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Couldn’t think of a snappy title for this post TBH can’t think at all the best I can manage is to sit here and moan…actually I’m starting to feel much better today.  My friend who gave me this cold popped in with an armload of cold remedies and treats to cheer me up, she is now forgiven and I’m starting to feel less like warmed up poo….I still made the postie flinch this morning when I answered the door though LOL. So I have the energy to do a little quickie which isn’t just a Freebie but is also one of the 35Ld items I picked up from the Spooky Scary Sales yesterday.  So the dress is the 35Ld item and the Umbrella is the freebie from Bella Epoque. Actually, I already had this dress in my invent and so now I have 2 but sadly neither are Trans.  The sim wind light was so dark so you can’t really make out the texturing etc but it’s a dark brown velvety top with a patterned ruched bottom can’t even think of the sort of material it’s called but think Victorian and you will know what I mean.… Read the restxxxumbrallause




October 2016
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Free & cheap for Saturday

Wow found this complete free outfit at Rose Marine today – I had been browsing the market place and found the store, decided to pop inworld and check the bricks & mortar out. Woot this is set out for free – you get the boots & glasses andddd dress – mesh body sizes included. No group to join either. My bag is a free gift at The Seasons story (where I spent farrrrrr too many of these $$$ btw) Lovely hold poses built right in – its by fame femme, lots of gifts to be had at the event some cost a little some are free – the bag was totally free! I also snapped out a couple of other complete outfits at Rose Marine – the above was just $44L – it includes the boots, outfit, glasses and bracelet – what a great deal! The promo deals are on the market place (instore I notice one is $99L not the promo) – not sure how long for though so dash. This was my other purchase for $44L – coat & shirt, jeans shoes & bag (which I’m not wearing) I wasnt overly keen on the shoes with this outfit – a little too fullbright for my liking.… Read the restfree-boots-free-dress-free-glasses-free-bag

Dance like no one is watching.(GG and Lucky Board).

I’m off out today, sod work, housework, emails, Hubby,  friends, cats and all those things I’m off tomorrow for some ME time cos ME time is the best time, so chances are when you’re reading this I’m sat in a small independent cinema eating Chinese coconut buns and this weird omelette cream thing watching the film “Swiss Army Man”…yeah ok the reason I’m having a “Me” day is because no one else wanted to come and see this film LOL. However just before I logged off for the day I popped over to Caboodle and spotted a row of pretty decent LB’s and also a free to join GG and so I’m hacking out a random post. That’s me dancing in one of the LB wins which is pretty darn good and even comes with a Hud to change the colour of the top, bottom, belt and strap and if I had been bothered to do a close up even the small delicate flowers around the bust line. I actually am dancing because I want a pair of those pants and maybe the dress you can see just behind me.  … Read the restxxxcabuse

Sack me! (Freebie).

Just as I had binned my last “nope” freebie and I was about to start some serious SL home decorating I spotted a bright light but unfortunately I must have binned my Mojo with all the other stuff and I just took some really bad piccies so in the end my trusty pose cube came in handy. Let me just say it’s the top only! but these great pants and shoes are old gifts which are now long gone but it just goes to show that you can find some absolutely great stuff to wear even if you don’t have the Lindens to spare however if I did have Lindens to spare Blueberry is one of the shops I would just go APESH*TE and buy buy buy. Just really good stuff with such attention to fit and details and not even unreasonably priced I’m just poor even in SL I’m a pauper LOL. So here is a close-up of the top. I’m pulling these odd poses because I’m trying to show off the lacing which is on the sides.  As usual even with the Freebie you get a great colour Hud choice for both the top and laces 13 colour options.… Read the restxxxbluecube

Drat! (New Mina, Freebies & Whole Load of GG’s).

