreet** DarkWhiteStar Tattoo @CarnEvil ((NEW))fur- *Tentacio* Romanov @shiny shabby ((NEW))top-.:Vein:. Bar Code Top Blackleggings-:FY: Back to Black Leggings @Black Fashion Fair ((NEW))

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++Fix You++

hair-.Olive. the Elisa II Hair @Xiasumi School Festival (Coming Soon)) ((NEW))crow-.Chu. Slime Halo Scripted @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
chain head ,body  and fur-*May's soul* Yasmin  @Love & War ((NEW))
chain nose-*May's Soul* Nose Chain doble black
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet**SXE Tattoo @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
panties-:FY: Sweet Panties
holder-[linked] Leash Holder @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
ankles-!TLB - Poisoned Anklets

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☠NoTHIng ORdinaRY☠

hair-Moon. Hair. // Devour @N-Twenty1 ((NEW))headband-**UrbanStreet** Mustache Headbandpiercing-!NFINITY Evil Piercing @CarnEvil ((NEW))
collar-ALTAIR* mahou key necklace dark .black. ((NEW))
shoulders-C h a r y . - Ares Guards
harness-Nana - Savannah Harness @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
tattoo body-{ DATUM } Painted Teal  @CarnEvil ((NEW))
bracelet-LUXE. Draon Beads Bracelet @N-Twenty1 ((NEW))
top-:FY: Kenzie Top @50 Shade Of Lust Fair ((NEW))
short-.Shi : Hive Highwaist Shorts
stockings-:FY: Strapped Leggings
shoes-!TLB - PP - Multi - Slink @CarnEvil ((NEW))
nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Iron Cross Nails

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Sound of the End

hair-+Spellbound+ Sweetsleep // Grimoire ((NEW))bow-[ bubble ] Horrific Bows Gacha RARES ((NEW))clips-ALTAIR* sakura hairpins/clips  @ ORIGAMI ((NEW))dress--Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.1tattoo-SOURIRES TATTOOS. - Wing's Life TATTOO ((NEW))rings and bracelets-LUXE. Vio Collection @kustom9 ((NEW))
bow bracelet-LUXE. Twined Bow Bracelets @IDK ((NEW))
boots-.tsg. Fur Platforms
pets-:FY: Flying Squirrels & :FY: NeRdY bIrDiEs @Luck of the Irish ((NEW))

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**Me Encanta**

hair-+Spellbound+ Belladonna & Nightshade  @ The Arcade ((NEW))
piercing-PUNCH / Nose Banding--PUNCH / Stripes Septum  @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
chain-.O A S I S. Body Chain @ROOM69 ((NEW))
top-:FY: Claire Top @WCF4 ((NEW))
tattoo y stocking tattoo-G.ID-Asherah/Tempest Garter/Stocking Tattoo  @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
skirt-**UrbanStreet** NanuSkirt @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
panties-Creep - Hocus - Kitten @WCF4 ((NEW))
nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Kinky Dirty & Cheap *B* Nails @WCF4 ((NEW))
boots-J's Studded Long boots (Black)
cigar-[NikotiN]    Rainbow_Pink
dog-[geek.] Hug Puppy Gacha ((NEW))

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±§ don’t let go… say my heart §±

hair- .Olive. the Ivy II Hair Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival ((NEW))
ears-ALTAIR* fluffy ears @Creepy Kawaii Fair ((NEW))
headband roses-+MC+HeadBand Vine Rose'S White @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
tattoo face-.ARISE. Gudu Facepaint @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
necklace-/h/ T.S. 8.0 HipsterHobbies Gacha @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
earrings-{joli} Le Sinistre Earrings  @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
tattoo-SwaggedOut - SwagBag - Rose Red Sleeves @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
top-:A: Symphany Crop - Black @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
rings-.HW. Jhetta Rings and .HW. Moon Goddess Rings  @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
panties-:FY: Sweet Panties @with love fair ((NEW))
cuffs-Cute Poison - Fragmented Bracelets
claws-Nana - Claws Slink Hand Elegant
boots-udora 3D Quatermain Boots Red&Sands  @TMD
bag-Nana - Mocca Heart Bag ((Group Gift)) ((NEW))
pet-:FY: Seahorse Plushies @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))

♥Audrey♥ here

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¥ ls my life!! ¥

hair- Blues. Samara headband- **UrbanStreet** Mustache Headband @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))piercing face-G.ID-Fukkir Face Piercing @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))ears-++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears-Starscollar- [ bubble ] Choker ty!!<33sweater- :FY: Stupid Cupid Sweatshirts  @Jack & Jill Hunt  ((NEW))short- {joli} Cotton Shorts @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
hands- -DRD- Grinchhands dark
rings- .HW. Siren - Rings @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
garter- :Diamante: Love & Hate @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
tattoo legs- - Chary - Fades.
boots- OW Leather Boots
bag-[ bubble ] Gore Whore Backpack ty!!<33

