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My Lucky Dress

        Have you watched the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix? I have to admit that I have some mixed feelings although I loved seeing the characters in Stars Hollow again. (To see my thoughts on the show, click this Plurk link.) I am wearing the FREE "Gilmore" charm bracelet which is a free gift from Cae, so I wanted to re-create a fashion look from the new show. I tried really hard to find a red shirt dress that was exactly like Rory's lucky dress, but I could not find it. I feel like I got the "vibe" of its main parts with this top and skirt from The Secret Store. I enjoy creating looks from favorite characters and I love the fun fashion in Gilmore Girls! If you want to see some fashion highlights from the new show, read this article on eonline.

         This cute charm bracelet is a FREE Cae group gift to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Cae! Happy 4 years Cae and thank you for this cute bracelet. 

Bracelet: Cae :: Gilmore *FREE Group Gift*/ TeleportNecklace: Cae :: Serena / TeleportEarrings: Cae :: Serena - Star/ TeleportShoes: fri.day - Cozy.Flats (Grey)Hair: [elikatira] AubreyTop: The Secret Store - Honey Cotton Shirt - Red PolkaSkirt:The Secret Store - Peggy Pleated Skirt - CrimsonSkin: *League* Ella - Catwa Applier - Pale/ TeleportLipstick: *League* Ella Matte Lipsticks (Catwa)Head: CATWA  Destiny Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Pose: Made by me with Anypose Basic

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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December 2016
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More unrezzables.(Freebies).

The one thing about good quality freebies is there is a bigger chance of people keeping hold of them and they always act as a reminder to pop back to that shop and check out not just any new freebies but of course something to tempt people to part with their Lindens.  So as I was culling my invent I came across such a thing, a dress, so I popped back to ShuShu and ended up in the shoe shop and I snagged, snagged and snagged some more. Yup very much in your face shoes and as much as I love the classic stylish shoes/clothes/looks I know for one that when you stand out people actually talk to you.  A couple of posts ago I blogged a skeleton AV/outfit and in the short time I wander around SL in it I got IM’s from people asking about my look.  Anyhow these shoes may not be everyone’s taste but they’re pretty unique and if you want to stand out then stand in there. I often rezz a pair of shoes in my home as decor items as usually mesh shoes are often just 1 prim but WOAH I rezzed 1 shoe and it took our sim prim count all the way down to just 10 prims LOL, so no rezzing.… Read the restxxxshoeuse

Judgmental cat, super bargain and a freebie.

Found this free GG just yesterday but I’ve been holding on to the jewelry set for weeks because I was just waiting for a freebie of bargain priced item to match up. The dress comes from emilyC’s and all mesh sizes and some mesh bod sizing plus a colour sliding Hud which means you can colour this dress in Zillion ways…ok maybe not a Zillion but you know what I mean. I have, to be honest, and say that not only the shoes but my SLink feet were a bad choice so I’d highly recommend you don’t bother with them and a nice pair of flatties/ballet pumps etc will look much nicer as it allows the gown to be draped on the ground. The dress is free but the necklace, and what you can’t really see is the earrings, bracelets, and ring isn’t but at only 10Ld for the set a bargain. The jewelry is lovely, small brightly coloured pebbles and it’s going to be moved from my “blogg” folder to my “Jewelry” folder.  This jewelry set comes from Celestinas Wedding shop.  … Read the restxxxcaturban

Have a drink on me, cos I am FREE.

I would have sworn DRD (Death Row Designs) was a paid for group and maybe there is a VIP Group which is but what did find was some creepy decor items for the Free DRD Group. The chair comes with 2 wearable brollies, I’m not showing you them because I’m taking this picture completely nekkid lol.  Lovely holely brollies which is keeping in the theme of this “Acid Rain Stadium Chair” Just look at the details! I have used some camera tricks as my piccies turned out so dark you couldn’t see the details as clearly as I had wanted but DRD is a quality shop.  You will probably know them more from The Arcade Gacha event but they have a big shop and it’s been a long time since I had a wander around. So once back in world I’ll be putting some keks on, clothes, and popping back for a better look around. This table is another gift, comes all linked and click the tray to get a cup of poison to slurp.  A pretty decent drinking AO in this I have to say.  … Read the restxxxwitchuse

Add on(Freebies).

