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Thank you!!!! (Freebies)

So bloddy easy this morning because one of our regular readers (you know who you are) dropped Faith a note about some NEW Goodies out there, as it happens Faith had already lined up the first one to show you but knowing my love of Shutterfield Faith winged the note my way and I was off like a shot. OK firstly a boring shot but there is a reason, the first score was 2, 3 sided simple room builds.  2 of the walls are glass blocks and the 3rd is either wood or brick.  Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the excellent texturing. Simple builds like this can be very handy because they’re usually so low primmed you can go a bit wild with the decor and with theses 2 because one side is missing a wall you can use this as an added room to your home or a stand alone garden room and just use your imagination to tart it up or of course grab the rest of the GG’s from Shutter Field. I just quickly rezzed the lot of them and I remember a couple of them are old GG’s but still worth while picking up.  … Read the restXXXShutteruse




August 2016
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Wake me up gently with sunbeams and coffee

I was visiting the Gaall store yesterday, Player bought me a stunning outfit from there and I decided to take a poke around. Free to join group and a bunch of really awesome gifts awaits you, plus some unique and sweet outfits for around the $250L mark. I snagged quite a few but chose these two to share with you, plenty more though! I really loved this outfit above, you get the tank, jeans and crochet cardigan, all seperates so you can break the pieces up to mix & match. This long tee is just perfect for waking up in and having that first stretch & coffee of the day in. Both items fitted perfectly over my Slink Physique mesh body, I seem to recall the top one had a few mesh body sizes included also. My hair is from the latest round of The Arcade, by Lamb. I hate gacha’s for hair as I nearly always end up with some bizarro shade. I generally pick gacha hair up from yardsales, so I can get the exact tone I want. I used the Seraphim arcade yardsale to find this (and quite a few other things) They do have a huge list of yardsales – but – I only utilise the ones that sell the “current round only”, purely so I don’t have to wade through an ocean of older gear to find what I want.… Read the restFREE tank,jeans & cardigan - Lamb hair NEW!

Dammit Janet! (Freebie).

Damn! So as soon as I get sent a New Mina hair it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I stop and unpack it and check it out and in my bloody Noobie excitement I’ve managed to retexture a bloody wall on one of my fav pose rooms which is not only non copy but now unavailable in SL or even the MP anymore! This is what I did in RL as well as SL, threw my hands up in the air and pulled a face.  Yes I could take a picture and try to retex the wall behind me or find a suitable shabby tex in my invent but I don’t have no time for that tomfoolery! LOL. And all I wanted to do was show you this Womanstuff Hunt Gift from CuCu Clothes and there is a couple of other hunt items set out but they didn’t come with hints and I didn’t have enough time to hunt them down but because this item did have a hint I zoomed in on it straight away. A Classic SL design but the texturing is quality and I loved the wrinkles in the shirt, it added a realistic touch.  OK I’ll admit it I TPed snatched it TPed home rezzed my office, unpacked my new mina hair, screwed up my office and took some snaps and so I can’t really tell you much about the CuCu clothes shop that I grabbed this gift from but as I said there are more hunt items set out so if you have the time it’s a good way to pick up a treat and also see some new clothes you may want to buy.… Read the restXXXOfficecinfilmstockvela

Sub me. (Freebies).

I’ve slapped so many sub board and also even joined many a paid for and free Group and never hear from them again and then you get I<3F & Co and honestly you get so many regular sub gifts sent to you it’s very cheering. SLink Heels with not only 1 or 2 colour but 4 colours in the pack. So slab the sub board and if you’re already subbed but don’t think you’ve received the gift yet slap it again and check “history” on the pop up menu it’s notice #2. Time has been so short so I can’t do this shop justice but I did notice some seriously wet looking latex body wear which is making me think it’s about time I dusted off my notes about Omega’s and see if I can use all the stuff I haven’t been able to show you. [I<3F] & co
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Get yer Sn@tch on, NOW!

I have been in the Sn@tch group for so many years I can’t even guess how much it cost to join but whatever it was over the years it’s not only paid it back in FULL but much more in fun. Sn@tch is the ONLY shop that I know that has successful riots, as soon as the group call goes out people come running to make the prices drop on the riot boards.  Even if people don’t want to buy the item themselves there seems to be such a camaraderie between fellow Sn@tchers that makes us all drop everything and TPing.  Add to that is regular GG’s out plus excellent Lucky Boards which because so many people use the Lounge area of Sn@tch just as a chill out place the boards change so regularly you can quickly win yourself plenty of clothes ADD to that there is always a really excellent “Fish for this” outfit, which is particularly cute at the moment, and although you do have to have a Seven Seas Rod to fish for it you don’t even have to bait it to win ADD to that the fish for it outfit is non copy but trans and there is a massive trade for unwanted items so people regularly shout out in the group for an item of clothing they maybe missing.  … Read the rest

Spring Kiss (Freebie).

