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The Exercise Room

I am taking a short break after a lovely morning workout in my exercise room. The attic of my townhouse from Barnesworth Anubis is huge, light and airy, perfect for a playroom or, for singletons like me, for a room to dance, exercise and even chill with a book on the massage table after a workout. From left to right: dust bunny . basket table @ The Arcade, tres blah- Cozy Winter – Space Heater (Rose) @ The Arcade fucifino.Orleans Collection Framed Art (Texture Change) llorisen // eclectic stacked cushions RARE (copy) [ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Tiny Tree @ The Arcade dust bunny . robin nest . silver @ The Arcade dust bunny . porcelain deer @ The Arcade PLAAKA FlowerVase Pink Cone @ The Arcade ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – haning ballet shoes blue, purple, pink and white ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – ballerina clock coral llorisen // eclectic hello sign RARE (copy) ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – en haut wall hanging llorisen // eclectic hello sign RARE (copy) Tres Blah Glitter Sign ANE SLON SET – Frame 01 20.aisling.… Read the restTransformation is the driver of self-actualization.




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One Belle Avenue, Second Life 2012-12-04 12:05:00

So the time has come to say goodbye to my little store, Fucifino. Much has changed for me over the past few months - priorities changed and I now have new goals in my life. And when I have a goal, I focus 110% on it. And because of these goals & priorities, I do not have the time I would like to have to be able to focus on my store.

My friends know my reasons. I won't share them here, but to those who have been kind enough to ask, don't worry - it's all good. I promise!

I'll still be around SL, working on Bare and enjoying all the wonderful work created by the Home & Garden community, many whom I'm lucky to call friends.

Maybe I'll even blog again...who knows.

In the meantime, Fucifino will be having a closing sale. Starting on December 5 (My Birthday - Happy Birthday to Me!!!) until the end of 2012 (or earlier, if the Mayans have anything to say about it), everything in the store will be 50% off.

After that time, I hope to have my items on the Marketplace, but we will see (not the most exciting thing to do haha).… Read the restfucifino closing sale

Fucifino: Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!

The Roscoe Village End Table is exclusive to the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event, which ends on May 28. It is partial mesh, so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see it.

You can get the table here at the Fucifino mainstore.

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New Release @ Fucifino

The Spring Lake Table is the perfect little beach-themed table for behind your sofa or in your entry way. It is available now at ZombiePopcorn Brand (and the Fucifino mainstore) for 60L.

And don't forget the Home and Garden Expo wraps up on the 28th!

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Fucifino in the Home and Garden Expo

It's finally here! The Home and Garden Expo! It opens today at 6 AM SLT! Fucifino is very proud to be a part of the amazing Cheeky Pea sim!  Fucifino Home Expo Location.

I have a bunch of new releases for Expo and two of them are for Relay for Life. Click thru the pictures to go to the Flickr page with the larger pictures.

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Fucifino – Super Bargain Saturday

For SBS, I've decided to put a few items out for 60L (from Left to Right) :

The Rustic Wedding Cake Table
Dono della Natura
Villa Park Door Screen

It's the second to last weekend for SBS and I'm sad. I found so many great designers and friends because of SBS. I used to cover it on my blog and for SCD. I am very proud to have been a part of this event and I'm sad to see it go.


SLURL to Fucifino:

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Fucifino and Project Themeory

Earth Day is this Sunday. It's a tradition in my family to do something special on this day. And now that we have a child, we try to teach him about protecting the Earth. It's a very special day in our household.

And I was very excited to be able to participate in Project Themeory this month - the theme is Earth Rebirthed. Right up my alley LOL.

Many items in my store I would label as 'repurposed' - taking something old and giving it a new purpose. So this is what I did with this new item - Take some old table legs, add an old tire, plus some dirt and grass and you get the River Grove Tire Stool.

This comes in at 7 prims. It has 8 cute animations (I show some in the ad) and 6 different colors for the stool legs. It's available this weekend for 75L.

Taxi to Fucifino

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Last Weekend of 50% off SALE @ Fucifino

It's the last weekend of my One Year Anniversary Sale! Everything in the store is 50% off, including prefabs. Thank you all for making my first year so wonderful! Teleport to Fucifino You can check out My Store Flickr for pics as well.

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Spruce Up Your Space & Project Themeory @ Fucifino

The Ravenswood Wall Shelf is my offering for Spruce Up Your Space this month. The Theme this month is Spread Your Wings. It comes with the accessories shown which are partial mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer in order to view it.

And the Canaryville Bird Mobile is my offering for Project Themeory. 'Something On A Stick' is the theme - and I was stumped for a LONG time. I have this hanging in the corner of my house, but you could use it for a kids' room or outdoors - whatever you desire.

Both of these are available this weekend @ Fucifino

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First Anniversary Sale @ Fucifino

I can't believe it's already been one year since I've opened Fucifino. I've had a chance to meet and speak to many of you - THANK YOU for making this first year so wonderful!

To celebrate, I will be having a 50% off sale from March 24 thru April 1.

