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Good Morning Monday (which means even more FREEBIES).

Dayumn it’s still blasting winds over here in the UK but at least I can crank up the central heating and snuggle down for a day of nothingness. One thing I’ve sadly noticed over the past years is the lack of second looks ie seeing an AV who has created an outlandish, sexy, unique look.  I never thought I would say it but I miss seeing Masters with their slaves on chains kneeling as they do a bit of SL shopping, or of course Mistresses with their slaves.   Occasionally I put on my own freak look as I go shopping just for the Hell of it and then I came across so many Beautiful/Ugly things in Aii (princessaii) shop. BUT before I go on the Freebies I’m showing you are just the make up and wings, I hate it when people SCREAM FREEBIES and it turns out that the freebies is just a small portion of the look and you get excited that you’re going to get the skin, outfit or build etc only to be disappointed that the Freebies is a lippie or a piece of jewelry so I’ll make it clear that all the freebies I’m going to show you are just face tattoos but I had a Hell of a good time rezzing one of my fav builds and putting on my gorgeous but freaky PumeC skin.… Read the restXXXDusk2




February 2016
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Red Hot Ice Cold. (Freebies and NEW Mina Hair).

Sometimes I keep an item in my invent that I may never wear again but it acts as a reminder of a good shop in SL to keep on popping back to check out for new stuff and of course in my case new free stuff and Blackrose is one of them and check out what I found. Yes I had editing fun BITE ME! but it wasn’t because this dress needed it.  Although not as blood-red as the picture it’s a stunning colour, stunning fit and stunning texturing. The reason I’ve taken a shot of the back is not just to show you the zipper detail but the low nape bun.  The hair is the New Mina hair called Chantal and it comes from the Gacha Garden which basically means it’s going to be at a slashed down bargain price because we all know Gacha=Great prices BUT the Gacha Garden doesn’t officially open till tomorrow and TBH this is such a good event you may have to wait a few days before you can squeeze in..  But if you can’t wait till then did you know that Mina’s also have Gacha’s in her main shop????… Read the restXXXRedhot

Fae orbs to guide us.


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Friday Freebies

Lovely little winter coat from Karin today. There are two locations you can snag this on lucky boards. One location has it in Black (above) and the other is a light beige – I will list both places below. I worked out why I keep on getting gifts from this store! Apparently once you’ve bought some items from the store, you receive random gifts, usually one colour of a new release – fabulous! Just to prove I actually read Zans long rambly blogs, I went over to the store she wrote about beneath this called Lo’s. Managed to snag this delicious lingerie on the Lucky Board, its appliers for TMP & Slink mesh bodies plus a set for the traditional avatar, sweet! The lucky boards changed fairly quickly and there is a big selection of gifts. You need to join the group, but its free to do so. On the same sim across the way is Alien Gizmo’s store, more lucky boards and I won this jacket & applier leggings – very stylish and a keeper for moi.… Read the restFree coat !

Moon Child


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Silly Goose, feed the addiction. (Freebies).

I stumbled upon some Lucky Chairs in a shop and although the quality of the contents were a bit dodgy they fed my addiction to Lucky Chairs/Boards.  So I rummaged in my invent for some more old LMs for Lucky Chairs and came across a skin shop called Mother Goose which is still going strong.  So I plonked myself down in front of the big central column in the shop and as quickly as I worked through all my notes my initial kept on coming up.  So I basically ended up with a whole folder of Free skins and even then before I TPed back to my platform I couldn’t resist grabbing not just the Dollarbies but also a whole load of Demos and then spent the next half hour trying them on…and yes binning almost all of them but I love doing this unpacking a whole load of stuff and working my way through the good, bad and downright ugly.I’m not going to lie but to me these free skins aren’t a patch on my PumeC’s BUT just because it’s not my skin of choice doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yours. … Read the restXXXSilly

No going back (Freebie).

In no way am I going back to Sᴋʏʟᴇʀ Lᴇʙᴇᴅ (skyler.lebed)shop Dirty Princess because I will cave in and become a Kardashian or as I call them the Karashittians!  OK First the Freebie Boots, you find them on a board outside of the shop and since they’re labelled as Decembers gift I suggest you haul your AV Ass over there because they could be gone by tomorrow.  100% Quality so pleased with them. Then I decided to have a wander inside and part of me is glad I did and the other part wishes I hadn’t.  At first it looks like a small shop as the entrance way is pretty packed with stuff but if you wander deeper into the shop both downstairs and upstairs this is a pretty big shop and it’s PACKED with temptation!  It’s not often I walk through a shop and end up with about a dozen Demos but there was so much that tempted me and tbh I also just wanted to check out the quality and this is good stuff!  There is a latex mesh dress which has such a perfect metallic sheen it looks like it’s been polished with Brasso. … Read the restXXXBoots use

Guilty (Freeness)

It’s those DAMNED GACHAS!!! but when they contain something as cute as this wearable Elephant I think most of use would also find it hard to resist, I even look guilty in this picture.  However the Elephant isn’t free and in fact I’m not even going to tell you where I got it from, unless you really want to know and then you can drop me a note inworld and I’ll tell you, sadly little Nellie flashes, she’s not very stable so is constantly disappearing not sure if this is an issue just with my comp or something that needs to be fixed by the maker.  Such a shame as it’s a much more interesting wearable than the standard hand bag LOL. The freeness is not just the outfit but the great boots.  They don’t match but neither do they clash and since they both came from the same shop called Agapee I thought I’d show you them at the same time. The dress and gloves come as a one piece and you also get the Mesh Body Sizes as well.  Although the boots come with mesh feet fits you can obviously wear them even without mesh feet. … Read the restXXXGuilty

Happy 2016! Take My Challenge & Pick Some New Years Resolutions!

