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SwagBag January 2017 Unboxing Video!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope your 2017 so far has been peaceful and relaxing. I’m still kind of recovering from last night but I did sleep in quite a bit so that helped. Hoping to just relax for another couple of days now before I get back to work. The January 2017 edition […] The post SwagBag January 2017 Unboxing Video! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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SwagBag December 2016 Unboxing Video!

The December 2016 edition of the SwagBag monthly Second Life subscription box  for male avatars was just released today. The theme for this month is Winter and these are the 15 designers participating this round: > Bade > BAMSE > Come Soon Poses > Dappa > E-clipse > Etham > FATEwear > Kalback > Lapointe & Bastchild > Minimal > […] The post SwagBag December 2016 Unboxing Video! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Just playing around

What’s up friends? So in today’s installment of Mouse puts on cute clothes in Second Life and takes pictures, we are looking at dress down Mouse.  I saw these GREAT casual pants and thought, oh I have a bunny backpack from Lark that NEEDS these pants.  The top is from a previous gacha, the sneaks are the requisite Fatewear.  Enjoy! As always the full credits for the outfit are listed at the bottom of this post.  The full series of pictures (let’s face it they are all pretty much the same…) can be found on my Flickr.  MAHWHAAAAA!  Oh and these pictures were taken in the Isle of Crystal Gardens. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Elikatira “Early”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea natural”
Eyebrows & Eye Makeup – Buzzeri “Talia” & “Nyx”
Eyes – Shine “Pewter”
Jewelry  – Dark Mouse – Earrings from Cascade Set
Back pack – Lark “Bunny Backpack”
Shirt – Valentina E.Read the restmouse_1

StrawberrySingh.com 2015 Holiday Giveaway!

Before I get into the details of the giveaway I’m having this year, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. Yesterday I found out that I won two AVI Choice Fashion Awards: Favorite Fashion Blogger and Favorite Fashion Blog. It truly means a lot to be appreciated for something you love […] The post StrawberrySingh.com 2015 Holiday Giveaway! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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We have a photo challenge! It was a thrill to work on something for a new photo challenge. The challenge is called A Thousand Words, you can read more about it at the blog.

The first challenge was "Gods and Monsters", so I had a little fun with the idea, letting the viewer decide which person is which in my photo.
As I usually try to do, I stuck with Firestorm only windlights, everything you see is as it looked on my Second Life.

"Kryptonite" by Three Doors DownYou called me strong, you called me weak,But still your secrets I will keepYou took for granted all the timesI never let you downYou stumbled in and bumped your head,If not for me then you'd be deadI picked you up and put you back on solid ground

Pose on Screen > An Lar - Rise
Pose on Keyboard > Rack Poses - Pew Pew

Hair > Exile - Rogue
Boots > FATEplay - Turner
Pants > FATEplay - Max
Jacket & Shirt > FATEplay - Max

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My Sweet Summer

♫ I met her on a Friday, she left on a Monday, ♫
♪ Wrote me a letter said she hoped to see me someday. ♪
♬ We had a good time, I can’t deny that. ♬
♩ You can be my sunshine every time you fly back. ♩ ❤ Dani ❤ Val The post My Sweet Summer appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Summer Solstice Sale at FATE and coldLogic!

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The Mouse Chronicles…Volume I

After a long hard day at the Mall, Mouse finds herself dropped in ANOTHER DIMENSION!  What’s a fashionable slayer to do?  
To be continued…. Outfit Credits Hair – Elikatira “Break” Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural” Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow” Eye Lashes – petticoat lane “doe eyed” (vintage) Eye Makeup – cheLLe “Adele” Eyes – Shine “Pewter” Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer “Gold Cross” Shirt & Jacket – Fashionably Dead “Leather Jacket & Tucked Racer Tank” Pants – Ricielli – “High-waisted Riding Leather Pants” Shoes – Fatewear  “Ziggy Chucks” Weapon – Mr. Pointy (vintage) Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Flat Feet” NOTE: The Mouse Chronicles may or may not continue!  Also a shout out to all my fellow Buffy fans, the outfit is definitely based on the outfit that Buffy wore when she went to KILL Faith for her slayer’s blood to save her beloved Angel!… Read the restMouse_Comic1

Did You Borrow These From Your Granny?