As soon as I think we have done it and our sim is looking at it’s Autumnal best I come across a shopping sim that is just how I think our sim should look in Winter.  So being an opportunist I took advantage of this cool blue sim to pull a few poses and snap away. OK, first the outfit which is a stunning freebie from the AnaMarkova shop.  The AnaMarkova group isn’t free to join but more about that later, however there are 2 gifties out for the SL Free’s & offers group and this edgy outfit is one of them. Comes in all the fitmesh and most mesh bod sizes woo hoo.  Shop quality and you all know what I mean when I say that. Oops I’ve just remembered there is another Freebie out for the SL frees & offers group but I can’t remember what it but of course you can have a nice surprise if you get this and the other one before I do my next post. OK confession time, I wasn’t going to show you this Mina hair because I just didn’t know what I thought of it.  … Read the restxxxanause

We walk in shadows

I feel like anyone that knows me, or has for a bit knows I go ham over Halloween. I love everything about it! The releases that come with it, blood stained clothing and hair, tat layers that are so up on that creeper factor lol and ofc all the dark decor, thangs all but covered in fake spiderwebs. I love it just as much in RL, and if you could only see! So, it's going to be a lot of frolicking in mysterious places for a bit this month, I can't help that. And I hope y'all don't mind! I'm rambling and I need to stop but ugh…OCTOBER! *COCO*_HoodedCoat(Black)+Hair_Slink_Hourglass * @Uber *
CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.4 
Blueberry – October – Group Gift – Hourglass * Group Gift *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Izzie's – HS20 Spring Midi Rings silver (Slink casual)
Blueberry – Tali – Fall Pants – Hourglass * New Release *
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Ohmai – dont miss this! (inc Free gift)

There is a BIG sale on at Crom Store that ends TODAY! 75% off – absolutely heaps of great buys – I snatched up this adorable sweater for just $15L. Plus this gorgeous little dress for just $19L – great fit ! If you subscribe you get this purple dress for free – dont miss out! (Sorry for the brevity of this blog post but I didn’t want you to find the sale had ended) Crom Store Designs By Anara for jeans & shoes
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Sim Restart!(Freebie).

I  wish I had done more “adulting” stuff yesterday because today my to do pile has built up so high it’s threatening to topple over so I’m keeping this as simple as I can so I can get back to “adulting” Simple shorts n top set, come as separates and both come with Huds.  The image on the front doesn’t change but the colour does.  You might also spot the crown on the hip and on my bum is the word “Doll” I think.  Normally I stay well away from sloganed clothes but the colours in the Hud are perfect for this season I’ve slung a pair of sneakers on and I’m ready to start cleaning up my prim eating mess outside my home next time I log in. Not only this but a whole load of freebies are to be found at the FLG shop actually there seems to be a gift for many different”Kroll” groups and to get this one you will have to join the “Kroll” group but all the group gifts and invited are all in the same place and all are free to join.… Read the restxxxcersad

Oooo Super Simple, FREEBIE.

So I log in and spotted that I was wearing yesterday’s Freebie and so 2 simple snaps later and voila here it is. Sugary, sweet and super Kawaii. A nice addition is a handy Hud which gives you 8 pastel colour choices for the shoes and 8 for the bows.  It’s a free to join GG from…. and tbh I just grabbed and ran so I can’t tell you much about this shop so when I LM grab I’ll have a wander around myself. I’m glad I go back to LM grab in world because it acts as a reminder and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that this is, in fact, a SL Free’s & Offers group gift in the Pink Pearl Design shop, to find it and the group invite if the LM doesn’t take you right to it when you land turn left to the row of Gachas, some very interesting spooky AV ones from what I could see, and you will see these shoes and the invite on the wall next to them. PS SLink High Feet needed. Pink Pearl Designs (PPD).
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Ha! (Freebie).

This outfit just had me sniggering in disbelief.  As always my note to Faith said “back off Biatch the FAC(FA Creations) giftie is MINE!” and then I hauled ass and as ALWAYS it’s a winner but only in SL lol. I’ve actually just taken the exact same jumper/dress to a charity shop as unlike my SL self on my RL self it looks horrible! At least this way my loss is someone else’s gain and of course I had a good rummage through the racks of clothes. As always with FA Creations a quality classic, etc texturing and a Hud for a colour choice and yes just to show you I am wearing one more of Mina’s hat/hairs.  The last one I will show you but hopefully, the past couple of pictures with Mina hat/hairs will encourage you to go to try them for yourself. A quick post as I was RL work busy, BOOOO and SL landscaping, YESSSS but I did do that small yet fab upcycling hunt and I promise to get that done either later today or tomorrow as I scored some really lovely stuff, well pleased with not just what I found but also  a couple of new to me shops but more about that in my next post.… Read the restxxxumbrellause

Sale & Free!