A quickie post.  I had popped over to The Crossroads just long enough to grab the free for all gifts, next to the LM, which inc these shoes. (SLink, Maitreya andBelleze fits, 3 colour options. This lovely wind chime in metallic colours, 3D in shape not flat so it hangs from the ceiling and not flat against a wall.  Lovely quality and 1 prim!  I did spot a great lamp, gorgeous tiara and stunning belt…thingy, I didn’t get time to try that one on and then RL wouldn’t leave me alone and I had to log out.  There might be more gifts as my visit was all too brief but I will be back as not only is this is stunning shopping sim it is now nice and calm and maybe by the time I get back over there I will either find more gifts or even by that stage treat myself to a little something. The Crossroads
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Sweet Hard Revenge

“I’ll hunt you down.” “I’ll fuck you up and make you crawl.” “To release my pain.”   “Revenge tastes so sweet.”   “I never knew it could be…” BODY Hair: Doe – Sombr v2 – Fitted – Candy [New][Rare][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival] Skin: Lumae – Eirtae – T9 – Java – Bare – Freckles Eyes:…Read more Sweet Hard Revenge

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Simple “n” Cute. (Freebies).

Breathe easy as this is a rush job which basically means less insane rambling and just the basic details. Faith, she who must be obeyed, wasn’t too happy with my conky eyes in my last picturelol so here I am again. As it happens it’s given me a good excuse to not just use one of the other shades in the colour hud but show you another great FREEBIE and yes it’s the EYES! LOL.  These are old GG’s from Mayfly but I did get a notice that there was NEW Free mesh eyes sadly I had so little time I just regrabbed these “London” ones and when I get back inworld with some time to spare I’m going to hunt down the newer gift eyes. Mayfly eyes come with a comprehensive hud but even though it’s packed with so many options the Hud makes it so easy to customise your peepers.  It’s a NEW LM for Mayfly so if you want to pop in and you have the old LM bin it and grab mine. PS Mayfly eyes do not on the whole come with system eye colours you MUST wear the Alpha and then the mesh eyes.… Read the restxxxeyeuse

Red Water

“Get your ride and feed your mind, I don’t want to stay alive.” “Close your eyes and try to fly, he doesn’t want to stay alive.” “Break your head and walk in line, he doesn’t’ want to stay alive.” “I say, you say, he says, she said, we say, they say, it says, he must…Read more Red Water

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Simple Sunday.(Freebies).

I snagged this oversized jumper, gonna stop calling them “woolies”,  from a shop called M.I.X and once I’d unpacked this  jumper I decided to pop back to La Galleria, see the last post, to pull some poses and show you an example of their home styling. You only get the 1 size because this oversized mesh jumper will fit most AVs.  What you do get is a reasonable number of colours from cream to black. There are other freebies inc a rather cute top with a bow.  I’m not too keen on this “painted on” look to the texturing BUT I did spot a whole row of adorable coat/dress combos and I did try the demo which I loved but I’m poor so I didn’t buy them but you may want to check out this small shop and the demos for yourself. Then I did a bit of random sim hopping and came across ASO! & Soothe and of course Freebies.  A rather random selection.  The drawer is 1 prim and copy and makes a simple decor item, pop some plants in or books.  … Read the restxxxasos

Coincidences! (Freebies).

Only a day or so ago I mentioned my use of a camera Hud to make my SL world come down to a more natural RL world viewer and as I was reading a note from, nope sorry forgot to take a note of the name but guess what was in that note? details on how to change your SL settings to do the exact same thing! So if you don’t want another Hud cluttering up your screen you may want to try it out.  I’ve cut and pasted the instructions on the end of this post.  Sorry I should also make it clear that this note came from the owner/creator of La Galleria. Now for the FREEBIES, La Galleria is a shop that regularly puts out gifties and I regularly go grab em but since these gifts are usually already set out/staged in one of her homes, the Seattle Bungalow next to the LM, and  I usually just take a snap of them there and then but I promise you I always grab em and use them in my own home. The first gift is this Autumnal wreath, lovely, simple, exc quality and low primmed. Just “buy” all the items and they’re only 0Lds.… Read the restxxxfreduse