Gonna keep this simple because I want to go do the marvelous looking Easter Hunt Faith has just blogged about so here is my quickie. A lovely bright and sunny Summer/Spring dress from Elegance Boutique.  You will find this and other Free GG’s and discounts upstairs so when entering the shop turn right and head up. Elegance Boutique
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Easter Hunt

There is a Spring Fair and Easter egg hunt happening right now at Ostermarkt, tons of things to buy and heaps to hunt. I think I’m correct in saying that there are one hundred and three eggs to find *faints* – I got to about 40 and needed a nap. Anyway this outfit caught my eye, it’s from milky way, only one size in the box , which is medium and its all one piece. Dead cute for Easter and a great fit over my Slink mesh body. My lipstick is also a gift I found from M&M, especially for the Catwa mesh head – lovely gentle tone. I also liked this lovely little pink frock from Vee’s, all sizes included plus a fitting for a couple of mesh bodies yay! My natty spring bag is from GLH  nice hold animation included. There were lots of guys hunting as plenty of blokey gear is in the hunt, plus home & garden. Collect your egg collection basket on the way in, and just touch the eggs you see around. The total on your basket will show how many eggs you’ve found , it also tells you if you’ve found the egg before (handy!) Spring Fair & egg hunt
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These boots were made for an A** Kicking (Freebie).

As promised in my last post I grabbed the Dirty Princess Group Gift and here they are in all their latex glory. Are they latex, rubber or leather?  Doesn’t really matter because they’re that good but check out the back of them. Since I’m not inworld I can’t remember 100% the details but I do believe you will need SLink High Feet, that’s because that is what I am wearing, but you do also get the different sizes so you get a nice snug fit around your leg. Since I left my AV stood outside of the Dirty Princess shop when I get back inworld I’m going to actually go inside, the GG is just outside of the entrance, and risk being tempted because I remember from my last visit this is a shop which has such a mix of the seriously sexy with casual wear.  I also remember than the entrance room is rather packed and it looks like that’s all there is but go further in as this is actually a big shop with a ground and first floor. UPDATE.  Now that I’m wandering around Dirty Princess I’ve remembered that as well as a shop packed with sexiness of the clothing kind there is also a shop packed with sexiness furniture.  … Read the restXXXBoots

A complete MIX. (Bargains, free, NEW)

I’m so happy I found  a packet of Jaffer Cakes in the back of my cupboard so my sugar craving has been sated plus I’ve won 2 pairs of NEW boots on eBay for less than £15! TOTAL! SL is turning out to be just as rewarding as well. The Mix is just that a mix of “Sales, New & Exclusive” items and I knew that as soon as I saw the colour Hud with this hair it was one of the “Exclusive” offerings.  Called Lieke and the style is probably familiar to you as I’ve shown and used this hair many times before but the colours are definitely different.  It’s hard to explain because they’re a bit ombre in style or highlighted but only on the tips of the ends fortunately since I’m not doing too great a job of describing the colours there is a Demo set out for you to try first. You will see on the stand that you can get the Hud for The Mix which is the quickest way to see which shops are in The Mix and what it is they’re offering ie a sale item or new etc.  … Read the restXXXCellurb

What a way to start a Monday (FREEBIES).

Whassup! Yet another AMAZING FREE skin! Honestly I was so excited when the notice came out from Lumiya Rae about her new GG’s I TPed straight over to her shop, Lumae and cammed over the heads of everyone else who had come running and snagged it. Indulge me with these pictures, I think there is a little bit of a frustrated Ballerina, artist, writer etc in all of us so I threw on some flats and poses and just day dreamed a little bit.  Actually I will confess I also popped on a Ballerina AO and then flounced and danced my way to my next Freebie LOL. In this pack you get 2 shapes, not worn, and 3 skins but the only difference between the skins is the eyebrows.  Normally I don’t like browless versions but in this case I did, the second is if I remember correctly white and then the dark brows I am wearing in this picture. The icing on the cake is soooo many APPLIERS! Way too many to mention but at a glance some of the most popular ones in SL I’m so pleased with not just the simple prettiness of the skin but the appliers is such a generous addition.… Read the restXXXSkin


