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L.Warwick’s newest shoes reminded me of tweed, deep color tones, and autumn. So I am exploring a pretty sim today that has changed seasons for fall, France Portnawak. I love black and white together and these shoes do it with such elegance and class. L…

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New Releases today at Home & Garden Expo!

Organica is participating in this years Home and Garden Expo, which runs Sept 16 thru 28! For the duration of the event, the following new releases will be exclusive to the Expo! This one roomed structure is the latest in a set of builds which intend to make use of small spaces, both on the […]

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[LeeZu!] Dan Desk

On 16th September 2014 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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 [LeeZu!] Celebrates the re-opening of her highly acclaimed furniture store with a designer, low prim, texture change ‘Dan Desk’. Clean lines, seductive lighting and a beautiful sunken flower vase all steeped in traditional Japanese influences tha…

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White Irisses (NSFW)

I admit, these mesh bodies… they are not helpful for me to keep my clothes on. Firstly, because they make it so incredibly easy to do nude shots, even raw, with their smooth appearance, but secondly also because I have a really hard time with the alpha HUDs. No matter …

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Maai Freya for Physique

Maai has started to include slink physique in their long list of applier options, yay! I am wearing Freya on my physique today with my curvy shape. It is sheer and super sexy; just the way lingerie should be. I like applier lingerie and clothing on my …

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Vogue Lamps 001 & 006

Vogue Lamps are a part of Volstead’s Art Deco design line, bringing delightfully vintage flair to your furniture. The first lamp features a feminine figure balancing three pearls on her arm, framed beautifully by the round lampshade. The second lamp showcases two women holding a circle in a perfect symmetry of three shapes against the curve […]

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vogue lamp 001 poster

Savoy Table

Savoy Table is a beautiful Art Deco furniture piece celebrating the symmetry of threes. The base is formed of three layers, the table itself is a delicate balance between the crescent curve, the ball and the tabletop. Despite its clean lines there’s that deco-spice of Ancient Egypt present within it, enticing with the feel of wealth […]

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savoy table metals and woods poster

Summer 2014 Home: Classy Bohemian

Normally I blog this in July or August, but my summer got away from me. Hiram and I made this home in July and have enjoyed it all summer. We will be changing it for fall soon, so it was past time that I got it on my blog.House: [barnesworth anubi…

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Vogue Lamp for The Challenge

Vogue Lamp continues Volstead’s Art Deco design line, bringing delightfully vintage flair to your furniture. The lamp showcases two women holding a circle, forming a perfect symmetry of three shapes. This is a must have for any historical or vintage styled home, but looks stunning in any residence. The lamp was created for The Challenge’s […]

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Volstead ~ The Challenge_Vogue Lamp 512x683


Still pretty much up at Mount Olympus, I just can’t get enough from playing with my laurel crows, togas and meander motifs, but there is currently so much going on in SL that it would be a shame to limit myself to Collabor88 only. So I put my glass of wine on …

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Such a Messy Second Life

Second Spaces has one again found me a place for my stuff, which I appreciate. This week it’s an adorable set of shelves, either with or without clutter. Obviously I’m a girl with a lot of stuff so I needed this immediately. You can also choose a darker version. Since it’s for Fifty Linden Friday […]

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The Loft @ Collabor88 August 2014

TELEPORT TO COLLABOR88 Filed under: Collabor88, Dining Room, Living Room, Uncategorized, Whites, Yellows Tagged: 2014, AUGUST, chaise, collabor88, dining, Furniture, greek, life, loft, lounge, mesh, second, virtual, world

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The Loft @ Collabor88 August 2014

Culprit Upcycled sofas and chests

New from Culprit, Upcycled repurposed Chairs and Chests, available now inworld and in marketplace.  9 chair colours and 3 trunk colours to choose from. $350L per chair, $100L per chest Chairs are 2li, chests 1li   More under the cut

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Anxiously Awaiting COLLABOR88

It’s coming it’s coming, COLLABOR88 opens soon and all the amazing previews will be there for everyone to grab up. I can’t wait. The birthday celebration is sure to be an extravaganza. I’m resting now, so I can save my strength for the running of the fashionistas. It’s almost here. Are you ready? Gidge Is […]

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So I Got a Dog

I can hear my  mother now. “If Sasy and Whimsy jumped off a bridge would you jump off one too?” Well obviously. Have you met them? Well they got little dogs at The Chapter Four from Alchemy so I went over and picked one up. I might just be dogsitting this one though. He has […]

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Happy Monday, people! I hope the start of your week is as smooth for you, as it is for me. Ok, I realise I am still on vacation, so I have nothing more to do than relax and uhm… relax some more, but still! Spellbound released this amazing Jezebel hair …

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Don’t Call Me… I’ll Call You..

I think I look ready to shop or rock the beach in my little look today, and judging by the way I am in the bedroom, I am going to assume i’ve been stood up! YEP! This gorgeous set that comes with 2 versions of the bed, both PG and Adult, containing 20 Singles, 28 couples […]

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Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Dinner With Gogo

After I lay around gossiping with Gogo for about an hour, I announced to her that I was making pixel dinner and she was morally obliged to come over. I mean, look at me chopping things. I’m making way too much for one.  She had to come over, why waste so much food? Fish dinner […]

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An Uber Vacation

A much anticipated new monthly event just opened the doors! Welcome to Uber, and this month’s theme is, appropriately so, vacation! I’m wearing some goodies that I picked up earlier. Like this Rising Tide hair from Exile, with the cute starfish clusters and Essence‘s Alex skin. The Forge is also …

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Savoy Table for The Challenge

Volstead is participating in this month’s The Challenge, which is vintage/retro. We’re bringing out a classic Art Deco table with an inlay base to introduce you to furniture fitting all the vintage looks you can acquire from Volstead. It’s a special version that’s out for a month, a preview and a prototype of our future plans. […]

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Savoy Table _ Volstead _ 512 x 683