  Credits Sam:
HERMONY / SYMON / BodyShape (new) (new)
HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST3 / BASE ::K:: Summer Jacket Homme SaxBlue @ TMD
Exile::Vindicated AON
FATEwear Shorts - Belo - Scripted (M)
Izzie Bracelet Izzie's
RONSEM* Old Sneakers / white
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Rustic (M) Credits Izzie: hair: Olive - The Sweetpea Hair RARE (@ The Arcade)
shoes: Ingenue - Esmee Sandals (@ Collabor88)
dress: ISON - Wrap Side Dress (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin pose: Bauhaus Movement - Zerkalo
Selfie stick by RC 
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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La vita è bella

On 7th June 2015 · By Sam Laszlo · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Nerd Finds, Second Life · Tags , , , ,
Credits: HERMONY / SYMON / BodyShape  HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST3 / BASE Hair Vindicated Exile FATEwear Pants - Belo - Scripted (M) New FATEwear Shirt - Craig - Scripted (L)(Down) New Izzie Bracelet Izzie's Arrow Tattoo's in Gold Work in progress Izzie's IKON Sovereign Eyes  Enjoy and till next time ♥

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I See You

After a few months of being too busy to get any photos done, it felt really good to get back and get one out of my system.
This was also my first visit to the new IASWAS sim, which I'd been looking forward to visiting!
It All Starts With a Smile is a beautiful sim run by Kaelyn and Maxx, with a modest group fee if you need to rezz for a photo there.
Now, hopefully I'll see you back here soon!

"I See You" performed by Luke BryanI can't go anywhere, I can't do anything
No, I can't close my eyes without you in my dreams
You won't leave me alone, even though I know you're gone I look around for someone new, but I see you
Jumpin’ up there with the band
Takin’ me by the hand
Hey boy, come dance with me
Stuck like a melody in my headIn the bed of my truck
By the light of the midnight moon
Baby, I see you

Location: IASWASPose > Kuro In Motion - Exposed
Shoes > FATEstep by FATEwear - Hogan WingtipsSuit > Deadwool - The DandyHair > Exile - Give Away Your Secrets

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Night at the movies.

Sam's credits: Hair Damselfly Gus @ Fameshed Tattoo Reckless. - Cole II (Faded) 2 Studded Riders Jacket with Tshirt/ Blue Gabriel @ Creators collection box FATEwear Jeans - Faded Billy - Scripted (Low)(M) Izzie's - Watch silver/blue L (men) RONSEM* Old Sneakers  HERMONY / SYMON / BodyShape (new) (new) HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST3 / BASE IKON Sovereign Eyes - Rustic (M) Izzie's credits: Hair Truth Effie  Izzie's - Samantha Skin smokey pale DB CL Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 *Fishy Strawberry* Sunday Zip Hoodie - S - Pink Blueberry @ N21 Exclusive Belt - Maitreya Blueberry @N21 Studded Denim Skirts - Maitreya - Dark Blue fri.day @ Uber Oakley.Heels (White) - Slink Pose by Purple Poses Enjoy and till next time ♥

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Summertime and the livin is easy.

Credits Izzie aka the lazy one: flats: .random.Matter. - Venice Flats (@ TLC) hair: Elua - iola1 dress: Zenith - MiMi short skirt (@ Fameshed)
skin: Izzie's - Samantha Skin smokey (@ Uber)
Credits Sam aka the hard worker: SORGO - PocketTshirt currently at TLC FATEwear Jeans - Billy ..::ILLI::.. SLink Gianni Mocassino shoes EarthStones Groovy Peace Necklace - His/Cool Izzie's - Watch silver/blue L (men) MINA Hair - Harry (materials) currently at TLC HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST3 / BASE IKON Sovereign Eyes - Rustic (M) Furniture & decoration items: Fling gardening set 22769 Bauwerk, Andrea bench Mudhoney Both currently at TLC Enjoy and till next time ♥

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The End is finally here!

No, I’m not a doomsday preacher, I’m talking about The End, the newest event in the Seraphim lineup. It started today, and you really should get there to see the incredible creations of all our designers before it all, well, before it all ends on May 5th. All items created for and sold at The End are exclusive to the event, and trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want to miss these! Here are our designers: 22769 [bauwerk], CerberusXing, FateWear, The Forge, Nomad, Swagga Balaclava!!, DRD – Death Row Designs, Frogstar, Mien Poses, Mina, Oyasumi, Second Spaces, Speakeasy, Win*Factory Heidi Flickr Page Teleport to The End MIA: Cargo

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Kaelyn and I have been talking about blogging a few things for a month or so, and we just never had time when the other did to get much of the list done. But when she passed me this song "Bloodstream", I knew that it would be perfect for the new pose Lust by Rack Poses.
Add a dirty location, put on some sexy clothes, drink a little red wine, and BOOM!