52 days to go, the countdown has started (Freebies).

he 52 days is how many days are left until CHRISTMAS!  Yes, that’s only 7 weeks and 1 more wage packet! Have I panicked you?  Blimey when you break it down it’s scary how close it really is. Anyhow since the Crimbo ads are already sneaking in in RL here is the FIRST one from me……please don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger. What happened was, is that I am still working on setting up my new SL house and as I was placing out a rather nice item of decor I own I decided to pop over to the Bazar shop where I got it from to basically check for any new freebies and sadly no new freebies and in fact the one box set out for us contains all the old Crimbo pressies from the past couple of years but once I’d checked out the whole shop I grabbed the goodies and TPed home. I won’t add any more pictures but you actually get an awful lot more than what I’m showing you and although some of these I’m going to be bining there is some really good stuff and a mix of low and high prims which will suit everyone’s prim allowance.… Read the restxxxchristuse

Hi & Lo (Freebie).

This is a bit of a rush jobbie so less chat more details. Free jeans and top from Lo’s, come in plenty of sizes.  Other GG’s and Lucky Chairs. The reason for the rush is I’m at the Trick or Treat event which will be over in the next couple of days.  There are lots of Pumpkins and all come with a price tag of I believe is between 1-30LD each.  When clicking on them they do say what they contain and I spotted that a couple of the higher priced ones also have a piccie attached.  Since I’m clinging onto my remaining 24Lds I haven’t bought any but that doesn’t mean you should miss out. Lo’s Trick or Treat.
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Not Working! (Freebies).

I’m not working today, today is a day for couch surfing, Netflix watching,eBay shopping and ok just a little bit of washing and cleaning cos no one likes a messy home even when slobbing. Thanks to one of our reg readers, Shi, here is some really good gifties. I think this picture just about works to show you just 5 of the Freebies I found, or rather Shi did, at Tiffany’s designs. Shi sent me the mask which she is right does go with that stunning catsuit from a couple of posts ago and so I’ve slipped it into the same folder so it’s there for when I next “suit up”.  Actually, although she sent me a copy I’m not sure if the one given as a gift in the main shop is one so you’re going to have to go pick it up for yourself.  The necklace, lipstick, and this Applier layered outfit, shoes, mask and other stuff I’m not showing you are all FREE, I don’t think you even need to join a group to grab.  There is a paid for group and I do believe it’s just a 100Lds, check, though, and you get not just, even more, gifts but there is a whole rank of Lucky Chairs for Group Members and one for non-Group peeps.… Read the restxxxmaskcrossuse

If you’re QUICK you may meet me here.(Freebies).

I finally stripped off my catsuit but on some sexy hunting clothes and then started to go through my notes and spotted this event. You can just about make me out.  The thing is this is very much a Halloween themed event and as we all know Halloween is now over and I don’t know how long all of this is going to be set out. Also, this is mainly themed to kiddies and yes if I had known that I wouldn’t have come here and what a shame.  I’ve only walked part way down one aisle and have snagged myself some decor items, fun items etc and as soon as I click “publish” I’m logging back inworld and finishing off being a Greedy B as soon as I get back in. PS if you want to see one of the fun things here is a simply gorgeous portrait of Moi!..it’s the teeth which gnash ewww. So if like me you have a little time to spare check this place out now as it might just be gone tomorrow, although if I find an ending date I’ll put an update Trunk or Treat  
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OH! (Freebies).

