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A Gorgeous Winter Look from ALB Dream Fashion

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion had released a whole series of new male and female outfits.  The one I am wearing today is just one of the new releases.

ALB Dream Fashion has always been very unique in its designs as well as colours used and AnaLee creates her own world with her amazing creations.  In case you didn't know, Mimmi Boa wore AnaLee's off-the-rack gown when she won Miss Virtual World 2009!

ALB CHRIST 2011 show AFTERNOON CHIC F - Diva Tango Special  It is a set that includes a Diva Winter Jacket, Tango Dress, London Boots, ALB Dream Skin "MC Marlene 27 Smoke III" and ALB Lashes, Jewel Pearl AnaLee,  The Tango Dress is sold separately but if you like it, this set which AnaLee calls ALB CHRIST 2011 show AFTERNOON CHIC F - Diva Tango Special is really worth the buy!

As you can see, the coat itself is a gorgeous winter coat which uses the jacket layer, allowing it to be worn with other outfits.  The skin is a really glam skin and lashes in the set is amazing!  These too, can definitely be used with other outfits.… Read the rest



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New Year Limited Edition Release from Bliss Couture!

Happy New Year!  It's 2012 and this is my 1st blog post for this year.  :)  I wish this will be a blessed and better year for all.

And for my very first post this year, I wanted to introduce Bliss Couture's "Fur Coat/Sequin Gown (New Year Edition)" which has just been released.  It's a limited colour fur coat but omg I am absolutely loving this colour!!  Bliss Couture has been releasing a lot of seasonal limited editions since last Christmas and a lot of them are items you don't want to pass out on.

 Bliss Couture - Fur Coat/Sequin Gown (New Year Edition)
This release is a very elegant powder pink fur coat worn over a silver sequin gown which makes an amazing winter formal look.  Of course, you can wear the coat over other outfits as it uses the jacket layer, or wear the sequin gown without the coat.  The coat will look great worn over casual clothes as well.  The matching gloves I am wearing comes with the set.

Here I wore this with a Bliss Couture "Sasii Hat" in white and a lovely makeup tattoo from VoguE.  This makeup will come with only the eye tattoo and one with lipstick as well which is the one I am wearing here.  The earrings worn here are also a new release from Mandala.… Read the rest