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Zenobia’s Outfit

For the past two days I’ve stayed up till almost 6am SLT roleplaying. The roleplay was very intense and it just kept going and like true roleplayers once it gets good its kind of hard for me to just ‘stop’. My character Zenobia looked so good even though she got beaten and molested by a…

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Techno Exercise

  These shades and bracelets from Hate This at Shop Free*Style put me in a futuristic mood so I had to bust out the stretchy bodysuit.  Yep.  Feeling fun!  No time for talkie talk today so check the details below!WORN:Outfit: Lali’s…

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Sileny Face

  The store New Faces gives so many gifts to their VIP group.  It’s awesome.  In fact, there are two in the notices as we speak.  One of the gifts is this skin.  I think it’s pretty different from most skins around right now so…

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Quick and Silver

  Still not talking a lot (for which many of you are grateful, I’m sure, lol) because of being extra busy so just check the credit below, por favor.  Have a great day!WORN:Dress: Sugar, 10L, lots of other colors/patterns also available to che…

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Hair: Zoe Gift – Amacci @Hair Fair 2014 Necklace: Khloris Golden – KUNGLERS

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Couple Things

  Just have a couple small things to show you.  I don’t have much time today to chat with ya’ll so just check the credits.  Ciao!WORN:Forehead Hair Braid: Catwa, subscriber gift, lots of colors included to match many hair styles and bran…

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up close_003

After Party

Hair: After Party 1L$ – MAG @Hair Fair 2014

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Exotic Spice

Harem Complete Outfit with Slink High Shoes & Jewelry by ALB Dream Fashion Group GiftZoe Hair by Amacci @The Hair Fair GiftLittle Thief Hairpiece by Sweet Leonard Group GiftSeashell Eyes by Poetic Colors Group Gift

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Body Language

Hair: Sian Chocolate – Wasabi Pills Bikini: ‘Brazilian’ Yellow Polka Dot Subscribe Gift – !APHORISM!

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Oranges, Lambs, and Mud

  Hi all!  Today I have orange-lamb-mud-goodness for you.  Check out the credits below.  Woo!WORN:Shorts and Shirt: Orange Pekoe, wearable demos, 1L each HERE and HERESkin: Mudskin, group gift, includes a ton of other skins and appl…

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free lotd_003

Disco- Unedited

  I am exhausted today.  Like, nodding off every few minutes level of tired.  I can’t sleep, however, because RL demands I keep these peepers open.  I thought of music and then I peeked around my inventory and decided to post this d…

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Free Pet!

Don’t forget to stop by the SL11B KittyCat’s sim and grab your free breedable KittyCat!  You get one random sex free cat that comes with a week of food.  Once the food runs out you will need to pay for a perma pet potion or continue to pay fo…

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Snow White

Hair: Betsy – TRUTH HAIR Skin: Una Cokie Jem – Lumae Tee: Snow White Group Gift – Bella’s Lullaby

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J-Pop Attack

A few events are starting this week and on Monday! Rhapsody started today and I just happen to snag a few items from stores I’ve never even heard of. Which is a good thing, because from what I saw from their shops I’ll look forward to future events. Next coming behind Rhapsody, is the MANGA…

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Casual Saturday

  Very busy days so not much writing today but I was just wearing this in SL and thought it was cute enough to post.  Check below for details!WORN:Dress: Laney’s, SL Free and Offers Group Gift in storeShirt Around Waist: Adore&Abhor @ Rha…

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Cherry Banana.

Howdy Free*Stylers. How’s everyone enjoying their summer? Lotsa frosty treats + such? Good!
Cherry Banana.
It’s nearing the end of the month, which means that many ongoing hunts are ending soon; but you still have a few days yet to scoopie some of these free or $1L hunt gifts that I’m showing here. I thought this $1L retro-patterned, cherry + banana-hued dress offered a notably fresh palette; I added this free boho tote bag + 1 of the uber-glam, toothy lipsticks you can still grab at Pink Fuel for free (group join is currently $0L; I’d definitely recommend staying in this group, since the very generous recent skin gift was given out when group join was no longer free). I also wanted to show a few gifties for those frugalistas holdouts who still haven’t yet been able to purchase Slink hands + feet: I’m wearing some nice free color-change mesh nails for non-Slink hands courtesy of Pulcino’s newest lucky board, and a pair of free strappy red sandals (with red toenail polish) for non-Slink feet. — And in other news, I think my new free penguin friends here expected some exciting ice-related things with this free blender & fruits set; unfortunately, my lack of talents in the blending department soon became all too evident. Hehe.

Cherry banana love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Lipstick: Pink Fuel – [PF] Shine Lipstick (Pink) – GROUP GIFT – (group join is currently $0L) – (Read more...)

Cherry Banana.

Free is Fabulous

I’ve updated my gift at the Fab Free Headquarters to these glossy black stilletto boots.  They are one piece original mesh construction and resizable in any dimension with the included hud.  This means you can make them fit a wide variety of avatar shapes and over/under some mesh clothing items that might give you trouble […]

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glossy black boot ad

What Can You Do With a Free Mesh Av?

  Or, more accurately, what can you do with a free mesh av that sort of sucks?  Heh.  Basically if you haven’t noticed LL recently added a bunch of new start avatars to the library.  They are mesh avatars and most of them are really…

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Quest Fur Cover Hunt!

It’s the Quest Fur Cover Hunt! Have a furry friendly shop and want to join in the fun? Click the link below for the application! There’s already a ton of shops involved, you should be the next on the list! Check the hunt out on Tumblr here http://…

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Magica Estate

Skin: Cassia America Group Gift – Glam Affair Hat: Floppy Hat with scarf – [Gos] @marketplace Jewelry: BatKol Recolorhunt – Finesmith Top: Sally White – LpD @KV Dream Fashion Agency

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