Have we ever told you about Hayabusa? I’m not sure if we have I know I haven’t which and for that I’m sorry. There are a few creators in SL which have just made such a difference to our SL dreams and Hayabusa is one of them.  You may not have an SL home but there is no way in heck that you will not know the Hayabusa  range because their trees are everywhere and that includes our sim.  What you might not know is that theHayabusa isn’t just a FREE to join group but regular gifts of trees are sent out.  These aren’t primmy ugly assed things,  they often come with a FULL menu which doesn’t just inc seasons changes but so many shades in each season,blossoms, bark texture plus of course wind movement in which you can make the leaves/branches sway as much or as little as you want.  Don’t panic because all options come in an idiot proof Hud. This is the latest sent out gift, when you join the group you will find it in the group history as you don’t have to go to the main shop any gifts are automatically sent to you.  … Read the restxxxtreeuse

A treat that’s good to eat

“Off them xannie bars, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.” “Like we took a trip, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.” Hair: Doe – Batty [New][@ The Epiphany] Skin: Paper Rabbit – Spooky Skins – Witch 04 – Catwa Rare [New][@ The Epiphany] Eyes: Out of Orbit – Extraterrestrial Eyes [Free][ Nowhere Hunt]…Read more A treat that’s good to eat

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Update on my last post cos I found MORE FREEBIES.

Since I had some time to spare, all of 10 mins, I decided to pop to the main Yasum shop because although I’m not 100% familiar with this shop I do know it’s a clothes shop not a Home and Garden shop so I TPed and of course the first thing I check is for MORE FREEBIES because after all I am a Greedy B*tch and I scored. Like my “outfit of the day”?  Actually, ignore it because most is old stuff but the Mina on the other hand, wink wink, but thats for another post.  What I found when I TPed from the main shop is a whole sky shop full of FREEBIES!  Freeness for men, woman and whatever.  Even some skin n stuff but hold on don’t get too excited because a lot of this stuff is a blast from the past and not such a good blast either.  Have to confess I did go a bit click cray cray as even old stuff can be fun to try even if you end up binning it BUT in the few remaining minutes  I had left I did spot MESH, mesh corsets and what looks like a really good coat and other stuff but my time was out and so was I.… Read the restxxxupdateuse

Spoopy Kitty

  I’m a spoopy kitty, meow!! CREDITS Hair: Ploom – Pepper – Unrigged – Colors Dress: Milk Teeth – Luv Dres Apple: [Bubble] – Candied Devlish Treat – Free [New][@ Trick or Treat Lane] Kitty 1: Darkendstare – Hollow Cats – CMYK – Lay [New][@ The Epiphany] Kitty 2: Darkendstare – Hollow Cats – Jack…Read more Spoopy Kitty

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AWW Fluck it! (ooodles of Freebies & Cheapies).

I’m out for the count,dosed up to my eyeballs on Night Nurse, sucking on Strepsil’s, a pile of snotty tissues next to me and I’ve drunk so much coffee I swear my pee will be brown soon.  TBH if it wasn’t for a couple of important deliveries I would be tucked up in bed but instead I’m stuck in my chair feeling very sorry for myself and when they come I swear I’m going to breathe my nasty cold germs over them! So today is a super lazy post but the weekend is just around the corner and although this event goes on right to the end of the month I thought instead of unpacking a couple of the MANY gifts and showing you a few of them I’d just collapse where I was take the piccie and tell you all about it. Called the “Spooky Scary Sales” and WOO HOO everything is only 35Lds, everything from clothes to decor items and of course lots aimed for Halloween but lots not.  So many bargains I actually bought quite a few of the Gacha items but EVERY stall has a skull on it and the skull contains a GIFT!  … Read the restxxxdeaduse

Go BACK! (Lucky Chairs n Stuff).

I’ve seen 2 pretty interesting films this week the first which is called “The Swiss Army Man” and it’s notorious because Daniel Ratcliff plays a farting corpse and it’s the best performance I’ve ever seen him do, I’m not a Harry Potter fan lol.  I hate to tell you girls and boys but “Harry” now has a great big hairy arse! The other film is called “The Greasy Strangler” and that’s why I’ve not been posting for the past few days and the least said about that film the better but I’ve finally managed to recover and the first thing I did when I got inworld was to go over to the shop Faith has just blogged to grab the full outfit and esp the boots that come with it but I also want to give people a link to another shop with some more exc Lucky Boards but also an excellent monthly Group Git which I did blog not too long ago but it seems a good time to do a quick, lazy, repost as the GG may go soon and I think we have a couple of LB fans…myself inc.… Read the restxxxgobackuse