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My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Humps.(Freebies).

Basically, I ended up binning all the decor items I was planning on showing you because the just were a bit too basic and OMG I actually paid Lindens for them but don’t worry I waste my money so you don’t have to lol (ok they all came to just 22Lds so it was hardly a fortune). So then I went to “The Designer Circle” event which isn’t an event I go to often but it turned out to be perfect timing as there are GOODIES as it is an anniversary event.  So lots of the stands have a giftie for us.  As always a selection of the small things ie jewelry, clutch bag etc but I spotted a few “ooo not bad at all” things, inc a pair of cat eye sunglasses.  In fact, in this picture, I’m wearing a rather nice pair of beige heels that came with a trouser/jacket set but I decided to just keep the shoes. So why am I showing you my arse?  Well, why not it’s gorgeous plus the panties I’m modeling is one of the gifts I’m keeping.  … Read the rest




March 2017
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Just a quickie.(Freebie).

I’ve got a whole load of home and garden stuff lined up but I thought before I took a break for lunch I’d do this quickie. A simple slip dress with a small colour hud, a pretty staple design in everyone’s SL closet now but if you don’t have one of these yet then it’s a good time to pop over to Legendaire for it.  This one is FREE for all but the Legendaire group is a paid for one, I think it’s 100Lds and for that you can get oodles as there is a wall of them downstairs and a similar one upstairs.time to This freebie and one for the SL free’s and offers group is just at the entrance before you go in. Time for lunch as I’m starting to get HANGRY! and you wouldn’t like me when I’m HANGRY! Legendaire
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I had seen this jumper/dress/slut outfit pop up in the freebies groups but I never got around to grabbing it but when I saw that there was another Freebie at the Enertia shop it was time to haul AV ass. I saw someone on youtube recreate this look out of an old jumper and even she said it was a big no-no but this is SL and not RL and you can wear whatever you want.  Honestly, if you did try to wear this in RL you’d have to use so much “titty tape” to ensure nothing pops out you’d probably crackle when you walked lol. What’s broken is the colour Hud otherwise I would have changed the colour in this picture.  It was probably just one of those SL glitches and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work today but I don’t really have the time to test it out. I also picked this top up and I didn’t even dare try the hud lol. Actually, something else is broken in this picture and it’s my face, it looks like someone has turned the switch to “off” LOL.  … Read the rest

KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2017

Ohhhh it’s that time again – yes yes – the time you need to get yer huntin goggles on and go find some black pussycats!  KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2017 has begun, any store that has the black cat sign outside is participating. Karin has this sweet skirt and top as their prize but you can also win it in another colour on their lucky board – two gifts! I’m wearing the small size over my slink Physique body and its a purrrfect fit (geddit? Purrrfect – hunting cats – nevermind!)  KIYOMIZU 
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S – O – S (Spoon full Of Sugar)

  A new event opens its doors today – Spoonful Of Sugar! Luxe Paris is there with some really delicious spring/summer releases that you wont wanna miss. Here I am thinking about toasting some marshmallows (prop by Kirin) and wearing the new skirt & top “Meadow” – mesh bodies and standard sizes included. Necklace is a free gift by Chop Zuey @ Free dove hunt, multi colour options by touch. Love love love the colour of the “Jolis Pois” shorts and tank, sort of aqua greeny blue. Mesh body & standard sizes inc. Little bit of info about the event for you: “For every national and international disaster Doctor’s Without Borders has been there. There is no barrier, border, or line they will not cross, no length they will not go to to bring aid to those who need it most. Where there is need they are there giving generously all of their knowledge, talent, and skills. Now it is time to give back to them. Second Life is a global community and with the help of Seraphim, AIM, LTD, ModeLS Magazine, The Second Life Enquirer, T1 Radio and SL Live Radio, we will come together to celebrate the world-wide movement of Médecins Sans Frontières with an entire two weeks of parties, events, and fund-raising running March 18 – April 1, 2017.… Read the rest

Free delivery truck!