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Tears Falling

skin- [theSkinnery] Xiao - Bare face (mermaid)
hair-.Olive. the Cupcake Hair ((NEW))
headband-.r.M. - BoneHead [bone]
horns-*Reign.- ReignDeer Antlers- Creme/White
tattoo face-NOX. Merbabe Scales
makeup nose countour- Nox. Nose Contour
piercing face-Cute Poison - Crave Piercings
tattoo body-SOURIRES TATTOOS. - Mertha TATTOO @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
top-{joli} Basic Bitch Tank (Boss Bitch) @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
gloves- :FY: Shredded Gloves @CarnEvil ((NEW))
pants- D-Style - Underground Baggy w.HUD :: Unisex ((NEW))
boots- J's Studded Long boots
doll-Candy Crunchers - Due Drops

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~~Dream Awake~~

poses-[ - WEON - ] pose.set - Lira ((NEW))hair-.Olive. the Nox Hair @N21 ((NEW))cigar-[ kunst ] - Cigarette & holder @TLCtattoo-Dappa-DappedOut. - Brutal Savage Tattoo. ((NEW))top- :FY: FishNet Halter Top @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
shoulder pad & cuffs- .:Pulse:. Rebel Girl Spiked @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Biker Flaming Nails ((NEW))
pants- [ Excellence ] Pants_Fluze_Red ((NEW))
shoes- {joli} Mimi Ballet Flats @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))

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Chorus Of Angels

skin- [the Skinnery] Meysha - Bare face ((NEW))hair- .Olive. the Juniper Hair @kustom9 ((NEW))
horns 1- #F Forever Enchanted: Crimson Spell Horns
horns 2-{Amai} Kanibaru Horns.
top- :FY: Jezebel Top @TBS ((NEW))
necklace- 7mad;Ravens Stone's Throw Necklace @Project Limited ((NEW))
Armwarmers-*MUKA* Armwarmers
panties- .ARISE. Solid String @anyBODY ((NEW))
piercing belly- ...:::Scrub:::... Death in my belly Piercing
tattoo legs- Chary - Fades.
shoes- ::DirtyMind:: Desire Platform Sandals
wings- /h/ Urban Angel @Project Limited ((NEW))
claws- Nana - Claws Slink Hand Elegant

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gray sky!!

skin- Go & See  * Dove * @TBS ((NEW))
cap-LUXE - Laces Snapback Black @OMG ((NEW))
headphones- /h/ Phonzies-Deer RARE @OMG ((NEW))
hair-MOON // Hair // She Waits  @N°21 ((NEW))
cardigan-[K]- Hodded Cardigan @ROOM69 ((NEW))
rings- LUXE. - Hipster Rings @OMG ((NEW))
tattoo legs-G.ID-Hathor Tattoo @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
sandals- :FY: Fuzzy Flips @OMG ((NEW))
pet-[geek.] STILL TRYIN' Animated Pet @We <3 RP

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Just i want be to your side

skin-[theSkinnery] Blair @TSS ((NEW))
hair-.Olive. the Runa Hair @TSS ((NEW))
shadow eyes- #adored - cruz eyeshadows @anyBODY ((NEW))
glasses- Intrigue Co. - Ionic Sunglasses: Onyx
tattoo- **UrbanStreet** tattooskull scream
jacket, short & sweater-[MotiAme] Sailor Stadium Jacket / Colored Shorts @TSS ((NEW))
coffe bag, coffe hand & flask- *Tentacio* sugar winter @OMG ((NEW))
dogs-:FY: Weenie Dogs GACHA @OMG ((NEW))

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Style-Mix by Sawa #348

Hair: “Kasia Cocoa” Truth **MESH**
Skin: “Evalina Gacha 2 rare” FAKE **NEW** Outfit:
Top: “Riku Tank Cherry” 22769@TLC **NEW**MESH**
Pants: “Chefron Pants White” 22769@TLC **NEW**MESH**
Shoes: “Lolita Espadrilles Linen” Gos@TLC **NEW**MESH** Accessoires:
Rings: “”Mess Rings in Silver” UtopiaH
Jewelry: “Atiriya Set carnelian” Zaara **MESH**
Crown: “Fly Me Away Crown (pewter)” :FY:@Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair Pose:
“Alex 7″ Diesel Works@Collabor88 Decorations:
Plant: “Yucca Plant in Mayan Pot” Zinnias@The Easter Hunt @ The Nest
Picture: “Easter Egg Decor – Purple/Orange” Alouette@The Easter Hunt @ The Nest

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Winter Light

In the winter, the light changes so much. I remember my old college photography teacher used to tell us that you start learning all the personalities of light. It begins to speak to you. I thought at the time he was being a pretentious asshole. But as I’ve gotten older, I am beginning to think he was on to something. I’ve noticed that the light in the winter months speaks in a much softer voice. Maybe it’s because there is less daylight, less time to see the tones of gold or grey or blue. You’ve gotta give it a good whisper and coax it into playing with you. *smiles* Be kind to your winter light. art. Chiana Oh. ‘Winter’s Hazy Shade’ (new release)
sofa. Chiana Oh. Winter Couch (new release)
cat. SHOP SEU. 1 prim cat – orange
sweets. Tres Blah. Pastry Mania – Macarons (arcade)
cup. Tres Blah. Pastry Mania – Mustache Cup (arcade)
building. POST. Skov Kapel (arcade)
skin. BCC. Latte – Liu 02 (arcade)
hair.… Read the restlightofWinter