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When you dream

One of the joys of Second Life is allowing us to inhabit parallel lives, the lives we dreamed in our youth. Like many of you, I dreamed of all sorts of “when I grow up” scenarios. Mostly I said I wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up, but there were times when I declared my intent for president, supreme court justice, artist and dancer. Of course, I did grow up to inhabit none of these dreams, finding instead my adult dream as a political activist. I am happy with my adult dreams and only feel a faint nostalgic wistfulness for my childhood dreams. How fun it is, though, to live those dreams as an avatar. This season’s offerings from The Arcade are really the stuff dreams are made of.
U.F.O. really lived up to its name, Ur Favorite One, this Arcade season. I kind of imagine that gacha being clicked so often and so fast it spontaneously combusts. She put together some lovely ballerina gowns and ballet shoes (with a color change HUD) with several absolutely mandatory accessories such a ballet-centric artwork and furnishings that coordinate beautifully.… Read the rest0601_001



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One Belle Avenue, Second Life 2012-12-04 11:05:00

So the time has come to say goodbye to my little store, Fucifino. Much has changed for me over the past few months - priorities changed and I now have new goals in my life. And when I have a goal, I focus 110% on it. And because of these goals & priorities, I do not have the time I would like to have to be able to focus on my store.

My friends know my reasons. I won't share them here, but to those who have been kind enough to ask, don't worry - it's all good. I promise!

I'll still be around SL, working on Bare and enjoying all the wonderful work created by the Home & Garden community, many whom I'm lucky to call friends.

Maybe I'll even blog again...who knows.

In the meantime, Fucifino will be having a closing sale. Starting on December 5 (My Birthday - Happy Birthday to Me!!!) until the end of 2012 (or earlier, if the Mayans have anything to say about it), everything in the store will be 50% off.

After that time, I hope to have my items on the Marketplace, but we will see (not the most exciting thing to do haha).… Read the restfucifino closing sale

Zombie Popcorn Brand

Today marks a fresh new round of goodies at Zombie Popcorn Brand! These items will be out through the end of the month, but why wait! Everybody loves a bit of instant gratification! : D ♡ Vix Zombie Popcorn Brand

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Home and garden expo – The end

Yes, you read it well. This already marks the end of my Home and garden expo posts for this year! The expo will close on May 28, so I had to hurry and show you more (RFL) items I grabbed.

California Modern Prefab - Scarlett Creative - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 4]

Deco Sparkle Paintings - UrbanizeD - RFL - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 1]
Uptown entry set - Fucifino - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 8]
Spider lamp - Leezu - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 13]
Calla table - Scarlett Creative - RFL - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 4]
'Livia' blue vase with orchid - Silent Woods - RFL - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 9]
Bookcase - Scarlett Creative - RFL - [Visit at the Home and Garden expo, expo 4]  For the exact locations on each sim, please visit the official website.

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Fucifino: Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!

The Roscoe Village End Table is exclusive to the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event, which ends on May 28. It is partial mesh, so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see it.

You can get the table here at the Fucifino mainstore.

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New Release @ Fucifino

The Spring Lake Table is the perfect little beach-themed table for behind your sofa or in your entry way. It is available now at ZombiePopcorn Brand (and the Fucifino mainstore) for 60L.

And don't forget the Home and Garden Expo wraps up on the 28th!

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YAY For ZombiePopcorn

My favourite event of the month is back, a new line up is out from ZombiePopcorn Brand and a new building to house it all in… the collection is still around but separated neatly to the other side of the store with all the brand items grouped together in a really cosy feeling building.
I love this collection too, ZombiePopcorn Brand never fails to disappoint me! The hair from Wasabi Pills is gorgeous but then I am biased because I am addicted to Wasabi Pills Hair LOL, and I think the pose from !bang is great fun, yet don’t take my word for it… go check it out for yourselves there 14 awesome items waiting for you! Prices vary depending on the store, but this collection will be out for 2 weeks now so you have no rush…
Rudh xxx ZombiePopcorn Brand HQ

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Home & Garden Expo

On 20th May 2012 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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  The 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo opened yesterday with sixteen SIMs full of shopping, entertainment and fun.  This event is to both showcase the amazing talent of home and garden designers in world and to raise money for Relay for Life, a charity benefiting the American Cancer Society.  Charity items are marked by the official Relay for Life vendors.  The event will remain open through May 28th at 10 pm SLT.     Expo Fair Entertainment RFL Breedables Fair American Cancer Society Dreamseeker Home Expo 1 Dreamseeker Home Expo 2 Dreamseeker Home Expo 3 Read the rest

Fucifino in the Home and Garden Expo

It's finally here! The Home and Garden Expo! It opens today at 6 AM SLT! Fucifino is very proud to be a part of the amazing Cheeky Pea sim!  Fucifino Home Expo Location.