Ok you HAVE to get this truck! I mean, it’s not like I needed a truck, or really even wanted one – BUT – then I saw this at Dench Designs and suddenly – I did want a truck, I did neeeed a truck – infact I HAD to have this very truck! It’s totally delightful, vintage, shabby and cute. At just 5Li it wont snaffle up your prim budget , there is a doggy peering out of one window and an aged man driving – it even has the sound of the engine puttering. This is situated outside the front entrance to the store, no group to join just take – thanks Amanda ❤ (this item is free) Dench Designs
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Spaced out Man!(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of a “Mind F*ck” moment here. I sauntered into an art gallery and I thought this was a picture on the wall but you can actually walk inside and the very messy apartment is made up of photographs so basically it plays with your head.  FREAKY.
I’ve done this post really quickly because even though I have THOUSANDS of poses I’m finding that I’m just using a handful as a lot of my poses need to be updated to work better with a mesh bod and just better poses all round.  So I’m planning on having a lovely leisurely time in SL checking out all the pose shops. The FREEBIE is this cute short and top outfit OK I did make a mistake and I forgot to change it to the more denim coloured texture which was my fav but there is a hud with a nice mix of texture options.  Comes as separates and also in all the standard mesh bod and mesh sizes. While you’re at the Selvyn shop picking this Free to join gift up there is another one but if you look a bit more you will see a Teleport Hub gift as well.  … Read the rest

Dream Bed (inc Free item)

I’ve made a sumptuous little smewch area in my garden, just the right place to hang out or get loved up. The Bougainvillea covered gazebo is tremendously beautiful, paved patio at ground floor, sturdy old wooden beams, and of course masses of Bougainvillea in full bloom. This is FREE from Zinnias currently, the whole store has been given a makeover and it’s really a lovely place to browse. No group to join, just get your hot little paws on it and carry it home – thanks Zinnia ❤ The canopy bed is by Chez Moi, this is their piece for the next round of Ultra. You might be able to spy the rope and hooks holding it onto the roof of the gazebo, and it is of course stuffed with adorable and naughty poses! Deets: Available in PG (more than 120 animations) and Adult (more than 202 animations) versions:
♥ +28 single animations (female and male)
♥ 16 sleep poses (8 each spot)
♥ 60 couple animations (30 x 2)
♥ 16 massage animations (8 x 2)
♥ 10 masturbation animation (female and male) – only in Adult version
♥ 32 intimacy animations (16 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ 40 sex animations (20 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ Several “wearable” props as book, laptop, coffee and more
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen (coffee, book – check how to place the experience in your settings) ♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP Specification: 20 LI | Copy | Modifiable 100% ORIGINAL MESH Ultra ( starts 15th March) Zinnias  
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The Free, The almost Free & The cheap!

I was mooching around the market place last night and found this absolutely adorable little pouffe for just $1L by Maya. Its got couples and singles poses, some that attach props to your hands directly. Overall its done in chic grey & white tones but it is modifiable, so you could fiddle with it. Free is my nifty shifty dress by Neve, all mesh bodies and standard sizes included, plus a Hud with three alternative colour palettes. You can find this at the new round of Liason collaborative. The Skyhome is by TA Hardware, such an amazing little treat for just $10L. Its only 2 Li anddd comes with a Hud that gives you four options for the view out of the window. Beautifully textured all around with a fake door at the rear just to make it even more homely. There are a few different designs of these at $10L plus some at $25L – check out the market place store. Isnt my radio just adorbs?! It’s by Kei spot and cost me one single Linden dollar. You actually get the version with the two birds on top canoodling plus plain ones- info: “Radio comes in the four colours shown via texture change menu.… Read the rest

Just this.(Oodles of Freebies).

Blimey, I’m pretty sure I’ve still not unpacked at least 2 folders previous gifts picked up from the Vintage Gacha fair’s but this time I’ve been harder and as I unpacked I binned, binned and ooo kept. This small rug is as simple as it all nice and scrunchy.  The Diamond tealight holder might look a bit tacky against the old fashioned textured rug but the reason I’m going to be keeping it is because of the ambiance light it gives off it’s like a “face light” for your room, gives off a really strong and yet soft glow so I’m keeping it and tbh since it won’t fit into the style of my living room I’ll hide it under a table or chair etc so I get the glow but without the clashing decor style. Then I gave in because of the Lag Hell but that was from all the other Greedy CB’s like me LOL.  So I basically only managed to do a third of this event.  I know that often there is a mix of good, bad and ugly but that’s half the fun.… Read the rest

