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Fripperies!(Freebie n Dollarbie).

The last 2 items I rezzed turned out to be the best.  Spent some time in SL and the Marketplace just rummaging for hidden treasures and when I filled a folder full I TPed home and unpacked and binned until I actually got to the last 2 items which are definitely blogworthy. This mirror was something I was going to bin once I’d taken the pictures, I have to keep my invent under control, but I’m actually going to keep it I was that impressed with it! I actually rezzed it next to me and it’s a pretty darn big mirror almost the hight of my AV, but then again I’m not a towering Amazonian AV.  Then I slapped it on the wall zoomed back and I think I might keep it, not on this wall but I might change this to the wall next to my dressing table or in the studio or actually just shove it back in my invent LOL.  So many decisions and since my home is still all out of kilter I can’t really think too much about adding anything to it until I’ve sorted the mess out.… Read the restxxxmirroruse




January 2017
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I derezzed my home! One misplaced click and I ended up standing there surrounded by sofa’s, lights, rug, pots n pan and no walls, cursing my Nooby stupidness! So I’ve rerezzed a new house but not amount of editing will get it back into the exact place it was so now I have to spend time realigning all my stuff back into place.  Add to that I lost the details of the lovely dress I was going to show you I decided to throw the SL towel in for the day but not after I’ve shown you some great basics. First I must say that even if you don’t like or need a pair of shoes like these still go over to the Venus shop because there is oodles of Free to join Group gifts.  TBH if you’ve read this blog for a while you will probably recognise most of them but if you haven’t or forgot to go get eme go get em now. These shoes, and there is a bloody pair of Halloween boots I’ve not seen before, are new. These high court shoes come with a pretty big hud which allows you to change the shoe, platform, heels, sole and even the logo.… Read the restxxxshoesuse

Meet me at “The Crossroads”(Freebie).

Super quick post cos RL is Bat Sh*t Crazy! At the Crossroads Event, you will find a small selection of freebies inc these boots at the LM given.  Spotted that a couple of them are for men which makes a really nice change.  Don’t know if there are other gifts on the stalls because my limited SL time meant I didn’t have time to check them out. And that’s it LOL.  Have a great day peeps. The Crossroads
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Welcome to my studio.(Freebies).

Since we now have prims to spare and in my new big ass prim home I had a spare room I decided to make myself a studio to work in so when I’m in a rush or I want to take close-ups instead of rezzing my handy plain pose cube I will now use my studio.  Although I will admit that I will have to tweak it a bit and maybe remove the lights behind me etc I’m more than happy with the setup. Now for the freebies and I have to admit I’m really surprised at how good they were.  I had actually only picked the Free shoes up but at the last moment I decided to grab just a couple of the hairs and I’m so glad I did. Look at the way the hair is feathered at the brow, looks pretty natural. I only picked up 2 of the hairs but there are more in different styles. There is a certain “wiggieness” to some of the shades you get in the colour Hud that seems to come with each hair, but that’s actually part of the appeal, looking like Barbie sometimes is fun. It’s funny because all I was going to show you were the shoes and now I’m only showing you one pair.  … Read the restxxxstudiouse

No no NOT the dress!(Freebie).

Sorry, although I would be so happy to be able to bring you such a glorious dress as a freebie this one is definitely a paid for one. So I was spending a few mins in my home rezzing some more decor items out because you can never have too much clutter in your life, and I came across some items from Aisling and since they are so good I decided to do a quick TP and check out if they’re still there and they are.  Home decor items, low prim and high quality, a mix of things ie rug with cute rat poking it’s head out, some lamps and the items I was rezzing are some extremely realistic houseplants which at only 1 prim and many shades I will be placing everywhere.  There is even a lucky tub and I won a rotten apple…err not lucky tub for me then. The one freebie I grabbed because I still have the others tucked away is this stunningly beautiful headdress of big fat Spring Roses. As always I rezzed a copy of this on the ground to prim count and Holy Carp only 1 prim! So not only a stunning wearable but an equally stunning decor item.… Read the restxxxdressuse

Packing up the poses!(Freebie).