(click here for a raw shot) The first day  of 2016 is already over and usually people make a bunch of new year’s resolutions which they then break before Valentine’s day. The past few years my resolution has just been to focus more on myself, build up my confidence and do things that make me happy. Pretty […] The post Happy 2016! Take My Challenge & Pick Some New Years Resolutions! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Syn here is waiting for something after she just moved into her new apartment which she is still going through her items and knick knacks , but overall she is happy! The snow is coming down and she’s all looking out the window in her lingerie as if she is waiting for someone. Maybe, it … Continue reading Searching

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Happy New Year 2016


        New Year's Eve is just around the corner and if you are looking for something to wear there are a lot of great choices currently available. I made a Formal Shopping List blog that might be helpful if you are looking for a long gown. I also have a few short dress links too. I am wearing a Foxes dress currently at collabor88 that is only 188L and it has fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink. I hope you find just the right party look! If you are in need of some 2016 glasses, Apple May Designs has these in her main store for only 25L! My cute couple poses are from NanTra and the second one is a FREE group gift too.

NanTra- FREE Group Gift pose @ Mainstore

On Kirsten:
Hair: .LeLutka.Charisma hair.FIT.A.Swish
Garter: Apple May Designs Love Hurts Garter (Slink Physique)/ Teleport
Glasses: Apple May Designs New Years Party Glasses - Duo Silver/ Teleport
Shoes: Apple May Designs She's So Fancy (Slink) - Black @ shiny shabby
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.3
Body: Slink Hands, Feet, Physique
Dress: [Foxes] Dip Dress - Physique - Silver @ collabor88 December
Skin: Pink Fuel Morgana
Panties: [Stellar] Eva Lingerie Set in black
Pose 3: Eternal Dream Kollective 10

On Hiram:
Shoes: .:L&B:.… Read the rest

Waiting for the misery to end

Title says it all, this day is so miserable I’m waiting for it to end. Good thing on the television Starz is spamming How the Grinch Stole Christmas so I’m uberly excited for that been watching it since yesterday after my Black Sails Marathon. Anyways, lets just do a simple story here about Syn.   … Continue reading Waiting for the misery to end

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I don’t know

I made this photo like three days ago, or something like that. I forgotten all about it because I thought I posted it; lol. So later on today since I don’t do this holiday I’ll be probably spamming the feeds trying to catch up on some photos that I didn’t do. So sorry you have … Continue reading I don’t know

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Act up like a prison riot

“I came in this bitch to sweat!” “I came in this bitch to wild the fuck out!” “I came in this bitch to turn up!” “Shit, me and my bitches in here fucked up!” “Aint no tellin’ what we’re gonna do when the bass drop!” Fuck it! “ACT UP LIKE A MUTHAFUCKIN’ PRISON RIOT! “ … Continue reading Act up like a prison riot

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Lazy and busy and FREEBIES.

WOW it’s SNOWING in RL, ok very wet snow which will have gone in about half an hour once it stops but at this moment I’m snuggled up in front of the fire with some Christmas music playing in the background and outside my window pretty snow is falling.  The small things in RL are always the best things. OK a lazy post because I took a day off work yesterday to do my big Christmas shop and today once I click “Publish” I have to do some RL catch up work, no work no pay no pay no cat food! Sadly yesterday I was so short of time not only didn’t I get time to do the FLF I didn’t even have time to log in and grab the !gO Advent Calender gift!  So the first thing I did when I logged in today was rush over to !gO and snag todays Advent Calender gift which is this absolutely gorgeous woolie. So if you haven’t joined the 50Ld group which gets you not just some amazing gifts but also a regular monthly GG and a slashed priced item in the New Releases they DO IT! … Read the restXXXShoppinguse

Purple Winter

Today is the last day for 20Twenty a Second Life event and I’m terrible behind with this month’s products! I sincerely apologize for it. I have Little Llama’s coffee table in with a mixture of furniture from Circa Living and I’m wearing Ama’s shoes paired off with Sn@tch and Bubble.  It’s just a little casual … Continue reading Purple Winter

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My Sunroom


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Time for decorations!


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Biker Chick

      Apple May Designs just released some super sexy (very short) tied crop tops that show a lot of underboob. Find them in the main AMD store. Cae is participating in The Mix event this month with these simple charm necklaces, like this mustache. If you get the collection, you can wear one necklace and change the charm into any of 10 charms via HUD. They are each 145L and the whole collection is only 395L for all 10- that's a great deal. 

            Truth sent out a Free group gift, Louisa. If you missed it you can get it re-delivered in the subscriber terminal in the main Truth store. I love this cute slightly side ponytail. Thanks Truth!

Shorts: -Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - Stripes nr2 (Slink)
Jacket: Addams // Charlize Biker Jacket // Slink
Necklace: Cae :: Charmed 2 :: Necklace :: Collection *The Mix*/ Teleport
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.2
Attached: Slink Hands, Physique
Top: Apple May Designs Tied Tops (Slink Physique) - Black/ Teleport
HAIR: TRUTH  Louisa *FREE* Group Gift
 Boots: CandyDoll_ Arabella Black - Slink Physique
Skin/ Head Applier: Pink Fuel Morgana Apricot
Pose: Exposeur Call the Shots 4

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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The Countess


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