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SmugMug Acquires Flickr & Flickr Alternatives for Second Life Residents

On April 20th, 2018 SmugMug and Flickr simultaneously announced that Flickr was acquired by SmugMug. After years of being passed around from Yahoo to Verizon and not seeing a vast improvement on the platform, a lot of Flickr users seem to be worried about this new acquisition; especially since the announcements, emails and TOS updates […] The post SmugMug Acquires Flickr & Flickr Alternatives for Second Life Residents by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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New Flickr Groups Rules ~BAD BAD PANDA!!~

I think the Second Life community should be aware of the new Flickr groups rules. I just found out about them. BAD BAD PANDA!!!!!!!!!!! Flickr is trying to “help out” group owners and admins by cutting the amount of the groups you can add a picture to hoping to get rid of a phenomenon called... Read More

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From Point A to Point WHAT?

When I was in college(25 yrs ago) learning graphic design and how our eyes wander down an advert, we were taught the S pattern. Our eyes start at the top of the document and wander down to the bottom in an S formation or a Z. I have over the years learned this to be... Read More

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Inconsolable ~Magick Thoughts~

Some believe that our spirits travel into new lives in the physical plain in groups. These close knit groups are our kindred spirit friends and family and stay with us. We then throughout our existence meet them all as friends, siblings, lovers, family and coworkers we mesh with etc etc…. If we are lucky enough... Read More

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Courtesan Series ~Art of Dreams~ AmandaMagick

This is the beginning of an idea. Maybe a dream of courtesans…. the stories form slowly in my mind or maybe yours…. Please click the images to see them larger! taken at: Le Poppycock Stay tuned for more…. I am also wearing… if you can tell or even see it…. #12 MC.Necklace.Moon #EMPIRE – Virginia... Read More

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I Found ~THE DIRTY GRIND~ Independent Artist Community!

Ok sooo Beth Odets found her subscribo. It said so in my chat window when I logged in to SL tonight. So I thought.. OK lets go. WOW am I glad I did! I love listening to true artist musicians whether they are doing covers of Jim Croche or The Indigo Girls or…. playing their […]

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❤I am a Blogger❤~the big picture~

I had a blog post up where I vented. It was a great vent if I do say so myself. I took it down because I sounded like a whiny little B*tch. I maintain the fact that if you have a blog you are a blogger and if you don’t have a blog then you […]Read Post ›

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❤”I am a blogger”❤ (smacks my face real hard)

I was in a lengthy discussion today that I started by the way. I admit I started this argumentative dialogue and I am not sorry I did. Well maybe I am sorry because it ruffled feathers right and left even though I had a few agree with me. There is a discrepancy whether posting pictures […]Read Post ›

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Let’s talk about Feeds and Flickr! ~Second Life~

There are tricks to getting your blog exposure. I have done the old school thing with syndications but…. I find social media is better🙂 I get tons of views through Facebook and not so much from anywhere else even when I have synched my blog with many social media platforms to automatically share to all […]Read Post ›

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BlackOut 2016 Commercial

Each year for BlackOut, I put the hubby to work and create a commercial to help promote the event in a unique way! This is something we both really enjoy doing, especially me coz I get to play director and boss him around for a couple days … not really but I try! Anywho, we have completed the BlackOut 2016 commercial and its been loaded to Youtube and Flickr! Toss us thumbs up or ♥’s where ever you decide to view it. We are super excited for this Friday’s event! If you wish to pick up our press kit for the event, there is a notice in our group [Toxxic Design Studios] you can snatch up, includes all of the information and a info giver you can rezz out at your venue, store or where ever you see fit! ♥ BlackOut Video Youtube
BlackOut Video Flickr BlackOut Releases
BlackOut Invitation

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Free*Style Flickr Groups

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know what is going on.

There have been more than a few groups on flickr that have left me feeling lacking recently. Many of these were created many moons ago, and I can only assume their moderators are no longer active enough to govern over their groups.

We here at Free*Style have had our own group for a very long time, and have a wonderful community there.

Here is a sampling of some of the free items people have placed in the group:

A few of my favorite groups have been over run with Lewd Nudes and other random, unrelated to the group content.

I have decided to open up a few of these, under our Free*Style name, not only to make my own experience better, but to also better the experience of my fellow flickr SLers.

Here are the links.

Main Free*Style Group - www.flickr.com/groups/607733@N23/

*NEW* Footwear Group - www.flickr.com/groups/2843752@N25/

*NEW* Skins Group - www.flickr.com/groups/2860750@N20/

All of these are moderated.

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Going Medieval on Second Life – A Sneak Preview

A Tale of Wanders, The Ancient Ones Return will be in full swing, starting August 8 and running through August 22 in Second Life. The Ancients will take place in a fantastic setting where you can wander among huge mystical plants, imposing ruins, and lots of crumbly ivy-covered brick booths filled with amazing and interesting things.  Avatar Bizarre has a little nook all to itself in this fairyland, and there will be some great offerings to the huddled masses. Order of the Falcon (250L) is a new Medieval outfit for men; available in seven colors and materials enhanced.  This doublet and pants combination is lovingly detailed and includes five standard sizes, plus an alpha.  There’s a demo box sitting under all the vendors, so feel free to pick up a copy to check the fit.  In addition to the outfit, there’s a set of Order of the Falcon ankle boots for sale in the booth.  These shoes are unrigged, copy and modify, and include a color HUD with all seven colors (175L). … Read the restAvatar-Bizarre-Order-of-the-Falcon

Love Contests? Name that pose!

