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Welcome Fall!

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It's officially Autumn now!

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October 2017
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Growth of a Forest Fae

They begin their lives as petite fae, dancing with the lights on the bottom of the forest, on its waters and moss-covered hills. Their wings, their magic, can barely hold them afloat, but as they explore, as they dance, their enchantments grow stronger. They practice by flying higher, landing on branches as large as roads, walking on them with tiny steps until trying to reach the higher foliage again. On their way higher they begin to grow. The forest is ancient and it takes them years to fly up, years as they grow in size and magic. The foliage begins to thin, small beams of light tease them, lure them higher. Then one day they break through the leaves into the light and touch the dawn. It is a blinding moment after the safety of the dark embrace of forest shadows. Blinding moment of growth when all the roads are not only open, but non-existent. Sky is open, sky has no limits. The last weekend of Fantasy Faire 2017 is upon us. The official event program ends on Sunday, but we will have a six-hour closing party on Monday to wrap things up thoroughly.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim -Fairelands Junction

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OutfitPetunia Outfit *LILAC* by Caverna Obscura - MaitreyaSLURL
OutfitPansies Wreath ~PURPLE~ by Caverna Obscura RARESLURL
NecklaceKM Dash of Hope Fairy Dust RFL 1SLURL
Pose:CP: & !bang - mage with rainbow orbSLURL
PropFantasy Faire Logo (mesh) by Beq JanusSLURL
SimFairelands Junction SLURL

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Ok no, please actually lets not fight in the faire sims. That would be bad. So maybe LET'S DO THIS THING would be better to say.

I have been so excited for Fantasy Faire this year. Last year I got pulled away a couple days and got behind on posting but this year I have a plan and spent all blogger day taking photos and I am READY. Only photos left to take are the item photos to give the wonderful creators more time to get them out. But those will start soon.

I am as usual, showing off my base Fantasy faire exploration outfit in this post. Since the Fairelands Junction has no stores on it, I used it for the base shot.… Read the rest

Welcome Spring!

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I am back..

I hope

Last year I went through some, hard times. Lotta crap, lost my post at OKRF, lost our house, had to move, had to stya with a friend for a month and half. It was bad. I was depressed. Only thing that kept me going was Roleplay on Mischeif managed a sim I found last year after Alan Rickman died. Made my first human avatar on a new account as student, then a few months later made yet ANOTHER account to play a Teacher as well. And now I am ooc sim staff!

But that place kept me from going totally into a bad place. The friends I have made there are many and I love it. I am forever grateful to it.

But I did fall back out of sim exploring while struggling to not get depressed. Other then Relay related events I did do one sim, even doing the Christmas shots was hard.. A totally amazing LEA sim telling the story of the Last Unicorn. and I utterly regret not blogging it when I went to it as it's gone now but so beautiful. It was very interactive as well. And the scripting for some of the areas was amazing.… Read the rest

The wreath of kindness

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Christmas Countdown December 1st

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The Loft @Collabor88 September 2016

Collabor88 is back this month with “Sounds of the Forest” as the theme. For this nature inspired theme The Loft has created a dining set combining traditional modern and industrial style with natural elements. The stone topped table is the feature of this set with a break down the center filled with succulents and stone candles. Traditional styled rattan chairs are available in 4 different colours each sold separately. Also available are hexagonal lanterns in 3 metal variations each sold separate. Each chair is packed with singles poses some which include auto attach and rezzable props. The candles on the table and in the lanterns turn on and off when clicked. The complete set is 32 land impact as displayed, and copy and modify. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/94/232/1085  
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Click through for full colour version So many events that have just started or are about to start!!! I can’t keep up! Luckily there is a precious resource like Seraphim SL that helps you stay on top of events and they have just expanded their experience in world through a HUD Three events I want to point out in this post. First there is the Forest. A beautiful site that requires the acquisition of an admission ticket (L$ 1000) but once you’re in all the goodies on display are up for grabs, and there is some REALLY awesome stuff… multiple fat packs of hair, skins, decor stuff. The beautiful lilies in my pic are from there, Keke made them and like all their stuff, I’m in love with it. Next up is Romp, the super sexy, kinky event that will open today! My sweet Roslin Petion of Luxuria made this gorgeous Celine set for the event (and some pretty hot love marks as well).
Don’t be fooled by the fact that these are on an applier (and classic layers for the non mesh body fans).… Read the restClick through for full colour version

Happy Fairy Day!

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Borrowed Mane in the Summer Rain

After hearing about Wigs for Kids, Bunling That Knows Letters wanted to show that one can look simply fabulous by using a borrowed mane — even if the summer rain gets it in your eyes.  A quick picture for Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016 with the theme Whatever the Weather. In this particular case, a warm summer rain that threatens to flop the fancy wig the bunling is wearing. Hair: Tram – E817 hair jetblack
Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Crystal
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Frozen Silver Bright
Dress: =Zenith= Muted Coven Dress (Milk)
Mesh: Maitreya Lara Body & Slink Hands
Umbrella: ++NODe++ Lotus Umbrella
Bunling: !Ohmai – Mochi Bunny
Pose: !bang – Optimistic 5 (umbrella-pose & animare-modified)

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A Year of Weekly Themes – Week 6 Theme – Home!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 6 Theme

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Outfit *{Junbug}* Miss Betty in Sweet Pink SLURL
Jewelry.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Collar RARESLURL
HairMaiOwn! Farewell Marketplace
On Adar
HairBaras - Male Belted Fire ShirtMarketplace
HairApricot Paws - Echo Jeans - BlueSLURL
Pose~BAZAR~ Floria Living room PGSLURL
SimRealm of the Fae KittySLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Home, Home means so many different things to everyone. It's even different things to the same person. When I talk about going home, I'm usually meaning well, where I live 99% of the time. However home can also mean my parents house, or if I am visiting someplace "home" is where ever I am sleeping that night. Home, was also the Fairy glen at OKRF, and still is in a way. But the less said about that mess and why I had to say was the better for my heart.… Read the rest