GOOD MORNING, HOWS THE HEAD?  In other words, who got a bit tipsy, last night and this morning are swearing “never again”?  I, on the other hand, sipped a small glass of fruity Cidre(sic), polished my halo and Marketplace surfed. Yet again another fabulous invent staple of a LBD(Little Black Dress) and yes I know this dress isn’t black and that’s because you get a whole Hud of colour options, and yes black is one of them. No mesh bod sizing but plenty of standard mesh sizes inc a curvy one for the super curvylicious. Picked this up from the Tutys Marketplace shop so I’m not sure what there is in their inworld shop but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown plenty of great freebies from here so make sure to check out the inworld and well as the Marketplace. Tutys Marketplace Tutys Inworld
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Piggies remorse, and yes of course a FREEBIE.

“Stick a fork in me I’m done” or in my case stick a fork in me and I will EXPLODE!  Thank God for Fat Pants! Fortunately for me my “fat pants” are a particularly ugly unflattering pair of jeans which are so ugly they at least spur me on to getting back on to healthy eating…..once I’ve eaten those tubs of Ben n Jerries of course. Going to keep this really simple but if you don’t know about Bento in Second Life then it’s time for you to do a bit of research but until then look at my “corpse hands”. Yup, I know hardly a great advert for Bento BUT damn I was impressed. I found these Free ones on the Marketplace and I didn’t even know my viewer was Bento enabled but it is so yours might be as well if not then you might want to update it in any case What Bento hands give you is the exc mesh hand shape with the addition of a menu packed with not just so many poses but also movement.  I’ve also seen on youtube that you can also get your bento hands to sync with your AO and as you walk and talk your hands or more importantly your fingers move in such a natural way in sync with you.… Read the restxxxbentouse

Holiday Chill

Have a Happy Holiday Body Hair: Sn@tch – Stella [New] Clothing Lingerie: Sn@tch – Alexia velvet & lace lingerie [New]   Furniture  Cushions: Circa Living – Morning Slumber – Pillow Set & Bed – Snow Lime w/ Xmas Breakfeast Tray R – Sunnyside & Sides – Beach [New] Dogs: Jian – Sleeping Husky [Free; The…Read more Holiday Chill

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I knew it!(Freebie).

I knew I would find a freebie and I did. OK, first I wasn’t actually going to show this one, nothing wrong with the quality etc but a cutsie wootsie sexy Santa outfit is two a penny at the moment but I still tried it on because I’ve not shown something like this as yet and when I spotted the  Hud I was pleased I had.  Some pretty standard Christmas colouring ie reds, greens but the white and black options really do make this stand out a bit more. You get the dress, which you can wear with or without the picture on the front, choker, antlers and nose and all can be coloured differently or in this case I’ve chosen the all white options.  So you get a colour hud, mesh bod fits and standard fits. There are 3 gifts on the table and this was one of the other gifts. Just the dress, not the crown which is a shame as this “levitating” crown finishes this dress off perfectly and I think the shop it came from has gone. Yup, I admit it, this is if not identical then almost identical to a dress I’ve just shown you a couple of posts ago and yes this also comes with a Hud.  … Read the restxxxsantausecrossbluecinnie

Taking a break, FREEBIE.

I’ll save you from the spam and do the freebie first and the spam to the end. Lovely pose in this throne and as it happens I’m not being lazy as I am caming a whole row of lucky chairs but more about them in my next post. The jumper is a lovely freebie from TRS Designs and as it happens there are 2 gifties set out this and an equally as well textured longer knit winter dress.  I’m using this pose because if you look closer you will see that it fits over your thumb….brain is not engaged this morning but you can see what I mean. As I was LM grabbing I spotted “The Weekly Limited” offer which basically seems to be something at a slashed down price on offer for just a week and in this case it’s a mesh pair of pants with a really big Hud for just 50Lds and I’m stood here debating as they look so good and with that price tag and colour hud a really good addition to my invent.  If the LM doesn’t take you right to the freebies just have a wander, I think turn to your right and there all on a wall there but if I’m wrong they’re not hard to find.… Read the restxxxteause

Be a D!va(Freebies).

There is one thing I’ve always said is that you have to pay good Lindens for good hair BUT occasionally a shop will have a Freebie out which takes your breath away and here it is. I have quite a few D!va hair, lots of them are old GG’s,  and a lot of them were bought from Collab88 so bought at a super bargain price.  I wore a D!va hair in my last post and it reminded me that I should get over there to check out the main shop and lo and behold there is a new FREEBIE and it’s superb. Called Iris, it even comes with a colour hud plus the option to wear the hair band and flowers both of which I took off but only  because they didn’t match this dress. This dress oddly enough comes in the same gift box as the hair and D!va isn’t known for clothes so it’s a nice thought that they have added it to their group members gift.  The shoes I’m wearing are a pair I picked up for free from the ON9 event, check out a couple of posts ago.  I’m still unpacking all the gifts from that event and I know that I had some pieces of jewelry which will be a good match for this dress as well so make sure to check that event out.… Read the restxxxdivause2

Perfect temptation (Freebies).