My summer’s been flying by! I really wanted to post about this earlier because I love contests. If you’re interested in entering, you still have time but don’t wait too long because time’s almost up for Razmataz’s July Photo Contest! The winner gets the entire package of the Moni poses for free, a custom pose made by Melonie Romano, the winner’s photo in store and Marketplace, as well as a video of this pose on Flickr. Here are the rules:
  1. You must use 1 of 10 Razmataz Poses. The contest poster is right by the Moni poses, so they’re easy to spot.
  2. Use your favorite designer’s outfit.
  3. Can use light photo editing.
  4. Add your name on the photo.
  5. Create a new name for the pose you use.
Give the full perm photo to Melonie Romano by July 30th inworld or upload to Flickr (click here for Razmataz’s Flickr page). Only one entry per person is allowed. Need a lift? Click here and good luck! Me:
Outfit: Amiable Candy Pastel Pop Bikini (July Candy Fair)
Body: TheMeshProject
Hair: Doe Cinnamon Roll (July Candy Fair)
Glasses: Surf Co.… Read the restName that Pose

Urban Colors

Hello Readers! Today marks the beginning of .PENUMBRA.’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week, so of course I have something new to share with you all! [the details]
outfit > RAYNE Couture – Urban jumpsuit & jewllery, rainbow *Available at SS FW ’15*
hair > Entice – Kiss The Girl Hair – Naturals *Available at SS FW ’15*
makeup > Seductress Magenta Eye Cosmetic &  Bubble Gloss-The Pinks- Violet Pink by Madrid Solo
shoes > Calystegia Heels (SLink) by Glamistry
nail polish > Entice – Bare Necessities Nails *Available at SS FW ’15*
pose > Brad Editorial Set by KaTink
background > Happy Mood Revisited Set by KaTink I enjoy color, anyone who knows me well knows that. When I saw the Urban Jumpsuit by RAYNE Couture in rainbow I felt like it was designed just for me. Sassy, sexy and fun…like me! *chuckles* It came with jewelry which I always enjoy…not only for ease but for options.… Read the restPSS RAYNE final pm logo

Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire..

First of all, I have to say I am very, very honoured to be part of the team of Fantasy Faire Photographers (and writers)! For me, this annual event is something I look forward to every year, starting the moment the Faire ends. * (FF Photographers: Dancing Veeper, Alisaundra Andel, Dr. Justen Tyme, Wildstar Beaumont, … Continue reading Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire.. →

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Will YOUR photograph appear in the Fantasy Faire calendar for 2016?

Fantasy Faire “Dream of a Lifetime” Photography Contest – to create the Fantasy Faire 2016 Calendar! ~ ~ ~Benefiting Relay for Life of Second Life ~ ~ ~ We are looking for the photographs that best capture the spirit of each of the thirteen sims – and the winners will be included in the Fantasy … Continue reading Will YOUR photograph appear in the Fantasy Faire calendar for 2016? →

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Hello Readers! Kiddo Oh has a sexy new outfit out called Octavia. She created it for The Fantasy Collective that runs for 3 weeks beginning February 20th. Octavia does not come with a bit to cover your lady lumps, and I wonder if Kiddo did that intentionally to see how her fans would cover or not cover them up. I know I have enjoyed seeing various takes on styling this fab gown on Flickr! I love the back of this dress as well. I have to admit one of the things that got me to fall for Dead Dollz were the amazing ruffles and detail. Octavia does not disappoint! I wore my Physique with Octavia in antique (it also comes in black and brown) and a lace top applier by Crazy Kitty. My poses were by KaTink of course, and were from the Haute collection. I also had some amazing new Glamistry on underneath that color matched perfectly of course! These are the Astra Heels. Thank you for reading!

“We outgrow love like other things and put it in a drawer, till it an antique fashion shows like costumes grandsires wore.”
― Emily Dickinson

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Supernova Barbarella at Collabor88

The February round of Collabor88 is ready for you to visit. My shop ANE is taking part of this month’s round as Date Designer with partnership awesome Betty Doyle from Ingenue.
The items available from usare a Bodysuit Dress and tall Ingenue Boots. Each dress consists of two versions, one with plain skirt and other with semitransparent one. Come and check them out. Dress is Materials Ready and Rigged Mesh and requires the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. Don’t forget to demo! Keep an eye out for more releases coming from us very soon! poster by Betty Teleport to C88. Hugs

ANE on Marketplace

ANE on Facebook
ANE on Flickr
ANE store blog
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Can We See YOUR Dirty Box?

-db- Grungy Computer Set shown Dirty Boxes just officially joined FLICKR and we wanna see all your dirty little secrets! Well, maybe not your secrets, but definitely your boxes :) If you’ve purchased any boxes or furniture from -db- or even have pics of you or your friends playing in our store, we’d love to see them. C’mon over to our Dirty Boxes group on Flickr and join our group, leave your pics & comments, or just perv our pics. You know you wanna :D

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