I have a bunch of new releases for Expo and two of them are for Relay for Life. Click thru the pictures to go to the Flickr page with the larger pictures.

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The LAST Project Themeory!

Project Themeory closes its doors this weekend, and this is the last line-up from that awesome Saturday weekly event… It has seen many interesting themes ranging from the cute to the creepy, but I know that for me at least, it has never really failed to disappoint. I was hoping to see Themeory go out with a big bang, but like always recently there are a fair few MIA’s and it kinda gives the impression that Themeory is limping over the finish line. On the other hand though, the items that are there are great, lots of fun things that would be great for anyone’s closet, or uses! I really love the D-LAB Houses but then I am a sucker for D-LAB and the paper.doll dresses are so pretty, yet there is a ton of stuff and I’m sure you will not wanna miss!
Thank you to all the designers that have been part of Themeory and to Kyrsten, Thanks for bringing us a dose of Themeory fun every week!
Enjoy the final outing!
Rudh xxx MIA: Starstruck, fucifino, essences, Al Vulo, tulip, ANA_Mations, C’est Moi, MONS, Acid & Mala, GATO, BOUNCE – can’t find it anywhere!Read the rest01 undefined lilies – necklaces, 75L each

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

Shopping, something that may either stress you out or be a therapy.
This event is a 2 week, one off shopping extravaganza! “All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. It’s not a discount event, items will be full price. It’s also not a charity event, all the money will go straight to the designers.” – details from the official write up, and this benefits us as shoppers too as we get to find a whole host of stores that we may or may not have heard of! I know I found tons of stores I had no idea about and will be going back to shop at again in future!
The event runs from now until MAY 28th. For more details, check Keep Calm and Keep Shopping’s Official Blog. There are a few stores that are MIA at the time of posting, but details will be updated on the official blog when that changes!
Rudh xxx MIA: Lilly’s Boutique, {W&R}, AngelsDemons, The Sugar Garden, RaWr MuFFinz, PEER Style, Babycakes, eXpression Poses

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Super Bargain Saturday’s Next to Last Saturday

In case you hadn’t heard, Super Bargain Saturday will be ending next weekend 05/12.  I know, I know..I’m sad to see it go too.  But lets not let that sadness keep us from shopping.  I’ve been hopping all over the grid this  morning to show you what the SBS designers for this next to last weekend are offering and you absolutely -have- to check it out! There are sooo many awesome deals on sooo much stuff!  Thistle has priced all of their past SBS items at 60L, What Next is having a huge SBS 60L sale, and Virtual Insanity is having a 60L sale on -all- make-ups!  I’m going shopping when I’m done with my posts this morning, hope to see you guys out & about! <3 Bells MIA – Zigana, Natural Beauty

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Fucifino – Super Bargain Saturday

For SBS, I've decided to put a few items out for 60L (from Left to Right) :

The Rustic Wedding Cake Table
Dono della Natura
Villa Park Door Screen

It's the second to last weekend for SBS and I'm sad. I found so many great designers and friends because of SBS. I used to cover it on my blog and for SCD. I am very proud to have been a part of this event and I'm sad to see it go.


SLURL to Fucifino:

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Fucifino and Project Themeory

Earth Day is this Sunday. It's a tradition in my family to do something special on this day. And now that we have a child, we try to teach him about protecting the Earth. It's a very special day in our household.

And I was very excited to be able to participate in Project Themeory this month - the theme is Earth Rebirthed. Right up my alley LOL.

Many items in my store I would label as 'repurposed' - taking something old and giving it a new purpose. So this is what I did with this new item - Take some old table legs, add an old tire, plus some dirt and grass and you get the River Grove Tire Stool.