I’ve not only found my perfect tree I found it for FREE and it was all by accident.  Basically, I started to rummage in my invent to check out what Christmas Deccies I have but then got bored so I TPed over to the ON9 event   At this event, new designs are showcased and on each stand, one colour is at a discounted price.  I of course completely ignored all the stands, discounts etc and just grabbed all the big fat gold stars because they all contain GIFTIES! As I was walking down the second isle I found the perfect tree, tinsel, tacky, retro but damn I thought it was a Gacha win and I was a bit disapointed as I didn’t want to waste lindens trying to win it but when I was on my platform unpacking my haul look at what I found… My tree! I was so excited that I’d got the perfect tree for nothing I’ve forgotten the exact prim count, it’s about 7 I think and not unreasonable. I went through as many of the boxes as I could and there is a whole mix of stuff, from hair to nails.  … Read the restxxxtackyurbuse

It’s all over.(Freebies).

Play on words here because this pose is from a pack titled “it’s all over” and I have to say it is for me, I’M FINISHED! I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, presents are sent, the house is twinkling, cards have been sent, work is finished, it’s all done and dusted I even took a little time off this morning to paint my nails in a lovely glittery silver polish. So I’ve been MIA yesterday and this morning doing all of this only hopped inworld this morning to take a backup snap but I promise that I will be back in full swing tomorrow now I’ve got my RL sh*t together, woo hoo. OK, the reason I had to do a quick inworld trip was because I wasn’t happy with the pictures of the brill Freebie from Just BECAUSE. Although the picture is pretty enough it was so dark I ended up having to photoshop it a bit just to try to lighten it up but since I really wanted to show you how good the texturing is I decided to pop inworld and rezz my trusty pose cube and do a quick snap in my Nams setting only.… Read the restxxxcandyuse

Ungrateful B*tch! (Freebie n Lucky Boards).

I don’t want this Freebie I want some of the Lucky Board wins! I spotted in a note from Entice that they have an Advent Calendar and some really nice gifties inside it so I hauled AV ass but sadly I’ve not been able to track down where the Advent Calendar is, however, I did spot a group gift, I’m wearing it of jeans and sporty cropped top/jacket.  Then when I’d checked out the LB I decided to clear out more notes and hopefully score myself a couple of tasty looking gifts.  Check out the coat and shoes and behind me is a lovely scrunchy looking dressing gown set and all I’ve won so far is the blinking nail varnish but at least my invent is a little bit cleaner. To find these if the LM doesn’t take you right to them then you have to walk through the shop, through the courtyard where Santa is but I couldn’t spot any pressies but you might, and then into the shop behind the shop.  The Group Gift is to the right when you go in and the LB is straight ahead.  … Read the restxxxlbuse

A Christmas Miracle (Freebies and LOTS of SPAM).

Yes, I’ve managed to download a newer version of Firestorm but….I’ll leave that until the end so you can choose just to check out the Freebie first and read all my ranty spam at the end if you wish to. Seriously pretty special effects on the picture editing sadly, not Winlight.  The reason I’ve not concentrated on the dress is because at the FLG shop there are oodles of different outfits for different groups, don’t worry the group invites are right under each picture and some of the gifts are copies, don’t worry you will see what I mean when you get there.  This is a simple dress with those deep folds but what you can’t see is the 21 colour Hud, 21 colours for the dress and 21 for the bow.  Simple and pretty. Now for the ranty spam, but it is pretty informative so read on…. So I’m back with Firestorm.woo hoo,  but this newer version is slightly different from the one I was using and actually more like the official Linden Lab one but I can already spot some of the Firestorm settings which I personally like and need so it might take me a little time to work out the kinks to have my viewer customised to my preference but at least I have a smile on my face.… Read the restxxxsnowuse1

“Mama raised no quitter”(Freebie)

