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New @ FiftyFive Linden Fridays!

Good afternoon lovelies! It is Friday (thank goodness) and time for another awesome round of Fiftyfive Linden Fridays! There are some really good specials this week. One of my faves is the shorts and vest from Paperbag along with about everything else! For only 55L you can’t beat that! You may not see them for this price again so I would grab your purse or wallet and run on down to Fi*Fridays to find your goodies! Happy Shopping!
❥ Dani ❥ Fi*Fridays

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FiftyFive Linden Fridays to the Rescue

Hello lovelies! I apologize that we were a tad late on getting these up but we didn’t want you to miss some awesome Fi*Fridays specials. Some of my faves are the adorable rompers from Eclair and the mesh leggings from Paperbag! I would recommend getting down there to check it out before this round is up because you might not see these great specials for this price again! New round starts on Friday, June 15th. Happy Shopping lovelies! ❥ Dani ★ FiftyFive Linden Fridays

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Thank Goodness It’s Fi*Friday

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY A great day of the week! The parties can begin and the busy weekend of SL shopping awaits you… Boy will it be a busy weekend, everyone at Seraphim is running round like a headless chicken trying to get everything covered!
Fi*Friday is packed with some awesome stuff, I have to say I’m loving the animal prints, in all these fab colours, and for 55L per item, things are awesome!!
Rudh xxx Fi*Friday

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YAY It’s Fi*Friday!

Holland seems to be boiling today, and it’s a humid heat so I’m shopping on SL… I headed over to cover Fi*Friday… Everything is 55L or less, some real bargains to be had… I loved Socks from Le Primitif, how cute little mustache socks, and there are tons of pants here today, if you want something new to wear on your bottom half, this might just have the pants you are looking for!
Rudh xxx Fi*Fridays

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Fi*Friday From Rudh

Lori is still struggling with Secondlife issues, so I am covering for her to bring you a weekly outing from Fi*Fridays, where everything is 55L or less… Lots of goodies, I love the dress from Retro, but bear in mind there seems to be very few demos available… Don’t let that stop you though there are some awesome goodies!
Rudh xxx Fi*Friday

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Fi*Friday! is here!! :D

Hey everyone! This round was pretty good and I did some shopping myself. Boy oh boy! I’m wearing my new pants right now as I type!! I look forward to this event each friday because the items never disappoint me plus everything is 55L. Can’t get better then that!!!
Taxi for Fi*Friday

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Hey ya’ll. It’s been a stresssssful week for me, so I am ecstatic that it is finally Friday. I haven’t been around much to cover my events and it is KILLING me! I love being able to share all of this stuff with you guys and I love blogging, but sometimes things just don’t always go the way you plan them to. But anyway, you are not here to read about my life! LOL. You are here because there is a new round out for the 55L Friday’s! Seems like everyone had the same idea when it came down to making new items..there are a LOT of the sleeveless shirts in this round, but all of them are completely different textures and styles! I personally love all of them, so there are plenty to choose from ;] Fi*Friday

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Fi*Friday :)

Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday <3 I can not tell you how relieved I am that it's the weekend. Whew…Why can't RL be like SL?! You can just LOG OFF when it gets too overwhelming..a girl can dream, can't she? *Lets out a HUGE sigh* That's besides the point! There's a fresh new round for you from the 55L Friday's! So if your week has been anything like mine, you probably need some reaaaaaaaally good retail therapy. <3 Have fun, dolls. Fi*Friday’s

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Fi*Friday, What! What!

Hey ya’ll! It is FINALLY Friday….and I could not be any happier about it! It has been a loooong week for me and I was super excited about this round they have out for the 55L Friday sale. There are TONS of cute spring/summer things, and a few things for our lil’ pot heads who are celebrating 420..LOL! They have also moved locations, so be sure to toss your old LM and hold on to the new one!! I like this build much better than what the store was before! It’s a lot more simple and less laggy! For me anyway, I always lagged something TERRIBLE when I covered this event. If you are a little overwhelmed on what you should get…let me recommend the clothing from IMBUE & Into Dust! Both of those stores are my personal fav! The high waisted jeans from IMBUE are to DIE for! I love them!! <3 You have an entire week to cop all this great stuff, so don't rush! Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhaaaaale, exhaaaaaale. Ok. Sorry. That may have been a lil too much for some people but LMAO!… Read the rest;)