Too good to delay showing you these shoes which come with an added bonus for non mesh tootsie owners. I went for the hunt and ran off with the Freebie instead.  Actually I have to confess that since everything in the small hunt going on at the BSD Design Studio shop cost 50Lds to buy I didn’t bother cos I am a MEANIE, plus I don’t need any more shoes or bags etc, but if you want to get some top quality shoes and bags at slashed down prices then this is perfect for you.  Since the hunt prizes are paid for there is a picture of what each heart, that’s what you’re looking for, contains so you can pick and chose the prize and when I was looking at the poster I spotted these FREEBIES and I snagged and ran home with them chuckling. The gold hammered heels and sequins texturing positively twinkle in my Nams setting and probably in all settings.  Really good! and then I spotted that a really nice touch is you get not just these SLink High shoes but a pair with Mesh Feet already in them so for those who haven’t got Mesh Feet or those of you who are still thinking about getting them these are perfect.  … Read the restXXXShoesuse

30 is my lucky number.

Another 30Lds Sat offer this time from Mistique. Steampunk/Victoriana at it’s finest.   You will also see some shoe showing in the top picture this a classic design of Victorian walking out dresses, the raised hem stopped the skirts trailing along the foul paths and roads of olden times and if like me you have a sexy pair of Victorian boots a nice way to show them off. There isn’t a Demo for this outfit because it’s a 30Ld Saturday offer, you do however get a choice of 3 colours, Rosemary Pink, Rosemary Creme and Rosemary Green which of course is the colour I’m wearing but they are separate purchases. This is definitely a keeper for me. Mistique is another shop where you must slap the sub board because it’s Mahi Dreamscape send out regular notices about all the lovely items in the special events such as 30Ld Saturday, 35Ld Sunday, 60Ld Weekends etc and this is all shop quality stuff.  The whole shop itself is a mix of furniture, decor, clothes and I did notice when I scanned up to the higher floor even poses.… Read the restXXXparasoluse

Bike it, NOW! (Freebie).

Quite simply a divine low prim prop bike from Beuno.  I again gave up trying to squeeze into the Shiny Shabby event and instead TPed over to the Kustom9 event which is much more quiet now that the opening day rush is over and once I’d caved in with a couple of the Gacha’s I spotted that outside is a selection of shops so I killed some time and saunter around them and found this in the Beuno shop. A  lovely free to join GG, a low prim (5) rezzable prop bike in that pretty metallic pink but the reason you need to”bike it” is because this is a Valentines Gift and of course that’s now well and truly over so I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be out for.  So haul ass and grab it. PS just a reminder the Beuno shop is on the sim not in the Kustom9 large shop, the LM should take you right to the Beuno shop though. Beuno
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Randomness (Freebie)

When my cat licks his bum he pulls a face which says “what the f**k did I just taste! another bit of randomness is this picture. So I took a few pics of my new free skin which is why I’m wearing undies as for the boots emm I wore them because I can lol.  Then I decided to have a saunter around our sim for some inspiration on what to do for the next season landscaping and of course our visitors area and YES I didn’t just get a fun picture for my album but I’ve made a decision on what I’m going to do with the sim. So I TPed up to my platform and took this plain old shot of my lovely new Freebie skin called Violet from Lara Hurley’s shop.  Although she comes with those cherry red lips I think the subtle blush and smattering of freckles make this an adorable sweet skin. So far Lara Hurley skins are the only ones I happily show you even though they don’t come with any appliers shock horror! LOL  But of course not everyone either uses them or is as lazy as I am and of course Appliers all come with skin matching Huds or in my case since I love and have grabbed all of her GG’s I did buy the Applier pack.  … Read the restXXXRandomuse


Loped over to the Hipster Fair this morning and snapped up this oh-so-sweet little outfit by EnvyMe. Whooooo can resist the Pug! Other animals available – but really – Pug! In the box there are various mesh body sizes, plus standard mesh sizes, princely sum of just $135L. My camera is by poppycock & halfdeer, currently out on sale at collabor88 in a pack with plenty of poses – you can even change the camera textures – love it <3 Look around at the Hipster Fair, most designers have gifts out for you ! I grabbed a few and decided to show you this sweet dress & bolero by Gypsy Chic. My shoes are also free, I found them at The Free Dove yesterday (I’m always rummaging around there!) these are by Vavian and very lovely they are too. The Hipster Fair collabor88 The Free Dove
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Clutter clutter everywhere!!! (Bargains ‘n’ Freebies)