Teleport to Fucifino

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Super Bargain Saturday @ Fucifino

Available now for SBS, the Edgewater Collection Patio Set. The table and chairs are texture change in my three favorite colors at the moment: Coral, Turquorise and White. The chairs have 8 animations. The set also comes with towels and the cooler and the drinks. Perfect for some time at the lake or even just poolside.

60L thru the end of the day.

Fucifino Mainstore

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Super Bargain Saturday @ Fucifino

I'm so excited to be apart of Super Bargain Saturday as a designer. I remember when I used to provide coverage of this event on my blog as well as SCD.

This time around I bring you the Woodridge Collection: Entry Set. This country-inspired set comes with custom-sculpted table; three wall frames that you can put your own pictures in (or you can keep mine if you want); old window frame with star decor; and vintage tins of flowers.

It's available today for 60L!

Fucifino Mainstore

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New @ fucifino

After taking a bit of a break, I've been a busy bee! Two new releases for you this weekend (and more to come in the next couple weeks as well as some other fun stuff).

My new items are more on the modern side...a bit different from my usual stuff, but I really like these!

The Uptown Entry Set is available for ZombiePopcorn Brand. It's 33 prims and it contains some mesh items so you will need to be on a mesh enabled viewer. You can purchase it at my main store or at the ZombiePopcorn Brand location

The Tassidermia Side Table is only available at Flux. The theme this month for Flux is Taxidermia! The Flux build is fabulous! Check it out! Oh, by the way, this item does contain mesh, so you know the drill.

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Fucifino @ Flux

Flux is now OPEN and this month's theme is Mardi Gras! I've had a chance to explore the event and there are lots of cool items for sale!

And for the event, we have the Orleans Collection. It comes with all that is shown or you can buy the pieces individually.

This will only be available at Flux starting today until the 28th.

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Hunt Time @ Fucifino

Three valentine-themed accessories to decorate your home...

* Valentine Blocks like your favorite Valentine's candy
* Letter Tiles spelling 'Love You' in a cutesy frame
* Letter Tiles on a Tray spelling 'Valentine'

Available starting on Feb. 1 for the ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6!

SLURL to Fucifino

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New @ Fucifino: Spruce Up Your Space with the Bridgeport Collection

New Release time! And for you I've got the Bridgeport Collection. I've been really thinking about warm weather and beaches lately. The Bridgeport Collection comes with the distressed white console table, starfish photo frame (just add your own photos...this is partial mesh, so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to view), framed shell art, lamp, birch candle holders, crate with towels and BEACH letter tiles on tray.

It's available this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space! Get it at the Fucifino Mainstore!

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Newness from Fucifino

I've been super busy lately building a new store front - I am still not finished; lots of final touches to be done. But I've been also a busy bee working on some new releases as well.

First, there is Memories of Grandma. As I was putting this together, I kept thinking about my grandma's old apartment in Chicago with its very colorful 70's decor. She had this bold yellow flower wallpaper that I am sure I saw in a Potbelly's restaurant LOL. The table and accessories are 28 prims and it will be on sale for Moody Mondays for 55L!

Then there is the Tanzi Outdoor Fireplace for the ZombiePopcorn Brand. Sorry, no real story behind this one. I was cold and wished I was in front of a fireplace. HAHA! Rez this by itself or next to your house. Decorate it however you want - pillows, big comfy chairs, etc. The fireplace has 8 different burn styles to match the mood you want to create. The curtains are soft-linked so if you need to save some prims, just remove them. This is on sale now until February 3 at ZombiePopcorn Brand and at my mainstore.… Read the restFucifino.Memories of Grandma for Moody Mondays

Project Themeory at Fucifino

Happy Holidays to you all!

Birdie's Dining Set is my offering for this week's Project Themeory. It comes with a rustic, 3-plank dining table; 4 dining chairs with 8 sit animations; blue table runner and pot of flowers; birdie art work; and birdie chandelier.

It's available this weekend for 75L at Fucifino: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Belle%20Island/152/169/1151

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New @ fucifino: Designer Challenge

I was asked to take part in Designer Challenge, in which 2 designers take the same RL picture as inspiration and create what they see in SL in their own way.

For this round, Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative and I used this picture as our inspiration:

So a little bit about what I took from the inspiration picture:
I'll be honest, I am no skier and I like to look at snow, but I can't stand being in it. What I do love about time out in the snow is the time afterwards, drinking by the fire with your friends and family.

My parents were married in some dinky area in the Applachian Mountains and I remembered the rustic cabins from the pictures. I always loved the charm of them. So I had that in my mind but I also wanted to have a place to enjoy the outdoors....I put all that together and you get Skylar's Cabin and Skylar's Pergola.

The cabin and pergola are named after my dog who just recently died, Skylar. She was a sweet Siberian Husky who LOVED to play in the snow. I will admit, I would chase her all around the back yard in the snow.… Read the restfucifino.Skylar's Cabin for the Designer's Challenge

Sale @ Fucifino

I'm turning 37 this week (BOO!) so I thought I would counteract that with some good...for you! A SALE!!! Everything in my main store will be 37% off from December 5th through the 12th.


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