A Year of Weekly Themes – Week 5 Theme – Enchanted!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 5 Theme

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Outfit *Figment* Crystaline Dress-Tourmaline SLURL
Jewelry:[P]:- Azunite Gatcha:// Royal Crown RARESLURL
JewelryCurrently available at this round of The Gacha Garden SLURL
JewelrySouthpaw- Amethyst & StonesSLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* Make a wish - butterflySLURL
SimThe Lost Unicorn GallerySLURL

Next Weeks Theme

This weeks theme of Enchanted can have so many meanings. Magically enchanted, or just enthralled with something. And to me, everything here is both. The dress, the jewelry, the sim. It's all so enchanting.

The sim, well half sim, is owned by the lovely Natalie Montagne who used to own Enchanted. One of my most favorite sims EVER. And I picked this theme just to show off this sim.… Read the rest

A Year of Weekly Themes – Week 3 Theme – Pink!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 3 Theme

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Outfit Poet's Heart - Winter Poem - Dream- SLURL
Outfit Available at The Secret Affair SLURL
Jewelry.:a:. Dangara -Collar&Necklace-SLURL
Pose*Eternal Dream* Angel 01SLURL
SimTelrunya - Forest of DreamsSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Pink...pink PPAAANNKKKK Pink! Pink is my favorite color. Just nearly every shade of it save pepto bismal pink. That one can go away. It just makes me so happy to wear pink. So I put on my newest pink gown and found a stunning sim to explore.

The sim is called Telrunya - Forest of Dreams and it is so beautiful and magical. I got so many ideas for my own land from it. It's another of those sims that seems ripped from my mind. And reminds me a lot of Chakryn Forest.… Read the rest

Mielikki, Mistress of the Woods

Mistress of the woods, Mielikki, Forest-mother, formed in beauty,
Let thy gold flow out abundant, Let thy silver onward wander,
For the hero that is seeking For the wild-moose of thy kingdom;
Bring me here thy keys of silver, From the golden girdle round thee. Fair Mielikki, forest hostess, Spake these words in meditation:
‘Claws I should be pleased to give him, And with teeth endow the wonder,
Would he not abuse the favor.’ “Swore the bear a promise sacred, On his knees before Mielikki,
Hostess of the glen and forest, And before omniscient Ukko,
First and last of all creators,
That he would not harm the worthy, Never do a deed of evil.
Then Mielikki, woodland hostess, Wisest maid of Tapiola,
Sought for teeth and claws to give him.
O Mielikki, forest-hostess, Tapio’s wife, thou fair Tellervo,
Call thy dogs and well enchain them, Set in readiness thy hunters,
Let them wait within their kennels. Filled with kindness was the forest, Glen and woodland full of greetings,
Tapio showing greatest favor.Read the restmielikki1bs

Take your time

"My heart is pounding but......It's just a conversation....You don't know me....I don't know you but I want to"- Take your Time, Sam Hunt
I feel like I need training wheels or a Sherpa to help me at me moment, perhaps even a Guru. It's been a very long time since I have been open to meeting anyone in SL, for you know... dating/socializing. Where exactly does one meet someone in SL and how does a shy person work up the courage to talk with someone? I feel it can be extremely nerve wrecking just to get a, "Hello...how are you?" out there. Telling someone that you want to get to know them better and want some of their time.....almost impossible.

I suppose I'm not the best at letting someone know I have a little interest in them. There is always that fear of rejection or not wanting to become a nuisance to someone. I just would love to be able to connect on a little more personal level, perhaps share a dance and take just a little of their time. 

The Look- Take your time
Hair- Magika [Hair] Gone
Skin-Glam Affair - Alice Cygana - Jamaica 08 G
Hoodie-[AUX] Bunny Hoodie - Medium
Jeans- Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
Boots- Reek - Boston Boots - Brown/Brown

Musical Inspiration (it's a country song)

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The Piccoli and the Princess

They find their ways into the forest sometimes, the giants. They’re usually lost and confused and need guidance to get out. They don’t understand the normal language at all, and have pitifully small ears for signals anyway. Instead they make sounds, a lot of sounds. Sometimes the animals feel bad for them and join them, sometimes they even use the forest energies to make sounds back at the giants. This always first shocks, then delights them. We know better than that. Every time you acknowledge their presence and feel sorry for them and use a bit of magic to understand which kingdom is now in peril and what they need to save it, off you go on some quest and end up living in a castle full of giants. No, thank you. We piccoli are better off in the forest. Who would train the birds and make the flowers grow if we left with every pretty giant that seemed to be in trouble and in need of help? Nono, not even if you ask nicely. Not even with those giant puppy eyes. Talk to the otter, he’d love to go into a castle.Read the restpiccoli2bs

Full color range for Fire ElemenTrees released by Weather! or not?

Weather! or not? presents the full color selection release of the ElemenTree Fire. These trees come in a flame version, but also five other colors and are intentionally fantastical in their appearance as opposed to realistic.

Each pack is $L450 but for one day, Woeful Wednesday, the ash color pack only will be a mere $L50!


12 different styles and sizes in each pack with a deletable control script to tailor your glow and particles how you like them, including all off. These are copy and mod as well, so you have a lot of customizable options and can use them as a major element in your landscaping or a touch of something different.

With a MATERIALS enabled viewer there is almost no alpha flicker in the softer version, absolutely zero flicker in the sharper version.

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