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Spring Sparkles

Spring arrives with a flourish, with a sweep of her blossoming hems, with a dance in her step and a promise in her tone. She emerges overnight to seemingly barren spots, celebrating with every little peeking bud and shy leaf. She sees the truth behind the tiny marks of growth: the sparks flying, the magic happening, the nature’s energies courting each other. Each flower grows toward the light, toward the sparkles dancing in the complicated web that is nature. It all breathes together, connected, like neurons flashing in response to the change. The trees speak in leaves, in blossoms, whispering their wisdom to the younger plantlife, finding their voice again after the silence of the winter. They speak of growth, of shared life, of sensations so full there’s no separation between where a small flower begins and a grand tree ends. The nature celebrates: it sparkles in lights and flashes, in blooms and grass, in the sweet scent of life. Human eyes might not grasp all the details, all the colours and sparkling scents, but the nature does.Read the restspringsparkles2bs



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Home & Garden Expo 2014

Announcing the 7th Annual Home and Garden Expo 2014!! HGE, benefiting RFL of SL, opens on September 16, and runs through the 28th. Spread over nine sims, HGE features the finest in Second Life Home and Garden design product and creator tools. Over 85 participating creators have joined HGE, one of the first mega-events of the 2015 Relay For Life fundraising drive in Second Life. Relay For Life of Second Life is in its tenth season, as Second Life residents across the grid band together to raise funds for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. The funds raised go to finance cancer research. During the 2014 season, RFL of SL broke the $415,000.00 USD mark for total funds raised. –So, in honor and appreciation, dedication and love for those we love and care for be sure you head over to the beautiful sims of HGE and explore what is being offered exclusively by our amazing designers! Nevy, Callie, Connie, and Rosalyn Teleport to Home&Garden Expo 2014   < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of the Home&Garden Expo’s scheduled opening on September 16th.… Read the rest2014 Home and Garden Expo Logo 512

Dive Deeper

Dive deeper. It’s summer, it’s time to swim and play. Time to explore for the sake of exploration, to see new sights, try out new things, view visions never encountered before.  Who says the water isn’t warm enough yet? The sunlight reaches all the way down during the summer nights and where it doesn’t reach, the magic of underwater growth lights the way. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough in your watery visits you might pique an interest of someone ascending to visit you in return. Curiosity is a remarkable trait, goes both ways. In the depths all the secrets are yours to find, all the mysteries within your reach. Dive deeper. It’s summer and anything can happen. Just because I’ve wanted to make a mermaid post the whole spring and never had the time for it: now I did. Besides, frolicking in water is an inseparable part of summer. The only event item in the post is the hair & headdress of the first mermaid, they’re by ~Tableau Vivant~ and available in The Arcade.… Read the restmermaidseaglass1ds

Home and Garden Expo 2013

You just have today and tomorrow left to shop the Home and Garden Expo to benefit Relay For Life. Below is a full expo map and here is a link to guide to the different sims.
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And then she fled in the path of a lightning bolt

Hi! It's time to get a bit more dreamy and creative for Fantasy Faire! Yep, it's that time of the year again. The fair opened yesterday and will last till next Sunday. That's not much time to explore the gorgeous 8 sims, so you better hurry over now!

Tree: Moonsycle vine - Balderdash [Currently at Fantasy Faire]
Grass: Pennate - Forest feast [Currently at Fantasy Faire]

Hair: Breathe me - Clawtooth
Skin: Thursday - Essences
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Top: Crochet loose sweater - Snatch
Dress: Shabby chic sweetheart - Nylon outfitters
Shoes: Mae - Gos
Pose: Vain - 10 - Skins and bones [Using Tillie's posestand]

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Under my Umbrella

Let me tease, please, because that’s what pixies do.  And we don’t often say “please,” so mark this day down in the record books *laughs bells*.  I’ve been mining crystals, and you should too, because just look at what I found at Petites Kingdom’s Crystal Hunt.  I look like a little ray of sunshine in my Forest Feast dress, which also comes with a choice of silver or yellow lacy wings.  It hurts to pull my wings off though, so you’ll just have to find them yourselves *snarky pixie*.   I also found the oddest umbrella.  You see, it can rain…truly it can.  Now, being a pixie, I can tell you that wet wings ground me…and being grounded and unable to fly…well…that just makes me grumpy.  So, I have threatened my umbrella with deadheading, courtesy of my trusty pixie sword, if it even tries to wet my wings.  So go find your own raining umbrella in the crystals so you can see the fun particle effects.… Read the rest

The Rebel’s Playground!

heyyyyyy! soo i discovered this cute cute sooo cute hunt organized by Little Crown,  the gallery isn’t in the hunt order, some are missing because i couldn’t find them for the life of me! sooo, sorry! the blog provides SOME hints but the majority are missing, SO if you do need help with a brand listed below leave a comment! happy hunting.   Starting Point. Little Crown’s Blog.

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Move for F of Japan!

hiiii guys! i’ve discovered this fundraiser today for Japan, it is for the Tohoku Region which were hit by an earthquake back in 2011 and are still rebuilding! it will last till the 31st of March, so you have plenty of time to go buy or take some photos of the parcel for your blogs and what not, the area is amazing and soo cute! have fun and happy shopping! Move for F of Japan.

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The Cafe Hunt!

hii pretties! sooo, i started the hunt yesterday, and completed the hunt TODAY! annnd, i am super hype cause, i ate oatmeal, sooo.. I BRING YOU THE HUNT! :D:D i hope you enjoy. <3 also, i didn’t add numbers because my numbers are all screwed up! so sorry! if you need to know a number leave me a comment, and.. i will answer A.S.A.P! happy hunting babies! check out the blog, here.
starting point, here.

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