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New Fireplace & Winter holiday items now available!

  New this week is a four piece fireplace set called The Falls! It includes a poker set, chestnuts with a roasting pan, fireplace, as well as original artwork called ‘The Falls’, by me (Aki Shichiroji / Florence Chan). Pick it up for only L$200 via The Neighbourhood promotion this weekend! Winter holiday items are […]

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December 2014
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Dark Holiday

” Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world”  – Mary Shelley BODY Hair: .Olive. – The Ryleigh Hair [Christmas Dream][ Past FLF] CLOTHING Dress: Sn@tch – Clea Sweater Dress [New] ACCESSORIES Collar: Hollyweird – Neve Choker [Free][@ Suicide […]

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LoTD | It’s Beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

It’s that time again, Arcade, FaMESHed… so many events and it’s DECEMBER, nearly Christmas GUISE.. but my bday first, obvs. Full credits can be found below but I have to say I am deeply in love with everything you see here.   I chose just one of the MANY Glam Affair skins from this round […]

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LoTD - It's Beginning to Look a Lot like CHRISTMAS!

Ritzy Mirror for The Challenge

Ritzy Mirror is a delightful detail for any vintage home and stands out in any environment. The simplistic round frame is decorated with Art Deco styled spikes, turning the whole into a sun with stylistic rays. Add a touch of sunshine to your home in the form of class, sophistication and luxury! Ritzy Mirror includes […]

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volstead ritzy mirror poster template 512x683

Tats on my neck

“I’ve been up sipping on Promethazine” “Don’t know why they don’t make this shit illegal” “Big homie said you only have one life to live” “Might as well get high and deflate the ego” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Gin [New] Eyes: Chus – Dawn Lenses [New][Free][Shown in Foam & Wood] Skin: Lumae – Nima […]

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Maai is at The Big Show with some very sexy lingerie named Opium. It is on multiple layers as well as a plethora of appliers and I am of course showing it on my Slink Physique (curvy shape). I love Maai’s lingerie and this set has four colors available…

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Cote d’Azur Patio for The Challenge

Cote d’Azur Patio is a nod to the Mediterranean French Riviera, its slow, warm, delightfully indulgent days in the sun. It features a sun relief cut in half, the upper one governing the whole patio from above, covering the rest of the design with its rays. The lower part of the relief repeats on top […]

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cotedazur patio the challenge

Cutesy Spooky Decor Stuffs!

Well, technically some of the items aren’t decor, but I think I’ve wangled it enough to make it decor if anyone wants to!  Alouette released these gorgeous Ombre Drawers for The Neighbourhood, and the Shiloh Cabinet was out for FLF, both are gorgeous!  The drawers are colour change on touch to a handful of pastel […]

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Alouette & Mango Cheeks

Princess Alchemist

The story I had in mind was that she is a baby Demoness who was shipped off to school. She didn’t fully find her potential to be a demon. Which in this case I made it that the demon’s earn their horns. Being the little brat that she is she went to school to become…Read more Princess Alchemist

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Luxurious Market Stalls at The Fantasy Collective

The Muses brings wondrous market stalls to the current round of The Fantasy Collective. These stalls have a firm stone base, sturdy wood construction and absolutely luxurious covers. They can work as market stalls, but they can very easily be transformed to indulgent booths for tournament audience with rugs, cushions, wine and candles. They can […]

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The Muses_market stall w drapes

Candy Corn and Ghostlings

Candy Fair is nearly over, starting tomorrow to be exact. I have just a few more Candy Fair posts to do before I continue on to the Mythic Faire and Creepy Cutie Carnival which I’ll combine sort of if it all fits together! I only got a couple of things from Mythic Faire so it’s…Read more Candy Corn and Ghostlings

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Schadenfreude 2014-10-15 13:04:00

This round of Collabor88 is Spoopy Motel, spooking up the place in honour of my favourite holiday. I made a pair of nightstands and a pair of lamps for it. There are normal versions, bare bones plain nightstands and simple turned wood lamps.  The…

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bones motel

What *IS* Willis Talking About? 2014-10-06 15:03:30

      Level Up comes to an end today, and I haven’t explored this theme of Zombie/Survival nearly as much as i wanted to!   Nearly everything you see here is available there. The house from Frogstar (well shack) is the RARE gacha item, other items include things you’d expect to find in a […]

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Lady Death at Your Door

[LeeZu!] Ugo Desk Chair

On 27th September 2014 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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 The Ugo Chair by LeeZu! is a one of a kind, sleek, contemporary chair. Designed with Olive Wood and hard plastic, this stylish piece is comfortable, practical and a must for every office.TP here

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The Loft @ Consensual an adult themed event September 26th – Oct 5th 2014

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The Loft @Consensual


L.Warwick’s newest shoes reminded me of tweed, deep color tones, and autumn. So I am exploring a pretty sim today that has changed seasons for fall, France Portnawak. I love black and white together and these shoes do it with such elegance and class. L…

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New Releases today at Home & Garden Expo!

Organica is participating in this years Home and Garden Expo, which runs Sept 16 thru 28! For the duration of the event, the following new releases will be exclusive to the Expo! This one roomed structure is the latest in a set of builds which intend to make use of small spaces, both on the […]

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[LeeZu!] Dan Desk

On 16th September 2014 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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 [LeeZu!] Celebrates the re-opening of her highly acclaimed furniture store with a designer, low prim, texture change ‘Dan Desk’. Clean lines, seductive lighting and a beautiful sunken flower vase all steeped in traditional Japanese influences tha…

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White Irisses (NSFW)

I admit, these mesh bodies… they are not helpful for me to keep my clothes on. Firstly, because they make it so incredibly easy to do nude shots, even raw, with their smooth appearance, but secondly also because I have a really hard time with the alpha HUDs. No matter …

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Maai Freya for Physique

Maai has started to include slink physique in their long list of applier options, yay! I am wearing Freya on my physique today with my curvy shape. It is sheer and super sexy; just the way lingerie should be. I like applier lingerie and clothing on my …

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