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A pretty 1950’s inspired mesh dress with a floral print skirt. Available in ten gorgeous colours.
Currently at Vintage Fair on North Sim.

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April 2019
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Just a Quickie.(Freebies).

I decided to take a RL break and pop inworld to grab this and I’m gonna be honest and I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is and it’s not only nice you get a black/floral version plus all the mesh body fits. It’s completely backless and has the folds that make fabric look realistic and that sheer frill on the bottom is a really nice touch.  There is actually a few more other Free to join GG’s set out in the Xtravagance shop but I didn’t really have time to join and grab but if you don’t like this dres, WHY?, still go and check out the other Gifts. Byeeeee for now. Xtravagance
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These bare feet were made for running! Stella Long Shirt and Leggings ~[satus Inc]~

Stella got to the coffee shop at Sydney with her bare feet tired. She was still shaking from almost being run over by a car, a VW bug being driven like it was stolen. The idea of a coffee or something sounded wonderful. She could not make up her mind what she wanted… the struggle... Read More

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I bring you roses.(Freebies).

I have no idea of what the other GG’s from Bijou are because as soon as I put this one on I didn’t care. I didn’t actually realise the top comes with the matching shorts so that was a lovely extra.  Just such a simple sweet look and yet because of the saucy boob drapery very sexy.  All the mesh bod fits as well. The Bijou group is free to join and this and the other GG’s are upstairs but as I said I’ve forgotten what they were as soon as I saw this “keeper”. Ooo UPDATE Because I’m inworld and I’ve tried on the 2 other GG’s I had, there is still more I didn’t get, and one is a rather bright red bikini and the other a crop top/jumper with a slogan on and both are REALLY good so if this outfit isn’t something you want or need still pop over to check out the rest. Bijou
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Amaranth @ Totally Top Shelf

Poet’s Heart – Amaranth Includes:
– rigged mesh gown 5 sizes
– rigged mesh top 5 sizes
– unrigged mesh top
– HUD to change flower & leaf textures
– alpha layer
– alpha textures
original mesh mod/copy/no transfer NOTE: This may not work with all mesh bodies, and you might need to tamper with your shape to fit it nicely.   Available 3rd of June @ Totally Top Shelf   Amaranth All Colours
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Bliensen + MaiTai @ Fashion for Life

    These vintage high heels come in five soft pastel colors and are rigged for Maitreya, Slink High and TMP. Also included is a non-rigged version that is adjusted for Belleza and might fit other mesh brands, too (no guarantee). The pumps in salmon are one of my charity items – 100 % of the proceeds go to Relay for Life.   The Trinity necklace is available in five precious gem-variations – diamonds, rubies, emerald, sapphires and jet. Elegant but simplicistic. The red necklace is for charity.   And the Orchidea Veil includes 2 color-variations per pack. The veil is mesh so it won’t cause any alpha issues with your hair or your eyelashes. The pink version (with black or white veil) is my donation for RFL. You will find my FFL store at the Narnia sim. After the event all items will be available at the mainstore and on marketplace

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Bliensen + MaiTai @ Multiverse

The Grid – a retro futuristic veil for a night out in the distant future. Black, gold and silver version are included. Home Planet – souvenir earrings for those who travel time and space:   And a pair of headphones, to be worn with or without headband or with or without metal-wig (gold or black). In three colours and modifiable. All these items are currently only available at the Multiverse Event, but soon also at the mainstore and on marketplace. — and this is kind of obligatory here, right?    

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Take Your Time

  ♫ I don’t wanna steal your freedom ♫
♪ I don’t wanna change your mind ♪
♬ I don’t have to make you love me ♬
♩ I just wanna take your time ♩ ❤ Dani The post Take Your Time appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Lace Extravaganza weekend at Buildy Bits

This week at Buildy Bits it's all about lace! We have an amazing array of patterns and variations, all new releases on sale this week as well as one exclusive design that will only ever be available for the Love Donna Flora event.

Buildy Bits main store.

The lace patterns are all enhanced with normal maps that create an extra 3d effect to the fabrics for a stunning result. The patterns vary from geometric to organic, classic to unusual. Come by the store and see all the different offerings. All packs feature diffuse, normal, and alpha maps for a combined 10 materials each.

This week we've joined My 60L Secret, and for that sales event we have:

For Simply the Best of SL we have at $L99 each:

For Super Sales Weekend we have at $L99 each:

Plus we are releasing all of these packs on sale this weekend as well for $L99:

^All of the packs above are available at our main store location

ALSO, we have one very special pack of lace that is available ONLY at the Love Donna Flora charity event and will never be resold.… Read the rest