Oh you naughty Kitty! (Free item)

Oh Gosh, if you trot over to the latest round of Liason Collaborative, you will find this simply gorgeous little shift dress out as a gift from Neve! It really is divine, in four mushy spring tones and a high halter neck – it’s a keeper. As is usual with Neve pieces, you get a boatload of sizes, mesh bodies and standard, so if you’ve ever wondered how their gear would fit you, now is the time to grab a piece. I also nabbed a new prop from Fashiowl called The florist – it also comes in a couples version which is deadly cute. Lots of wearable props to suit the animations, plus that naughty little kitty cat who is chomping the flowers! Hud for the dress above. What you waiting for?! Liason Collaborative
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ohmai RUSH! Free gift and offer for today only!

Kei spot has moved stores (new LM below) and to celebrate there is a scrummy wearable gifty out for you to collect. Inside the main entrance turn to your left and just touch – no group to join. This wearable lemonade stand is dead cute andddd if you touch the pitcher you get offered a cooling drink of lemonade or a slice of lemon! Thanks Kei ❤ I also noticed the $25L offer whilst I was there and grabbed that up. This is the suitcase planter, the whole thing is just 3Li so using it as purely decor is fabulous – but it also had poses – yay!This offer is just for TODAY – so dash if you want it. Kei Spot
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Thanks to the lovely Shiada I can give you a bit of an update, and I’m so sorry Shaida if I’ve got the spelling of your name wrong I jotted it down so quickly! anyhow it turns out that the Teleport Hub Group is Free to join but for a limited time, although it was a super cheap group in the first place.  But if it being free and the GG of a full garden I showed you a couple of posts ago isn’t enough to tempt you then I’ve put the LM for Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever” as there is a lovely dress in her shop next to her LBs.  so you can quickly join the Teleport Hud Group there and grab that dress BUT wait because there is even more. A Give Away which inc one of my FAV, and nonfree, Group MADPEA.  I’ve only scanned the details but I’ve put the link for you to read fully.  Madpea is an amazing group/shop and event creationist in SL.  MADPEA is what Second Life is all about their events sometimes are not cheap to do but the fun and brainstorming and ultimately the gifts you win far out surpass any cost of joining.  … Read the rest

Forgive me.(Freebie).

I popped over to Entice to stand in front of the LBs and hopefully as I work through all my notes/notices I could win those shoes I’ve wanted for ages only to find they’ve now been removed from the LBs, F**K!  (Yup I know the last thing I need is another pair of shoes but I’m an addict!). Anyhow you have to walk through the shop to the back part, beyond the pond, to get to the LBs but in the entrance is where you find the Entice Group Gift, look to your right when you go in, and I spotted this. A stunning gold strapless dress, although the title says “tan” to me it looks like a muted gold.  I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’ve already shown you this before but I’m too lazy to scroll past all the old posts or to check Flickr but I do know that this wasn’t already in my invent and this IS a keeper so it should have been there if I’ve already shown it but if I am wrong then “sorry not sorry” because this is gorgeous.  … Read the rest

Monday cheer (freebies inc)

It’s very rare for me to find a gown type dress that I like – but I have! Not only is it pretty ravishing but it’s also just $1L – mmhmm, mesh body sizes included and it just fits SO purrrfectly – keeper for moi. Its Serendipitys gift in the TBYOH hunt- hint is *its sitting on a suitcase* – you’re looking for a gold star – verrrry easy to find! (thank goodness) My gorgeous jewellery is by RealEvil, I actually found it on the market place but as I’m sooper nosey I teleported over to the inworld store – glad I did because there was a stash of group gifts (no join fee hurrah) . I was tempted by the hand & nails set while I was there – gawd its pretty – check out the MP link below to see the info and the enorrrrrmous Hud to customise the set. It was a considered purchase for me as I’m a bit broke atm, but at $499L well worth it. Oh! the hair I’m wearing is by Kokolores and will be available at the new round of Hairology, it opens on the 10th March.… Read the rest


