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Tats on my neck

“I’ve been up sipping on Promethazine” “Don’t know why they don’t make this shit illegal” “Big homie said you only have one life to live” “Might as well get high and deflate the ego” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Gin [New] Eyes: Chus – Dawn Lenses [New][Free][Shown in Foam & Wood] Skin: Lumae – Nima […]

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Happy Halloween

For the first time in my years on this planet, I wasn’t in the Halloween spirit. It’s upsetting to know this about myself, but I am engaging in horror movie marathon as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will AT LEAST watch that. But this is my last post going towards the Creepy…Read more Happy Halloween

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Casual Ghost Diva

Finishing up some more posts for Candy Fair. I liked how I just accidently arranged my outfit to resemble some sort of ghost colors. Ha, kind of goes with my second life last night. Fitting so I though. Normally I would be using lyrics to express how I was feeling at the moment in that…Read more Casual Ghost Diva

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Zenobia’s Outfit Two

Roleplaying as picked up a lot lately for me and I’ve decided to give my girl a much needed break ICly for a little bit this week so I can catch up with blogging and handling some In real life stuff.  Anyways, Zenobia icly just bought the local bar and is slowly transforming it into…

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Zenobia’s Outfit

For the past two days I’ve stayed up till almost 6am SLT roleplaying. The roleplay was very intense and it just kept going and like true roleplayers once it gets good its kind of hard for me to just ‘stop’. My character Zenobia looked so good even though she got beaten and molested by a…

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” Never want to wait for you and .” “Never want to play your game.” “Thou must be for your vision and democracy.” “Never want to wait for you and.” “Never want to play your game.” BODY Hair: Spellbound – Gwendalynn [New][Mesh][Comes with crown][@ We <3 RP] Skin: Pink Acid – Jakki [@ Manga Fair]…

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Snuggle Buddy

” If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late” –Henny Youngman BODY Hair: Ploom – Inge [New][Mesh][Resizeable][Shown in Candy][@ OMG Gacha] Skin: Pink Acid – Jakki [New][Shown in Mocha 2][@ Manga Fair][I have to say I was REALLY impressed with this skin. I had no clue Pink…

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J-Pop Attack

A few events are starting this week and on Monday! Rhapsody started today and I just happen to snag a few items from stores I’ve never even heard of. Which is a good thing, because from what I saw from their shops I’ll look forward to future events. Next coming behind Rhapsody, is the MANGA…

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There’s a new broad in town, name is Nima

Lumae released a preview of her new skin called Nima on Sunday, it cake in a makeup called Kissyface! A little bit of eyeshadow and lipstick. It was 75L, comes in 8 tones and it was for Lazy Sunday! A lot of new releases also from Ploom and Tameless Hair. The Ploom hairs are released…

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Urban Voodoo

Zenobia knew she should leave Voodoo to her father a well known Voodoo King of New Orleans. Her Voodoo magic only went so far as spiritual readings, prayers, and making cures for aliments. Her father would be shitting bricks if he saw her painted up in her half mask trekking through the swamp at an…

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Black n White

So, every since I did a mentor meme thing a long time ago I instantly clicked with my now SLister, SL Sister. She is very good with photoshop and if I have a question or need help I usually go to her after I tutorial it. So after I harassed her on giving me a […]

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Unusual Drow

” I see blue lights in your eyes.” “Reflections of another land.” “Our golden sun will rise.” ” I will wait until the end.” Hair: Elikatira – Early Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Vampire Eyes [Ex-Hunt gift] Skin: Pink Fuel- Drow [New][Shown in Dusk][@ We <3 RP] Ears: Trap- Vamp Ears [New][Mesh][@ Fantasy Faire 2014] Armor […]

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Hair Overload

I didn’t realize how much new hair and past releases I had from when I moved. I am still going through my inventory looking to see what I missed and getting caught up! So bare with me, I also celebrated my birthday this weekend so I hardly blogged anything , but Fantasy Faire which  still […]

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Where U Been

“Say you nobody till somebody gonna body you, flatline.” ” Pocket full of dead broad and you know I’m anti.” ” Anti- Social, anti- lame, but ain t I a cool broad, ain’t I?” ” You lookin’ at a star that’s spaced out, tryin’ to take my style then take off.” ” I go to […]

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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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Sn@tching the Block

Newness from Sn@tch, Hebenon Vial and Insanysa. Insanya has these pair of sneaker boots on sale half off at 100 Block. Don’t forget to try the demo. Hebenon Vial has piercings sets out if you join the group The HV, you’ll get a discount. Drop by and visit Sn@tch, check out the new releases and […]

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                          ” Candles raised my desire.” “Why I’m so far away.” “No more meaning to my life.” “No more reason to stay.” “Freezing feeling, breathe in – breathe in” “I’m coming back again…”  ” I’m not the one who’s so far away.” “When […]

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Werkin’ Girl

      Hair: Exile- 1985 [New][Mesh][My Attic Special]  Skin: The Plastik- Astrali- Dyrzi  Makeup: Songbird- Spring Birds Eye makeup [Yellow-ish][New][Theme Park]  Piercings 1: Zombie Suicide- Hannah Piercing V1 [New][Mesh][Bodify Event]  Piercings 2 & 3- HoD Gauges: Geek- Holey Hole [Mesh][Purple]  Glasses: Sn@tch- Puppy Love Shades  Collar & Necklace: The Plastik- Krysis Collar & Cord […]

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Country Kreature

So this month of March has been going very horribly already. I am not going to apologize because I’ve had in real life troubles and had a few mental and emotional melt downs in February/March. I’m human and I won’t apologize for not paying attention to my blog. I will apologize for not saying anything […]

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Psycho B!tch

“Wild Child“ “Runnin’ wild, behind this smile is a frown.” “That’ll make ya lay it down, quickly, she shifty“ “Killa strictly, out to come and get me.” “From a rose, to a .357 360.” “Psycho Bitch“  Hair: Magika- Road [New][Mesh][Pack 03 NEW NEW NEW, sale ends soon only the new packs that she produced THIS […]

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