Fi*Friday <3

Fi*Friday’s was a little late getting started today, but late or not, it is still loaded with all kinds of stuff for Spring! This event will last for an entire week so you have plenty of time to get with your friends and go shopping I’m lucky cause I have my hunni to drag along to all my events with me so I don’t have to shop alone LOL. There wasn’t much here that really tickled my fancy this go around, but the shoes from Retro are adorable! See for yourself <3 Fi*Friday’s

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Fi*Friday By Rudh

Lori, our usual Fi*Friday presenter, is having some decorating done in her RL and she cant be here to bring you the line-up… So me being the awesome person that I am, stepped in to help her out, I think I owe her one after she was dropped in the Seraphim “deep end” picking up my slack as I was on vacation hehe…
I will admit that it isn’t normally an event I would shop at, as the style seems a lot different to my usual look, BUT I will admit that I was very surprised and even made a few purchases this week!!! YAY for Friday shopping, especially when this event has everything at 55L!!!
Rudh xxx Fi*Fridays

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Fi*Friday is Here!

Hey ya’ll! I am a little late posting this, but I have had so many issues today it’s not even funny. But with a big ol’ SIGH! It’s finally Friday, which means it’s the weekend! WOO HOO! So, since it’s Friday, I’m sure all of you shopping addicts know that it’s time to go shopping at the Fi*Friday event! Everything in the store is 55L and they have some amazing items out this week The event lasts a whole week so you have plenty of time to gather your cash up and treat yourself. And if you’ve had a week like mine, you definitely need some retail therapy. <3 Happy shopping, loves. Fi*Friday!

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Fi*Friday Bay-beeee!!!

Hey ya’ll! It is finally Friday, and I could not be more happier! My weekend is going to be super busy for me in RL so, I’m having to do this post at work…shhhh! LOL! So I apologize for how CRAPPY I look in the pose picture. I’m using the old school phoenix viewer, not to mention my work computer is a dinosaur :S Anywho! Enough babbling, today is the 4th round of Fi*Friday’s and they have done some remodeling! The place looks fab <3 If you are new to Fi*Friday's, or just need a refresher, this event is held every Friday and lasts for a week. It includes all kinds of items from poses to jewelry to super cute clothing, and they all cost 55L each. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! <33 Fi*Friday’s

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Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday!! WOOOO You already know what that means, it’s 55L Friday and like always, I am impressed by this week’s items. Go on over and buy everything!!! IT’S WORTH IT! <3 Fi*Friday’s

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Fi*Fridays is Back With Another Round!

Hey ya’ll! It’s finally Friday! Not that it has mattered much to me, I’ve been stuck at home with the flu! No bueno..but, I’m feeling much, much better! Just in time for Spring break! WOOOOO!!! Alrighty, Fi*Friday’s has a new set of items out for this week and let me tell you, this event is a MUST to visit every Friday. It is one of my favorite events because hey, it’s cheap..and they always have something I want! The designers are great and did I mention it’s cheap? Every single item is 55L and they are there for an entire week, so you have plenty of time to get your hands on these goodies. I have to say, s u . v i d a is becoming my all time favorite store lately. I was just looking for some tattoos to go on my cute little feet and BAM! There they are in this week’s collection. I love them!!! Cupcakes and Candy? Hell yes! Go check it out. NOW. Fi*Friday’s

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Changes to Fi*Fridays

Fi*Fridays was changed last week… You no longer need to hop around searching for the items that you want, everything is now stashed nicely in one place, AND to make it even better, this event’s items will remain out and available for the entire week!!! Means there is no rush around multiple shops and you can just take your time in shopping… GREAT HUH?? Everything is still priced at the low price of 55L, so what are you waiting for, it is definitely one not to miss!!
Rudh xxx Fi*Fridays Collection

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fi*Friday with Rudh

It’s my first time bringing you this fi*Friday line up and the third week of the event. I have to say so far I like what I see, the list comes without MIAs and has a wide range of goodies available from some adorable stores for only 55L or less each! There were stores on the list that I had never heard of before, but I am glad that I know they exist now and plan on going back to do some proper investigation of them soon!!! I’m so excited…
Rudh xxx

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Fifty Five Linden Fridays!

hii guys! i present to you the new friday discounts! everything is 55L. have funnnn guys! <3

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