I’ve spent the RL morning filling a charity bag sometimes I wonder where all these things come from and then I remember my charity shop addiction.  SL is a bit like that because even if you don’t need it when it’s such a bargain you simply have to have it and this is what I found when I went to the Frayed Knot shop. I don’t like shops like this because there is very little in this shop but what there is pretty darned good and you only wish there was more to buy esp if he, Astoria (6astoria6),  keeps the prices as low as these are. All I wanted was the multi striped rug which at 50Lds alone was a bargain but you actually get the 3 in the pack so I was very pleased with them all. OH Lord my SL bedroom is starting to look as cluttered as my RL one! Taken in my Nams Optimum Skin n Prim setting to show you how I see these gorgeous colours.  There are 3 colour pack options and I do believe this was pack #2. Now you’ve seen upstairs this is downstairs LOL.  … Read the restXXXCatsuse

Enchanted Unicorn

Hi guys, here's another preview of some freebies I've picked up over the course of the week! Enchantment hunt has started and in order to do this particular hunt you need to go to the main sim of Enchantment to get the hud. Once you've gotten the hud you can click around to the stores you wish to get the items for or if you're like me and OCD, you'll want to complete the hunt and go through all the items! Here I've picked a few items I liked and displayed them for you in a nice headshot. Most of the items you can get either free or pay! Enjoy!

Hair: Doe - Amalthea (Two-Tone) - Pastels [New][@ Enchantment]

Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - T1-Milk//Amalthea [New][@ Enchantment]

Eyes: Cole's Corner - Lady Amlthea [New][Free][Enchantment Hunt]

Moles: Izzie's - Heart Moles [Free][Marketplace]

Hair Bow: Viva Kids! - Unicorn Bow [New][Free][Enchantment Hunt]

Necklace: The Plastik - The Last Unicorn Stuff - Krysis Cord - Liara (short) //Sunrise [Free][Enchantment Hunt][Part of outfit]

Bracelets: Naminoke - Moon Bracelet [Free][Enchantment Hunt]

Nailpolish - Dark Passions - Tart Heart [Free][Xoxo hunt or can buy for 50L]

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The Girl Did Good, (A mix of Free ‘n’ Non Free)

I have NO idea of how Faith managed to squeeze even her extra skinny AV ass into the Shabby Chic event!  If like me you’ve tried, tried and tried again it’s time to give up and let it calm the Eff down! However when you do get in there check out the New Mina hair called Aimee. You may have actually spotted that I wore this hair in my previous post as well.  I really should have put on one of the many other shade options you can choose from but I forgot which is a shame because although I have a tendency to stick to the browns, Mina hair comes in not just everything from blonde to dark brown but a lot of hairs come with amazing whites and blacks and the Ombres! and of course as I always say Mina does the best Gingers in SL LOL. And YES Mina has a gift set out for us@Shiny Shabby, it is this hair but in a never to be repeated shade and I’ve seen it and I’m not going to show you it so you can have a surprise.  As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop because you can not only TP straight from there to the many events her hairs are at this moment but even better try the demo on at your ease and not in a crushed laggy sim.… Read the restXXXSuiturb2

Its all Shiny (free things)

Shiny Shabby has a new round and its also their anniversary. All the designers have left out gifts for you to collect – no group to join. There are seriously a LOT of gifts, I got a bit lost as I opened them all – I think forty-one gifts got opened with more to do ! Anyyywayyy there is something for everyone, clothing, home & garden, male and female. Above are a few of the things I liked the most, I’m not naming names, get over there and take a gander . I also plucked up this new hair by Entwined called “Lena” – it was this hairdo that I went over to get initially , then got caught up in the anniversary treats! Everything I’m wearing in the photo above – apart from the hair- are gifts. Heaps of hair gifts, appliers, clothing, even shooooz! Thanks Shiny Shabby <3 Shiny Shabby
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Damn I’m useless! (Freebie Hunt).

I’m so glad this hunt isn’t in the PurpleMood Creations shop as I have quite a few outfits from here where I actually PAID money for them LOL and since I don’t want to be tempted into spending too much it was a relief that I wasn’t going to have to cam and scan around the shop for the hidden glasses of water with cherries on top which is why this little hunt is called “Cherries on Top Hunt”. The 10 glasses are hidden in and around a very pretty and Valentines themed mini “yardsale” but when I say yardsale I don’t mean unwanted Arcade wins all new stuff from a variety of shops but new stuff from a variety of SL designers. I love any top that can show a bit of skin but in a tasteful way and this top does but for those who blush easily there is also a non sheer version or a rather handy system layer beige Bandeau top which is lovely and handy to have on its own. Again a simple and sweet mesh top. My last find was this stylised jacket.… Read the restXXXpurpleuse