"Bloodstream" by Ed Sheeran
I've been spinning now for timeCouple women by my sideI got sinning on my mindSipping on red wineI've been sitting here for agesRipping out the pagesHow'd I get so faded?How'd I get so faded?

Pose > Rack Poses - Lust  *NEWish*Location > Pigeon Island
Billy is wearing:Hat > Deadwool - FedoraSuit > Deadwool - The DandyShoes > FATEstep - Hogan wingtips
For Kae's look, please visit her blog!

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Almost Cut My Hair

When you've had a couple friends bugging you to adopt a shorter haircut, and then you randomly find a Barber Shop, maybe you suddenly have a great idea for a photo!
As luck would have it, the Metro set from Apple Fall came out just as I was thinking about how to set everything up, and it completed the scene perfectly.
And now, I will run my fingers through my long hair and wave to Katya & Skye, then pick up my guitar while avoiding the haircut for a little while longer.

"Almost Cut My Hair" performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAlmost cut my hair, it happened just the other day.It's getting' kinda long, I coulda said it wasn't in my way.But I didn't and I wonder why, I feel like letting my freak flag fly,Cause I feel like I owe it to someone.

Location > DERAILED
Guitar, Easel and Subway Entrance > Apple Fall - Metro  *new at TLC*
Pose > Del May - Wallet Reach
Hair > Exile - Give Away Your Secrets
Shirt & Pants > ::K:: - Chillin Kurta & Pants *new at Shiny Shabby*
Shoes > FATEstep - Nylon Chucks
Body & Skin > TMP Deluxe with Tableau Vivant Appliers

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Post #791 DYNASTY

Hair: -Entente- Odilon Fedora & Hair – Brown – Mahogany Hair Base: Clef de Peau HairBase Black Glasses: [Z O O M] Starclass Glasses |  MWFW Skin: Clef de Peau Lewis | Shiny Shabby Facial Hair: {Fe Style} Facial Hair – 8ED/1 Mustache: Clef de Peau – Mustache Pipe: [ kunst ] – Delhi pipe / plane Camera: AITUI – Sweiss Cam Watch: Meva […]

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Partners in crime.

The mustache from Mina really gave me a 70/80's feeling. So Izzie and me thought it would be funny to do a retro picture in that theme..
Sam's credits: Hair Elliot UW.st Moustache Mina hair for the MOM event. Pique polo Shai Faded Billy jeans FATEwear Anton Loafers Shai  Suitcase and gun David Heather for the Arcade event Car Federalli spider SLC Izzie's credits: dress: ISON - Ruffle Dress shoes: Candydoll - Grace (@ Collabor88) jewelry: Izzie's - Chunky Chain Jewelry hair: Catwa - Rosy skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin (@ Skin Fair) mouth: mouth: PXL- SweetLips couple pose: EverGlow - Balls #8

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Here comes the sun.

Hello guys, Damien from FATEwear launched his new shoe store called FATEstep. And released a lot of new shoes already, I love the fancy hud that they have, and also the options for mesh feet and socks and the tons of texture options. I am wearing the Wilson Moccasins. Sam's credits: Hair Dura 55 Bradley Vneck sweater shirt and tie FATEwear new  Faded Billy jeans FATEwear Wilson moccasins FATEstep new. Cute Izzie's credits: shirt: Emery - Geek T-Shirt (@ Fameshed) skirt: Bueno - Vintage Denim Skirt (@ Collabor88) shoes: Reign - Tomahawks bracelet: Izzie's - Coin Bracelet (@ Uber) hair: Elua - Hollis 2 skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin (@ Skin Fair)
Pose: Bon Voyage Rack Poses for the TLC event. Location the new springed up Izzie's sim Enjoy and till next time ♥

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Magically Delicious

    This is my twin brother, Matthew. Normally we are both blond, but we went red for St.Patty's Day. Matthew and I met in plurk and after weeks of saying exactly the same things at exactly the same times in plurks, we decided we should get to know each other and so we have. Matthew is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to all the great times we will have together! So today we decided to put our twin power together and go find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow- and of course we did find one. We are both wearing some items we got from Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2015!

     Opening tomorrow is a brand new shoe store called FATEstep footwear by the ever talented designer Damien Fate. Matthew is showing you some new shoes that will be released in the opening tomorrow. FATEstep will have both male and female shoes. The male shoes will come with a slink  and regular avatar version and the female shoes will come with a slink and maitreya version.… Read the rest