I lie because I QUIT for the day.  It always starts out well, you drag those boxes and bags down from the attic and then the fun and games start!  I’m stood there decking the halls with boughs of holly, fallalala…bollocks.  Can’t see the floor for tatty tinsel, baubles and bauble fragments.  Who the Hell sneaks up into the attic to retangle(sic) all those lights I carefully put away detangled last year.  Why do some lights work and then as soon as you’ve draped them on the tree decided they’re not going to work anymore and finally my old cat managed to get past the dry heaving stage and has puked somewhere under the tinsel, I have yet to find it. So I retreated inworld and enjoying a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the headache tabs to kick in and look what I found. Look at those built in Ganungas! (big boobs) although I prefer the more natural look there is just something “ooh” about an exaggerated feminine shape and this sexy Sci-Fi outfit comes prepacked with all of that.  … Read the restxxxrobotuse3

Chill Bill

“Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed” “I said, “Bay just buy Dutches ’cause you can’t smoke for free” “I got some loud, but no money, babe, buy me a Fiji.” “She said, “you need a job,” bitch, fuck a job, I still get cheese.”  BODY Hair: Sn@tch – Bo…Read more Chill Bill

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Good Morning Monday, or NOT! (Freebies).

Fluckty, fluck, fluck I’ve slashed not just 1 finger but 2 of them on DIFFERENT HANDS!  What’s even worst is that the worse one is only about 1cm long so I’m going to get ZERO sympathy because it looks like nothing but it’s right on the finger tip and almost down to the bone! Yes, picture that in your mind. Found some great freebies to cheer me and my SL home up. This is such an interesting shop and it seemed just daft to take it all of the gifts set out just to rezz it in my home only to end up packing it away because it’s still very much a work in progress so I just zoomed back and took a snap. Ok, it seems like this was the one and only picture I took so let me waffle on as to what’s there.  Sofa, 2 colour menu, square poufs and a round pouf, stool, bench, basket of logs and maybe even more because at this moment I can’t think but what I know is that everything comes with his n her poses and they all seem to have different sets of poses and they’re good.  … Read the restxxxrevivaluse

My Lucky Dress

        Have you watched the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix? I have to admit that I have some mixed feelings although I loved seeing the characters in Stars Hollow again. (To see my thoughts on the show, click this Plurk link.) I am wearing the FREE "Gilmore" charm bracelet which is a free gift from Cae, so I wanted to re-create a fashion look from the new show. I tried really hard to find a red shirt dress that was exactly like Rory's lucky dress, but I could not find it. I feel like I got the "vibe" of its main parts with this top and skirt from The Secret Store. I enjoy creating looks from favorite characters and I love the fun fashion in Gilmore Girls! If you want to see some fashion highlights from the new show, read this article on eonline.

         This cute charm bracelet is a FREE Cae group gift to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Cae! Happy 4 years Cae and thank you for this cute bracelet. 

Bracelet: Cae :: Gilmore *FREE Group Gift*/ TeleportNecklace: Cae :: Serena / TeleportEarrings: Cae :: Serena - Star/ TeleportShoes: fri.day - Cozy.Flats (Grey)Hair: [elikatira] AubreyTop: The Secret Store - Honey Cotton Shirt - Red PolkaSkirt:The Secret Store - Peggy Pleated Skirt - CrimsonSkin: *League* Ella - Catwa Applier - Pale/ TeleportLipstick: *League* Ella Matte Lipsticks (Catwa)Head: CATWA  Destiny Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Pose: Made by me with Anypose Basic

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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More unrezzables.(Freebies).

The one thing about good quality freebies is there is a bigger chance of people keeping hold of them and they always act as a reminder to pop back to that shop and check out not just any new freebies but of course something to tempt people to part with their Lindens.  So as I was culling my invent I came across such a thing, a dress, so I popped back to ShuShu and ended up in the shoe shop and I snagged, snagged and snagged some more. Yup very much in your face shoes and as much as I love the classic stylish shoes/clothes/looks I know for one that when you stand out people actually talk to you.  A couple of posts ago I blogged a skeleton AV/outfit and in the short time I wander around SL in it I got IM’s from people asking about my look.  Anyhow these shoes may not be everyone’s taste but they’re pretty unique and if you want to stand out then stand in there. I often rezz a pair of shoes in my home as decor items as usually mesh shoes are often just 1 prim but WOAH I rezzed 1 shoe and it took our sim prim count all the way down to just 10 prims LOL, so no rezzing.… Read the restxxxshoeuse