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So If You’re Free…

I heard on plurk today that there was a Fibromyalgia Fair going on and thought I had a bit of free time and should check it out. I was really pleasantly surprised, it’s a totally CUTE little fair with VERY NICE items for sale from creators I had heard of. Basically, that’s a win to me. Also, for those of you who like a fun freebie, there were freebies at every station and many are cute and worth having. I picked up this grocery bag pose prop item called FIRST NIGHT and figured, if this really hot lawyer chick I know is free, she could come over and I’ll make dinner and stuff. Asking someone to come over, is asking them to come have sex. Asking them to come over and you’ll make dinner, means, there will be sex – plus you’ll cater. I AM SO DOMESTIC OMG. This skin is FREE at the Fibromyalgia fair, from FELONY. That alone makes the TP worth your while. Pop over and check out what is for sale and support a worthy cause. You know, I went to the shops and got some stuff.… Read the restVaki, If You Are Free...



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Wipe Your Mouth, There’s still a bit of bullshit around your lips

More items from Festival of Sin and a slight change to the usual style of Evie and it’s not really very often that you get to see Evie’s boobs, so make the most of it! Few things about the outfit, lets … Continue reading →

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The Festival of Sin

The Festival of Sin opens its doors at 5PMSLT Today! This is a Secondlife celebration of all things sinful and it is definitely not an event for the faint-hearted! Wrath is full of blood and gore, Lust is all things passion and debauchery, Gluttony makes you hungry and Greed looks like somewhere straight out of a Bankers District, the event space as whole is fit to overflow with concentrated sin! The event is home to many highly sexual, violent and possibly politically incorrect images so if this will be something that you do not want to be around I suggest you think very carefully before venturing in, however, if sinning tickles your fancy this is an event stuffed full of things you will not want to miss out on!
Some basic information that you will be needing to know must be shared with you now! The sim is ADULT – unless you are age verified you won’t be able to enter the event location. There is a script counting gate at the main landing point! If you try to go in with more than 60 scripts working you will be barred from entering, so remove all those huds, scripted items and AOs so that you and everyone else can move around without too much lag!… Read the restfestivalofsin-teaser-red-outline

Meet Lust

Hello, people! It’s four days i’m wearing this skin from .::Felony::., i like it so much i don’t want to take it off anymore: Meet Lust. It’s stunning. It’s luscious. It’s silky. Really. Such an exotic and beautiful face and so different from most of the skins i’ve been seeing around lately. I’m wearing it in the light tone which is also different from “normal” light skin tones: it makes me think of a burning rose.
Look at the mole above the lip, it adds the definitive sensual touch to the whole skin…..Oh my, i love Lust, Feline Dagger did such a great job!
This limited edition skin comes in 4 tones and will be available at the Festival of Sin which will run from February 18th till March 3rd, so you better get ready, folks! Now let me show you these amazing heels: The Spring in Bloom heels from Purrfect 10 are some of the most beautiful heels i have ever seen and you can find them and their “Wild Rose” version – in cream and crimson – at the Back to Black event.… Read the restLust

Skin Addiction’s 2nd Annual Black Friday Weekend!!

Skin Addiction is an in-world group and they are having a HUGE sale event going on this weekend! Ending on the 28th, this event gives group members the chance to purchase skins at a great discount just by joining, and there is no cost to join. Listed below are LMs to all the participating stores! ENJOY! Amacci La Petite Morte Heartsick Adam n Eve Zanzo IrEn Egoisme [the Skinnery] Rozena Idiosyncrasy NATURAL BEAUTY .::[Felony]::. sorry.asia BAIASTICE Flawless C A N D Y D O L L [Gauze] .ploom. ALEIDA MARIKO Glam Affair Tableau Vivant Eleanor Rigby Plastik Lara Hurley { essences } JeSyLiLO Beetlebones Oceane Body Design UNIQUE MEGASTORE ^Re.Birth^ Glance Wunderlich’s Skins Maverick Design LOGO Belleza Akeruka Vassnia [Pink Fuel] (fashionably dead)

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