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My Verona

Today has been a Musicals/Dance Movies day for me, started off with Mama Mia, and now I have moved on to Footloose, the new one not the original. I was very against the remake at first, because they changed all the begining and it kind of lacked a little fire, the original cast were a […]

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Verona The Loft



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Cosmetics Fair is only a few more days, it packs up the same time as My Attic, but straight after that is another NEW and big event. Koreshan Hillbilly Howdown & Country Fair is going to be a fun and exciting event put on by a sim that is pretty famous for having had great […]

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Takes a Bow

So with all my watching of I Love Lucy reruns the past week, I have been loving all the polka dots and bows, and lovely vintage looks. This dress which is the SySy release for My Attic, is a lovely take on that kind of look, and so adorable in either the solids options, or […]

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The NEW Gogo hair by LeLutka is just beautiful. It has a hat that comes with as a separate attachment,  and both looks are just lovely. It is perfect for a shoulder baring dress such as this great one by Toki Doki. I really like the print used on the dress, and the thin belt […]

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Beachy Keen

Whimsy and I just released the Tropical Escape Towel set with poses, and sunscreen tubes and cushions for My Attic – Escape. I took these pictures for the vendor ad, but they were so fun to take, and I love the new items we have on, mixed with some older ones, that I didn’t want […]

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Tropical Escape Beach

The Ophidian

Cosmetics Fair is going wonderfully well the last few days, so many incredible make up layers, nail appliers, fantasy make ups, glamorous make ups and just about everything that can enhance the look of your skin, hands and feet. I had the pleasure of popping over there with Kavar the other day, as I think […]

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I want Candy

So today I was met with a forest of trees and a picnic, but not because it was all romantic, just Whimsy and her rezzing things in my way thing she does. It was a good morning though, got a lot of stuff done, had a great big chat with Gogo and some others in […]

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Suits Me

Today was a huge day, first off I moved all of my Flickr Pics over to Ipernity, which is a photo site that Whimsy Winx found when things changed at Flickr. I have a 3 month account and will see how I like it in comparison to Flickr, but I will still post pictures to […]

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Suity Suit

Shorty What What

One of the great things about mesh clothing, is we now have the ability to wear shorts in cuter, more stylish ways. These shorts by Tee*fy that are at Collabor88 this month are just adorable, the two tone colours, the edging on the bottoms, and the lovely bow tied waist…make them perfect shorts to wear […]

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I have a slight obsession with pinstripe, I think it is a fantastic fabric, and just love what can be done with it now that we have mesh. In the past system layers would distort pinstripe that it often just was not a good look, but now we can revel in it. The NEW Portan […]

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I was lucky enough this morning to get a sneak peak of the lovely NEW foot add on jewellery, by Adam n Eve creator Sachi Vixen. They are rigged mesh, and come with 6 metals in a texture change HUD, and 12 birthstones are available to purchase. ATTENTION MEN OF SL! I personally think these […]

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Cloud Nine

First off, a reminder that Hair Fair Bloggers Day Applications are now up and running…so HERE is the information post on that. The application is just for Bloggers Day entry, there are no bloggers packs sent through the group or anything like that, it is just so that you can get all the info and […]

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Cloude Nine

Better on Top

I have mentioned in the past how much I love a good hybrid, the mixing of system layers and mesh, to really add extra versatility to an item. This Basic Maxi dress is a fantastic example of that, and you will want as many as you can get your hands on, the style, the colours […]

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Rubberise Me

I really love great latex pieces, and this new mini skirt by BOOM is just fantastic. It is rigged mesh, and the liquid effect of the latex texture is spot on. It can be worn with or without the alpha, but this will depend on your shape and how your ao moves I expect, but […]

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Boom Boom 2

The Beat of a Drum

I have been absent the last few days, spending a little time fixing some RL stuff, and it has been relaxing. I was still able to attend to What’s New SL stuff and The Deck…but it gave me a chance to get my mind in order for the upcoming months of Hair Fair preparation. It […]

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Poncing About

It is rare that I do location pictures, but this beautiful Maxi dress by SySy’s –  for the ongoing Birthday Celebration at FaMESHed – needed to be seen as it would be worn. I love the long flow of the dress, and the soft gradual dye look in the colours, both soft and dark colour […]

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Ponceau 1-horizon

Chev not Chav

This session of My Attic at The Deck is closing at midnight tonight. So this is your last chance to get all these great items at the 95L price range. The theme was Change, and this Chevron dress with its great shape and lovely texturing, brings thoughts of change with the motion of the great […]

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An Aria

League has been working on this NEW skin for the past few months. I did get a sneak peak a month or so ago and have been waiting excitedly for its release ever since. The full release is not going to be this week, but a partial “Special Edition” preview will be, and the skin […]

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Aria 1

Catch me I’m Falling

Ok, first off I am going to have a rant…not a usual SL type rant, but a RL rant if you will. I just started watching Vampire Diaries, and do not panic, I am not about to do a spoilers thing, but I have watched the whole first season, and I am hooked now, even […]

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Roller Sasy

Haus Proud

Lacuna is a new store, and their second release is part of this session of My Attic @ The Deck. The Diametric skirts are pure bliss, not only to wear, but to look at, they elongate the body, and the texturing and colours used are superb. The bandeau tops that are included as a special […]

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