If you havent already discovered – Clawtooth has a mahoosive 50% off sale! Of course I scampered straight over as I LOVE clawtooth hair and managed somehow to find three styles I didn’t already own. For $125L its a steal deal – so dash! I have no idea how I came across Lemonade Couture – but I found myself there and noticed this fabbalicious little Argyle knitted dress. How perfect for Autumn. Mesh body fits and standard avatar included – group join is free. If you spin around and look behind you there are a whole bunch of other group gift to peruse. Clawtooth Lemonade couture
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Hunting for Halloween

I found a real keeper when I tried my luck at the Tihuta Halloween Hunt! I had a note from the owner of ORQUIDEA letting me know she had this item as her gift – saw the photo and zoomed right over to snaffle it up. Lovely thick fabric for the season and a darling kitty on the front – whats not to like?! This comes in standard mesh sizes – I found that the small size fitted my Slink Physique mesh body perfectly. If you haven’t been to ORQUIDEA for a while, take a mooch around, I noticed some great deals dotted about (with a red deal sticker on) and upstairs there is a discount room. My new hair is from Monso and is called Wendy – saw it – bought it – wore it ! This is out at the latest round of Fameshed, love it. ORQUIDEA Fameshed
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Untouched! (Inc a Freebie).

Not a complete free post but OMG I’ve just been checking out the “The Upcyclers Hunt” and I’m going to have a lazy RL day in SL and go shopping for what looks like some seriously Free and quality home decor items and all of that will be in my next post until then spend some Lindens B*tches! A bit of a mix here because why not.  Firstly I put on an OLD PumeC Group Gift called Nicole she comes as standard with all the Appliers you will ever need inc I believe some mesh head ones.  As said this is an old gift but I just wanted to show you another shade that PumeC has in their range because I usually stick to the paler Winter/Spring shades but there are also amazing sun kissed to much darker shades.  On a close up you will see that she has gentle tears falling unlike the real me. As for what Group Gifts that may be out at this moment I do not have a clue! When I went over to LM grab yesterday the place was packed with people joining the PumeC group whilst it’s FREE so I’ll leave that for you to find if you go over yourself.… Read the restxxxmeuse

Sweet October Hunt

Ahh yes, today October begins! I decided to take a look at one of the hunts that starts today “The Sweet October Hunt”. Above is the prize from Moonstar, a complete outfit. Mesh body fits and standard sizing included, plus shoes! I’m showing the outfit with capped sleeves on the top but you can infact have it with long sleeves also. Each Prize in this hunt is just $1L. Moonstar Sweet October Hunt blog
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I’ve not got broken feet! (Update on the stockings).

The lady who is a regular reader of ours and sent me the link to the Autumn stockings/socks gift from Lushish Catz must have the patience of a SAINT! She felt bad that they didn’t work for me, why I have no idea! but she worked hard and this is the note she sent to me…. “I used my regular body and slink feet. I wore the system stockings and then tried the slink applier. No good, so I pondered a bit. I then put on my slink physique HUD, selected feet on the underwear layer and undies for the alpha mask. I then used the slink applier for the stockings, using underpants. It worked! I can’t believe it, I actually figured something out.” I can’t believe she actually did manage to work it out I sure as heck gave up after about 20 mins of fiddling and cursing. So if you have already got the set for yourself or are still thinking about it then cut and paste this onto a note and slip it in with the folder with the stockings.  They’re well worth the small effort it takes even if I didn’t really do them justice in my picture.… Read the rest

I have grass! and freebies.

