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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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Sn@tching the Block

Newness from Sn@tch, Hebenon Vial and Insanysa. Insanya has these pair of sneaker boots on sale half off at 100 Block. Don’t forget to try the demo. Hebenon Vial has piercings sets out if you join the group The HV, you’ll get a discount. Drop by and visit Sn@tch, check out the new releases and […]

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Butter My Biscuits, Baby

  Or, butter my Buttery Toast!  I have been to this shop a few times lately because, well, I love food.  RL food, SL food, it’s all good to me.  While this shop mostly sells clothing and such they do have some foodie goodness, like …

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What the What?

  If you’re looking through my photo stream you may be thinking ‘What the what Sileny?  What is this?  Don’t tell me you are back on the food blog again!”  Well, guess what?  I AM!  I bring to you a bundle of baby toast jo…

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baby toast_002


Howdy all, how’s the Free*Style life? A casual, bare-legged look for you today (that was actually inspired by these fabby free coral hoop earrings + $2L polka dot shorts), with some super-nice free makeup + lash finds at Skin Fair 2014.
Leggy.Everything in this look (except the hair + skin) are free; but as y’all know, I usually like to compose a 100% free (or nearly so) look for my posts here, so I’ll mention that you can grab a free skin at the Tokyo Girl booth here at Skin Fair 2014 (that works with these free makeups I’m showing here) + you can always nab a pretty free hair via wearable Lamb demos here (although I will advise my fellow frugalistas that if you’ve got any extra $L whatsoevs this month, hit up The Arcade here to get that yum Truth headphones hair everyone’s been loving so hard, before the event ends on the 31st). The headphones are notably well-done — actually, anytime Truth makes any kind of hair add-ons, it’s a definite bet they’ll be finished super-premium-like (for example, you can peep how I styled it on my Flickr here). This scrumptiously-detailed pose bike is also free, courtesy of the XIAJ group Notices; I will add however, that free pancakes, no matter how prettily festooned with strawberries, do not travel well on a bikeseat. *grabs flying pancakes; wipes syrup on shorts*

And now a close-up shot of those free coral hoops earrings, free long-tipped lashes (this lashes creator btw is a much-beloved pres (Read more...)



  Hello!  Man, am I slacking on blogging.  I have more things I want to blog than time.  When I start college this summer it’s going to be even worse.  ARGH!  OK, sorry about complaining.  I just had to get that off m…

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Playful Somnia

Hai there you snuggly jelly beans, ♥ My Attic has opened and I have two new items for you there! Only 95L each set! They can totally be worn together or separately! Only at Somnia at My Attic! ♥ The Theme Park still open until the 5th so be sure to grab these tanks! Only […]

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.: Somnia :. Cheerful Tanks Ad

It’s All In The Heels

  My pal Cyclic is a wonderful person, a great friend, a fabulous Blender teacher, a cat owner extraordinaire, and a shoe maker quickly rising to be one of the biggies in SL.  Right now she has a subscriber gift out for all of you who own the…

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 Hi guys!  I’m too into this awesome music to concentrate on clever writing so let’s get right into the details, shall we?  This skin/applier from Adam n Eve for Skin Fair makes me so happy.  I love Adam n Eve skins anyway but then …

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FREE St. Patty’s Day gift!

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  In celebration of St. Patty’s Day – Our Irish half tee will be FREE til Tuesday! Ya’ll drink wisely & Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Be safe! Half Tee includes several sizes & alphas, boobs are built in. AlterEgo Mainstore Tagged: free, gift

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Squishy Somnia

Hai there you zippy jellyfish, ♥ Lazy Sunday is celebrating their 200th round and to celebrate there are tons of stores and it runs all weekend long! Only 75L for each set until Monday! Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The Theme Park has opened and the theme for this round is Spring Fling! I […]

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.: Somnia :. Stronios Set 1 Ad

I Feel Pretty

  I have to say, I really like this skin/hair/makeup/eyes combo on my avatar.  I kept looking at her like I LOVE YOU AVATAR!  I hope you like these items too!  I am not going to say much because it’s almost 5am and I *should* be sle…

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fishy fishy_002

Meow, It’s Free*Style!

  Hi guys!!!!  I have a quick post today and it’s pretty bright in color because I am trying to cheer myself up because spring is coming so if you get migraines or whatever just like shield your eyes for a second.  Heh.  Anywaaaaay!…

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free style post_002

Hullo World!

After taking a very long, but much needed break from blogging I’m happy to say that I’m going to start blogging again!!!  *queu trumpets!!* Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to blog due to health concerns but … Continue reading

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Free Dove

Free Dove http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/124/79/33

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Free Dove

Free Dove http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/124/79/33 Lips by MONS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MONS/68/72/7

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Orange Peacock

  New stuff!  Blogging some Orange Pekoe wearable demo goodness once again.  Wearable demos are such a good idea.  I remember I did it a few times ages ago for my own store.  I should do it again.  Hrm.  Anyway, lol, …

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  If anyone here has a blog that focuses on the free stuff also and wants a link on our sidebar send me (Sileny Noel) an IM and I will add you.  I got a message from a great blogger over at SL Freebie Addiction inquiring about swapping links …

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What Color Is Your Personality

Hair: No.17’14 Group Gift – (red)Mint Earrings, bracelets and ring: Feb Group Gift (fee to join) – KUNGLERS Shirt: Mesh Owl Knotted Tshirt – EnvyMe @The Style Icon Fair Pants: Leather Indie Pant – EnvyMe @The Style Icon Fair  

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Free Pu…Never Mind, I Won’t Finish That Perverted Title

  KittyCats has a free cat out to celebrate their birthday.  Well, two gifts actually!!  The first one, the girl cat, you can get just by going to the store and clicking on the girl cake.  Voila, free cat!   The second cat, the…

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kittycats birthday_010