I popped back to Mosquito’s Way from my last post, to check the shop out properly as I think esp when they put out such a quality freebie it’s the least I can do BUT I as always got side tracked by the trees used as decor around her shop, which led me to the Thorenbuilt inworld shop but it’s the Marketplace shop which was more interesting so I will put the link for that but you will have to wait to see what I bought from there after this GG. So just as I’m working on landscaping our sim a notice came through about a new Group Gift from the “Teleport Hub Group” and yes as always as soon as I spotted it I was off to grab. ALL of this for a measly 10Ld joining fee!  This is a corner of our sim we leave blank just to show off things like this and I think you get a good idea of the sizing.  Fortunately, all of this comes in a rezzer, you might just be able to see it on the bridge. Then I “saved” it and deleted the rezzer with the intention of seeing if it was a mod and YUP it is in fact once you click save and take away the rezzing box it leaves everything already unlinked for you which makes my life so much easier.  … Read the restslzenuse

No Change.(Freebie).

You can tell the hardened CB’s(Cheap Bitches) because when we go to grab a freebie and everyone else has TPed over we don’t bother fighting the lag we stand, cam and snag and TP out of there leaving everyone else fighting the lag LOL. Wow love these. I should have changed the angle a bit to show more of the lacing on the front.  Super cute and comes in all the mesh sizes.  Again because I am a hardened CB I also spotted another gift, it’s on a stand in the shop.  When I got home it’s a wearable weekend style bag with a really big Hud full of options from the colour of the body of the bag to the metal bits. Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself and here is a “bum” shot. I swear I’m not taking this outfit off until I find an equally as good one to replace it but since I’d mentioned the cheekiness of these shorts I thought I would sneak a piccie in so if you missed the details check out my last post. Mosquito’s Way
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You’re going to have to stay nekkid! (Freebies).

Got my eye on a tasty looking free top but got side-lined by the new gifts set out for us at the La Galleria shop, which never fails to set out monthly freebies for everyone and you don’t even have to join the group to get them. A choice of 3 textured greenhouses, dark, light and this shade(yup I don’t know what to call it).  It’s a perfect size for a little garden and at 3 prims seriously low. This little herb planter is more prims at 16 but if you’ve got the prims again it will squeeze onto a small plot perfectly and yes of course I checked and editable but I’m not even sure what you would change. If you squint then you might just see the butterflies.  I’m not into things like this usually, on my side of the sim I don’t have anything but I like these ones as there is only 2 very subtle and delicate butterflies. I forgot to grab the greenhouse workbench as well, they’re inside of the greenhouses and have been designed to fit.… Read the restslherbuse

I have the heart of a poet…and the mouth of a guttersnipe(but I still come with FREEBIES!).

Not 100% convinced sl isn’t still borking but the status update is giving us the OK message so I quickly logged in and 2 took shots. Love this sim setting, anyhow yesterday I was working my way through the 25Ld Tuesday list and the Poets Heart shop is on the list, but I can’t remember what the 25Ld item is because as soon as I saw the Free GG’s I forgot to look for it. This is a lovely and unique dress.  You cannot change the main colour of the dress but the leaves and flowers come with a colour hud.  The top also comes as a separate.   Was nice to be able to pick up something so different for a change.  Both items come in standard mesh sizes. I was going to show you the other 2 items, a rich purple gown and a robe with added hood butttt I still don’t trust SL at the mo so this is it for now. This is a quick post as I have to install a printer in RL and you know what that means “STRESS” so wish me luck and I’ll see ya’s later, SL willing.… Read the restsssdancecrossblue

Winner and LOSER!!!(Freebies n New Mina GG).

WHAAAA!!! I popped over to an event because there I believe a couple of tasty GG’s but OHMAI the lag! So I stood where I was frozen and cammed around and spotted a display of yummy home decor items but drat they were Gacha prizes! However, when checking the cost at 50Lds a pop I though goooo onnnnn and I diiiid and OMG won not just a “Rare” but an “ULTRA RARE”.  Woo Hoo what a way to start the day…. ..then I managed to lose my ultra rare!  How I hear you asking?  This build came in a rezzer with a note giving the standard simple instructions but when I decided to derez it the derezzer wouldn’t take it back as it was a “non-copy” so fine I just clicked on the build to take it back into my invent and POOF it’s gone!  Not in my invent, not in my trash, not turned invisible just gone.  I don’t really understand why but I tell you this it does put you off buying from a shop when you’re not sure if the item you get will one day go “poof”.  … Read the restxxxrare1