This comes in at 7 prims. It has 8 cute animations (I show some in the ad) and 6 different colors for the stool legs.It's available this weekend for 75L.

Taxi to Fucifino

View original post on One Belle Avenue, Second LifeRead the restfucifino.river grove tire stool for Project Themeory 'Earth Rebirthed'

Project Themeory Has The Earth Rebirthed

It’s all about recycling and being environmentally friendly this week in Project Themeory. Some brilliant things that will have you recycling in no time, I especially loved the ties from Acid & Mala, gonna have to find an outfit to match my tie now LOL! Still there was a fair few stores that were MIA today too… I will try to find out later if they put anything out but as of 2AM SLT, the list of MIA’s is as follows below! OH AND, sorry if some of the pictures have icky backgrounds, I am STILL having massive PC trouble and things just weren’t rezzing for me no matter what I did, least you can see the Themeory items ok though!
Rudh xxx MIA: Starstruck, essences, AL VULO!, imbue, Retro’, ANA_Mations, C’est Moi, MONS,Ploom, The Sugar Garden

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Last Weekend of 50% off SALE @ Fucifino

It's the last weekend of my One Year Anniversary Sale! Everything in the store is 50% off, including prefabs. Thank you all for making my first year so wonderful! Teleport to FucifinoYou can check out My Store Flickr for pics as well.

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The Nest Easter Egg Hunt!

The Nest, a top-notch home and garden shopping sim, is having an Easter egg hunt! And the best part is that all the items are free! Ending on April 10th, this hunt is quick and easy and a GREAT way to pick up some GREAT items. An easter basket is your hunt item (you can see an example as soon as you TP over) and stores with signage out front, like the logo above, are the ones participating, though of course there are a few exceptions so check around. Be sure not to miss this one, lovelies. It’s being able to bring you adorable events like this that make me love blogging, so hop on over and happy hunting! TP to start The Nest Easter Egg Hunt! ❥ Vix

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SUYS – Spread Your Wings

Wow… The designers of Spruce Up Your Space have completely outdone themselves this weekend!  If you aren’t familiar with the event, SUYS is a home and decor sale that is held the last two weekends of every month; no item is over 150L.  All the designs are built around a theme; this round’s theme is Spread Your Wings.  It is so difficult to pick one personal favorite for this collection.  I absolutely adore the house from Funky Junk; it will definitely be my house for the next few months.  The item by Second Spaces is absolutely adorable; it contains so many animations and is perfect for adult and children avatars.  The most breathtaking (and I don’t use that word lightly) item was most certainly from Trompe Loeil… the pictures don’t do this skysphere justice!  Go see it for yourself!  Items will be out through midnight SLT Sunday. Happy shopping, loves♥  

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fucifino 1 Year Anniversary Sale

fucifino is celebrating a special event for the next week or so, the event being the store’s 1 year anniversary!
Quite an achievement for any store, but it is hardly surprising when you see the quality, flair and imaginative ideas that spring forth from this furniture and home decor store. Whenever I am looking for something new to decorate my space, this will always be one of the stores that I check, and now everything is on sale! OH MY GAH!!!!
EVERYTHING at the MAIN STORE ONLY is on sale from NOW UNTIL APRIL 1st! All items have been reduced by 50% OFF, which means you can now get some awesome space decorating stuff for half price! What a bargain! Taxi to fucifino

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Project Themeory on Sticks

A slightly weird, a very interesting, and a totally different theme for Themeory this week… This, I think, has to be a theme that I can’t remember seeing anywhere else, at all, in all my time in SL! Though I could be wrong, I have been here a rather long time hehe… Still this week it is all about “Something on a Stick”, so think lollipops and corn dogs, oh and then there is Miss Shippe’s Studio item, which just cracks me up!!! Have to get me one of those, you never know when something like that could come in handy hehe!
As for MIA’s, there currently seems to be a fair few of them – Bounce had the same item out as the last time they were in a line-up, and essences, tulip, imbue, ANA_Mations, C’est Moi, Ploom, ROZENA and The Sugar Garden had nothing out that I could find… Still the things that are there are 75L or less, so there are still lots of bargains to be had!
Anyway, Enjoy,
Rudh xxx MIA: essences, tulip, imbue, ANA_Mations, C’est Moi, Ploom, BOUNCE, ROZENA, The Sugar Garden

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