Woo Hoo and get yer mind out of the gutter because the “grass” I have is the sim landscaping sort LOL.  Although our sim is always open it will be pretty soon when we will send out a reinvite for people to come and just hang out maybe even do a lot of posing for pictures etc. Trust me when we’re 100% happy we will let you know and remember what I say, you don’t bother us and we won’t bother you so if you just want to check the place out for a couple of minutes or spend the whole day here we don’t mind.  My home, when I finally finish it, is always open so you want to sit inside on your own or with friends absolutely feel free and I won’t even bother you but Faith likes a little bit more privacy and so her home on the hill is a no go area. but as soon as the sim is ready you lot will be the first to know. Now to the FREENESS.  Actually, I had gone for another dress but I’ve lost it! my invent swallowed it up so I decided to put on another Mina woollen hat/hair and really try to find a great Winter warmer to go with it and OMG 2 minutes of looking I found this!… Read the restxxxcheer2

Owl Hunting, Freebies.

Gonna make this a quickie because I want to get over to the Sanarae event and snag, snag and snag away. Yesterday I popped back over to FaMESHed to check something out and spotted that this is actually another FREEBIE! In my last FaMESHed post I did was about the New Mina but I had also spotted that the steaming pan of bread on the Apple Fall table was set to 0Lds, it was the table I popped back to check the price on, and there was also a couple of old group gifts still out and still worth grabbing if you haven’t gotten them yet but this owl chair is also a Group Gift!  How I missed it is because it’s set out on its own stand and it was only because I had decided to price check it when I spotted that it too is set for only 0Lds!  Once I’ve done Sanarae I’m going to price check everything in that event just to make sure I’m not missing another superb freebie. But be quick I don’t know when this event is over but I think it’s probably going to be sooner than later.… Read the restxxxowl1

Happy Birthday Sanarae! (free gifts)

I fought me way through the crowds to get a gander at all the new pretties at Sanarae, and found a squillion (well almost!) gifts. Just join the group which is free and click your way around the event. Lovely skirt & top from Pixicat, super sweet basket from Belle Époque – and YES, I do wear tiaras to go shopping in (I’m sorry I can’t recall which designer gave me the tiara) Home & Decor too. Lovely relax set free from Chez Moi, a jacuzzi which would be super nice outside on a chilly evening (couple poses and singles) Ohhhhhh and the little clouds of stars were also a gift. I’m heading back in a  few days to actually, you know , shop! It’s a really lovely event that I’ve come to look forward too each month, its got everything from fashion to home & garden – check it out. Sanarae
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Another sort of Mooh (inc Freebie).

Time for Autumn Woolies in SL and RL and in celebration of being able to hide the flab I’ve been tucking into the carbs, actually that’s a lie I’ve not been “tucking” I’ve been shoveling them in like a maniac but that’s what happens when you make homemade bread! Gonna have to work it off tonight at the pool tonight I only hope I don’t sink! Between Faith and I and RL and SL, we’re finally managing to get the sim looking stunning, although I have to confess since I deleted my house but left everything that was inside still there hanging in the air lol so my personal plot is a bit random, to say the least. Our new windmill is certainly packed with poses inc dare I say naughty ones! The outfit is a lovely gift from Mooh BUT you have to join the Third Life freebies group to grab this one and it’s completely free.  Mesh skirt and cardy and not linked so can be teamed up with other items.  The one thing I’m going to have to hunt down is some tights/socks/stockings with a Autumnal feel to them even if dare I say I have to PAY Lindens to get a good quality set.  … Read the restxxxmoohredrap

The Cyn of being lazy. (Freebie).

Yet another brill GG from Cynful.  I wasn’t actually being lazy just using my handy pose cube, I simply wanted to try to catch how good this Freebie is. Go on ADMIT it, it’s good lol.  You may have many simple strappy dresses in your invent but it’s time to dust them off and compare them to this latest Cynful freebie and you will probably bin them esp when this one comes in all the standard and mesh bod sizing then just to make it sweeter you get 3 colours this berry/pink one a very purple/lilac and an berry/pink/purple/blue sort of colouring, don’t judge me I have to go out and get my new glasses later today. Cynful is one of those groups I intended on joining, grabbing the goodies and the unjoin but it’s turned out not just to be a great source of a monthly top quality GG but further into the shop are some really great Lucky Boards and this place is usually thumping with AVs trying to grab the goodies which basically means you don’t have to wait a long time for your initial to come up and yet, strangely enough, I’ve not managed to win anything yet!… Read the restxxxcubeuse